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Old October 15th, 2013 (10:17 PM).
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    Before Ace could take on sip of his drink he noticed Agni walking over to him with an expression on his face that ment there would be some trouble. Agni walked over to his table and slammed his fist on the table and yelled about Ace's training with a hint of anger. As Ace listened to Agni yell about training and fighting he stood up and without a moments notice jumped into the air.

    "So you want to fight? I will have you know I was not just training I was learning to master another magic... Take-Over but I have become stronger, much stronger." Ace yelled before he became enveloped in a red aura.

    "Fist of the Beast King!" Ace yelled throwing a punch at Agni his fist became enveloped in a dark red flame of aura in the shape of a lion going for its prey.
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    Old October 17th, 2013 (9:21 PM).
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      Both Damien and Lazarus headed back to Crocus. They ventured back through the mountains, running in to very little danger. It took them four days to make their way back.

      They walked into the guild hall where they were immediately approached by Sting and Lector.

      "Jiemma wants to see you, Lazarus." Sting said.

      Lazarus sighed as he walked towards Jiemma's quarters.

      "Yeah, he seems pretty pissed too." Sting said.

      "You're going to get it now." Lector said.

      "Shut up Lector." Damien said.

      "Yes sir." Lector says putting his head down.

      Damien walked off to a table where he sat by himself. He pulled out the book they bought before they left Shirotsume. Damien opened the book to see many illustrations of demon-like beings. Damien scanned through the book on and on trying to figure out where the message was on the Book of Zeref. Damien read it word for word, unable to find out where the message was until he reached the last page where it said: "To find the book, you must cast aside all hope; To fall from grace and plunge even further than hell; To journey to the Great Abyss, the place of judgment, the prison of the Gods." Damien immediately was stumped, not sure of what any of it meant. Damien grew increasingly frustrated as he slammed the book close, thinking that it was just another dead end. The frustration leaked out of his face, even to the point where any guild members looking at him knew something was seriously wrong, seeing how Damien was known for being so calm.

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