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Old September 16th, 2017 (7:11 PM). Edited September 18th, 2017 by XPGamer212.
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    Pokemon Galaxia

    15 years ago-
    (The following is an excerpt from a journal of a scientist working in the Galaga region)
    July 18th, 1997: Random noises heard from Hartlock Island. Guessing it's nothing, although the giant building there may be a bit suspicious.
    July 20th, 1997: Upon arrival at Hartlock, I can tell there has been some destruction. I talked to the owners of the building and they said there is nothing going on. I don't think I can believe them,
    considering the fact that not only did I hear noises, but they are part of Team Eclipse...
    August 1st, 1997: It's been a month and no bang has been-- (the writing here was burnt out)
    August 7th, 1997: Still recovering from the explosion. The thing that caused it was huge. Looked like it was made out of matter itself... I don't like the feeling I'm getting.
    August 10th, 1997:

    The journal abruptly ends there.

    Welcome to the Galaga region!

    Features list
    So far, these are all of the features I've added-
    Gen 7 Pokemon, Z-Moves, Moves, Abilities, Items
    Gen 6 Pokemon, Moves, Abilities, Items
    Gen 5 menu and other gen 5 things
    Zygarde Cube mechanics
    Gen 7 Music
    More wide range of Starters
    Story Choices Matter (like in Telltale Games)
    Harder Story (than the original games)
    Harder Trainer Battles (than the original games)
    Mega Evolution
    New Items
    Side Choosing (Between Elders, Eclipse, or Neutrals)
    Lots of glitches that will be fixed as I continue development
    I am attempting to add quick saving
    BW Tilesets
    And obviously lots more

    Surfing and biking don't exactly work correctly because I need gen 5 player sprites, so anyone that can help, this would be greatly appreciated

    Marin for the gen 7 stuff, quick save script, and more that I can't remember
    FL for character selection, which chances are I won't use it
    x_Camero for his Pokemon Game tutorials
    Luka S.J for EBS, and more
    My friend Jake for helping with sprites a little
    My friend Evan (Ender BX on YT) for beta testing this game
    and a lot more that I can't remember atm

    I think this game will be released sometime in 2018 as an alpha, but I'm not too sure as I've been working on this for quite a while now and I'm nowhere near being finished, but if anyone in the community is willing to help out, my discord is @Hellspawn#2083 and my Twitter is @helispawn. Feel free to message me on either.
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