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This is my first post, I played many pokemon fan game, I was looking for what I want in a story, unfortunately i couldn't find in any rom. Here is a story for a Pokemon fan game if anyone interested to implement in the game.(short version, will write more if anyone want to work)

" Many years have passed (after winning in all regions and leagues, Ray(main character) is known hero to everyone. Today 2July 2055 , Professor Red(old Rival has become a pokemon professor) come on a sudden visit to Ray, bad news, something bad happened, Team Enemy( call whetever rocket or anything) accessed the time portal and they went to past to stop us (ray and red and other friends) to become who we are now, we need to stop them, to do so you need to go to the past.
So ray is going to past
Unlike other game started pokemon, Ray will have trained high level pokemon (70-90) choose 6pokemon.

His aim is to save their past,
Year 2020
Main plot
Future Enemy team taken over world, All Gym leader captive and new gym leader (from team enemy)
Ray need to free defeat them and release original gym official.

He will met with his past himself and help him in many occasions like giving HM , and working together,

Sometime you will play as your past one.

More and more interesting things.

If anyone wants to make hack. Let me know.