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2nd Gen Gameboy Monster Brain by Pelican review

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Old March 14th, 2008 (8:31 PM).
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    This is a review for the product Monster Brain made by Pelican for the Gameboy.
    I will provide pics when i can.

    First Impressions
    My first impressions of this thing made me a little frustrated. I received this in the mail, opened it, and popped it in, now this thing was made for the GB/C so it sticks out like a GB/C game, but this was made to stick out the top of a GB/C so it sticks out EXTRA far on a Gameboy Advance or SP, i mean this thing is HUGE!! Once i put a game in and started it up it was very easy to figure out the controls and how everything works. The main menu is a simple menu with a space like background (it looks like those screen savers that are supposed to be going through space and you see stars flying by), but one of the only things i dont like about it is the background music. It sounds like an old school kirby menu select song on the NES that repeats....VERY annoying. Now this game only works for the R/B/Y/G/S/C Pokemon games and there is a different menu and different options for the different generations.

    My impressions were that this was a code generator similar to Gamsharks or Action its not, not even close. This is actually a game save editor that has a few extra features. When the cartridge is first started up you see a screen that shows the Pelican logo and it says "it is safe to colorize" this is the time when you can press the COLORIZER button on the Monster Brain. Your options in the main menu are Start Game, Colorizer, Blast Off, Editor, Memory. The Start Game option obviously starts the game plugged into the Monster Brain. The Colorizer option goes with the COLORIZER button, this option (along with Blast Off can only be used when the COLORIZER button has been pressed) makes it so you can choose between a number of pallets and modify the pallets by red blue and green levels to make a GB game have more color to look like a GBC or GBA game. The Blast Off feature has two option, UPDATE COLORS and DOUBLE SPEED, UPDATE COLORS makes it so the pallet you chose is activated when your game starts up, DOUBLE SPEED make the game you have in run twice as fast. The EDITOR option is the option that actually edits the game save, the features in this are different for each generation. The MEMORY option lets you back up and restore you saves from your games, there is 64 blocks available and each game save is about 4 blocks so that means you have about 16 saves.

    The editor features in R/B/Y games lets you edit 7 things. YOUR NAME, RIVALS NAME, MONEY, TIME, BADGES, MONSTERS, ITEMS. YOUR NAME lets you edit your name, RIVALS NAME lets you edit your rivals name, MONEY lets you edit how much money you have, TIME lets you edit your play time, BADGES lets you edit how many badges you have, MONSTERS lets you edit EVERYTHING about your pokemon in your party (the pokemon type, nick name, status, level, experience, hp, ID number, OT, techniques, and ATTACK DEFENSE SPEED and SPECIAL.

    To start off GBC pokemon games are automatically colorized and you cant access the colorizer or blast off menu. The EDITOR menu features editing YOUR NAME, RIVALS NAME, PROPERTIES, MONSTERS, PACK. In the PROPERTIES you can edit your MONEY, TIME, BADGES, CLOCK, ID #, SEEN DEX, CAUGHT DEX, POKE GEAR, ALLOW FLY TO PLACES NOT VISITED. there is also an ENTER POKE in the properties menu. ENTER POKE lets you enter in a code that works like a gameshark and it tells you if a code is gonna work or not (it says "poke is bad" or "poke is good", i found a gameshark to poke converter online and whenever i used it the Monster Brain said "poke is good" but nothing EVER happened in game making the ENTER POKE option useless.

    My overall rating for the Monster Brain is a 8

    LIKED: how much you can edit in the games, the memory option, and the colorizer, (PS my game never crashed from this unlike gamesharks)

    DISLIKED: how big it was, the POKE option didnt work :(, and it also the games are not held in well so if moved a little it can cause the game to freeze.

    If you have GB/C Pokemon games then this is a very good accessory to have but not a MUST HAVE.

    Monster Brain is later known as Brain Boy which turned into the Codebreakers product.
    Monster Brain is made by Pelican accessories
    Review by zeroxorxdiexskater
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    Old July 11th, 2018 (4:14 PM).
    tonia6970 tonia6970 is offline
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      What is the difference between brain boy & monster brain ? While pelican has released the brain boy, for which reason released the monster brain ? Does it have something overmore ? Thanks.
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