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Process of Service

Started by Chelay06 August 20th, 2010 8:04 PM
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Posted August 21st, 2010
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Greetings, PokéCommunity. It's Chelay06, and I'd like to present my story. It's short but I hope you enjoy!

Process of Service
I used to be ashamed.
And now I am proud.
The world once was dark.
And now it is bright.
I used to have dreams.
But now I have hope.
Thanks to you.

Half a kilometre away he watches another long line, this this to a local money changer service. Larry knew that the shop also changes checks into cash. Larry found out that the people who avail of the service are not only charged for the service they receive but are treated poorly by the owners.

One morning on his way home for lunch at half past eleven, Larry saw again a long line. Mr. Ruiz, the owner, was standing near the door of his shop, waving his arms and shouting.

"Line up, scoundrels. Wait for your turn or else I will not cash your checks! Why do you want to stay along the corridor?""Sir," said an old man named Marko. "We have been waiting under the sun for more than two hours. But nobody is serving us."

"Is it my fault that my clerk is late? Is it my fault that the other clerk is absent? Do you expect me to be the one to serve you?" asked Mr. Ruiz. "You, with your smell of sardines? You make me laugh—ha-ha-ha-ha!"

"But, sir, we came early, much ahead of those who have been served by your clerk. Just because they are well dressed, the clerk attended to them at once," complained Maria. "Although we look like these, we also pay high service fees like your other customers."

"If you cannot wait, look for another place in which to cash your checks," shouted Mr. Ruiz while pointing his fingers at the old woman. "I don't need your dirty checks."

"If I could only read and write," cried Maria. "then I would not suffer all these insults."

Larry was upset at the way the people were being treated. He was alarmed to know that most of these people could not read or write. So as soon as he reached home for lunch. Larry reported everything to his mother.

"How can we help our poor undereducated neighbors?" asked Larry. "Please let us help them, Mother."

"You know, Son. that we always ask God to help us solve problems. We refer to the bible to look for the answers," replied Mother.

"Why don't we help them learn to read and write?" suggested Larry. "Most of them can't even read the letters sent by their sons and daughters who are working domestic helpers abroad. The rest can hardly understand the documents that go with their meager pension."

"That's a good idea." remarked Mother. "If they can read and write, then they would not be so hopeless."

"I wish we were rich so that we could put up our own money changer business." Larry uttered, his eyes wistful.

"Oh, dear! You are too youing for that, my son. Besides we do not have extra money. But we can help them in another way. We can help them read and write. Making them literate will enable them to transact with banks where they can cash their checks," explained Mother. "So beginning this weekend we shall take turns teaching them to read and write."

So Larry and his mother set up a free service in their house. At first they had to write letters, address envelopes, and read and explain official documents for their neighbors. Then gradually they taught their neighbors how to fill out forms, letters and understand the content of documents. The neighbors took turns serving simple foods: rice cakes, corn, fruits and instant noodles.

Every session was an enjoyable counter, with each one eager to learn, each one with a sense of fulfillment at the end of the way. Then came the time when Mrs. Sales convinced Maria to go with her to the bank. Grace Sena, the youngest bank teller, helped Maria open an account and avail of the bank's services. When the others heard what happened, they admired the old lady's courage and followed her example. They were amazed at the speedy computerized service and even lingered at times in the bank's air-conditioned lobby.

"Goodness gracious! What a beautiful place!" exclaimed Marko.

"With very amiable tellers too!" said Maria.

"And what excellent service! Thanks to you and Larry." The happy elderly group smiled gratefully at Mrs. Sales and her thoughtful, loving son.

"Praise the Lord!" exclaimed Mrs. Sales. "He enlightened us so that we could serve you. In return we are reaping a lot of peace and happiness in living and learning together with all of you."
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