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Brian Powell

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Posted February 18th, 2008
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Hi, everybody! This is my first serious fanfic. I've made up 10 episodes for Pokemon Xtreme series and have also made up 3 to 5 chapters for each episode.

So, I'm prepared to receive any comments and suggestions. Now on with the story.


Chapter 1:
There were two brothers walking their way from school. One of them was called Jack and another was called John. They were both born on the same day, making them twins. Both of them have a pokemon, a Larvitar, each. As they got near to their house they saw an ambulance outside, the boys decided to check out whats going on. They saw two body bags containing one body each. And to their tragedy, their mother and father died of murder

At that time, Jack thought of why anyone would want to murder his parents. They didnt do anything wrong, they never hurt anyone, they havent got any enemies, theyre not even rich. All these questions were always inside his head.

After their parents death, they were forced to live in an orphanage until a rich man, Jason Hummingburg, adopted them. John became interested in the company while Jack focused more on becoming a pokemon trainer studying the ways of pokemon, and at the same time trying to find the murderer of his parents. But it was no use since the murderer was no longer in town. The only way to find him is to start the journey.

On the twins tenth birthday, Jack was excited about being a pokemon trainer. He and John were at a park staring at the pond, knowing with sadness that Jack would have to leave the next day to start his journey, while their Lavitars played with each other.

Yes, Jack?
Do you remember the day our parents died?
Ive been trying to forget that but go on
Do you know what Im gonna do? Im going to find that creep and take him down, just like he did to ma and pa. For the both of us.
John became shock at Johns announcement. Jack! No!
I dont want you to hurt anyone! I wont let you leave this place if youre going to do that! I dont want you to risk your life against this guy, even if he is a creep! Weve lost mum and dad already! Please, I dont want to lose you too. Dont you understand?

Jack became shocked at Johns words about losing him. Jack knew that John felt the same way he did, but he didnt want to risk himself in case he gets killed too, His brother would be missing him. After all, Jacks body and size wasnt strong enough to go against anyone.

Plus, if you act like him, John continued. You would become him.

Jack became speechless of what John said.

Promise me, brother
It took a while for Jack to respond. Alright, then.

John puts his hand on Jacks shoulder, hoping that Jack would keep his promise.
Sorry, about the yelling.
Jack began to sob a little. Its alright. You had to say something.

Later, they were called to blow out the candles of their birthday cakes. They came running to a table filled with food and there were two cakes in front of them with candles on top.

John closed his eyes and made a wish. He blew out the candles while Jack stared at the candles. He didnt feel like celebrating at that time. Everyone got worried about him. His foster father Jason and John knew why Jack had that sad look on his face, but with different reasons. Jason walked over to Jack.

Listen, Jack, said Jason. If you dont want to go on your pokemon journey, then you dont have to.
I do want to, Jack responded. Im just thinking about something.

Jason realised what Jack was talking about. Ah I know its hard for you. But let me tell you something, as long as you keep your mum and dad in your heart, they will always be there for you. Okay? Make a wish

Jason backed away from Jack. Jack made a wish. His wish was to find the murderer of his parents one day. Then he blew out the candles

The next day

Jack was getting prepared to set on his pokemon journey. Larvitar was sitting on his bed, watching his trainer getting ready. Jack chose his Lavitar to be his first pokemon. This Larvitar has been at Jacks side since Jack was four years old, and Larvitar was a baby back then.

Todays the big day. Are you ready? Jack asked with a smile.
Larvi! Larvitar happily replied.

Jack was about to leave when John entered the room.

Jack, I want to give you this before you go.

John handed Jack a photo showing a picture of them with their real parents before they died. Jack had a tear running down his face.

John, I
Its a little something to keep your spirits up, to remind you that youre never alone.
Thanks, bro.

Later, Jack, John and Jason walked outside the mansion, where a lot of people were waiting for Jack. They all knew Jack had to leave home at some level, they all cheered for Jack, saying

Well miss you, Jack!
All the best, Jack!
You can do it, Jack!

John was right. Everyone that Jack knew and loved in life will always be beside him, believing in him also.

Thanks, everybody.

Jack walked through the crowd and walked into a whole new adventure, along with his Larvitar.

Your brothers a brave man, my son, said Jason. And one day, hell become a strong man.
Thanks, dad John replied tearfully.

Next chapter coming up...

*Fingers crossed* I hope you people like it so far.
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Brian Powell

Have a nice day!

Age 35
At a Starbuck's cafe
Seen June 10th, 2010
Posted February 18th, 2008
242 posts
15.5 Years
Why is no one giving me any comments. Oh well...


Chapter 2:

Five years passed. So far, the fifteen-year-old Jack defeated many trainers, won badges, participated in a few tournaments, and captured a few pokemon along the way. Even though he is away from home, he contacts his brother and his foster father every now and again.

At that moment, he captured a Totodile, a Nidoran (Male), a Bagon and a Beldum. They have evolved into Crocanaw, Nidorino, Shellgon and Metang, and the Larvitar, his first pokemon, evolved into a Tyranitar.

At one point, he visited the Viridian City Gym. And there, he met the Gym Trainer known as Giovanni. Giovanni s******ed at Jack. Jack challenged him to a pokemon battle for the Earth Badge. Giovanni accepted the challenge. They both agreed that would be a 3-on-3 pokemon battle.

Jack was chosen to choose his pokemon first, thus giving Giovanni the advantage. Jack chose Crocanaw, while Giovanni chose Rhydon. Jack couldnt understand why Giovanni played Rhydon against his Crocanaw.

Rhydon?" Asked Jack. "Why play him?

Jack knows that Rock/Ground type pokemon are weak against water types. Unless...

Rhydon, Thunder attack!
I got it now! Croconaw, get outta the way!

Crocanaw barely dodged the attack. If an electric attack like Thunder struck Crocanaw, he would be knocked out, just like that.

Now, Crocanaw! Water Gun!

Crocanaw shot a powerful spray of water to take out Rhydon. Rhydon seemed to be caught by the water attack, but he stood there unfazed.

Jack was shocked and said, Hes still there?
Thats because he used Protect, Giovanni replied. You know what that means, dont you, boy?
Protect can stop any attack, even the ones that he is weaker against!
Now, Thunder again!
Crocanaw, look out!

Crocanaw dodged out of the way again.
Alright, Water Gun now!
Protect again!

Rhydon used protect to protect himself from the water attack.

Headbutt now while Rhydon is distracted!

Crocanaw dived at Rhydon with a powerful Headbutt. Rock types are strong against Normal attacks like Headbutt, but Croconaw made Rhydon flinch because of his attack.

You got him, Crocanaw! Jack shouted. Water Gun now!

Crocanaw sprayed a powerful water gun at the flinched Rhydon, knocking him out. Making it 1-0 to Jack.

Giovanni called his Rhydon back. The next pokemon he sent out was Machamp. Jack decided to call back Crocanaw and sent out his Shellgon. Giovanni became surprised as he saw this as a rare pokemon.

Shellgon! Jack shouted. Headbutt now!

Shellgon jumped and dived at Machmp but missed.

Machamp! Karate Chop!
Shellgon! Flamethrower!

Shellgon dodged Machamps attack and shot his Flamethrower. Yikes! Machamp has knocked out after one shot!

Giovanni became surprised and shocked at the powers of Jacks Shellgon.

Return, Machamp! Giovanni ordered. Looks like youve fought well, youngster.
Patience, the best is coming, Jack replied. Shellgon, return!
Beginners luck. Kingler! Go!
A Kingler Time I finish this match off with a bang and a crash! Tyranitar! Go!

Tyranitar popped out of his pokeball and gave out a loud roar. Giovanni became shocked again thinking how did Jack get a pokemon that rare. But then he s******ed.

Stupid boy! Taunted Giovanni. Didnt you know that a water type like Kingler is super effective against a Rock type like your pitiful Tyranitar?
Stupid? Jack said, taunting back. Arent I leading you 2-0?
Hmph! Kingler! Bubblebeam attack!

Kingler shot out his Bubblebeam. It was too quick for Tyranitar to dodge.

Seeing this with worry, jack asked, Tyranitar! Are you okay?

Tyranitar shook his head in dizziness.

Now, Kingler! Giovanni shouted. Hydro Pump attack!

Kingler shot out a huge Hydro Pump.

Tyranitar! Black Jack shouted. Tackle with Endure!

Tyranitar charged at the Hydro Pump attack. Even though the rock body of Tyranitar was weak against water attacks, his and Jacks will to defeat Kingler was never-ending.

When Kingler ended his Hydro Pump attack, Tyranitar charged at him.

Kingler! Crabhammer attack!
Tyranitar! Reversal!

Tyranitar grabbed the huge claw of Kingler before the Crabhammer attack reached him. Kingler tried to get Tyraniter to release his claw.

Tyranitar! Slam him!

Tyranitar used his great strength to hoist Kingler up and then slammed him hard onto the ground.

Okay, Tyranitar! Finish it off with your Body Slam + Earthquake combo!

Tyranitar picked Kingler up and slammed him so hard and so fast that it would sound like a car crash! Kingler became unconscious by that move, meaning that Jack wins the round and the match 3-0!

Jack jumped high in the air and shouted, Alright! We did it!

Giovanni became slightly disappointed about losing the match, but suddenly he had an idea as he gave an evil smile.

Jack, my boy. How would you like to work for me?
Thanks for the offer. But I have other things to do.
I dont think you understand my offer Men!

Then a bunch of men wearing shady clothing with berets and a huge R on their shirts ran at them. Jack noticed the danger and sent out his pokemon at his disposal. Jack and his pokemon fended off all the attackers. Then suddenly, another bunch of men came out carrying guns, aiming at Jack and his pokemon.

Not only am I the Gym Leader of Viridian City Gym, Giovanni said. But I am also the leader of Team Rocket. The bond between you and your pokemon interested me into taking you in as one of the members of my group. Agree to work for me and I will pay you handsomely.

Jack looked round. He and his pokemon were surrounded by a bunch of men with guns. It seemed obvious of what would happen if he refused to join Team Rocket.

Felt defeated, Jack asked, How much?

Giovanni, of course, smiled in an evil way

Chapter three coming up. It'll be featuring Ash and Mewtwo.
Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
Now a completed fic!

Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
Now completed!

I'm also a fic reviewer, PM me for a review request

Brian Powell

Have a nice day!

Age 35
At a Starbuck's cafe
Seen June 10th, 2010
Posted February 18th, 2008
242 posts
15.5 Years
Chapter 3:

Giovanni and his men took Jack under their wings to teach him why Team Rocket existed. Team Rocket was a ruthless organisation that steals rare pokemon and sells them for money. Jack couldnt believe that he, himself, was a Team Rocket member. Ashamed, he never contacted his brother or his foster father since.

There were times when Jack hoped that one of the Team Rocket members would have a compassionate heart about the ways of being a pokemon trainer. Not one of them was.

It took some time for Jack to become like a Team Rocket member. His personality changed from a compassionate trainer with attitude to a ruthless man who has forgotten the definition of will, compassion, and heart now known as Black Jack. Some of his pokemon were having some doubts about Black Jacks behaviour, but Tyranitar still felt that Black Jack still has a good side inside him.

Stealing rare pokemon, money, illegal merchandise, etc. Thats what he did everyday for the next ten years. He did it better than any other Team Rocket member. So good, that Giovanni brought him a motorcycle for his hard work.

That was until five years later, Black Jack (25 years old that time) noticed a young pokemon trainer, known as Ash Ketchum, defeated three Team Rocket members, Jesse, James and Meowth, with a recovered Pikachu. That was then that Black Jack first discovered a kid defeated Team Rocket. Since that day he has been focusing on the young trainer. This was beginning to interest him.

This Ash Ketchum appears on the news on numerous occasions. This kid just keeps on getting better and better and Black Jack kept on thinking about how and why this Ash kept on getting better with his pokemon training, how he gets more wins than losses.

Black Jacks pokemon evolved into Feraligatr, Nidoking, Metagross, and Salamence.

At one time, Black Jack noticed a strange creature in some sort of armour. It was standing behind a glass with wires connected to the armour. Black Jack took a closer look at it. The creatures skin was light purple, its arms looked skinny, it had a three-fingered paw, and its legs and feet looked weird. The creature sensed that Black Jack was staring at him.

Who are you? The creature sent.
Black Jack became surprised. Huh? How are you talking to me?
Psychic powers, human. Ill ask again
No need, Im not deaf. Its Black Jack. Whats yours?
Mewtwo. Did Giovanni send for you?
Mew two, Black Jack thought. Sounds familiar. Then he said, Giovanni? Nah, Im on my break. Im just walking around. Are you a pokemon or something?
I was created as a pokemon to be for unknown reasons. Giovanni told me that my purpose would become clear when I learn how to control my powers. Whats your purpose here?
Black Jack frowned. I was forced into working for Giovanni. If I didnt, my pokemon and I would be shot dead.

Black Jack didnt see it, but he knows that it was a little bit shocking for Mewtwo.

Forced? Shot? Am I being forced into working for Giovanni too?
That or he is setting up a huge surprise party for you.

Black Jack sensed that Mewtwo was being confused. What does Giovanni want with Mewtwo?

Leave me now, Black Jack. I want to be alone

Black Jack had a feeling that things were going to turn nasty. At the end of his break, he was ordered to the security room for security duty. He was viewing a screen where Mewtwos location was. He turned the sound on for that screen.

What is my purpose? Mewtwo sent to himself.

Giovanni came into room.

To serve your master, he replied. You were created to fight for me. That is your purpose.
That cannot be! You said we were partners! We stood as equals!
You were created by humans to obey humans! You can never be our equal!

WHAT! Black Jack thought as he stood up in shock. He felt something inside that he never felt for a long, long time. It was something that strongly disagrees with Giovanni.

Humans may have created me Mewtwo sent. But they will never enslave me! This cannot be my destiny!

Mewtwos anger has got out of control. He used his psychic powers to destroy the cables connected to his armour.

Stop this now! Giovanni ordered.
I was not born a pokemon, sent Mewtwo. I was created. And my creators have used and betrayed me! So, I stand alone!

Mewtwo destroyed the laboratory and flew away. Only Giovanni and Black Jack survived the destruction. A helicopter flew down for Giovanni and picked him up. Black Jack looked up at the helicopter with Giovanni in it. He clenched his fist as he proceeds to one of Team Rockets headquarters.

During his breaks, Black Jack kept on focusing on that kid, Ash Ketchum for the next five years. Ash entered many leagues and competitions and nearly wins them all. He has also defeated Team Rocket on numerous occasions. The most shocking to Black Jack was when Ash freed the Lugia and its baby from Team Rocket and Prof. Namba. And it wasnt long until Ash became the newest pokemon master after he defeated the Hoenn League and became champion. There were so many questions in his head. Was pokemon meant to serve mankind or to work with mankind? How did a kid like Ash become such a strong trainer?

Then he thought of answers. He noticed that was inside him when Giovanni mentioned that Mewtwo was never any humans equal. Something that disagrees with Giovannis views, something from within him.

Black Jack (Now 30 years old) clenched his fist and stormed into Giovannis office. Giovanni was shocked at Black Jacks actions.

Get out! Giovanni shouted. I will not have anyone barging into my office without permission!
Shut your hole, you cretin! Black Jack shouted. I have two words to say to you! I quit!
You dare?! I will not tolerate such rudeness! (Presses a button) Security!

Members of security came running in holding their guns out.

Take this man into the detention cell! Giovanni ordered.
That worked on me before Black Jack said. Not anymore!

All of his pokemon popped out of their pokeballs. Tyranitar charged at them. The security people shot at Tyranitar, but the bullets just bounced off him. Nidoking and Feraligatr began teaming up on different members, while Salamence and Metagross began using Flamthrower and Psychic attacks. Black Jack also joined in the fight, until he noticed Giovanni trying to escape. Black Jack grabbed him by the back of his collar, turned him around and held him by his shirt.

Because of you, peoples lives were a misery, Black Jack said in an angry tone. Including mine!
I can make your life easier Giovanni said with a scared smile.
Shuddup! Pokemon are not meant to serve us. We are supposed to help each other, but you couldnt be bothered could you? My pokemon have been with me for a long time, even though I was a thieving scumbag, like you. And theres one good reason why. Theyre my friends. They stick with me no matter what. Let me ask you something, do you have any friends?

Tyranitar knew it. He knew that the goodness inside Black Jack still existed. Giovanni opened his mouth to reply, but Black Jack interrupted him saying

I didnt think so. Now follow my advice, youre gonna close down this annoying organisation and take a long vacation. Jamaica, China, France, I dont care where you go, just make sure its out of my sight.

Black Jack releases Giovannis collar and walks away. But theres one more thing he has to do.

Shall we mates?

All of his pokemon nodded and started to trash the entire base. Giovanni demanded Black Jack to stop smashing things but he refused and continued smashing the place up. During the process, he tore off the R of his unform.

The base started to crumble. Black Jack called back his pokemon and ran to the main entrance while Giovanni made his escape. He spotted a motorbike, but it wasnt any motorbike. It was the motorbike that Giovanni brought him for his hard work. Time was short for the building and Black Jack had to think quickly whether or not to take the bike, since he likes it so much, but it was brought for him by his former boss. He decided to take the bike, since he hated walking anyway.

He quickly grabbed his bike and drove straight out of the entranceway. The entire Team Rocket base exploded behind him. He drove just far enough to see the destruction of the Team Rocket base.

There was one more question that in Black Jacks mind. How does this kid defeat so many trainers? Toughness, he thought. That must be the answer.

As he thought about his new strategy, he drove out of the sight of the Team Rocket base and near to the mountains.

Watch out, kids The new Black Jack is here


Click here for Episode 2: Blaziken's misery

So, what do you people think? Details! Details!

I have 9 more episodes left. Shall I start another episode on a new thread or continue from here?
Check out this fanfic: Pokemon Impact!
Now a completed fic!

Check out Series 2 of Pokemon Impact!
Now completed!

I'm also a fic reviewer, PM me for a review request
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