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Pumpkaboo will always be special to me. It was my first shiny in any game ever (despite the raised chance in the Odd Egg - which doesn't count imo).

Pumpkaboo is also extra cool too - it comes in different fun sizes! :) Did you try to collect them all?

What did you guys think about the location you could find it in? I thought it was the COOLEST place in X and Y lol it gave me a weird vibe that totally suited the Halloween Pokemon!

If you could change the Pumpkaboo line what would you change?

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I would actually break Pumpkaboo off from Gourgeist's evolutionary line. The evolution makes no sense to me.

Maybe design a bigger version of Pumpkaboo for it's Evolution and call it Jack'Oboo {think a bigger Jack'O lantern than what Pumpkaboo is)

Gorgeist can just be caught by itself or evolve from a tiny squash like pokemon instead of Pumpkboo

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    I would swap Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist's offensive stats around.

    It is insane to give both mons an excellent and diverse special movepool, yet have such poor Sp. Atk stats.

    That way, it can firmly establish their noticeable parallels to Phantump and Trevenant.

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    I never got around to catching, it seemed like to much of a novelty with all the varying sizes.
    I did like its Halloween theme, however. (and the move trick-or-treat makes me laugh ha.)

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