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Old August 27th, 2010 (7:02 AM).
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    Smeargle (Jolly/Focus Sash) Own tempo
    252 Spe 155 Def 106 SpD
    Spider web
    Batton pass

    The lead Will cover most pokemon, because of his speed he should get spore and Induce sleep on the foes lead then proceed to spider web to trap the foe. From there use ingrain or batton pass to setup a sweep.
    Should the opponennt get an attack off first then the focus sash will save Smeargle.

    Scizor (Adamant/Leftovers) Technician
    252 Att 250 Hp 8 SpD
    Swords Dance
    Bullet punch
    Brick break
    Bug bite

    Physical sweeper With the opponent asleep and trapped Scizor can proceed to set up with SD and take out anything.

    Gyarados (Adamant/Leftover) Intimidate
    252 Atk 6 Def 252 Spe
    Dragon dance
    Stone edge

    Physical Sweeper If the opponents lead is a fire type then i will baton pass to Gyarados instead of scizor.DD until opponent wakes then sweep with Gyaras monster attack.

    Tyranitar (Jolly/Choice Scarf) Sand stream
    252 Att 252 Spd 6 Hp
    Stone edge

    Physical sweeper Tyranitar is there for taking out alot of popular sweepers Heatran, TTar Gyarados as well as some walls (Blissey).

    Heatran (Naïve/Life orb) Flash fire
    252 SpA 252 Spe 6 SpD
    Hiddenpower grass

    Special sweeper Heatran is for Gyarados coverage and CB Scizors and is one of the best Special attackers in UU.

    Celebi (Bold/Leftovers) Natural cure
    252Hp 220 Def 38 SpD
    Grass knot
    Heal bell
    Hidden power ice

    Celebi is to heal really but mostly filler. I was thinking of putting in a Nasty plot Togekiss
    with roost, air slash and either Flamethrower or Aura sphere.

    I'm no expert and although i've played Pokemon since 1998 i've not played any competitive battles i've mainly just beat the game and breeding for good EV/IV's for trades. I'm designing this team for Shoddy to eventually use on wifi after lots of breeding. Where could the team improve? Help me to see flaws i can't, or to figure out what I am doing right and build on it

    Thanks for your time i appreciate the input
    If you need any pokemon just ask and we can trade, i have shinies, Events and EV'd Pokes. To many to list

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    Old August 27th, 2010 (7:25 AM).
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      Okay, let's see here.

      Holy crap, you have such a huge MixApe weak it's not even funny! Every single Pokemon on your team is OHKOed by either Close Combat or Flamethrower/Fire Blast while Gyarados is 2HKO by Grass Knot after Stealth Rock damage.

      Let's begin with Smeargle:

      Decent lead, but it should NEVER be using a Baton Pass set when it's a lead because it's nearly impossible to set up against other common leads.

      Aerodactyl: Stops you with Taunt
      Azelf: Stops you with Taunt
      Infernape: Fake Out to break Sash, then finishes you off with Close Combat
      Jirachi: Stops you with Trick
      Machamp: Always carries Lum Berry. Will Dynamicpunch and then finish you off with Bullet Punch.
      Metagross: Often carries Lum Berry. Will Meteor Mash/Earthquake and then finish you off with Bullet Punch.
      Ninjask: Sets up Substitute to stop Spider Web/Spore and gets a free chance to Swords Dance.
      Roserade: Faster and puts you to sleep.

      In fact, the only lead you can actually set up against is Swampert, but even then, the Swampert user will most likely switch after being put to Sleep.

      If you really want to use a Smeargle lead, this set is the way to go:

      Smeargle @Focus Sash
      4 HP / 252 Def / 252 Spd

      -Stealth Rock

      On Heatran, use Fire Blast over Flamethrower. The increase in power outweighs the decrease in accuracy.
      Why are you using a Naive nature when you have no physical attacks? Use Timid please.

      On Celebi, use HP Fire over HP Ice. Celebi is a magnet for Steel types like Scizor.

      Next, cover your Infernape weakness. Starmie can work over Gyarados.

      Starmie @Life Orb
      Timid Nature
      Natural Cure
      4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd

      - Surf
      - Thunderbolt
      - Ice Beam
      - Rapid Spin/Recover



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