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Old November 6th, 2018 (6:29 PM).
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    Welcome to Pokemon Rosemary!
    Pokemon Rosemary is a ROM Hack of Pokemon FireRed. In Pokemon Rosemary, you play as a young trainer recovering from the loss of your Father. On the way, you meet many new friends and allies, those supporting you on your Journey. You'll also come across Team Storm- looking to continue in Team Rocket's legacy and take hold of the Kanto region and use the power of Mew to change the world as we know it. While working to help stop Team Storm, you grow and mature as a character.
    This ROM Hack takes place in Kanto and features many fan-favorite characters in unexpected or new roles. Some Gym Leaders have become Elite Four members, there's a new champion, a new Pokemon Professor, and new Gym Leaders. Some characters are entirely new, made up for this game and this game only, and others are characters from other regions.

    Planned Features For Pokemon Rosemary
    • Higher Difficulty than FireRed
    • All Pokemon up to Generation 5!
    • DS Style Sprites for Pokemon
    • Improved Learnsets for Pokemon
    • Fairy Type Added
    • All Moves up to Gen 6 + Some Moves being Retyped
    • Branching Story-Line, resulting in one of two endings.
    • Side Quests!

    How to Join
    Do you want to join Pokemon Rosemary? All you have to do is reply to this thread! State what you want to work on, or what you'd be comfortable working on, your experience, and I'll send you a private message here to get your contact information (any messaging app will do, from Discord to Instagram!)

    What are you looking for?
    A whole team- whatever you're willing to do, it will help. Mapping, Spriting, Scripting, Whatever! Even social media managers to get the word out of Pokemon Rosemary! Even if you want to help write the story. Any help is appreciated. You'll be working with a variety of different people, so of course, I hope you have an open mind to different types of people.
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    progressing pokemon rom hacks i support: pokemon adventure red chapter, pokemon orange, pokemon sea temple, pokemon discovery, pokemon bronze 2.
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      Good idea. If I could be a beta tester I would greatly appreciate it. (Note: I'm on at least once a week so I may be able to help)
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