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What should nickname should I use for Tracy's Pikachu?

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This Fanfiction is a crossover with Power Rangers SPD. I don't own any of the Power Rangers characters Saban does. All Pokemon characters are the property of Nintendo and Game Freak.

Four years later Grumm has come back to seek his revenge. After a spunky young Pokémon trainer, Tracy Blankenship runs into Broodwing and tells him that she'll never fight alongside him. Commander Cruger asks her to join SPD. How will Grumm handle Tracy and her Pokémon team?

Chapter one: Recruiting a new member

Normal POV

Inside the command center of the Space Patrol Delta Base, Kat, and the commander, Anubis Cruger, are hard at work.

"Sir, I'm picking up a strange energy reading," Kat, SPD's Tech Expert, says.

"What kind of energy reading, Miss Manx?" Commander Cruger asks.

"A ranger energy reading, An intense spike in the morphing grid is spiking somewhere outside the city," she explains.

"Can you hone in on the energy reading?" He asks.

She nods. Meanwhile, in a cave outside the city, Tracy Blankenship, a perky young Pokémon trainer, is sitting inside the cave with her trusted partner Pikachu. She has large blue eyes, long blonde hair, and an appropriate build for a 14-year-old.

"Pikachu, I am going to find out where we are," she says.

Tracy rises from her sitting position. Pikachu gets up and tries to follow his beloved trainer out of the cave.

"Don't worry buddy," she says sweetly. "I'll be okay. Stay here, all right."

She takes some Pokémon food out of her backpack and sets it in front of her partner. Then she leaves the cave and hopes that she'll find out where they are. Tracy walks into the city and reads the large sign. "Welcome to New Tech City."

"Well, at least now I know where I am. I should go and tell Pikachu," she says.

She heads back to the cave so she can tell her best friend the good news. But before she can, a Broodwing flies in towards her. Back at the SPD base, Cruger calls the Rangers to the command center.

"Rangers, Kat has discovered a new ranger signal outside the city," He tells the team.

"Sir, you're kidding, right, we don't need another ranger; we're doing just fine the way we are," Sky argues.

"Sky, I hate to disagree with you. We could use the extra help now that Grumm has returned." Bridge reminds him.

"Sorry Sky, but Bridge does have a good point," Kat says.

"Kat, have you found where the signal is coming from yet?" Z asks.

"Not yet. I am still searching." Kat answers.

The alarm goes off, and on the screen, they see Broodwing is attacking Tracy. Cruger tells the Rangers to suit up to help her, and the Rangers yell, "SPD Emergency." Meanwhile, in the city, Broodwing is holding Tracy by her neck.

"Together we can destroy the power rangers!" Broodwing says.

"Two things: one, who or what are the power rangers, second, even if I knew who they were I would never help you." She says.

"You are lying. I know you know what I'm talking about." Broodwing yells.

"I'm serious, whoever you are, just put me down, and I'll get out of your hair," she says.

"Nice try, but I'm not falling for that," Broodwing says.

"Please let me go. I'm just passing through; that's all. I don't want to cause any trouble." She says.

Broodwing is getting sick of her constant whining, so it tightens its grasp around Tracy's neck. Broodwing tries to persuade her to come to the dark side.

"No, I'll never work for the bad guys." She says.

After she said that, the bat throws her against the wall and her vision starts to get fuzzy and blurry. The only thing she can make out is several teenagers standing in front of her protecting her from Broodwing.

"SPD is always interfering with my plans," Broodwing says.

The image of him flying away is the last thing she remembers as everything slowly turns black. She still can hear several other voices, but she can tell that they are friendly.

"I think she's okay, she just got knocked for a loop. We should take her back to the base." Bridge says.

"Good idea. Let's go." Z says.

Inside the SPD infirmary, Tracy wakes up, and her eyes nervously look around the room.

"Where am I?" Tracy asks to no one in particular.

"Hi I'm Z, and this is Sky Bridge and Syd. You're at the SPD Academy, a state of the art academy that trains cadets to become power rangers." Z explains.

"Well thanks for your help, but I think I've caused you, nice people, enough trouble. I'll just be going now." Tracy says sweetly.

She starts to sit up straight, and everything in the room begins to spin. She feels someone place their hand on her shoulder to lay her back down in the bed. Tracy's vision returns to normal a few seconds later. She looks up and sees the doctor's face.

"I guess you're the doctor, huh?" She says.

"Yes, I'm Doctor Felix. What's your name?" Dr. Felix asks.

"Tracy Blankenship." She answers.

Commander Cruger walks in the room. Tracy nearly jumps out of her skin seeing the Alien dog's appearance.

"Don't worry; that's the commander," Bridge explains.

"So let me get this straight, a big blue dog is in charge of the base?" She asks.

"Pets as authority figures. You get used to it," Bridge says.

"I see our new friend is awake," Cruger says.

"It can talk too. Let me guess, the dog's name's Scooby Doo," she jokes.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Tracy. His name is Doggie Cruger." Bridge says.

"That works too I guess, but who was the freaky looking bat in the punch bowl?" She asks.

"The bat that attacked you, his name is Broodwing," Commander Cruger explains.

"OK, what does this have to do with me?" She asks.

"Our sworn enemy Grumm that we defeated four years ago is back to seek his revenge," Commander Cruger says.

"Revenge?" Tracy says in shock.

"I see great potential in you, so would you consider attending S.P.D.?" Cruger asks.

She thinks about it for a minute and is unsure about what to do. She knows that Pikachu is worried about her.

"What have you decided?" Cruger asks.

"I don't know. Me, a power ranger? I don't think I have what it takes," she says unsurely. Then added, "I need to check up on my friend."

"I can tell that from the way you handled yourself when Broodwing attacked you that you'll be an amazing member of our team," Cruger says.

"Well, can I think about it, then give you my answer?" she asks.

"This is a one-time offer," Cruger explains patiently.

"Well," she says hesitantly, "I guess I could give it a try."

"Is that a yes?" Cruger asks.

She nods slowly, and Cruger welcomes her to S.P.D.

How am I going to tell them about my secret? Tracy thinks.
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Ch 2: The New Ranger's Secret
Normal POV

Sky and Tracy are sitting on the couches in the common room. Tracy gets up and walks towards the door, and Sky gets off the other. Tracy turns around to face him.

"I am going to go for a walk," Tracy says.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea, Tracy," Sky says. Then he added curiously, "What are those little multicolored pieces of plastic with a blue cross on it in your pocket?"

"What does that have to do with this?" Tracy asks.

"Just answer the question," Sky demands.

"I don't have to answer that," Tracy says flatly.

"Well, you shouldn't go off alone; you might get attacked," Sky argues.

"If I do, I can just morph and fight back." She protests.

"You haven't even had any training," Sky says.

"Well, of course, not Sherlock, I just joined yesterday!" She reminds him in a sarcastic tone.

In Kat's lab, Commander Cruger hears their argument. He leaves the lab, and he enters the common room a few minutes later.

"What is going on?" He asks.

"Tracy wants to go off alone," Sky answers.

"I was just going to go for a walk; that's all. And Sky you're not the boss of me." She argues.

"Cadets, silence!" Cruger barks.

While Commander Cruger and Sky are talking to each other, Tracy sneaks out of the room. A few minutes later, she arrives at her secret hiding place.

"Pika pi," rings from her partner's lip.

He jumps on her shoulder and rubs her check. She lets out the rest of the team so that Quickdraw(her Pikachu) can have some company. QuickDraw, Shell Shocker (Her Blastoise). Inferno(Her Charizard). Sparkles(Her Beautifly). Big Sister(her Skitty), and Ninja(her Kecleon) are having a blast playing together. A few minutes later Tracy knows she needs to get back to the base, so she puts the team back inside their Pokéballs. Pikachu bends his ears downwards towards his face and looks sorrowful. Tracy makes up her mind she is going to tell the team her secret. She walks through the park. A monster with big blue bug eyes and a body that can barely support is big head attacks her.

"What are you doing here?" she asks, surprised.

"I'm here to destroy you, Ranger," says the monster, it's voice raspy.

"I don't think so, freak! SPD Emergency!" She yells.

She transforms into the Red SPD Ranger. The battle starts to get intense, and then the monster throws a baseball-sized sphere, and a bunch of robots came out. Tracy tries to call for backup, but before she can, one of the robots fries her morpher with its laser.

Back at the SPD base, the alarm sounds. The Rangers rush into the command center.

"Rangers reporting, sir!" the Rangers state in unison.

"We have just lost the signal from Tracy's morpher," Cruger says quickly.

"Well, that explains why she didn't call for backup," Bridge says.

"The last place we picked up Tracy's morpher signal was in sector 12," Kat explains urgently.

The Rangers rush out to help her. Back in sector 12, Tracy is nervous. "Ok, where is the rest of the team? I hope they get here soon because I don't know how much longer I can hold this freak off!" Tracy mutters.

"Where are your friends, Ranger?" the monster asks in a gloatingly evil voice.

"They'll be here soon, just you wait," she answers. "I hope," she adds under her breath.

Just then, the Rangers rush in to help her. Before they can get the chance to attack the monster, it fires its weapon and aims right at her. The blast sends Tracy flying back towards a steep hill. She rolls down it and hits a few trees on the way down.

"Bridge, help Tracy! We'll handle things here." Sky commands.

Bridge nods briskly, and he carefully walks down the hill. Bridge finds her at the bottom she is in terrible shape. He gets down on one knee.

"Tracy, can you hear me?" Bridge says as he shakes her gently.

At the top of the hill, the Rangers are battling the monster. The monster throws a baseball-sized sphere. Several Kybots appear, and the monster tells them to attack. It uses the fight as an excellent means to escape the scene.

"Come back!" Sky yells.

"Sky, let him go. We should check on Tracy," Z says.

After they destroy the Kybots, he and the others meet up with Bridge. They see the sad shape that their fellow ranger is in, her arms are covered with cuts and her other injuries like her dislocated shoulder and her bruised left elbow.

"We have to get her back to the base quick," Z says worriedly.

"Good Idea Z," he says, then turns to Bridge. "Why didn't she call for backup?" Sky asks.

Bridge finds Tracy's morpher on the ground, sparking. Bridge explains that she tried, but her morpher got fried. Bridge puts the morpher in his pocket. He goes back over to Tracy and carefully picks her up. They head back to the base. In the infirmary, the Rangers and Kat are standing around Tracy's bed.

"Is she going to be all right?" Z asks.

"Yes, but she has sustained serious injuries. I am recommending mandatory bedrest until further notice," Dr. Felix explains.

Tracy slowly wakes up, says she is fine and starts to sit up on the bed. He puts his hand on Tracy's left shoulder and lays her back down in the bed.

"No, you don't," Dr. Felix says with a smile on his face.

Bridge hands Kat Tracy's morpher so she can fix it. Then Commander Cruger walks in. He's relieved to see Tracy awake and alert.

"I hate to say I told you so," Sky says.

"Then don't," Tracy snaps, annoyed with him.

"All right, Cadets, that's enough," Cruger growls.

Sky and Tracy listen to their commander, albeit grudgingly.

"Sky, I want to apologize for what I said before, and I have something else I need to tell you. I don't know how you are going to take it, but I used to be a." Tracy says.

The alarm goes off again. Cruger tells the Rangers to suit up; in the park, the Rangers are battling the monster.

==Welcome TO SPD ==

"So, Rangers, where's your weak friend? Oh, that's right, I basted her into next week!" The monster says proudly.

"That's just the lowest, Tracy is an amazing ranger!" Bridge says.

The monster laughs hysterically. Pikachu enters the scene and hits the monster with electricity from his cheeks (he uses Thunderbolt). Pikachu's tail turns silver (he uses iron tail). The monster puts its hand over the spot where Pikachu's attack lands.

"Where did that electric mouse come from?" Sky asks, completely confused.

"Hey, it found the monster's weak spot!" Bridge exclaims.

"Rangers, you and that electric rodent just got lucky. I'll be back!" The monster yells as it runs away again.

Pikachu leaves the scene as quickly as he enters. The Rangers demorph and head back to the base. In the infirmary, the Rangers enter the room. Bridge notices Pikachu lying on the bed, under Tracy's left arm.

"Hey, it's that electric mouse that helped us! How did it get here?" Bridge asks in wonder.

The other rangers are just as confused as he is. Then Tracy wakes up. Pikachu gives his partner a big hug.

"Quick Draw! I am happy to see you too," Tracy says.

"Quick Draw?" The group says.

"Sorry, that's the nickname I gave him. His real name is Pikachu." Tracy says.

"I guess it belongs to you," Bridge says.

"Yes. We are best friends and partners. I have no idea how he got here, though. I guess he is smarter than I give him credit for." She explains.

"Is there something you would like to tell us?" Sky asks.

"Yes." She takes a deep breath. "I'm a Pokémon trainer," she says, suddenly feeling guilty.

"Why didn't you tell us about this before? I don't think we can trust you." Sky snaps, crossing his arms.

"Come on, Sky. It took a lot of courage for her to do what she just did. Maybe she had a good reason for not telling us." Z says, trying to calm Sky down.

"Z is right, Sky. I mean, this whole power ranger thing was just dumped on me. I didn't want to put my best friend in danger." Tracy says.

Doctor Felix walks into the room. Tracy's implores Dr. Felix if she can leave. He shakes his head no checking the copy of her medical charts in his hands. Tracy sighs in defeat. The Rangers leave the room to let her rest.

== Welcome TO SPD ==

In Kat's Lab Commander Cruger is talking with Kat.

"How is it coming along, Miss Manx's?" Cruger inquires.

"Very well, sir, it should be finished in 10 minutes," she says.

Sky enters the lab shaking his head.

"What's wrong, cadet?" Cruger asks.

"I can't believe that Tracy would keep a secret from us. I thought we were a team." Sky says.

"You are a team, cadet. Remember that coming clean and telling us was probably tough for her," Cruger says.

Sky knows that Commander Cruger is right though he still isn't quite sure if he can trust Tracy. Kat, Cruger, and Sky leave the lab and head to the command center. They enter the room just as the alarm blares again. Kat calls for the rest of the team over the intercom. Bridge and Z enter the room.

"The monster has returned! Power Rangers, suit up!" Cruger yells.

"SPD, Emergency" The four teens shout.

Back in the infirmary, Tracy can't stand not being a part of the action. She knows that she shouldn't go out, but she wants to show Sky that he can trust her.

"Alright, that's it, no more standing on the sidelines. Come on, Quick Draw. Let's help our new friends," she says.

Tracy takes the IV out of her arm, rips off the covers and gets out of bed. She walks towards the door. Pikachu jumps on her shoulder, and they set out. Meanwhile, on the battlefield, the Rangers are having a hard time fighting the monster.

"Man, this monster is strong," Sky says.

Tracy tells Pikachu to use Quick Attack. Pikachu zooms in and knocks the monster to the ground.

"Tracy, what are you doing here?" Sky yells at her, astonished.

"I'm helping you! Good job, Pikachu! Now use Thunderbolt," Tracy says.

Then the monster fires its lasers and hits Sky. He starts to fall backward off a cliff. Tracy rushes over to help him. When she gets there, he was hanging on to a branch.

"Sky, are you ok?" She asks.

"I am fine, but you shouldn't be here," he replies.

The branch breaks suddenly, and Sky begins to fall towards the ground far below. Tracy tries to grab his hand, but he's falling too fast. So, she does the only other thing she could think of quickly grabbing one of her pokeballs.

== Welcome TO SPD ==

Tracy's POV

"Inferno, come on out and help Sky!" I yell, tossing his Pokéball into the air.

I climb on Inferno's back, and we dive down quickly. Inferno expertly catches Sky in his arms. Only then do I realize we are going down way too fast.

"Inferno, aim your Flamethrower towards the ground," I command, trying to stay calm.

Inferno did that, and we slow down just enough to change direction. We fly back up and land back at the top of the cliff. Inferno carefully puts Sky down on the ground. I jump off.

"Great job, Inferno! Return," I say, putting him back inside his Pokéball.

"Tracy, did that fire-breathing dragon just save me?" Sky asks, seeming shaken from such a near-death experience.

"His name is Charizard, but I call him Inferno, and technically he is a fire-breathing lizard, not a fire-breathing dragon," I explain.

He is about to thank me for what I did when the monster fires his laser straight at Sky. I jump in front of him to shield him from the blast, which hits me like a lightning bolt.

I feel myself collapsing, hear voices and Sky calling my name. Then everything turns black.

== Welcome TO SPD ==

Normal POV

Back in the infirmary, the Rangers have been standing around Tracy's bed for the second time.

"She'll need to stay here for a few days." Dr. Felix is saying, as Tracy's eyes start to open.

He knows that Tracy isn't going to be happy to hear those words. She wakes up fully.

"Tracy, I forgot to thank you for what you did out there," Sky says, smiling.

"No problem. And I want to apologize. I wasn't a good leader or teammate out there," She says ruefully.

"That true," Sky says in a friendly tone.

"You don't have to agree with me; you know," She says, suddenly feeling hot and annoyed.

Cruger walks into the room and tells them to be quiet. The Rangers obey his order.

"You shouldn't have gone out in your condition, cadet. I'm suspending you from your ranger duties until further notice," Commander Cruger says.

"But, sir, I was helping my team! Doesn't that account for anything?" she whines unhappily.

"Yes," Cruger says reassuringly, and then adds (less reassuringly), "but you disobeyed a direct order."

"It still doesn't seem fair," she whines again.

Pikachu jumped onto Tracy's lap to calm her down and starts to rub her cheek. Tracy tries not to laugh.

"My guess: he is telling you to calm down," Dr. Felix says.

Tracy starts to feel dizzy, and then a few seconds later, she faints. Doctor Felix sees a massive scrape on her shoulder. He tells Pikachu not to worry. After patching up the abrasion on Tracy's shoulder, he goes back to his post so she can rest. 10 minutes pass, but Tracy still feels light headed.

"How are you?" Dr. Felix asks.

"I'm all right," She answers proudly.

Dr. Felix places his hand on Tracy's forehead to get a read on her body temperature and says, "Nice try, but that's just the fever talking."

His assistant Sophia walks in with a tray holding a medicine bottle on it. She has round brown eyes, neck-length thick, curly, beige hair, and pale skin. She sets it down next to the bed.

"Thank you, Sophia," He says

"Your welcome, sir," Sophia replies.

"What's in the bottle, Doc?" Tracy asks.

"It's just some medicine to help bring your fever down that's all." Dr. Felix explains.

"Let me guess. It's supposed to taste like bubblegum, Tracy jokes.

"Now don't you think that you're a little old for a doctor to have to flavor the medicine just for you to take it," he says.

"No, can't a person still be young at heart?" She whines.

He pours the medicine into the spoon and quickly sticks the spoon into her mouth. He takes the spoon out just as fast as he puts it in, and he closes her mouth before she could spit it back out.

"Okay, now swallow," He says smiling.

She does what he orders, and as the medicine slowly goes down her throat, Tracy's face folds in half.

"Alright, I think it's about time that you got some rest," he says sweetly.

She smiles and drifts back to sleep. Dr. Felix and Sophia leave the room. Another ten minutes pass and Tracy wakes up again. Pikachu jumps into her bed. He gives her a big hug. She hugs him back then sets him on her lap. She looks up and sees Sky walks in the room.

"Hey, Sky. Look, I am sorry for everything I said before," She says apologetically.

"It's fine. I understand why you keep Pikachu and your other Pokémon a secret. You were just trying to protect them," he says.

"Sky, I promise that I will never keep a secret that could break up the team ever again," she says very sincerely.

"Okay, then how about we forgot this whole thing and start over, deal?" Sky asks.

"It's a deal, Sky," Tracy says with a smile.
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Chapter 3: Tracy's Birthday

Tracy's POV

I'm walking around the base with Quick Draw riding on my shoulder. Kat gave him a collar, complete with an SPD badge, so everyone knows that he is a member of SPD. I see Bridge walk up from the corner of my eye, so I turn around to face him.

"Hey, Tracy. So, what are your plans for today?" Bridge asks.

"Oh, nothing much really. I was going to spend the day with Quick Draw and the others in our special secret place," I answer.

"That sounds like fun," He says with a smile.

I'm about to open the door to leave the base when I hear Kat's voice over the intercom.

"Cadet Blankenship and Cadet Tate, report to the command center," She says.

"Dang it! So close," I whisper under my breath.

Sky and I enter the command center.

"Cadets, a very dangerous criminal has been on the loose, but we're not sure what it's planning. I want you two to stake out its hideout and figure out its next move, and then arrest it," Cruger explains.

"Sir, I don't need her help. I can do this by myself, and she doesn't have any training," Sky says.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but Sky is right. Doesn't Syd have more surveillance training than I do?" I say.

"Cadets, silence! You two are going to learn to work together; that's an order," Cruger says forcefully.

"Yes, sir," Sky and I say, snapping to attention.

This, I think to myself, is the worst birthday ever.

Later, at the stakeout location, Sky is sitting by the far window on a stool, and I'm sitting on the couch.

"Tracy, can you open up the suitcase and hand me the binoculars?" Sky says in a bossy tone.

"Of course, Commander Sky," I say sarcastically, "but only if you say please."

"Please hand me the binoculars," Sky says, seeming annoyed.

I open the suitcase to take out the binoculars, then walk over to him and hand them to him. He gets back to surveying the landscape - not that there's a whole lot to survey. I go back to the couch. A few minutes pass with no unusual activity, and I'm starting to get bored.

"Sky, Cruger told us that we had to stake out the hide-out together, remember? Can't I help you with the surveillance?" I ask.

"I know what he said, but I can handle it," He says confidently.

"I don't understand why Cruger even paired us together in the first place. I knew that you wouldn't let me do anything," I complain.

"What's your problem?" He asks.

"Not like you would care. If you want to know, today is my birthday!" I explain.

"Really? Why didn't you say anything?" He asks.

"It wouldn't have made any difference. I'm going to take a walk. I should be back in a few hours," I say.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Tracy. Remember what happened the last time you went for a walk by yourself?" He says in a brotherly tone.

"Relax dude, I'll be okay. Besides, I already have to work on my birthday. What else could go wrong?" I say, hoping that I wasn't going to regret those words.

== Welcome TO SPD ==

In the park, I am still upset that I had to work on my birthday.

"I don't know what Sky was so worried about nothing has gone wrong," I say, then my subconscious adds, "Yet."

A big bug-eyed monster shows up with his minions. The people in the park start screaming and running.

"Man, I hate it when Sky is right," I grumble under my breath.

I get everyone to safety, and then I decide to morph, but one of the monster's minions fires its laser and fries my morpher. Again. "Well, that's just great," I mutter angrily.

The Minion fires its laser at me again. It hits me, and I fly backward, landing on the ground. Then they surround me.

Normal POV

In the command center, the alarm goes off, signaling that the tracking system lost track of Tracy's morpher signal again.

"Sir, I just lost the signal on Cadet Blankenship," Kat says in a panicked tone.

"Something is not right; I'll call Sky. Cadet Tate, come in," Cruger says.

"Cadet Tate here, sir. What's wrong?" Sky says.

"We've lost Tracy's signal," Cruger explains. "Where is she?"

"She went for a walk. Sir, do you want me to return to base?" Sky asks.

"Yes," Cruger answers quickly.

"Copy that, sir. I'm on my way," Sky says into his morpher.

In a huge abandoned building, they tied Tracy to one of the support beams.

"Okay, freak, if you have a name, you should tell me what it is. What do you guys want with me?" Tracy demands.

The creature hesitates for a moment and then says, "My name is Dlugsoar. Our plan is for us to know, and for you to find out," It answers.

"In other words, you don't have a plan," She says tauntingly.

"Yes, actually, we do. My underlings just haven't been following it," Dlugsoar answers, clearly getting annoyed with her wit.

"Wait, we had a plan, sir?" asks one of Dlugsoar's minions.

"Yes, dunderhead, now let's move on to step two," Dlugsoar answers, fed up with his useless helpers.

"There's a step two?" another of Dlugsoar's bumbling minions asks.

Instead of bothering to answer, Dlugsoar turned away from Tracy and beckoned to his minions. Then they marched out of the building, leaving her alone in the dark.

== Welcome TO SPD ==

Wow, these guys aren't that smart. I can't believe that no one stayed behind to watch the prisoner, Tracy thinks.

She twists her wrist so she could reach the Pokéballs in her jacket pocket.

"Ninja, come on out and use Fury Swipes to cut the bands," She says opening his Pokéball.

Once she is free, she dusts herself off and thanks Ninja for getting her out. She puts Ninja back inside his Pokéball. Then she leaves and starts running through the forest. A few seconds later, she trips on a tree root.

"I think I twisted my ankle. Just great," She mumbles under her breath

Just then, a boy with green eyes, curly brown hair, and light-colored skin enters her view. Tracy looks up and sees his face. She starts to feel her heart race.

"Hi, I'm Michael Armstrong. Are you okay?" He asks.

"Hi, Michael. Yes, I'm okay. Thanks for your concern, but I heard that a monster's been running around. You could get hurt. I'm Tracy, by the way," She says, feeling awkward.

"It's nice to meet you, Tracy. You're joking, right?" He says.

"No, I am serious. Well, I need to get going, but it was nice to meet you, Michael," Tracy says as she tries hard not to blush.

Tracy starts to leave, but Michel notices that she is limping. "Are you sure that you're alright?"

"Yup," She answers quickly.

Tracy takes another step and as soon as she does, starts to fall backward. Michael catches her in his chest. She looks up at him and laughs awkwardly.

"I know some first aid. I could look at that ankle for you," He answers sweetly.

"Alright, I'll let you look at it if it makes you happy," She says.

Now Tracy is smiling ear to ear. Michael takes a first aid kit out if his backpack. He takes out an ice pack and a bandage.

"What's wrong with my ankle?" Tracy asks.

"You just sprained it, but it should be better in a couple of days," He says, as he carefully wraps the bandage around her ankle and puts an ice pack on it. .

They say a quick goodbye and go their separate ways.

Wow, he is smart and cute. Where has he been all my life? Tracy thinks.

== Welcome TO SPD ==

Back at the base in the command center, Cruger is very upset with Sky.

"Why wasn't Tracy there with you?" Cruger growls loudly.

"When she left for a walk, I tried to stop her, but she wouldn't listen. She was upset that today is her birthday, and she had to work," Sky explains.

"Well, that explains it," Kat says.

"Why didn't she say anything before?" Cruger asks.

"She probably thought that her birthday wasn't a good enough excuse to get off work," Sky answers.

"I think we should try to do something nice for her," Kat suggests.

"Good Idea Kat, but we need to find her first," Cruger says.

"The last place that we had her signal was in the park," Kat says.

The alarm goes off. Cruger tells Sky to go on ahead, and the others will catch up. Sky morphs and heads off. Back in the park, Tracy is hiding behind a tree. She sees the Rangers arrive.

"Well hello, rangers! I don't think you've met my new friends. Kybots, attack," Dlugsoar says with sinister calmness.

Then a familiar voice sounds from behind a tree. "Inferno, use Flamethrower!"

"Whoa, where did that Flamethrower come from?" Bridge asks in shock.

Tracy slowly comes out from behind the tree. Pikachu runs towards her.

"Hey, Quick Draw! We can catch up later, buddy. Now hop on Inferno and let's show Dlugsoar how strong you two are. Quick Draw, Thunderbolt! Inferno, Dragon Rage!" She commands.

Their attacks meld together and take out several Kybots.

"They just got lucky," Dlugsoar hisses. "Now let's see just how fast those two are! Minions fire at the Rangers now," Dlugsoar commands.

"Sparkles, come on out," Tracy says, tossing Beautifly's Pokéball into the air.

The Pokémon team gets in front of the blast.

"Quick Draw, Zap Cannon, Inferno, Fire Spin, and Sparkles, Solarbeam. Go!." She commands quickly.

"Wow, they are amazing! They desecrated that blast and saved us," Bridge says.

"Your little friends just got lucky, but I'll be back," Dlugsoar yells running away.

"Power down," The four rangers say together.

"Great job everyone. Inferno and Sparkles return." She says.

== Welcome TO SPD ==

The team walks into the command center.

"Cadet Blankenship, I ordered you work with Cadet Tate, but you disobeyed me," Cruger says furiously.

Tracy steps forward and winces in mental pain.

"I know, sir. I am sorry. I wasn't thinking," She apologizes.

"Cadet Blankenship, why are you limping?" he asks sharply.

"It's nothing, sir, I'm ok," She says, straightening.

The alarm goes off again, and the team leaves to battle the monster again.

Tracy's POV

On the battlefield, Sky is still upset with me about what happened earlier.

"Why did you bring Pikachu?" he asks.

"Well Sky, Quick Draw and I are a team, and wherever I go, he goes too," I explain.

"Well, that rodent should stick to help you recharge the battery for one of the gadgets you have Rangers! It's so small that it probably won't be able to leave a scratch on my arm." Dlugsoar roars, lunging at Quick Draw.

Quick Draw burrows underground, pops back out just behind Dlugsoar and uses iron tail.

"Hey Tracy, what was that move?" Bridge inquires.

"Wow, Quick Draw, you learned how to use Dig," I say proudly.

Quick Draw gives me a thumb up with his cute little paw.

"The rodent just got lucky again," Dlugsoar snaps as he gets back to his feet.

"No, he just outwitted you. It's easy considering that..." I say.

"Considering what?" Dlugsoar asks.

"That you have the brain the size of a walnut," I say spitefully.

"Why you little . . ! Minions, full power lasers. Fire!" Dlugsoar commands.

I instinctively know that Quick Draw isn't going to get back in time.

"Shell Shocker, come on out and use your protect attack to block that blast!" I say quickly.

Shell Shocker creates a big barrier and saves me from the blast.

"You just got lucky again, but the turtle and that electric rodent can't defeat me," Dlugsoar taunts. I'm pretty sure by this time that he is totally bluffing.

"I believe they can. Quick Draw, Thunder, Shell Shocker, Whirlpool. Go," I say confidently.

"Alright, that's it," says Dlugsoar. "Time for my robot." He dashed over to the robot that I had previously overlooked somehow.

"Ok, I did not see that coming," I say. "Shell Shocker, return. Quick Draw, you need to get to a safe place."

"Kat, we need the runners," Sky says into his communicator.

"They are on the way," Kat replies.

We form the megazord. We defeat the robot. The monster jumps out of it just before it explodes, sending hundreds of tiny glowing embers and a great abundance of ashes all over the place.

"They may have destroyed the robot, but I still can get away," I hear Dlugsoar say.

"I don't think so, chump! It's judgment time!" I yell.

"What did I do?" Dlugsoar asks.

"You're charged with attacking S.P.D. Officers and endangering the public at large," I say.

I press the button on the top of my morpher. The scanner reads that it was guilty, and we apprehend Dlugsoar.

Normal POV

The Rangers enter the command center for the third time.

"Good work, team," Cruger says.

"Thank you, sir,," The five of us state in unison.

Cruger dismissed the team. Tracy starts to leave but suddenly feels dizzy. She pitches forward and uses the wall to catch herself.

"Pika-pi," Pikachu says, concerned.

"Don't worry Quick Draw, I am ok. I just got a little dizzy; that's all," She says.

"Cadet Blankenship," Cruger says, who seemed to have come from nowhere, "you should see Dr. Felix. He needs to take a look at that ankle."

"Why? It's fine," She says, whining.

"Yeah, sure," Bridge says sarcastically. "It is swollen to the size of a golf ball."

"That's not that big," She says.

"Cadet, that wasn't a suggestion, it was an order," Cruger says.

== Welcome TO SPD ==

Tracy limps into the infirmary with a frown on her face.

"Hello, Tracy. You have only been out of here for a week, and you're back already. What happened?" Dr. Felix asks.

"I just twisted my ankle; that's all," she answers.

Dr. Felix did a quick exam. He rewraps her ankle and puts a fresh ice pack on it and tells her the same thing that Michael did earlier: he orders her to take it easy for the next few days. He hands her some crutches, and she leaves the room. Tracy walks in the common room, and the lights turn on. She sees a banner that reads "Happy Birthday Tracy" and loud cheers of "Surprise!" echo through the room. Tracy drops her crutches, totally astonished.

"Are you surprised?" Bridge asks.

She nods and carefully picks her crutches off the floor.

"Close your eyes. There is one more surprise," Kat says.

Tracy closes her eyes tightly, but Bridge covers them just in case.

"Alright, you can open them now," Kat tells her sweetly.

She opens her eyes after Bridge moves his hands, and she sees Kat holding a two layer chocolate cake with fudge filling with chocolate chips sprinkled on the top.

"Wow. That is the biggest birthday cake I have ever seen," She gasps.

"Well, don't let it get covered in candle wax, blow out your candles already!" Bridge jokes.

She takes a deep breath and blows out the candles.

"What did you wish for?" Bridge asks.

"I don't need to make a wish this year" She answers.

"Why?" He asks.

"Because, this has been one of the best birthdays ever. Even though it had a rocky start," she answers. "Thanks everybody for making it so special."
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Chapter 4: Appendicitis

Tracy's POV

The alarm clock goes off for the sixth time. I open my eyes and reach over hit the snooze button. The only problem is my body won't let me move. Fear starts to build up in my body when I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. I think one of my internal organs may have exploded. My vision is a bit more burry than usual without my glasses. I can hardly make out Quickdraw's face as he walks up to me from the foot of my bed. Before things slowly fade to black, I see the fear in my trusted partner's eyes. I also hear, "Rangers, report to the command center." rang over the intercom.

Normal POV

The rangers enter the command center.

"Commander Birdie is coming in two days," Cruger says.

"Is there a reason why he is visiting us, sir?" Sky asks.

"He wants to see first hand how well we work with Cadet Blankenship and her Pokémon team." Cruger replies, "Where is Cadet Blankenship?" Cruger asks, noticing that Tracy wasn't standing in between Sky and Bridge.

A few seconds later, everyone sees a blur of yellow as Pikachu zips into the command center using Quick Attack. Then they see Beautifly enter and uses Psychic to prevent him from hitting the computer in the middle of the room. After placing the electric mouse on the floor, the butterfly lands on one of the chairs. They see a look of fear and concern in both the Pokemon's eyes.

"Okay, we need to go check on Tracy, sir," Kat says.

Commander Cruger dismisses the team. The team and Kat sprint up to Tracy's room. The door slowly slides open, and they see laying her bed. Skitty rubs her trainer's cheek, trying to wake her up. Kat walks over and notices that her face is red as a tomato.

"Kat, what's wrong with her?" Bridge asks.

"I'm not sure, but she has a fever," Kat answers.

"Can she move?" Sky asks.

"I don't think so if Tracy didn't report to the command center," Bridge says.

"We need to get her to the infirmary fast," Kat says.

Dr. Felix's POV

In the operation room, my team and I are prepping Tracy for surgery. I walk over to her and notice she is starting to come around. She looks terrified.

"Just try to relax, everything is going to be okay, I promise," I say calmly.

"Where am I?" She asks me, still really scared.

"You're in the OR. When you wake up, you're going to feel better, but you will be a little sore," I say calmly.

The anesthesiologist places the mask on Tracy's face. She takes a deep breath, and the smell of strawberries is the last thing she remembers before she drifts to sleep. An hour later, in the recovery room, Kat, Commander Cruger, the rangers, and I are standing at the foot of Tracy's bed. Pikachu jumps off Kat's shoulder. He crawls under her right arm.

"Doctor Felix, what was wrong with her?" Cruger asks.

"Her appendix bursts," I answer.

"That is pretty serious, isn't it?" Kat asks.

"Yes. The operation went as well. Also, we had to ask a cadet to donate some blood," I reply.

"Why did she need a blood transfusion?" Kat asks.

"An abscess from around the rupture, and she lost a lot of blood," I explain.

"She will be fine, won't she?" Sky asks.

"Yes, but her body is weak from fighting off the infection, she needs to rest," I say.

"When will she be able to get back into the field," Bridge asks.

"She'll be staying here for the next five days," I explain.

"Do you have any idea when her appendix burst?" Bridge asks.

"It's hard to say, Bridge, but from the size of the abscess, we removed. Tracy had to been walking around with it brewing inside her for a few days," I say.

A few minutes later, Tracy slowly opens her eyes, and she looks around the room. Pikachu moves out from under her arm, and he rubs her cheek.

"All right, buddy, I'm glad to see you too," Tracy says with a smile.

"How are you feeling?" I ask.

"A little light-headed, so, how long am I stuck in here anyway?" She asks.

"Five days at the most," I answer.

"Everyone, I'm sorry for scaring you like this," She says.

"You don't have to apologize, cadet, we're glad that you're okay," Cruger says in a very understanding tone.

"Sir, there is something else that I wanted to tell you." She says, yawning through the sentence.

"You can tell me after you get some rest cadet," Cruger says with a smile.

"But, Sir, this is important." She argues, yawning again.

"Tracy." He growls.

A few seconds later, Tracy slowly drifts back to sleep, and Pikachu crawls back under her arm. We leave the room and continue our conversation as we walk down the hallway.

"I bet once Tracy wakes up in a few hours, she will be right back in the command center again," Kat says with a smile.

"I thought that might happen. I'll have Sophia stay in her room to make sure that she stays put." I explain.

Tracy's POV

Three days pass, and I'm sitting up in my bed and petting Pikachu. I look up to see Michael walk in, holding a small bouquet of tulips.

"Hey, so I bet that they have you on some strong pain killers, right?" Micheal asks as he sets them on the table.

"I'm not sure, I think so," I say.

"So, if I were to say something romantic or corny, you probably won't remember will you," Micheal asks.

"I might remember bits and pieces," I say.

"I'll take that risk," Micheal says, "When I came to visit you a few days ago, and I heard when happened. I felt my heart shatter into a bunch of tiny pieces. All of them grew wings and flew over to you to give you the strength need to help you heal. Once I heard that you're going to be okay, some of them came back to me, so I'd have the courage to tell you this," Michael continues.

Normal POV

Doctor Felix waits in the doorway and looks over at the monitor to see Tracy's heart skip a beat after Michael finished admitting that he developed feelings for her. A few seconds later, He walks in and stands at the foot of her bed.

"Hi, doctor, so how much of that did you hear?" Micheal asks, blushing from embarrassment.

"Just the last few words," Dr. Felix says.

"So, do you have some good news," Michael asks.

"Yes, I do," Dr. Felix says

"I go now?" Tracy asks excitedly.

Tracy starts to get out of bed and head towards the door, but Dr. Felix uses his arm as a barricade to stop her.

"Slow down there, cadet. There are a few more tests that I would like to run before you go anywhere. You will have to wait a few more hours." He says with a smile.
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Chapter 5: Jealousy Not

Tracy's POV

I walk inside the simulator and see Syd and Z training with Skitty and Kecleon.

"Skitty, use Shadow Ball," Z commands.

Skitty produced a perfect Shadow Ball.

"Kecleon, dodge it, then use Rollout," Syd calls.

Kecleon quickly dodges Skitty's attack; His Rollout attack zooms in towards Skitty.

"Skitty, counter it with Double Slap." Z calls.

Skitty blocks Kecleon's attack and sends him flying backward.

I knew that I was right. My Pokémon team doesn't need me anymore.

I turn around and walk out of the simulator, trying not to cry.

Normal POV

"Syd, do you have any idea why they just stopped like that?" Z asks.

"Yeah, I thought I saw Tracy." She answers.

"I thought that she was still in the infirmary," Z says.

"Dr. Felix released earlier this morning." Syd reminds her.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot," Z says.

Outside the base, in the training area, Tracy sees Sky and Bridge training with Beautifly, Blastoise, and Charizard.

"Blastoise, use Ice Beam." Sky commands.

"Beautifly, use Protect," Bridge yells.

Beautifly creates a barrier, and Blastoise's attack gets bounced back.

"That Ice Beam is starting to get strong," Bridge says.

"Yes, and the Protect looked great as well." Sky adds.

Sky puts Blastoise back in its Pokéball. Charizard takes over for her training.

"Beautifly, use Aerial Ace." Bridge commands.

"Charizard, counter with Steel Wing," Sky yells.

The two Pokémon fly towards each other, and as the two attacks came in contact with the other, there is an explosion. When the smoke clears, Tracy is glad to see that everyone is okay.

I was right. The team doesn't need me anymore. Maybe it would be better if I left S.P.D., Tracy thinks.

She walks away, hanging her head. Meanwhile, Kat is plugging in the test results from the experiment that Pikachu helped her with earlier. She takes her eyes off the screen for a few minutes and goes to get the other file with the results from the experiment that she did last week and compared the two results before she sees Cruger walk in.

"Hello, Commander." She greets.

"How is the new project coming?" He asks.

"Fine Commander, right on schedule," She answers.

"Have you seen Tracy by any chance?" He asks.

"Not since Dr. Felix released her this morning. Why?" She answers

"I can't find her anywhere." He explains.

"Have you checked the range or the simulator?" She suggests.

"Yes, she wasn't there." He says.

R.I.C. walks in with a folded piece of paper in his mouth. He gives the piece of paper to him.

"What do you have three, boy?" He asks the robotic canine.

"What is it?" Kat asks.

"It's a note." He answers.

"Who is it from?" She asks

"Tracy," He answers.

Cruger reads the note to himself. When he finishes reading it, a look of pure shock appears on his face.

"Doggie, what did it say?" She asks.

"Kat, call everyone to the command center. I'll explain it there." He commands.

"Yes, Sir," She says.

The Rangers enter the command center and stand in front of Cruger.
"Tracy, she has left S.P.D.," Cruger tells them.

"Why did she leave?" Bridge asks.

"This note explains it all." He says.

Dear everyone

I know that this is sudden, but I fell that I have done all that I could do in the battle against Grumm. I didn't want to hand in an official letter because I knew that you would try to convince me that you still need me here. I couldn't force Pikachu and the others to leave because they love it here. So I guess that this is goodbye.


Cruger folds up the note and looks back at the team.

"She left because she is jealous of us training with Skitty and the others," Sky says.

"No matter how long we train with them, we will never be able to bring out their true power," Z adds.

"Tracy is the only person who can do that," Syd says.

"What do we do now, commander?" Z asks.

"I don't know, cadet." He answers.

"Shouldn't we go look for her?" Bridge asks.

"Tracy left her morpher here so we can't track her," Kat explains, holding Tracy's morpher in her hand.

Tracy's POV

Meanwhile, in a cave in the forest, outside the city, I was leaning on the wall near the entrance. Shaking off a dizzy spell debating if going off while I'm still having a tough time moving because I was still sore from the surgery five days ago. I groan, taking off my backpack and setting my sleeping bag on the cave floor. I climb inside and rest my eyes for a few minutes.

Normal POV

Back in the base, the alarm goes off.

"There is a robbery in progress at the gold depository," Kat says.

"What about Tracy?" Bridge asks.

"Don't worry. I'll find Tracy and bring her back home. I want the rest of you to stop that robbery."Cruger answers.

"Yes, Sir," The rangers say together.

The cadets and Cruger morph and start to leave the command center.

"Doggie wait," Kat shouts.

Kat tosses Tracy's morpher to him. He thanks her and leaves the room. He heads to the vehicle bay, hops on his ATV, and speeds off to find the red ranger.

Tracy's POV

I woke up from my power nap. Luckily, this time, I didn't fall into a deep enough sleep to have the nightmare again. I pack up and head back to the base.

"It's time to head back home," I say as I walk out of the cave.

"That's if you even make it back ranger." A mysterious voice says.

I freeze in my tracks and slowly turn around and see a tall alien standing in the shadows.

"Come out and face me, coward," I yell into the forest.

The alien slowly came out of the shadows.

"So, ranger, why don't we cut the idle chit-chat and just skip straight to the battle." the alien says, smiling an evil smile.

"Whatever you say, creep," I say confidently.

I reach for my morpher and notice that it's gone.

Oh, yeah, my morpher is back at the base. I knew that.

I had no choice but to fight the alien on my own without my powers.

"Well, small fry, you have a strong fighting spirit," the alien says, laughing maniacally.

"What did you just call me?" I ask the alien.

"You heard me, Shrimp." It answers.

"Nobody calls me shrimp and gets away with it," I say.

The alien pulls out a laser and fires it. A few seconds later, I see the laser blast coming towards me. I try to doge in time, but it was coming in too fast. When it hits me, I fly backward. A few seconds later, my back smacks against a tree. I feel a sharp pain flow through my entire body, and I struggle to get back on my feet.

"Give up, ranger." It says.

"I'll never give up creep. So no matter how many times you knock me down, I'm going to get right back up again and keep on fighting." I yell back.

I get back on my feet, but the alien fires his weapon again. When my back hits the tree again, my body slides down the trunk of the tree. I hear the sound of fabric tearing and felt the bark price into the skin on my back. I land with my face in the dirt. I push myself up from the ground, but I didn't have enough strength left. I fall back down in the same position as before.

"I may be down, but I'm not out yet creep," I say with my face in the dirt.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you ranger with your face in the dirt in all." It says, trying to make a joke.

After the alien speaks those words, adrenaline starts to flow through my veins. I push myself off the ground and let out a battle cry. I charge towards the alien, throwing punch after punch.

"You call that a punch? My grandma hits harder." It taunts.

"Take this," I yell, throwing my next punch.

When my punch lands the alien flies about a foot, A few seconds later the alien gets back to his feet.

"How do you like them apples, creep?" I say.

"You just got lucky, ranger." The alien says.

The alien runs up, grabs me by my neck, and chokes me. It slams me against the tree so hard that I hear a loud pop. I don't feel it because the adrenaline is still flowing. It drops me, stands two inches in front of me, and is ready to fire his blaster again. I see another laser blast come out of nowhere and hit the alien sending him flying. I hear the sound of an ATV approaching.

Cruger's POV

I get off the ATV and run over to her.

"Tracy, are you okay?" I ask.

"Yes, Sir, I'm fine." She answers.

I hand Tracy her morpher. Then she pushes herself back to her feet and stands ready to battle.

"So who is going to battle me now? You or the Shadow Ranger?" The alien asks.

"This battle is still on. Now I'm going to make this battle a little more even-sided - well for me anyway," She says.

Tracy morphs, and the alien isn't impressed with what it sees.

"I think that your commander made a bad choice making the red ranger a girl. Everyone knows that a girl could never handle the responsibly of leading a team." It says.

"Oh, that's it! You can call me small and weak, but when you disrespect my commander, you have just crossed the line that you wished you hadn't creep." Tracy yells.

"You just got lucky again, ranger. Let's see if you can handle it when I turn up my blaster to three times the power." The alien says.

It fires its weapon towards Tracy and the blast files in as fast as lightning.

"Tracy, no!" I yell as the blast hits her.

Tracy's POV

The attack hits me. I fly backward and roll down a hill a few feet away. A few seconds later, I use all my strength to get back on my feet. A few attempts later, I finally get to my feet. I slowly trod back up the hill, and when I reach the top, I face the alien ready to fight again.

"Well, ranger, I'm impressed that you took all those attacks, and your body can not handle much more you look like a rag doll. Yet you still want to keep fighting, even though you are defeated." The alien says.

"As I said before, no matter how many times you knock me down, I'm just going to get right back up again," I yell.

The alien took out a baseball-sized sphere, and several kybots came out.

"Have fun rangers. Red ranger, remember one thing that you failed." The alien says as it slides back into the shadows.

"Hey, come back and fight," I yell.

"Tracy, just let him go. We need to take care of these kybots first." Commander Cruger commands.

"But commander," I say.

Before he can say another word, a krybot shoots a laser beam attack at me. When it hits me, I roll down the hill for the second time. My head hits a few trees along the way. The last words the alien spoke 'you failed,' still ringing in my mind, as everything fades to black.

Normal POV

Back at the top of the hill Commander Cruger easily defeats the kybots and starts to run down the hill fighting gravity along the way. He reaches the bottom and sees Tracy on the ground motionless. He walks over to her. He shakes Tracy gently, trying to wake her up. He didn't get a response, so he tries again.

"Come on, Tracy, please open your eyes." He begs.

He tries a third time and still fails to get a response. He picks Tracy up carefully. He slowly climbs back to the top of the hill. When he reaches the top, his morpher goes off. He walks back to his ATV and gently props her up against the right front tire.

"Sir, did you find Tracy yet?" Kat asks him

"Yes, I did, but so did one of Grumm's friends." Cruger answers.

"What happened?" She asks in an anxious tone.

"I'll tell everyone later, but now she needs immediate medical attention." He says.

She tells him that she is sending the medics and that they would be there as fast as they could. He thanks her and waits for what seems like hours for the paramedics to arrive. They arrive ten minutes later. They put Tracy on the stretcher and slowly wheel her into the ambulance. Commander Cruger follows closely behind, as it drives to the base with the siren blaring.
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Chapter 6: Who are you, people?

Normal POV

The team was waiting outside Tracy's room for Dr. Felix to come out.

"Tracy is going to okay, won't she?" Bridge asks.

"Don't worry, Bridge. She'll be okay, trust me." Commander Cruger says.

Ten minutes later, Dr. Felix comes out of the room.

"How is she, Doctor Felix?" Bridge asks frantically.

"She dislocated her left shoulder has several stitches in her back to close the cut, and she has a concussion." He explains.

"Any idea when she will wake up?" Cruger asks, very concernedly.

"I'm not sure, Sir, she could wake up in a few hours or a few days - only time will tell." He says calmly.

"Okay, thank you, Dr. Felix," Cruger says politely.

"You're welcome, but why was Tracy out in the field? I gave her specific orders to only do chores or assist "C" or "D" squad with their drills for the next few days," Dr. Felix says.

Cruger hands Dr. Felix the note Tracy wrote. After reading it, he doesn't say a word giving the paper to Cruger and goes back to his office. Commander Cruger tells the rangers to go to the command center. The team nods and heads off to the command center. Cruger sees Isinia walk up.

"Doggie, are you okay?" Isinia asks.

"Yes, Isinia, I'm all right." He says.

They walk into the room and see Tracy lying in bed with all the standard medical equipment attached to her. Isinia places her hand on her husband's shoulder. He looks back over at her.

"Doggie, I seem to remember that a great commander told me that Tracy is afraid to prove the world wrong and that she has a warrior spirit." She says.

"I told you that," He says.

"Right. Please, stop worrying, Tracy will wake up before you know it." She says.

Cruger knows not to argue with his wife - especially when she is right. They stay in Tracy's room for a few more minutes. He knows Tracy can still hear what is going on around her. He keeps telling Isinia the great work she has done since she joined SPD.

"Doggie, don't you think that you should get back to the command center?" She asks.

He looks over at the clock on the wall and sees that she is right again. He turns around and heads for the door. Isinia follows a few steps behind him. At the end of the hallway, Isinia turns left and goes to their bedroom. Commander Cruger turns right to go to the command center. Meanwhile, in the command center, Bridge is pacing the floor, thinking about what would have happened if they talked to Tracy sooner. Syd, Z, and Sky are sitting at the computer consul in the middle of the room.

"Bridge, what's up?" Z asks her pacing friend.

The green ranger is so deep in thought that he doesn't hear his friend's question.

"Bridge," She yells to get his attention.

"Oh, sorry, Z, I just thought that we should have been better friends." Bridge apologizes.

"What do you mean, Bridge?" She asks.

"We shouldn't have ignored that way she keeps changing the subject when we talked about how much we liked getting to know Skitty and the others, or how much stronger they have gotten since we started to train with them. We should have talked to her sooner." He explains.

"Come on, Bridge, you didn't do anything wrong." She says.

"Bridge, Z is right, If it is anyone's fault, it,s Tracy's." Sky protests.

"Sky," Z, Syd, and Kat shout in anger to what Sky has just said.

"Hey, I call it as I see them. If Tracy stayed and talked to us instead of running away like a child, she wouldn't be where she is now." Sky says.

Commander Cruger enters the room.

"Cadet Tate, that's enough," Cruger growls.

"Sorry, Sir." Sky apologizes.

"We need to stop playing the blame game. We need to be there for Tracy. She needs to know that her friends still believe in her." Cruger says.

"He's right," Kat says.

"What are we supposed to do, sir?" Z asks.

"Right now, all we can do now is wait and hope that she'll wake up soon, Miss Delgado." He answers.

Commander Birdie calls in a few seconds later.

"Commander Birdie, what can we do for you?" Cruger asks the Supreme Commander.

"I saw what happened to Tracy. How is she doing?" Birdie asks.

"Not too well, sir," Cruger answers.

Birdie surveys the room and sees an array of worried looks on everyone's faces except for Sky.

"Is it that serious?" Birdie says in shock.

"I'm afraid so. Dr. Felix is unsure when she will wake up." Cruger explains.

"I'm sorry, Cruger. I'm afraid that I can't reschedule my visit. You are aware of the important galaxy meeting next week." Birdie says in an understanding tone.

"Yes, sir, and we will be ready for your visit on Friday," Cruger says.

Then Birdie signs off.

"What's the plan commander?" Bridge asks.

"We'll prepare for Birdie's visit and hope that Tracy will wake up before then," Cruger answers.

The next few days pass by quickly, and the day of Birdie's visit comes. It goes well. No robots attacking the city, no robberies, no carjacking, and no kidnappings happen. The only problem is that Tracy hasn't woken up. Saturday morning Commander Cruger goes to see Dr. Felix in his office.

Dr. Felix's POV

I just returned from checking on how Tracy's recovery is progressing. I sit down at my desk, and I see Commander Cruger come in.

"Hello, Commander, what can I do for you today?" I ask.

"Fine, How is Tracy doing?" Commander Cruger answers.

"All her vitals are stable. She is just unconscious." I explain.

Commander Cruger is afraid I was going to say that. Then Sophia dashes in the room out of breath.

"Sophia, slow down, where is the fire?" I ask my winded assistant.

Sophia takes a few deep breaths to calm herself down.

"It's Tracy. She is waking up."Sophia answers.

We rush out of the room and dash down the hallway to Tracy's room. I tell Sophia to stay outside. Commander Cruger and I enter the room. We slowly walk over to the bed. Tracy's eyes open slowly, and she blinks a few times to allow her eyes to adjust to the brightness of the room.

"Hey there Tracy, how do you feel?" I ask calmly.

"Okay, I guess." She answers.

"Tracy, do you know who I am?" I ask to make sure that her memory was still intact.

"Yes, you're the doctor, aren't you?" She answers.

"Well, yes, but what's my name?" I ask.

"Dr. Felix." She answers.

"Right. Do you remember your ranger color?" I ask.

"My Ranger color, what are you talking about?" She asks.

"You are a power ranger," I answer.

She sits up in bed like a deer caught in the headlights.

Tracy's POV

Four teenagers enter the room. Two boys, one wearing a uniform that had blue on it and the other boy's jacket has green details on it and two girls one wearing a jacket with yellow stripes on it and the other girl's uniform had pink on it.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but do I know you people?" I say.

"Tracy, it's me, Bridge, don't you remember me." The boy in the green uniform says.

"I'm sorry, but I don't remember you at all. Before I cause you people any more trouble, I should leave." I say.

I start to get out of bed, but as soon as I move, everything began to spin. I lay back down quickly.

"Take it easy. Your body may still feel a little weak for a little while longer." Dr. Felix says.

"Okay, doc. Why does my back itch like crazy?" I ask.

"That would be the stitches I had to use to close up the cut on your back." Dr. Felix explains.

"Okay, but can't I scratch a little" I whine.

"Sorry, but if you scratch, they could come out. Then I would have to put new ones in." Dr. Felix warns.

"Okay," I say.

"You should be strong enough to leave tomorrow. You may have a few dizzy spells over the next few days, but that is normal," Dr. Felix explains.

The next day I'm released from the infirmary, I'm walking around the base with Quickdraw riding on my shoulder. I can't figure out why this place looked so familiar to me. I decide to take a walk around the city to see if it will help me remember anything. I walk to the park and as I enter a boy comes up to me.

"Hello, my name is Tyler. Are you a Pokémon Trainer?" a boy with curly brown hair asks.

"Yes, I am, oh, my name is Tracy by the way," I say with a smile.

"Nice to meet you, Tracy, so do you want to have a battle?" Tyler asks.

"Sure sounds like fun. How many Pokémon do you have, Tyler?" I ask accepting his challenge.

"I have four. What about you?" He answers.

"I have six. I know you challenged me, but how does a four-on-four battle sound to you?" I ask.

"Sounds good. What are the rules?" Tyler says.

"Four on four battle, no time limit, and Pokémon substitutions are allowed. The first with three wins takes it." I explain

Normal POV

In a clearing in the park, the two trainers stand at opposite ends.

"How about we get this battle started?" Tyler asks with a smile.

"Right," Tracy says, smiling back.

"Graveler, you're up first," Tyler said, tossing the Pokéball in the air.

"Graveler nice choice. It's time for my choice, Shell Shocker, go." She says.

"I call the first move. Graveler, Rock Polish." Tyler calls to his Pokémon

"Why did he start with that move?" Tracy asks, confused.

"You'll see, Graveler rollout," Tyler says.

Graveler came in quickly.

"I forgot that Rock Polish increased Graveler's speed, but it won't help. Shell Shocker, Protect," She says quickly.

She creates a barrier, and Graveler's attack gets bounced back.

"Well, that was powerful. Let's see how you handle this. Graveler, Earthquake" Tyler compliments.

Graveler's attack produces a powerful earthquake.

"Shell Shocker, use Rapid Spin." She calls out.

Shell Shocker dodges the earthquake. She comes out of her shell, standing tall on her feet.

I know Blastoise knows an ice type attack, but what is it. Tracy thinks.

"While you figure out your next move, Graveler Rock Throw," Tyler says.

Graveler launched its next attack.


"Blastoise, use Ice Beam," Sky says.

Back in the battle, a light bulb goes off inside Tracy's brain.

"Now Shell Shocker Ice Beam. Let's go." She yells.

Her attack freezes all the rocks.

"No way," Tyler says in shock.

"Yes, way, now I think it's time to wrap this battle up. Shell Shocker, use Hydro Cannon go," she says confidently.

Shell Shocker's attack comes in so fast that Graveler can't dodge it. Graveler lays on the ground, unable to battle.

"Looks like I win this round," she says happily.

"You just got lucky. The next round won't be so easy time for my next Pokémon. Go Exeggutor," Tyler says.

He puts rock type back in its ball and sends out his next Pokémon.

"Shell Shocker Return. Sparkles Go," She says.

She puts her water type back in her ball, giving her a well-deserved rest and sends out her butterfly Pokémon.

"Ladies first," Tyler says politely.

"Sparkles, Sliver Wind go." She says.

"Exeggutor, counter with Egg Bomb," Tyler commands.

Exeggutor launches its attack. Tracy tells Sparkles to dodge. She gracefully dodges the attack and uses Attract. When it hit Exeggutor, it fell in love with Beautifly.

"Exeggutor, snap out of it." Tyler yells

"Sorry, Tyler. Sparkles, wrap it up with Aerial Ace." She commands.

Her attack hits hard, and Exeggutor is unable to battle.

"No way I lost again." Tyler whines.

"Tyler, I'm sorry I guess that I'm just having good luck today," she says in a modest tone.

"Your luck is about to run out, Staraptor your up," Tyler says in an aggravated tone.

"Sparkles return, you were great. Quick Draw, are you ready to go pal?" She says, smiling at her best buddy.

"Staraptor, Steel Wing," Tyler commanded.

"Quick Draw, let's show him how strong you are, counter with that by using Iron Tail." She tells her most trusted Pokémon.

The two attacks collide, and the two Pokémon fly backward. Both trainers ask their Pokémon if they're all right. They give their trainers a reassuring nod.

"Staraptor, use Brave Bird," Tyler commands.

"Quick Draw, counter with volt tackle." She commands.

The two attacks collide again, causing another massive explosion. When the smoke clears, both Pokémon stand up but fall a few seconds later.

"Well, looks like this battle is a draw, huh, Tyler?" She asks.

"Looks that way, Tracy. Staraptor return." Tyler answers.

Tracy walks over to Quick Draw and picks him up.

"Quick Draw, you were great." She says.

Tracy walks back to her spot. She sets him on the ground and turns back around to face Tyler.

"I guess that this is the last round, huh," Tyler says.

"I guess we should make it a good one, huh, Tyler." She says.

"Go, Machoke," Tyler says, tossing his last Pokéball into the air.

"A fighting type which one of my Pokémon is a good match up? I know, Inferno go," she says, tossing his Pokéball in the air.

"I'll start this time, Machoke, use Karate Chop," Tyler says.

"Inferno, dodge it," Tracy commands.

Inferno flew up to dodge Machoke's attack.

"Way to go, Inferno now counter with Dragon Claw." She says.

He flies in fast, and his attack hits home. Machoke takes significant damage.

"Machoke, don't give up, Cross chop," Tyler commands his muscle Pokémon.

"Inferno, Heat Wave," she commands her flame Pokémon.

Inferno's attack is so overwhelming that Machoke stops its attack.

"Good job, Inferno. Now use wing attack max power." She says.

"Machoke, use Dynamic Punch at max power too," Tyler says.

The two Pokémon charged in towards each other, and when they collide, another explosion results from the two attacks. They wait for the smoke to clear, and Inferno is the only Pokémon still standing.

"Looks like I win again. Sorry, Tyler." She says politely.

"Seems that way, Machoke return, well Tracy, I can't remember the last time I had so much fun," Tyler says with a smile on his face.

"Same here, Tyler, Good job Inferno. Return and take a good rest," Tracy says with a smile on her face as well.

Tracy picks up Quick Draw. She turns around and shakes Tyler's hand before they go their separate ways.

Tracy's POV

I walk into the command center.

"Hey everyone," I say, very chipper.

"Hey, Tracy, is Pikachu okay?" The boy in green asks concernedly.

"Don't worry, Bridge he is fine we just finished a battle with another trainer," I say, reassuring my friend.

"Hey, wait. Did you call me Bridge?" He says, surprised.

"Yeah, that's your name, isn't it Bridge," I say with a smile.

"Yes, but when did you get your memory back?" he asks, still a little surprised.

"I guess it came back during the battle. Pokémon trainers have always said that the trainer's true identity comes out on the battlefield." I say confidently.

"There is another Trainer in New Tech City?" He asks in an unsure tone.

"Yup, his name is Tyler, and he is strong," I answer.

Quick Draw wakes up and climbs onto my shoulder. Then commander Birdie calls in.

"Hello, Commander Cruger, Rangers," Birdie says in a calm tone.

"What can we do for you, commander?" Cruger asks.

"I was calling to see how Tracy is doing today." He answers.

"I'm fine, Commander Birdie, thank you, sir," I say happily.

"I can see that cadet. You have your memory back, as well." Birdie says.

"Yes, Sir, and I can't wait to get back out in the field again," I say.

"I'm glad to hear that cadet. Just don't overdo it, okay." Birdie says.

"Yes, sir," I say.

"Commander Cruger, have you decided who's going to take your place while you are away at the Galaxy meeting next week?" He asks his fellow commander.

"Not yet, Sir, but I will call you as soon as I make my decision." He answers.

He nods and signs off.

"What is the galaxy meeting anyway, sir?" I ask.

"Two other commanders and I meet up at Supreme command to fill each other in on the status of our bases." Commander Cruger explains.

"it's an unnecessary meeting. All of you could write a report and send it Commander Bride," I say.

"Tracy." Sky yells.

"What I can't make a suggestion?" I say to defend myself.

"Well, no," Sky says in a low tone.

"Good, that is what I taught. So who's going to take your place, sir?" I ask.

"I was considering having you taking my place, Tracy. I'm positive that you'll do a great job," Cruger says.

"Not that I don't appreciate how much confidence you have in me, sir, but I believe that Sky would do a better job than I would," I say.

"Why is that cadet?" Cruger asks.

"Because he has more leadership experience than I do. I think he will make the better choice," I answer.

The room starts spinning. A few seconds later, I begin to fall backward. Pikachu jumps off my shoulder. Bridge catches me before I hit the floor.

"Tracy, are you okay?" Bridge asks, helping me stand.

"Yeah, just another dizzy spell that all. I'll be fine." I say.

"We are glad to have your memory back cadet. But, tomorrow, you're going to help out with "D" squad running morning drills." Cruger says.

"Yes, sir," I say.

Cruger dismisses the team, and we leave the command center.
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Chapter 7: A Firey Rescue

Tracy's POV

I'm outside the base, in the training area, I'm happy that everything is getting back to normal around S.P.D.

"Alright, everyone, come on out!" I yell.

I toss the team's Pokéballs in the air, and I call out their names as we get to work.

"Sparkles and Shellshcoker, you're up first. Shellshoker, use your Bubble attack, Sparkles use String Shot." I tell my butterfly and turtle Pokémon.

As the bubbles come toward Sparkles, her string shot pops every single bubble, and the water spray causes her wings to sparkle brightly in the sun.

"Good work, you two. You both are looking great," I compliment my Pokémon. "Okay, Big Sister and Quickdraw, you're up next."

Big Sister and Quickdraw nod.

"Big Sister, Assist, Quickdraw Iron Tail," I command.

Her Assist attack produces Ninja's Ancient Power, and it comes within range. Quickdraw's Iron Tail comes in contact with Ancient Power; the sphere shatters into tiny pieces. Cruger walks up.

"Well, our newest cadets are looking good," he says.

"Oh, Commander, I didn't see you. I couldn't agree more. Wait, did you say cadets?" I ask him, confused.

"Yes, I did. Your Pokémon team has helped us in protecting the city," he answers.

"True, and it's also helped them to get even stronger," I add.

"I am aware that your Pokémon team needs to train, but don't forget that you need to train as well," he tells me.

"Don't worry, sir. I was planning on doing some training in a few minutes," I say confidently.

Cruger nods then exits. Twenty minutes later, I put the team back inside their Pokéballs then Quickdraw jumps onto my shoulder before I head to the range. Upon arrival, I set Quickdraw on the floor and approach a large machine in the room.

"Well, I guess it is time that I do a little training myself," I say.

"Hi Tracy, need some help?" Sky asks, surprising me.

I jump back, fall, and land right on my backside.

"Dang it, Sky, next time warn somebody when you are going to do that," I snap, hot with embarrassment.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," he apologizes, offering me his hand and helps me up.

"No worries, and thanks, I could use the help," I say, accepting his apology.

He starts up the machine, and the targets begin to float around the room.

Okay, I can do this,

I take ai start firing my blaster at the targets. When I am done, the machine said okay.

"Right, you ready to try again?" he asks.

"Yup," I answer.

He starts the machine up again, and the targets once more begin to float around the room. I retake aim, but before I can fire my blaster, Quickdraw wakes up from his deep sleep, sprang off my shoulder, and used Thunderbolt. His attack destroys all the targets.

"Quickdraw, what has gotten into you, you've had your training for the day!" I say.

"But Tracy, you have to admit that was incredible," Sky says, very impressed with what he just saw.

"True, but I'm supposed to work on my accuracy, and this machine is not calibrated for Quickdraw or the rest of my team," I tell him.

"I made a program that will release two sets of targets, so you can train together," Kat explains as she enters the room with a CD in her hand.

"Sounds cool, let's try it," I say eagerly.

Kat puts the new program into the machine and starts it up. Quickdraw and I take aim and both of us destroy all the targets. The display reads "Exceptional".

"Will it work with all my other Pokémon?" I ask.

"I haven't been able to see how it will react to the different kinds of attacks that your Pokémon use," Kay answers.

I offer to have my Pokémon help her with the experiment, and I still could get some more training to boot. She expects my offer, and we work for about ten more minutes. In Kat's lab, she's plugging in the experiment information into the computer.

"Well Tracy, I'm very impressed with all of your Pokémon and their power is incredible," Kat compliments.

"Thanks for the compliment, Kat," I say with a smile.

"You are very welcome. Are they all okay after that long session?" Kat asks.

"Yeah, they're fine, just a little tired," I say confidently.

Quickdraw's stomach growls loudly.

"And little hungry too," I added, chuckling.

"You know that we can program some food for them in the food synthesizer," she says.

She hands me a tray of Pokémon food. I let the team out and give them their lunch. After they finish, I put everything away and get the team back into their Pokéballs. I've just got the last one- Shellshocker into his Pokeball when I hear a call to the command center.

Normal P.O.V.

The alarm goes off again, ringing loudly. Commander Cruger calls the team to the command center, and they enter the command center a few seconds later.

"Okay, cadets, there have been a string of robberies lately that I need you to go and investigate," Cruger explains.

"We're on it Sir," Sky says, trying to act as the red ranger.

Tracy starts to daydream about the day she and Michael first meet. Cruger sees a goofy grin creeping across her face.

"Tracy, did you just hear what I said?" Cruger asks.

"Yes, sir," Tracy says.

"Than what did I just say?" he asks.

"Something about robberies," she answers.

"Alright, everyone get to work," he orders.

The five Rangers leave the command center. Tracy walks to her room and goes inside. Pikachu jumps on her shoulder and the two of leave to go to work. Pikachu and Tracy were patrolling the city.

"Well, pal, it looks like everything is in good shape. We should head back." Tracy says.

Pikachu spots smoke rising from the east. "Pika, Pi" Pikachu says quickly.

"What's up, Quickdraw?" Tracy asks her partner.

Pikachu points towards the smoke floating in the air.

"Fire, come on Quickdraw! Let's go see if we can help," she says.

Tracy runs off towards the smoke with Pikachu on her shoulder.

Tracy's P.O.V.

Quickdraw and I arrive at the scene as flames and smoke shoot up towards the sky. I see two little boys, apparently very scared, yelling from the upstairs balcony.

"Help us, please!" the kids shout at the top of their lungs.

"Don't worry, I'm going to help you, just stay calm," I say.

"Inferno, I need your help, come out," I say as I tossed his Pokéball into the air.

"Wow! There's another Pokémon trainer in new tech city!" they yell together.

I fly up to the window where the children are and carefully put them on Inferno's back. We fly them to safety and set the boys on the ground.

"You two okay?" I ask.

"Yes," the boys reply.

"That's good. So, what are your names?" I ask.

"I am Johnny," the first boy says. I guess from the sound of his voice and his appearance that he is around 8 years old.

"And I am Xavier." the other boy answers, and I decide he's about 6.

"Where is your babysitter?" I ask.

"She ran away when the fire started," Johnny answers.

"Man, she is not a very responsible babysitter, but we can talk about that later," I say.

"OH NO!" Xavier yells, very upset.

"What is wrong Xavier?" I ask him.

"Chelle, she is still trapped inside!" he answers quickly.

"Who's Chelle?" I ask, confused.

"She's our baby sister," he responds, with tears in his eyes.

"Okay, you two get a safe distance away for the building. I let you play with my Pikachu while you wait for me to get back, okay?" I tell them.

The boys nod and follow Quickdraw over to a small lot that was a few feet away from the house. I fly back inside the building. I know that I have to work fast because the flames are spreading like a blaze through a pine forest. I use Shellshocker's water gun attack to douse some of the flames but the smoke is getting thicker. I begin to crawl down the hall. Luckily the baby's room was just down the hall. When I got to her room, I check to see if the door is safe to open, but it is hot to the touch.

"Shellshocker, use Skull Bash to break down the door, and after that cool down the room with Rain Dance," I command.

After I enter the room, I see the little baby and she isn't even crying. "Wow! You are one brave baby, now how about we get you out of here?" I say. I see that the curtains are still in good shape.

"Okay, Ninja, come out and use Slash on the curtains," I say.

I toss his Pokéball into the air. After Ninja appears, his attack slash attack goes through the curtain like a knife through soft butter. I wet it down using Shellschoker's Bubble attack before I pick up the baby and wrap her up.

"Okay team, let's get out of here," I say, trying to stay as calm as possible.

As we leave the room, the support beam for the door frame falls down towards us, but Shellshocker uses Hydro Pump and knocks it away. We get back to the window where we entered. I have the baby in one hand, supported against my right shoulder. I put Ninja and Shellshocker back inside their Pokéballs and climb onto Inferno. I fly over to the lot after we land, I give Chelle to Johnny.

"Thank you!" the boys say in unison.

"You're welcome boys; I need to get back home," I say, smiling at them.

"Are you a Power Ranger?" Johnny asks.

"Yes, I am. I guess the uniform gave it away," I answer.

Normal P.O.V.

The boy's parents come running up. The mother begins frantically hugging and kissing her two sons and her daughter.

"Xavier, Johnny, Chelle, thank goodness you are alright!" Mrs. Andrews says.

"Mom, you're embarrassing me!" Xavier whines.

"Hi, I am Marie and this is my husband Philip. Thank you so much Cadet, for saving our children. How can we ever repay you?" she says with tears of joy in her eyes.

"Yes, my wife is right, you deserve a reward, what is your name, Cadet?" Mr. Andrews says.

"Sir, Knowing that your family is safe and still all here is all the reward that I need," Tracy says very modestly.

Tracy hears the fire truck sirens so Pikachu jumps on her shoulder. She puts Charizard back in his Pokéball and she leaves. Tracy walks in the base and Kat comes up to her.

"Hi Tracy, did you get information about the robberies?" Kat asks.

"No, I couldn't find anything out at all," Tracy answers.

"So, did anything interesting happen on your patrol?" she asks continuing to play 20 questions.

"No," Tracy says, knowing full well that she was lying.

"Then why does your uniform smells like smoke?" she asks catching her bluff.

"No, no it doesn't," Tracy says lying again.

"Tracy," she snaps.

"Okay, while we were on our way back to the base, Quickdraw saw smoke in the distance so I decided to investigate and that's all," Tracy explains.

Tracy goes to her room while Kat walks to the common room and turns on the T.V. The reporter says, "Breaking news. Update about a house fire that broke out about a half-hour ago. I have good news to report to all our viewers: all the children that got trapped inside, including a twelve-month-old baby girl, was rescued by a brave young heroine from the S.P.D. Academy. Now we will go live to Alyssa, on the scene with the Andrews family. Alyssa."

The reporter signals the tech crew to go to the reporter on the scene.

"Thanks, Taylor. I am here with the family. Is there anything that you would like to tell the viewers?" Alyssa asks the small family.

The reporter bends down so that Xavier can reach the mic.

"Yes I do, nice reporter lady," Xavier says.

"And what is your name?" Alyssa asks the little boy.

"Xavier," He answers.

"Well, Xavier, go ahead," she says with a smile.

"All I want to say is thanks to the cadet who saved me, my brother and sister. She taught me that girls are heroes too," he says.

"You heard it here everyone. Girls are heroes too. So, back to you in the studio," she says smiling.

Kat turns the T.V. off and heads back to the command center. Meanwhile, in Tracy's room, Tracy changes into a clean uniform and, as she leaves the room, the alarm goes off. The rangers rush into the command center.

"There is a robbery in progress at the First National Bank," Cruger tells.

"We're on it, sir," Sky says still trying to steal some of Tracy's thunder.

The team morphs and race off to the scene, and Tracy follows behind them. All of a sudden she feels dizzy and catches herself by placing her hand on the wall.

"Hey Tracy, are you okay?" Bridge asks, very concerned.

"Yes, don't worry, I'm fine. I'll catch up. You get going," she orders.

The rangers follow her order and go on ahead.

"You sure you're alright?" Cruger asks.

"Yes, don't worry about me, sir, I'm fine," she says confidently.

Tracy pushes herself off the wall and goes off to help the others. As soon as she takes one step, she feels dizzy again. This time she can't react quick enough to catch herself and she falls to the floor demorphed. Cruger runs over to Tracy and picks her up and sits her on his knee.

"Tracy, wake up!" he says as he shakes her. Tracy opens her eyes for a split second to take a breath. "Don't worry sir, I'm fine...I" she says weakly before she faints. Cruger carries her to the infirmary.

In the infirmary, Cruger is standing next to Tracy's bed very concerned for his red ranger.

"Doc Felix, any idea what is wrong with Tracy?" he asks.

"Not yet sir, but I am running a blood test as we speak. I should have the results in a few minutes." Dr. Felix explains.

Cruger looks over at the machine and notices that her pulse is starting to slow down. Doc Felix goes to get the defibrillator and shocks her. He looks over at the monitor and it reads that her pulse is low. He sets up the defibrillator again and shocks her again.

"Come on Tracy! Show me that fighting spirit of yours," Doctor Felix says.

A few seconds he hears the faint sound of her voice. "Never give up," Tracy says weakly. The monitor jumps to life showing a normal resting heart beat and she begins to wake up.

"You had me scared there for a while, cadet," Doctor Felix says with a smile.

"Believe me, sir, I wasn't trying to," she says weakly.

"It's all right; at least you are fine now," Cruger adds.

"Sorry sir, I hate to disappoint you, but..." she says barely audible.

Then a few seconds after Tracy says that she faints again.

"Tracy, no!" Cruger yells.

Doc Felix puts the defibrillator away and takes out his thermometer and takes her temperature to make sure that what the monitor says is correct. The reading on the thermometer is 104 degrees and the monitor reads the same. The problem is that the temperature is starting to rise.

"Cruger, we have to do something to bring down her fever, and fast," Dr. Felix says trying not to panic.

Commander Cruger leaves and returns with a basin filled with water and a few damp towels. He places a towel on her forehead and his assistant comes in and hands him the blood test results.

"Thank you, Sophia," he says.

She nods and leaves the room.

"So, what's the prognosis, doctor?" Cruger asks.

"I have the good news that her blood test came back negative for any virus. The bad news is that it came back positive for some type of chemical poison." He explains.

"Poisoned. What kind of Poison?" Cruger ask.

"That's what we're trying to figure out. Until then, she needs to be monitored closely," he says.

Cruger offers so stay so Dr. Felix leaves her in his very capable hands. About fifteen minutes later, Pikachu comes in and begins to help Cruger take care of the girl. Pikachu sees the towel on his partner's forehead is dry, so he hands Cruger a new one. All of Tracy's Pokémon let themselves out of their Pokeballs as she wakes up.

"That's my team. When one is sick or injured you are right there to help," Tracy says with a weak smile.

They all nod and she falls back asleep. Then they all go to work. Charizard keeps his distance so that his Tail Flame wouldn't get splashed, but it keeps the room warm. Blastoise makes sure that the level in the basin wouldn't get too low. Pikachu and Kecleon continue to wring out the towels. Skitty carries them over to Cruger on its tail. Beautify uses her Psychic attack to carry the dry towels back to the basin to get wet again. Cruger's morpher sounds.

"Sir, we could use some backup. Where is Tracy?" Sky's voice says from the other end.

"I'll tell you later, I'm on my way," he says into his morpher.

Cruger heads out to help the rangers.

In front of the First National Bank, the rangers battle the criminal.

"Hmm, only four rangers. That means my plan worked." The criminal says very pleased with himself.

"What plan?" Sky asks. Cruger rides in on his A.T.V.

"Its plan is to weaken the team by poisoning one of our fellow rangers," Cruger says as he gets off the A.T.V.

"What! Tracy's been poisoned?" Bridge asks, incredulously. The shadow ranger simply nods.

"You may have figured out my plan but you can help your friend with this." the criminal says as he takes out a vial filled with a blue liquid from his pocket.

"That's the antidote," Sky states in a panicky tone.

"Yes, too bad your friend will never get it." the criminal says laughing.

As he begins to throw the vile towards the ground hoping that it will smash into many tiny pieces, Pikachu comes blurring by using quick attack and catches the vial before it hits the ground.

"What was that?" the criminal asks.

"Our new friend," Cruger answers smugly.

"Well, your new friend is fast, I'll give you that, but can it deflect this?" the criminal says with an evil smirk.

The criminal fires its lasers at Pikachu.

"Pikachu, watch out," Bridge warns.

Pikachu uses Iron Tail and deflects the laser blast back towards the criminal. It sends the monster flying backward.

"Good work, Pikachu. Now go back to the base, quick," Cruger tells the electric mouse.

He nods and heads off as the Rangers continue to battle the criminal.

Back in the infirmary Kat and Doc Felix are standing next to Tracy's bed.

"How is she doing, doctor?" Kat asks concerned for her friend.

"Her fever has gone down a bit, but it's still high," Dr. Felix answers.

Then Pikachu comes into the room with the vial with the antidote clenched in his teeth and collapses on the floor. Kat walks over to Pikachu and picks him up and cradles him in her arms.

"Is he okay?" She asks.

"He's exhausted, what is that in his teeth?" Felix says as he took the vial out of Pikachu's teeth

"It looks like the antidote!" Kat says excitedly.

"Well, it looks like the antidote, but how do we know it's not a fake?" Dr. Felix adds.

Kat walks over to the bed and places Pikachu on Tracy's chest. Kat notices that she is getting worse. "Doctor, Tracy can't wait longer and I may not know Pikachu that well, but he risked getting injured or captured just to bring it back to help her. She needs the antidote now!" she snaps.

"You are right Miss Manx's," Dr. Felix says.

Doctor Felix walks over to the bed and tilts Tracy's head back. He pours the antidote into her mouth. He looks over at the monitor to see that her fever is breaking and the rangers rush into the room.

"How is Tracy doing?" Sky shouts.

Doctor Felix places his right index finger over his lips, signaling them that they need to whisper.

"Sorry, how is she doing?" he asks again, lowering his voice.

"Her fever just broke a few minutes ago and she has finally gone to sleep," he whispers.

Tracy's POV

I wake up. Quickdraw, Big sister, and Ninja all give me a big hug.

"Okay gang, I'm okay," I say, trying not to laugh.

"If Pikachu hadn't gone out into the field to help us get the antidote, you would still have a 104-degree fever," Cruger explains.

"I've told you before, sir, we are more than a team; we are like one big family," I say yawning.

Normal P.O.V.

Then Pikachu, Skitty, Kecleon, and Tracy fall asleep again.

"We should leave now and let them rest," Cruger says.

They all leave the room so Tracy can get some quiet to rest. They continue their conversation in the hallway leading to the infirmary.

"Doc Felix, do you have any idea how long until Tracy will be fully recovered?" Sky asks.

"That's hard to say, Sky. That poison took a lot out of her, but I will check on her in a few hours to see how her recovery is progressing," Dr. Felix answers.

In the command center, the rangers are sitting around the halo-graphic computer in the middle of the room.

"There's one thing that I don't understand," Sky says.

"What is that, Sky?" Cruger asks the blue ranger.

"How did the criminal poison her?" he asks.

"I think that I might know," Kat says.

Kat shows the footage from Tracy's patrol and they see her rescue the children from the fire.

"Kat, rewind it," Sky says. Kat starts to rewind the footage.

"Stop it right there. Now zoom in and play it in slow motion." He says.

They watch the footage again and see a tiny dart the size of a cats claws pierce her right arm.

"Well, now we know how she got poisoned, but why didn't she tell us about the fire?" He asks.

"Maybe she didn't want everyone to treat her like some big hero." Kat answers.

"She might not want everyone to treat her like a hero but those children sure will," Bridge adds.

As the rangers leave the command center, they run into a young couple with two young boys and a twelve-month-old baby girl.

"Hello, cadets. I am Marie Andrews, this is my husband Philip, our sons Xavier and Johnny and daughter Chelle. We were wondering if you know the name of the cadet who saved our children." Marie asks.

"Yes, Ma'am, I do. Her name is Tracy. Oh, my name is Skyler Tate, but my friends call me Sky." Sky answers.

"Nice to meet you, Sky, but do you know where we can find Tracy?" She asks.

"Yes I do, she's in the infirmary." He answers.

"Mom, what is an infirmary?" Xavier asks.

"The infirmary, Xavier, is like a little hospital," Marie says answering her son's question.

"Can we go and see her, mom?" He asks.

"I don't know, Xavier," She answers, Xavier looks at her with puppy dog eyes.

"Pretty please, mom, with a cherry on top," he pleads.

"Okay, you win this time Xavier," she says giving in to her son's look.

Tracy's P.O.V.

The Andrews family enters the room and Sky sees that I am out of bed.

"Tracy, you should be in bed," he snaps.

"Don't worry, I was just stretching, that's all. And you have friends," I say.

The boys run to me and give me a bear hug. I groan.

"Thanks again Tracy for saving us. You're our hero," they say in unison.

I bend down to be at their level.

"Xavier... Hold on, how do you know my name?" I ask.

"Sorry, I kinda told them." Sky apologizes.

"It's okay, Sky, you're forgiven," I say with a smile.

"I think we should get going now boys. She still needs her rest, so it's time to say goodbye," Marie says.

"Aw mom, do we have to?" the boys whine.

"Yes. Now let's go. I called your cousin Michael and we are going to stay with him and your uncle Austin for a while. They'll be here soon," she informs them

A few moments later Michael walks in the room, and says, "I heard my name."

"Thank you again for helping us out," she says giving him a hug.

"No problem. We are family after all," he says modestly.

The boys hug me again and thank me for the tenth time, then leave the room. Michael tells them to go wait for him in the car. I get off my knees and stand up. He turns around and walks toward me.

"Thank you for saving my little cousins," he says very gratefully.

"No problem. I don't like to see families get torn apart," I say with a smile.

"You know, you are so cute when you act like that," he says, smiling back.

"I know," I say, grinning.

I walk toward my bed, but my legs are now weak from sitting on my knees for so long. I fall forward, but Michael catches me.

"Nice catch," I say, still smiling.

"Thanks," he says.

Michael helps me the rest of the way to my bed.

"You didn't have to do that, y' know," I remind him.

"I know, but I wanted to," he says.

He leans in closer and kisses me on the cheek. Michael leaves the room and so does Sky.
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Chapter 8: A Ranger without a Voice
Tracy's POV

I'm in the command center working hard on the computer.

"I know that I should be resting, but I need to figure out why someone would set the Andrew family's house on fire," I say thinking out loud.

I'm working so hard that I don't notice Kat and Commander Cruger walk in.

"Tracy, what are you doing here? You shouldn't be out of bed." She says.

"I'm fine. It has been a week, but I need to find who set the Andrew's house on fire and why," I explain.

"Try two days, and you shouldn't overdue it." She reminds me.

"Sir wanted to yell at me; you are too late," I say looking up from the screen.

"I wasn't going to yell at you." He says.

"You weren't?" I ask surprised.

"No, I figured that you would be here." He says.

"Man you know me a little too well, Sir," I say with a smile.

"That I do cadet, and if you find out any information on the fire or who did it, don't go off and capture them." He says giving me a stern look.

"Well I was going to." I scoff.

Commander Cruger gives me the "Oh really" look.

"Fine," I say in defeat.

Xavier and Johnny burst into the room carrying their book bags, and I get up from my chair.

"Xavier, Johnny, freeze! The command center is not a playground and you boys are not allowed in here." I snap.

"Why?" Xavier asks.

"Because we are not cadets, dummy," Johnny answers.

"Johnny, what did your mom say about being nice to your brother?" I ask him.

Johnny turns around and apologizes to his brother.

"Tracy, could you help me and Johnny with our homework?" Xavier asks.

"Maybe later. I'm trying to find the bad guy who set your house on fire," I explain.

"Okay," Xavier says politely.

"What about finding our real babysitter?" Johnny says.

"What do you mean, your real babysitter, Johnny?" I ask him.

"Well, the babysitter that usually takes care of us was nice to us." He explains.

"And she talked pretty," Xavier adds.

"She talked pretty?" I ask confused.

"She had an Australian accent and the babysitter who took care of us that day didn't," Johnny explains.

"Maybe your parents hired a new babysitter?" I ask.

"Our parents are over protective. They only hire Miss Alyson, and if she is not available, we have to go to cousin's house." Xavier explains.

"That means the villain who set our house on fire kidnaped Miss Alyson and copied her appearance to trick mom and dad." Xavier blurts.

"Come on, Xavier, now that bad guy is smart," Johnny says. "You're jealous that I came up with a good explanation." Xavier protests.

"More like unrealistic expectation," Johnny says.

"What did you say?" Xavier says.

"An unrealistic expectation," Johnny taunts.

Xavier runs toward Johnny, and they start fighting.

"Xavier, Johnny, knock it off!" I yell.

The boys ignore me and continue to call each other names. After more than ten more seconds, Cruger and Kat separate them, and I thank them.

"Johnny started it," Xavier whines.

"I don't care who started it. I'm ending it right now." I say.

Johnny sticks his tongue out at Xavier.

"Tracy! Johnny's making funny faces at me." Xavier whines again.

"No, I'm not. He's lying." Johnny snaps.

"Okay, boys, if both of you don't stop this bickering right now. I won't be helping you two with your homework." I warn.

"But you just said that you would," Xavier whines.

I notice my voice is becoming hoarse.

"Tracy, your voice sounds funny. Are you alright?" He asks.

I clear my throat. "Don't worry sweetie, I'm fine," I answer as my voice is still hoarse.

"Sounds like you are losing your voice cadet. You should go and see Doctor Felix." Cruger says.

I clear my throat again but when I speak my voice goes from hoarse to raspy in one fell swoop.

"But sir..." I say in a raspy tone.

"No buts, that's an order," Cruger growls.

"But I still have to..." I say still in a raspy tone.

Cruger growls loudly. I leave the room and let out a long sigh. I walk into the infirmary. Xavier and Johnny are standing next to Kat.

"Hello, Tracy. How are you feeling today?" Dr. Felix asks.

"I'm feeling fine," I say in a raspy tone.

"All except your voice. It sounds like you are gargling nails." He says trying to make a joke.

"If that was supposed to be a joke, don't quit your day job Doc," I say in a raspy tone.

After Doc Felix finishes his exam, he tells me that I have laryngitis. He orders me not to speak at all for one week.

"A whole week," I say in shock with a horsey tone.

"Starting right now," He says.

"Any idea on why she even got laryngitis in the first place?" Kat asks.

"My best guess is that the poison could have caused her vocal cords to swell up while it was building up in her system. After the antidote begins to affect and stops the poison from moving through her blood stream, some of her blood is still contaminated and might have flowed to her vocal cords causing laryngitis." He explains.

After Doc Felix finishes his explanation, the boys look at Kat and have a very confused look on their faces.

"Okay, Doc makes sense to me," Kat says.

"Johnny, did you understand any of that?" Xavier asks his brother.

"No, sorry Xavier," Johnny answers.

Before we leave the room, Doc Felix hands me a small dry erase board with a red dry erase marker and tells me to use that whenever I want to say something.

Man, this is going to be the worse week of my life.

== Welcome To SPD ==

The next day in the common room I'm sitting on the couch eating a Popsicle. Kat enters with Quick Draw riding on her shoulder as she sees two Popsicle wrappers on the counter.

"Tracy, I know you want to get better, but I don't think eating Popsicles is going to help." Kat says.

I finish the Popsicle I was eating, and throw the stick away. I go to get another one but Quick Draw trips me. I drop it and growl. I throw the Popsicle away and grab the grape juice that I put out on the counter - just in case something goes wrong with my Popsicle remedy. Sky walks in the room.

"Hi Tracy, Kat told me that you lost your voice. Wow, a week without talking has to be hard for a girl, but not for a guy." Sky says.

I quickly write a response on the dry erase board and give it to Kat to read. It says, Maybe Kat should come up with some invention that will give you laryngitis and see how long before you would crack.

"Kat," Sky snaps.

"She wrote it." Kat says.

"Cruger wants us all to meet in the Command Center." He tells us.

"Come on Tracy, you should come too." Kat says with a smile.

Kat gives the board back to me, and I erase what I wrote. I write one word and give it back to her.

"Why? Because you are still a Ranger," She reminds me.

Kat gives the board back to me, and I write "No I'm not, without my voice I'm as useful as a burnt candle during a blackout," and return the board to her.

"Don't be like that. You are still an important part of the team." She says

She returns the board to me. We all leave and head down to the Command Center. While we are walking, Kat puts her hand on my shoulder, and I look up at her. I see that reassuring smile appear on her face.

"Tracy, don't worry, all of us are going to be by your side until you get your voice back." She says with a smile.

Normal POV

Sky, Tracy and Kat walk in the Command Center.

"Good, we're all here." Cruger says.

"What's the problem, Commander?" Sky asks.

"There is no problem. It's just that Commander Birdie is coming for a visit tomorrow." Cruger answers.

"Doesn't he give us some kind of warning?" Sky asks in shock.

"Not this time, Sky." Cruger answers.

Cruger looks over at Tracy and sees a worried look on her face. Then Commander Birdie calls the Command Center over the video screen.

"Commander Cruger, Rangers." Birdie says.

The Rangers all stand at attention.

"I am just calling to tell you that I will be arriving at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning." He announces.

"Alright Sir, we will be ready." Cruger says confidently.

"Good, I will see you then." Birdie says.

Birdie signs off, and Cruger looks over at Tracy again. This time she has a look of pure terror on her face.

Great! The first time Commander Birdie comes with me as the new Red Ranger, and I can't even speak a word. I can't see how this could get any worse. Tracy thinks.

"Alright cadets, we have a lot of work to do. Dismissed," Cruger says.

The Rangers salute and leave the Command Center.

Kat's POV

I'm working on some filing when Commander Cruger walks into the lab.

"Hello, sir." I greet him.

"Kat do you think that Tracy is nervous about Birdie's visit?" he asks.

"I would say that she is terrified, sir." I answer.

"Any ideas why she would be feeling that way?" he asks.

"While she and I were talking in the common room, she wrote that she didn't even consider herself a Ranger because she can't speak." I explain.

"How long did Doc Felix say she had to go without talking again?" He asks continuing the game of 20 questions.

"A whole week starting yesterday," I answer.

"I would vouch that she is having a hard time." He states.

"Yes, I believe that her exact words were that she is as useful as a burned out candle during a blackout." I say.

"Wow! Isn't she being a little too hard on herself?" He says.

"I told her that same thing, but she didn't look convinced that she still had something to contribute to the team." I say.

Tracy walks into the lab with Pikachu on her shoulder.

"Hi Commander, Kat." She says in a raspy tone.

"Tracy, you shouldn't be talking and where is the board that Doc Felix gave you?" I ask.

She gives me the "I don't know" shrug.
Pikachu jumps off her shoulder. Pikachu comes back with the board balanced on his head and gives it to her. She mouths "Dang" and takes the board from Pikachu. He tries to make Tracy smile by using his tail to tickle her. She lets out a muffled laugh.

"Well, that's better. It's good to see you smile again." Cruger says.

"Don't get used to seeing it, Sir." She says in her raspy voice.

"And cadet, don't worry about Birdie's visit, they are always brief." He tells her.

Tracy's POV

I write down my response. It reads "Sir if that was supposed to make me feel better, it doesn't work." I hand it to Cruger.

"Well, at least you haven't lost your sense of humor, cadet." He says.

Commander Cruger hands me the board back. I erase what I wrote before. I then write, "What, I make a fool of myself in front of Birdie and let everyone down, especially you?" I hand the pad back to Cruger, and he reads what I wrote.

"Don't worry cadet; you need to have a little faith. Everything is going to be fine, I promise." He says in a reassuring tone.

He hands the board back to me. Again I erase it and write "Okay, sir. You are the Commander after all, and thank you." I return the board to Cruger.

"You're welcome, cadet." He says.
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Chapter 9: Bridie's Visit

Tracy's POV

The next day in Shuttle Bay 5 we all were waiting for Birdie to arrive. I am shaking like a leaf, but I have to relax. I know that my Pokémon could sense that I'm nervous and that would make them nervous too. I take a few deep breaths to calm down. A few minutes later, Birdie's shuttle lands and he steps out.

"Welcome to S.P.D Earth Station, Sir." Commander Cruger greets.

"Thank you, Anubis. Where is this new ranger you have told me so much about?" Birdie asks.

Commander Cruger and Supreme Commander Birdie walk over to me.

"This is the newest Ranger, Sir. This is Tracy and her Pokémon team." Cruger says.

"It's nice to meet you, cadet. I have heard so many good things about you and your Pokémon." Birdie says proudly.

I try to get the board out, but I drop it. Quick Draw couldn't take it anymore, so he uses the Thunderbolt on me.

Now that is a true friend. Birdie thinks

"It's nice to meet you too, Sir," I say.

Cruger and Birdie head to the Command Center to talk.

"Man, I made such a fool of myself," I say as I look down at my feet.

"Don't be too hard on yourself. It's good to hear your voice again. " Kat says. "The last thing you want is to overwork it."

Normal POV

At the Command Center the commanders were talking about what just happened.

"I thought you told me that she had lost her voice," Birdie says.

"She did Sir. I think that Pikachu's Thunderbolt temporarily gave Tracy her voice back." Cruger explains.

"Makes sense," He replies.

"So Birdie, what are your thoughts on Tracy?" Cruger asks.

"It is obvious from what I saw from Supreme Command's footage that she has great leadership skills and all her Pokémon have become a vital part of S.P.D., helping bring in criminals." He answers.

"It is hard to disagree with you there Sir." Cruger agrees. Cruger and Birdie walk back to the shuttle bay.

Tracy's POV

Meanwhile back in the shuttle bay, Quick Draw and the other Pokémon were growling.

"Hey Tracy, what is wrong with Pikachu and the others?" Bridge asks.

"They sense that someone or something is hiding somewhere," I reply.

"You think that we have a security breach?" Bridge asks.

"Probably," I answer.

Cruger and Birdie enter the room, and as soon as they do, I see a laser blast heading toward them. I give Kat the team's Pokeballs.

"Commander Cruger, Commander Birdie, Watch out!" I yell.

Quick Draw runs over to help them. "Quick Draw Thunderbolt," I command my partner.

Quick Draw's attacks destroyed the laser blasts. I go over to the commanders.

"Are you two alright?" I ask.

"Yes, thank you, cadet," Cruger replies.

Quick Draw is still looking like he knows the battle is not over.

"Who is shooting at us Cruger?" Birdie asks his fellow commander.

"I don't know sir," Cruger answers.

"Pika Pi," my electric mouse Pokémon warns.

"Quick Draw, what is wrong?" I ask.

Quick Draw points up to the rafters and I see the intruder. I nod to let Pikachu know what he is trying to tell me.

"Quick Draw, I see him. Use Thunderbolt and see if that gets him to come down and make this fight a little more even-sided." I say.

Quick Draw uses Thunderbolt, but his attack falls short of its mark.

"Hey, I guess that electric rodent needs a little more training." the intruder taunts.

"Why don't you come down here and you'll see how well it has been trained, you coward," I say fully confident in my partner's abilities.

"Why you little..." snaps the intruder.

The Intruder jumps down from the rafters and stands a good foot taller than me.

"I am not afraid of you because only cowards pick on the small," I say still standing tall.

"You may not be afraid of me now, but you will be soon enough." says the intruder with a devilish grin.

The Intruder runs toward me and grabs me by the neck. He starts to choke me.

"How about now cadet?" he asks.

"Sorry, no. If I were you, I would let me go now." I say with a smile.

"Why?" he asks.

"Because a close range Thunder Attack is going to hurt you more than it will hurt me," I reply.

"Yeah, right. That electric rodent doesn't have the guts." He taunts.

"You don't know Quick Draw like I do. Quick Draw, use Thunder attack now and don't hold back." I command.

Quick Draw hesitates, but I know that he will do what needs to be done.

"Come on, pal. I know you don't want to hurt me, but don't worry I'll be fine. Just do it. Use Thunder now." I yell.

Pikachu nods and uses Thunder. The intruder screams out in pain and throws me towards the wall. The intruder fell to his knees. Pikachu runs to me.

"Don't worry pal I'm okay." I say with a smile.

I get to my feet and feel a sharp pain coming from my right shoulder. The intruder slowly gets to his feet.

"Well that rodent has been trained well but how fast can it run?" he says laughing manically.

"What are you talking about?" I ask.

The intruder takes another laser from his pocket and fires another blast towards commander Birdie. I knew that Pikachu is fast, but he is not going to be able to help this time. I run over to where commander Birdie is standing.

I push Birdie out of the way and I take the full force of the attack and fly backward towards the stairs. I feel my back hit first and I roll the rest of the way back down. The other rangers run to me. I see that the intruder is escaping.

"Rangers the intruder is getting away stop him," I command.

"What about you?" Bridge asks.

"Don't worry about me. Go and take Pikachu and the others with you" I command.

"Yes Ma'am." the rangers say together.

I hand the Pokeballs to Bridge. As I see the rangers go after the intruder everything goes black.

Normal POV

In the infirmary, Commander Birdie and Cruger are standing next to Tracy's bed. Dr. Felix enters the room a few seconds later.

"Is she going to be okay Doctor?" Cruger asks.

"Yes, she didn't sustain any serious injuries. Her right shoulder is badly bruised and she has a few minor scrapes. She will have to stay here for a few days "Dr. Felix replies.

"Any idea when she will wake up?" Cruger inquires.

"She doesn't have a concussion she's just unconscious. To answer your question it's hard to tell but I will contact you as soon as she does" he answers.

"Commander Birdie, are you alright Sir?" Cruger asks the frazzled supreme commander.

"Yes Anubis I just can't get over how well she handled the situation and taking that hit for me" Birdie replies.

"I knew that I made the right choice when I asked her to join us when we first met." Cruger says confidently.

"Truer words were never spoken Anubis. I wish I was able to see the rest of her Pokémon team in action." Birdie agrees.

"Don't worry, sir, you will be able to see the rest of her team in action soon enough." Cruger says.

Tracy's POV

After I hear everything that Birdie said on my behalf. I decide that I need to wake up and thank him. Cruger looks over at me and could see my eyes flutter, then open slowly.

"Commander Birdie, she's waking up." Cruger says with a smile.

"Commander Birdie, thank you for what you said and I'm sorry I failed. I let the intruder get too close. He could have succeeded in hurting both of you. I guess I'm not a very good leader after all." I say.

"Don't talk like that cadet you were amazing out there and you showed get leadership skills." Birdie explains.

"I did?" I ask.

"Yes when you saw the intruder escaping. You were injured. You know that the others wanted to help you. You did the right thing by sending them off," He answers.

"I guess that makes sense, but they still need my help. I've got to get out there," I say as I try to get out of bed to go help my team.

Dr. Felix places his hand on my left shoulder and lays me back down in bed.

"No you don't, young lady. You are in no condition to fight." Dr. Felix warns.

"But you said that my shoulder was just bruised badly," I whine.

"That's true, but if your shoulder hits something with the same amount of force again it will dislocate. Don't even think about sneaking out to go help the others." He says with smile.

"I wouldn't even dream of it." I say under my breath.

Dr. Felix gives me the "Oh really, I know what you are planning" look.

"Okay fine I'm staying." I say.

"Good and how did you get your voice back? You shouldn't have recovered that fast it's only been two days." he says confused.

"Luck and a little help from Quick Draw's thunderbolt," I say happily.

"I hate to tell you this, but I think that Pikachu's attack temporally gave you your voice back." he informs me.

"Come on, doc, you are taking crazy...Dang" I say as I notice that my voice is sounding bad again.

Doc Felix smiles and gives me the "I told you so" look.

"I'm fine." I respond in a raspy tone.

"Not another word, Cadet. You need to rest your voice and your body as well." He orders.

I know that he is right as usual and I do feel a little weak. I fall back to sleep.

"Well you can’t say that she isn't determined." Birdie says.

"I can't argue with you there sir." Dr. Felix says.

"Commander Birdie, don't you think that you should be heading back to headquarters?" Cruger says.

Commander Bride nods.

Normal POV

Back at the shuttle bay Birdie steps into the door of the shuttle.

"Be sure to tell Tracy that she should keep up the good work and that she is a fine leader" Birdie reminds Cruger.

"I will sir" Cruger says. The shuttle door closed and took off.

"Sir is Tracy having doubts about her ability to lead the team?" Sky asks.

"Yes Sky," Cruger replies.

"But why she has done an amazing job as our leader" Sky says acknowledging Tracy's fine leadership skills.

"I know Sky," Cruger says agreeing with the blue ranger.

"Sir is she going to be okay?" Bridge asks.

"Yes she just bruised her shoulder and has a few scrapes. She'll be out of action for a few days." He informs the team.

I bet that she is not going to be happy about having to stay in bed. Sky thinks.

"I can tell you that she would want the rest of you to go and investigate how the intruder was able to break in." He orders.

"Yes Sir, we’re on it." Sky says.

Sky and the others go off to the command center to get to work. Kat puts the rest of the Pokémon back in their Pokéballs and Pikachu jumps onto her shoulder. Kat figures that Pikachu and the others would like to be by Tracy's side while she recovers. Cruger agrees and Kat heads to the infirmary.

Tracy's POV

Back in the infirmary I'm sitting up in my bed. Kat walks in. Quick Draw jumps off her shoulder, runs over to me and gives me a hug,. It makes me smile. Dr. Felix enters a few seconds later.

"That's better. It's good to see a smile on her face again." He say.

"I thought that she could use a little company while she recovers." Kat says.

"It should keep her distracted for awhile at least" He says.

The two leave the room to go back to their daily duties.

Normal POV

Meanwhile, in the holding room, Sky was integrating the intruder.

"What's your name and who ordered you to go after Commander Birdie and Cruger?" Sky barks at the intruder.

"I'm not going to tell you people anything" The intruder says.

"If you tell us what we want to know, we can take a few years off your sentence. What do you say?" Sky says calmly.
"Sounds tempting, but the answer is still - I'm not saying anything." the intruder says.

Sky exits and Bridge enters. Bridge starts speaking in riddles and he confuses and bores the intruder into telling then what they wanted to hear.

"What's next commander?" Sky asks the big blue dog.

"We find his accomplice, then judge and confine them both." He answers.

"Yes Sir." Sky says.
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Chapter 10: The Red Ranger's Voice Returns
Tracy's POV

I'm getting annoyed with not being able to speak it made my daily duties more difficult and my ranger duties seem like mission impossible. Then the team is called to the command center. We walk into the Commander Center.

"A few hours ago, the First Nation Bank was robbed, and there were a few witnesses. They are refusing to talk to us." Cruger informs the team.

"What won't they come forward, Sir?" Bridge asks.

"I don't know Bridge. Does anyone have any thoughts, Tracy?" Cruger says.

I write down on the pad "Maybe they are scared, or they think that what information they have won't help the investigation in any way." I give the pad to Z.

"Tracy's answer is the witnesses are rats. I think she means maybe there were rat witnesses" Z says reading what I wrote on the pad.

She turns around. "Rat witnesses?" She asks.

I frantically point back at the pad.

"What, the only other thing on here is "I heart Michael," Z says.

I grab the pad from Z. I try not to blush from embarrassment.

"Anyone else have any ideas? He asks the team. The Rangers shake their heads no. Cruger dismissed the team.

Sky's POV

I walk in the common room. Tracy is sitting on the couch. Pikachu is in her lap, and the pad is sitting on the arm of the sofa.

"Hi Tracy" I greet her.

She waves back to me, and I walk over to the couch.

"So how are you holding up? Not being able to talk I mean" I say.

She wrote her response on the pad and gave me the pad "FYI I still can speak but Dr. Felix ordered me not to." It read.

"That's true," I say.

Michael has come to visit Tracy a few times in the last few days, so we got to know him pretty well. He walks through the door and walks over to us.

"Hi Sky," He says.

"Oh Hi Michel," I respond back.

"Hey Tracy, so, are you feeling any better?" He asks.

She gives him a quick smile.

"Great maybe Friday we could go out to the new restaurant that just opened or maybe see a flick?" He asks.

She quickly jots down a response.

"I got this one for you. Not in this lifetime," I say.

Tracy looks over at me. She has her upper lip raised like how a dog would when they are growling.

"We are playing hard to get," I say.

She slaps me on the elbow.

"What she meant to say was plant one on her right now big boy," I say.

She slaps my elbow harder.

"Ow you know we're sending Michael mixed signals, and he's..." I remind her.

She slams the pad on the arm of the couch.

"Maybe another time," He says as he leaves the room and Tracy drops on her knees and mouths "wait come back."

Tracy's POV

The worst week of my life is almost over, but the only problem is that I'm sure if my voice was back.

"We still have no leads on the robbery committed last week," Cruger says.

"Did any of the witnesses come forward, Sir?" Sky asks.

"No, and surveillance is unable to ID the robber" he informs the blue ranger.

If surveillance can't ID, the suspect we are doomed. I wish that we had one witness that was brave enough to speak up. I know that I should say something but what if my voice hasn't come back.

"I know this has no relevance to what we are doing at the moment. It has been a week since Dr. Felix diagnosed Tracy with laryngitis. She should have her voice back in three, two, and one. Speak," Bridge says.

I stand in front of everyone, but I didn't say a word.

"Tracy I know you're scared, but we need to find out sooner or later," Kat says.

"Kat is right Tracy," Sky says.

I stand at attention still afraid to talk.

"Great, she can't hear either. You are falling apart just when we need you the most." Sky whines.

"Sky would shut it already I'm nervous enough, and I don't know if I..." I say.

I pause then a huge smile appears on my face.

"I can talk," I shout.

I walk over to Z. She gives me a hug and says "It's so great to hear your voice again." I place my hand on her shoulders and try not to snap.

"I heart Michael!" I say giving her an evil look.

"The last thing you want to do is overwork it," She warns.

"Rat witnesses," I snap.

"What you wrote was smudged." She says.

"Man did you make her looks dumb." Sky blurts.

"Plant one on her right now big boy." I snap as I slap Sky in the gut.

"Like you weren't thinking it," He says with a smirk.

I give Sky the evil eye.

"Now that we know that you can talk again. Do you have any thoughts on the case cadet?" Commander Cruger asks.

"Yes, maybe some of the witnesses thought someone already came forward. Or they thought what information they had wouldn't help us in any way." I answer.

"Since when do you have any good ideas?" Sky asks surprised.

"Hey just because I'm a Blondie doesn't mean that I'm not smart," I say defending myself.

"I didn't mean it like that," Sky protests.

"Sound that way to me." I respond.

"All right a cadet, that's enough," Cruger growls.

"Sorry, Sir." We apologize.

"So Kat what do you think?" Cruger asks the technological expert.

"Well, what Tracy said does make sense and does give a good explanation of why none of the witnesses have come forward," Kat answers.

"Thank you, Kat, and any idea why surveillance can't ID the suspect?" I ask.

"No clue," She replies.

Xavier and Johnny run in the room. The boys run to me and give me a bear hug.

"It's good to see you to boys, but you two know that you are not allowed in here." I remind them.

"Sorry Tracy, can I talk to you its kinda important," Xavier says.

"Not right now Xavier I'm A little busy at the moment," I tell him.

Xavier looks up at me, and I see a bruise the size of a golf ball on his arm. Then Johnny hits his brother's arm, and I see a tear roll down Xavier's face.

"Johnny, what did you do that for?" Xavier snaps.

"Because I wanted to, and I knew that you would cry like a baby," Johnny replies.

"I was not crying." Xavier protests.

"Yes, you were you, big baby," Johnny says with a smirk.

"That's it I'm sick of you calling me that," Xavier says clearly getting upset.

The two start to fight Xavier is about to punch Johnny. I use my hand to block it before it hits Johnny.

"All right both of you need to stop this ridiculous fighting it's starting to get old," I tell them.

"Johnny started it. We were not fighting. We just had a spirited argument." Xavier argues.

"Nice try. I'm not going to fall for that." I say.

"Well, you can't blame me for trying right," Xavier says.

"Tracy I can see you are busy trying to prevent another family feud, but we need your help too," Sky says.

"Boys I'm sorry, but Sky is right. The other Rangers need me to help them right now. I need you two to go to the common room and wait for me there ok. Can you do that for me?" I ask them.

"Yes, but we don't know where that is," Xavier answers.

"Don't worry Xavier, RIC can guide you," I inform them.

I signal for RIC and tell him what he needs to do. RIC barks. He leaves the room, and the boys are a few steps behind him.

"Don't you two start fighting along the way," I tell them.

"We won't." They say together.

I wait until they were completely out of the room.

"Tracy how long do you think they will last until they start to fight again?" Kat asks.

"I give them two minutes. Now that the little interruption out of the way. We can get back to work." I say.

"Right you are Cadet," Cruger says.

"What do we do now Sir?" Sky asks.

"We have to interview some of the witnesses as soon as we can." He replies.

"Right Sir we're on it," Sky says confidently.

"Good, dismissed," Cruger says.

= Welcome To SPD =

We leave the command center. I go to the common room. I walk in and go over to Xavier bend down on one knee, so I'm at eye level with him.

"All right Xavier how did you get that bruise on your arm?" I ask him in a calm tone.

"You won't yell at me will you?" He asks back.

"I won't I promise," I answer with a reassuring smile.

"One of the bigger kids in my class has been picking on me." He admits.

"Have you told you teacher yet?" I ask.

"I can't." He says in a scared tone.

"Why not," I inquire still in a calm tone.

"Because I don't want to get beat up since I snitched." He replies with fear in his voice.

"You are not a snitch. You have two paths that you can take. One continues to do what you're doing and then your grades will slip. Or two you can have the courage to do the right thing and help other kids in the same position as you." I tell him starting to sound like the older sister.

"Can't you decide for me?" He whines.

"Sorry, bud. I can't the only one who can make that decision is you." I reply.

"I was afraid that you would say that." He mumbles.

"Sorry boys I hate to leave. I need to get back to work. You two need to head back to your cousin's house" I say.

"Aw, do we have to." They whine.

"Yes, I'll take you home after I get back from my patrol," I tell them.

Kat enters the room.

"Tracy, Commander Cruger wants to see you in the command center," She says.

"Okay, Thanks, Kat. "I say.

I slowly get back to me feet, and I turn around to leave the room.

"Tracy, please, don't leave yet," Xavier says quickly.

I stop, and Xavier runs to me. He gave me a big hug.

"Thank you. I know what I'm going to do when I go to school tomorrow. I'm going to tell my teacher what is going on. You are the best big sister I ever had." He says.

A big smile comes to my face. "Good for you Xavier and you know that I'm not your big sister." I remind him.

"I know that but to me and Johnny you are in our eyes." He says.

Xavier releases me from his hug. I continue to exit the room and walk to Kat. We head to the command center.

Kat's POV

We walk into the command center. I look over at Doggie and see the look on his face that no cadet likes to see.

"Kat said you wanted to see me, Sir," Tracy says nervously.

"Yes, Cadet I wanted to talk to you about the boys." He informs her.

"What is the problem exactly?" She asks.

"I'm just afraid that they are going to distract you." He answers.

"Sir I promise that I will not let the boys hero worship go to my head. Are you expecting them to forget everything that has happened the past few days because if I was in their shoes I know I couldn't? I have done everything you have asked of me. I have never let this affect my judgment on the battlefield." She says.

"I know that cadet I just thought that..." He stammers.

"Sir I may be out of line, but I would think that my commanding officer would have a little more faith in me. Will that be all Sir?" She says with more confident tone.

"Yes dismissed," He says. She salutes turn around and leaves.

"Can you believe her Kat?" He snaps.

"Yes, I can Sir it took a lot of guts for her to stand up to you like that," I answer.

Tracy's POV

Outside of Xavier's and Johnny's cousin's house, I couldn't believe how Commander Cruger acted before. Sometimes he can be as stubborn as a mule.

"Listen, boys, I know that you like to hang out at SPD but you need to stay here for awhile," I tell them.

"Why don't you like us?" Xavier asks starting to tear up.

"Yes I do but..." I answer.

My morpher goes off.

"Tracy, the others need your help." rang Kat's voice from the other end.

"Right Kat I'm on my way," I say into the communicator.

I flip my morpher closed. "Xavier, I'll explain it to you later. I've got to go" I tell him.

The boys walk inside the house, and I run off to help the others.

Normal POV

Meanwhile in the center of town the Rangers were fighting a monster, named Dotan.

"Well Rangers, you are not as tough as they say you are." Dotan taunts.

Then two laser blasts come out of nowhere.

"Where did that come from?" Dotan asks

"Over here monster, if you know what's good for you so surrender now," Tracy says confidently

"Never so ranger how are those two boys dealing with not have their home?" Dotan says evilly.

"Wait you were the one who set the house on fire?" Tracy asks.

"Yes," it answers. "Why?" Tracy asks.

"Because there was a very expensive diamond being stored inside," Dotan replies.

"Where is the children's babysitter?" Tracy asks continue the game of 20 questions.

"The children's babysitter is fine she is spending quality time with my friends," Dotan answers.

"So where are your friends hiding?" She inquires.

"I would never tell you that Ranger." Dotan snaps.

"Since you won't tell me where they are so can you tell me where they aren't?" She asks playing reverse psychology.

"They are not in an old abandoned office builder outside of town. Oh Crud," Dotan says.

"Yes, it worked Sky I want you and the others to go and rescue their babysitter. I can handle this creep on my own." She orders.

"You sure," Sky asks.

"Yes now get going that's an order." she replies.

"Yes Ma'am," He shouts.

The others ran off to rescue the babysitter.

"Do you think that you can defeat me, ranger?" Dotan inquires.

"Yes I can," she answers.

"Dream on," Dotan snaps

They fight for a while, and Dotan fires his blaster. The blast was so powerful she flies across the field and hit the wall of the building so hard that she demorphs.

"Have you had enough red ranger," Dotan asks laughing manically.

Tracy struggles to get to her feet. After a few tries, she finally got to her feet.

"I'll never give up," She says confidently.

Tracy's POV

I morph again and hear my morpher go off again. I heard Kat's voice on the other end.

"Tracy you know that you have a battlizer right." She says.

"I do now, thanks, Kat," I say.

I activate the battleizer and stand tall in Cyber mode.

"That is not going to help you, Ranger," Dotan states confidently.

"Will just have to see about that won't we?"I ask.

As we do battle this time, I have the upper hand.

"You will never take me in Ranger," Dotan shouts.

"You won't get away from me creep. S.P.D battleizer sonic mode," I shout.

The monster was unimpressed with the next mode of the battleizer.

"It's judgment time creep," I shout.

"What did I do?" Dotan asks.

"For starters Assault on S.P.D officers, kidnapping, and Arson," I say.

I press the button and my morpher goes into judgment mode, and he is found guilty.

"Guilty! Battleizer full power," I yell. The blast hits Dotan and puts him in a containment card.

"Hey let me out," Dotan shouts.

"Dream on creep, power down," I say.

I walk over to pick up the containment card. I demorph and put the card in my pocket. I see an enormous cut on my right arm just above my elbow, and I see blood rolling down my arm. I take a bandanna out of the left jacket pocket. I tear off one section to use as gauze. I place it on the cut. Sparkles let herself out of her Pokeball.

"You want to help, huh?" I ask.

She nods. I tell her to use string shot to hold the makeshift gauze in place. After she does that, I tie the rest of the bandanna around it. She uses String Shot again to help keep it place since I couldn't tie a tight enough knot. I thank her for helping me before putting her back in her Pokeball.

"Well that would explain why I feel lightheaded but at least I won," I say weakly.

I drop to my knees and shake off the dizziness to recover my composure. It was like putting a wet blanket on a grease fire, and things turn black.

Kat's POV

I'm starting to get worried about Tracy. She hasn't come back for the battle yet. Sky and the others had rescued Xavier's and Johnny's babysitter and brought in Dotan's accomplices. They were locked up downstairs in the holding cells. We stand in the command center.

"Did Tracy come back yet?" Sky asks.

"Not yet and I'm starting to get a little worried," I answer.

I hear the door slide open. Tracy stumbles in and sees she tried to do first aid on herself. She tied a piece of cloth around a cut on her right arm, but she didn't tie it tight enough. She held in place with Beautifly's String Shot attack.

"Tracy, are you all right?" I ask.

"Don't worry everyone I'm okay," She says weakly.

She nods and slowly walks to me and hands the containment card with the monster she just defeated to me.

"Thanks, Tracy and are you alright, you look a little pale" I say very concerned.

"Yes, I'm okay," She says weakly.

After she said that I see her begin to fall backward. Sky catches her before she hits the floor.

"Thanks, Sky," She says in a barely audible tone.

She gets back to her feet, walk to the middle of the room, and she gets half way before she faints. Sky catches her yet again seconds before she hits the floor.

"Sky she needs to see Dr. Felix now," Cruger says.

Sky nods and carries her to the infirmary

Dr. Felix's POV

I see Sky carrying an unconscious Tracy into the infirmary. Her face was pale. I see the cut on her arm. I wasn't able to see how serious her injury is until I cut through the threads holding the 'bandage' she made. It's deep enough that she needed stitches to close it, and she didn't lose that much blood. The other doctors and I agreed to give her a blood transfusion to be on the safe side. After I finished putting in the stitches, Sky and I are standing next to her bed. Tracy slowly starts to come around.

"Is she going to be alright?" Sky asks.

"Yes, we patched her up" I answer.

"More like stitched me back together doc." She jokes.

"How do you feel?" I ask.

"Dizzy and lightheaded other than that I can't complain." She answers.

A few seconds later she slowly drifts back to sleep.

"Tracy!" Sky shouts.

"Don't worry she is going to be fine. She needs to rest to help her body recover," I say reassuringly.

We leave the room so she can have so peace and quiet. (All except for the sounds of the medical equipment.)

Tracy's POV

A few hours later I wake up drenched in a cold sweat. I use the sleeve of my gown to wipe the sweat off my face.

Man, not that nightmare again.

I sit up on the bed thinking about the dream I had. A few seconds later, I see Commander Cruger walks in.

"Oh, Commander what are you doing here?" I ask.

"You had that same nightmare again didn't you?" He asks.

I nod, and I told the team about my nightmare in hopes that it would stop it from interrupting my sleep schedule.

"I wanted to talk to you." He says.

"About?" I ask already knowing the answers.

"The boys," He answers.

"Not again," I mumble under my breath.

"I heard that cadet, and you didn't let me finish. You were right the boys are not just going to forget everything that has happened." He says calmly.

"So it's okay if they come and visit from time to time?" I ask.

"Yes, just make sure that they stay out of trouble." He replies.

"Don't worry Sir I will," I say confidently.

I hear the sound of cheering coming from the hallway. "Boys come in here now."

"How did you know that we were here?" Xavier asks as he enters the room.

"Magic," I answer with a smile.

"Really," Xavier asks with a smile.

"Sorry bud, I'm just playing," I say.

"Oh," he says looking down at the floor.

"OK, you two should head back home. I promise I will come to visit you soon, okay." I say through a yawn.

Xavier nods.

"Cadet don't worry about the boys. I'll take them home, and you should get some rest." He says.

I knew that wasn't a request it was on order. Even though I was afraid that I was going to have the dream again, I knew that he was right.

"Bye," The Xavier and Johnny state together.

I wave goodbye, and they leave the room. A few seconds later I fell back to sleep.

Cruger's POV

I dropped the boys off back home and walked back to the base.

"Well, daily life around the base is going to be more fun when those two boys stop by," I say.

Sneak Peak of Chapter 11: A Cave of Feelings.

Tracy is at the beach taking a short break after finishing up her patrol of the city. Micheal runs up to her. He is surprised to see her in her SPD uniform.

"Wow, red is a great color on you." He compliments.

Tracy doesn't say a word as her cheeks start to turn the same color as her uniform.

"I like seeing you blush; it makes you look even cuter." He says.

"Aw, this is such a cute moment. Two teenage earthlings are falling in love." An alien says.
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Chapter 11: A Cave Of Feelings

Tracy’s POV
Another long, boring day for me at S.P.D, I was in the common room seated on the couch. Quick Draw is laying on the arm, drawing pictures in my sketchbook. I'm hard at work on a picture of Michael and me walking down the beach with the sun setting behind us.

"Man, why can't I stop thinking about him?" I say thinking out loud and trying not to smile like an idiot.

Sky walks in the room. He asks, "Hey, Tracy, What are you doing?"

"Nothing much, just drawing,"

"Can I see it?" he asks.

"No, trust me, they are not that great."

He can tell I was lying. He walks over to me and peeks over my shoulder. I know what he is planning so I quickly close it before he gets a good look at it.
"Come on, Tracy, it can't be that bad. Can I just peek at it?" He begs.


I notice that I dropped my pencil. I reach down to pick it up. Sky takes this as his opportunity to snatch the book off the table.
"Hey, give that back Sky."

I jump up and down trying to get the book out of Sky's hand.

"I'll give it back when you let me see what you are working on," He says.

"No, just give it back, please."

Since saying "Please" doesn't work, so I tried the one thing that I knew would work. I give him the best puppy dog look I ever had done.

"Okay, you win, I'll give it back. Please, just stop making that face." Sky says.

Sky hands my sketchbook back to me. I hear, "Rangers, please report to the command center" ring over the intercom. Sky starts to leave. He sees me about to sit back down the couch. I see a confused look appear on his face.

"Aren't you coming?" Sky asks.

"Why should I?"

"Because you still are a member of the team." He reminds me.

I know that he is right, so I leave the room. Quick Draw leaps onto my right shoulder and we head to the command center.

"Rangers reporting sir," We say in unison.

"Rangers, there was a robbery at the bank in Sector C. I want you to go and investigate," Cruger orders.

"Yes, sir," We say in unison.

We salute, leave the command center and head the vehicle bay. Z and Syd hop into the jeep. Sky, Bridge and I get on our bikes. Kat added a sidecar on my bike so Quick Draw can ride with me. She even built him a helmet. I help him put it on before putting my helmet on.

Normal POV

They park their vehicles in the parking lot and head up to the building. They walk under the crime scene tape and go into the main room. The table in the middle of the room is flipped over, envelopes along with a few dollar bills and other currency scattered around the room, and as well.

“We need to find some clues,” Sky suggests.

Quick Draw jumps up and presses Sparkles’ Pokéball. The butterfly Pokémon appears. She flies to the middle of the room, flaps her wings gently, and the dust from her wings fall onto the floor revealing some hidden footprints.

“Good work, Quick Draw,” Tracy says.
The team bands down to get a better look at the footprints. They look like a frog.

“Wow, an evil frog that’s a new one,” Tracy says.

“I don’t know, but I think we should talk to the witnesses,” Sky suggests.

The group nods. They head back outside and go off to talk to a few of the witnesses. Beautifly flies out with Quick Draw on her back. Sky talks to a young woman in her mid-twenties. Tracy searches through the crowd to find a witness to integrate. A few seconds later she sees Xavier making his way through the crowd. He lifts up the crime scene tape and runs up to her.

“Hi, Tracy, what are you doing?” Xavier asks.

“I’m trying to find someone who seen the monster who robbed the bank.” Tracy answers.
“Mom has,” Xavier says.

“Can you take me to her, so I can ask her a few questions?” Tracy says.

Xavier nods. He grabs her wrist and guides her over to his mom.

“Hello, Mrs. Andrews,” Tracy says.

“HI, Tracy, how can I help you?” Mrs. Andrews asks.

“Xavier said that you saw the monster who robbed the bank, could you describe what it looked like the best you can?” Tracy replies.
“The monster looked like a human from the waist up and the bottom half had a horse’s leg and a frog’s webbed feet. It had horns and one eye in the middle of its face.” Mrs. Andrews says.

“Thank you, Mrs. Andrews; did you see which way it went?” Tracy says.

“It ran off towards the eastern part of the city. I’m sorry that I wasn’t much help,” Mrs. Andrews says.

“Your description of the monster will help us track it down, thank you for everything Mrs. Andrews,” Tracy says reassuringly.

Tracy goes back to the front entrance of the bank to meet up with the others. They head back to the base to tell Cruger what they found.

Tracy’s POV

We’re standing in the command center. Quick Draw is standing to my left. I tell Cruger what Mrs. Andrews said about the monster.

“Good work Cadet Blankenship,” Cruger says.

“The eastern part of the city is big. I think we should split up to search a different sector of the eastern part of the city. Quick Draw and I will check the beach. Sky and Z, I want the two of you to check the woods. Bridge and Syd, search the neighborhoods in the area.” I suggest.

“Tracy, I know that Pikachu and your other Pokémon are strong, but you should have someone else go with you just in case,” Sky says.

“Sky, I appreciate your concern, but I’ll be fine,” I say confidently.

“All right-cadets get going and bring in that monster,” Cruger says.

“Yes, sir,” We say.

Normal POV

Tracy is at the beach searching for the monster. Quick Draw is on her left shoulder. Michael runs up to her. He is surprised to see her in her SPD uniform.
"Wow, red is a great color on you." He compliments.

Tracy doesn't say a word as her cheeks start to turn the same color as her uniform.

"I like seeing you blush; it makes you look even cuter," He says.

"Aw, this is such a sweet moment. Two teenage earthlings are falling in love." The monster says.

They turn to face the beast. Quick Draw jumps off Tracy’s shoulder. He lands in front of her and Michael. His cheeks are sparking as he gets ready to unleash one of his electric attacks.

“Okay monster, I have two questions to ask. One, do you have a name? Second, why did you rob the bank?” Tracy asks.

“Well Red Ranger, my name is Man-Frog, and I robbed the bank because I wanted too.” Man Frog says.

“That’s an awful excuse,” Tracy says.

“I don’t care, Ranger,” Man Frog says.

They suddenly see a bolt of lightning coming towards them. Quick Draw jumps up and uses Thunderbolt. The attacks collide and the resulting explosion sent Quick Draw flying backward towards the cave behind them.

“Quick Draw,” Tracy exclaims.

Tracy turns around and runs into the cave with Michael close behind. They find Quick Draw on the ground in front of the wall in the back of the cave. Tracy bends down in front of him.

“Are you okay buddy,” Tracy asks.

Pikachu nods. He stands and they head back to the cave entrance. Man Frog stands a meter away. It uses the lighting from its horn to blast the entrance. Tracy takes Shell Shocker’s Pokéball out of her jacket pocket. She tosses it into the air.

“Shell Shocker, protect,” Tracy orders.

Shell Shocker nods. She creates a barrier that was big enough to keep Michael and Quick Draw safe from the falling rocks. Several larger rocks fell and pinned her down. They can hear Man Frog laughing outside the cave. Another rock smaller than the others falls down towards her. She closes her eyes in fear. Shell Shocker lowers her protective barrier. Then she uses her bubble attack to knock the rock away. Michael runs over to her. He bends down and sets her head on his lap.

“Tracy, you can open your eyes now,” Michael says.

Tracy slowly opens her eyes, but she couldn’t make out anything because her eyes haven’t adjusted to the darkness of the cave. A few seconds later her eyes adjust to the darkness enough to see Michael looking down at her.

“Thanks for saving me?” Michael asks.
“You’re welcome,” Tracy says.
“How about I dig you out?” Michael suggests.

Michael carefully sets Tracy’s head back down on the cave floor. He starts taking some of the boulders away. Quick Draw and Shell Shocker help out too. The group works diligently until Tracy was free. Tracy tries to get up, but her right knee feels weak when she attempted to stand on it. She falls backward towards the cave floor. Shell Shocker runs over to her trainer. She catches Tracy in her arms.

“Thanks, Shell Shocker,” Tracy says.

Shell Shocker nods. She helps Tracy sit down. Tracy reaches into her pocket. She takes out Inferno’s Pokéball and lets him out. The flame from his tail lights up the cave.

“Tracy, are you okay?” Michael asks.
“My right knee hurts a little,” Tracy replies.
“Can I take a look at it?” Michael says.

Tracy nods. Michael kneels down in front of her. He rolls up her pant leg. Tracy helps him by holding up the fabric so he could get a better look at her knee.

“Do you think it’s broken?” Tracy asks.

“It doesn't look broken,” Michael says.

“That’s good, but we need to get out of here,” Tracy says.

“I've explored this cave a few times,” Michael says.

“I guess there is a hidden path somewhere in this cave,” Tracy says.

“Yes, but we need to put some ice on your knee to bring down the swelling,” Michael says.

“How we don’t have an ice pack.” Tracy reminds him.

“True, but we can make one. What nickname did you give to your Blastoise?” Michael questions.

“Shell Shocker, she does know an ice type attack.” Tracy replies.

Michael rips the sleeves off of his T-shirt. He splits the right sleeve in half. He tosses the left sleeves into the air. Tracy tells Shell Shocker to use Ice Beam. Her attack freezes it and the frozen cloth quickly falls back down to the cave floor. Michael catches it in his right hand. He wraps the frozen sleeve up in one piece of the fabric of the right sleeve. Quick Draw helps Michael by using his tail to hold the ice pack in place while Michael tries it in place. After it was in place, Quick Draw takes his tail away. Tracy rolls down her pant leg back down.

“Thanks,” Tracy says.

“You’re welcome,” Michael says.

He tells her that he’ll carry her piggyback style. Tracy tries to stand up again. She starts to lose her balance again. Shell Shocker helps her by catching her again. She uses her body as a crutch to help Tracy walk up to Michael. He asks her how she feels on his back. She says that she feels secure. Then he starts to walk towards the hidden path. He lets Inferno walk in front of him so that his tail flame can light the way.

= Welcome to SPD =

Back at the base, the team walks into the command center. They sit down in front of the halo computer.

“Hey, where are Tracy and Pikachu?” Sky asks.

“Kat, I’m worried, have you tried to call her?” Bridge adds.

“I have, but she didn't answer. The tracking system is picking up a weak signal from her morpher.” Kat says.

“I’m sure she is fine, but we should go look for her,” Cruger says.

They leave the command center. The group arrives at the beach and goes over to the cave.

“I wonder what caused this cave in,” Bridge says curiously.

“I don’t know Bridge, but we’ll have to investigate that later. Right now, we need to find Tracy,” Sky reminds his teammate.

“What is Tracy got trapped in the cave. I think we should try to dig out the cave entrance and search it,” Bridge suggests.

“Okay, we’ll check the cave,” Sky sighs heavily.

They get to work clearing the boulders. Fifteen minutes later, Syd places the last rock on the pile they made to the right of it. They take out the laser that double as a flashlight. Then turn them on before walking inside. Syd is the first person to spot Pikachu’s footprints.

“Guys, over here, I found Pikachu’s footprints,” Syd says.

The others run over to her. The group sees the footprints too.

“They go to the back of the cave,” Bridge says.

“I think only two of us should follow the footprints, and the rest of us still have to find the monster that robbed the bank,” Sky suggests.
“Got it,” Bridge says.

Syd and Sky leave the cave to look for the monster again. Bridge and Z follow the tracks to the hidden path. He takes a roll of crime scene tape out of his pocket, places the end of the roll under a rock, so they’ll be able to find their way back to the cave.

= Welcome To SPD =

Meanwhile, with Tracy and Michael, Quick Draw was getting tired from all walking. He jumps onto Inferno’s back. The two can sense that their trainer was nervous, but they didn’t know why. A few feet ahead, they reach a fork in the path.

“Which way should we go,” Tracy asks.

“I’m not sure, I've never gone this far before,” Michael admits.

“So, we’re lost now,” Tracy says.

“Yes, but I’ll figure out the right path. I promise,” Michael says.

Michael sits down on a big rock closest to them. Tracy unclasps her hands and takes her arms off of Michael’s shoulders. Quick Draw sits down on Tracy’s lap. Michael sits down on the rock next to her.

“I heard from Tyler that water Pokémon have an ability that lets them find water. Do you think that Shell Shocker could find some water source?” Michael says.

“I guess she could, but do you really think there could be a river or a lake down one of those paths.” Tracy answers.

Michael nods. Tracy looks over at Shell Shocker. She nods, goes over to the right path and starts to sniff the air, trying to get a whiff of moisture. She didn’t smell any water down that path. She tries the left path and gets a whiff of water. She happily sprays small amounts of waters from her cannons like a fountain.

“I guess she found some water down the left path,” Tracy says.

“That’s great,” Michael says.

Tracy puts Shell Shocker back inside her Pokéball. She looks over at Inferno and sees his tail flame starting to shrink. Michael looks over at him also and sees the same thing Tracy did.

“What’s wrong with him,” Michael asks.

“He must be exhausted from all the walking and using his energy to light our way,” Tracy says.

“How are we going to light the path now,” Michael says.

“Don’t panic Michael, I have one more Pokémon that can help us,” Tracy says.

She takes out Sparkles’ Pokéball and lets her out. She tells her to use her flash attack. Sparkles’ attack light up the path just like a flashlight. She puts Inferno back inside his Pokéball. They decide to rest for a few minutes after they went down the path and found the river.

“Michael, I’m sorry that you got trapped here,” Tracy says apologetically.

“It’s okay,“ Michael says.

Quick Draw jumps off of Tracy’s lap. He walks over to the river to get a drink. He jumps onto one of the rocks near the edge. He bends down to dip his front paws into the water to scoop up some up. Before he could, a huge wave splashes up and knocks him into the water.

“Quick Draw,” Tracy shouts.

= Welcome to SPD =

Back with Bridge and Syd, they’re walking down the path. They hear Tracy’s cry of distress echo through the cave.

“Bridge, you heard that right?” Syd asks.

“Yes, I did, but the problem is we can’t pinpoint where it came from since it was an echo,” Bridge says.

“It sounds like Pikachu is in trouble,” Syd says.

She starts to run down the path. Bridge follows her till he is quickly jerked backward. After he regains his balance, the green ranger looks down towards his right wrist to see they've reached the end of the roll.

“Syd, stop, we can’t go any further, we’ve run out of crime scene tape. If we continue we’ll get lost for sure,” Bridge says.

“What about Tracy and Pikachu,” Syd asks frantically.

“We’ll have to backtrack and figure out another way to find them,” Bridge says.

“Okay,” Syd says sadly.

Sky’s POV

Z and I are checking the beach for any clues that the monster was here. We spot the monster’s footprints in the sand and follow them. They lead to another cave a few miles down the beach. We ducked behind a few boulders to come up with a plan.

“How are we going to draw him out?” Z asks.

“I don’t know, Z, I wish Tracy or Bridge we’re here. They’re good at coming up with creative plans.”

“Me too, I hope that Bridge found her,” Z says.

= Welcome To SPD =

Normal POV

Tracy gets up off of the rock she is sitting on and starts running the best as she can on her because of her bad knee to catch up with Quick Draw. She sees her partner get pulled downstream.

“Tracy, running downstream is going to help him. We need to come up with something to get him out of the river.” Michael says.

“I know, but we don’t have a rope,” Tracy says.

“I can make one,” Michael says.

Tracy watches him rip the right leg of his jeans off at the knee. Then he tears it into smaller pieces and ties them together using a water knot. Tracy takes out the pair of handcuffs she had on her belt. She hands them to Michael. He ties one of the double strands on the handcuffs. Then he tosses that end towards Quick Draw.

“Try to grab the handcuffs buddy,” Tracy shouts.

Quick Draw reaches out to grab them. After he had a strong grip on it with his right paw, he pulls his body up so he can hold onto it with his left paw too. Michael pulls him in towards the edge of the river. Tracy picks him up when he was close enough to her. She gives him a big hug.

“I’m so glad you’re okay,” Tracy says.

Tracy sets him down on the rock she was sitting on. He dries off by shaking the water into Tracy. Michael unties the handcuffs, he walks over to Tracy and gives them back to her.

“Thanks, for rescuing Quick Draw,” Tracy says.

“You’re welcome,” Michael say.

“I’m sorry that you keep destroying your clothes to help me,” Tracy says.

“Don’t fret angel, I can always buy some new clothes,” Micheal says.

Micheal bends down in front of her again. She climbs on his back while Quick Draw jumps onto Sparkles’ back. Micheal follows the river downstream hope it will lead to the exit. The group heads about two miles downstream when Sparkles quickly descends down to the ground. When she lands, Quick Draw rolls off her back and stops in front of Michael’s feet.

“What’s wrong with Beautifly,” Michael asks.

“She is exhausted from using up all her energy to light the path for us. I need to put her back inside her Pokeball so she can rest.” Tracy says.

He leans her up against the wall. She unclasps her hands, reaches into her pocket and takes out Sparkles’ Pokéball.

“Thanks, Sparkles return and take a nice long rest,” Tracy says.

Tracy puts the Pokéball back in her pocket. Then she climbs onto Michael’s back for the third time. Quick Draw jumps onto Tracy’s shoulder. Michael heads to the exit. The group squints their eyes as Michael steps into the sunlight. They look down to see they exited onto a cliff.

“Michael, how are we going to get down. Inferno probably hasn't regained enough of his strength to fly us down. You can’t climb down with me on your back.” Tracy says.

“True, but I’ll think of something,” Michael says.

They hear the sound of Tyler’s Staraptor call and look to the northeast to see it flying across the sky. Quick Draw leaps off Tracy’s shoulder. He launches a Thunderbolt towards the sky. Tyler’s hears the air crackle and looks over his shoulder to check a glimpse of the group on the cliff. He tells Staraptor to turn around and they fly over the cliff.

“How did you guys get stuck,” Tyler asks.

“I’ll fill you in once we’re on the ground,” Tracy says.

“Got it, but Starraptor can only carry two people at one time,” Tyler says.

“Got it,” Michael says.

Michael sits down on the edge of the cliff. After Tracy let go of his neck, he carefully moves over so only Tracy is sitting down. Tyler has Staraptor fly up so he can help Tracy to climb on. After she was on he flies her down to the ground. Tracy gets off of Staraptor. She walks over to a tree stump and sits down. After Tyler rescues Micheal and Quick Draw, they walk over to her.

“Tyler, thanks for help us,” Tracy says.

“You’re welcome, and you still owe me an explanation, remember,” Tyler says.

“I haven’t forgotten, we got attacked by an alien named Man Frog. He used his lightning attack to cause a cave in after Quick Draw protected from its first attack. It knocked him into the cave. “ Tracy explains.

“Got it, I need to get home, and I’m glad that you’re all right,” Tyler says.

Tyler hops back on Staraptor and flies off. Tracy suggests that they take a short break so Michael can recover some of his stamina. Tracy takes out her morpher to contact the base.

Tracy’s POV

“Kat, do you read me,”

“Yes, Tracy, are you all right, what happened?” Kat asks.

I tell her what happened to me while Quick Draw and I were investigating the beach. Then I asked if the others had found the alien yet?"

“Yes, but Sky and Z weren't able to draw it out of its cave. They had to come back to the base to regroup. Bridge and Syd tried to search the cave to find you, but they had to retrace their steps when Bridge’s roll of Crime Scene tape he was using to mark their path ran out.” Kat answers.

“Okay, thanks, Kat, I’m going to stay at Michael’s house tonight since my right knee is bruised. Plus, Quick Draw and the others are tired too, since they help us get out of the cave. I’ll send Michael to get my backpack with all my Pokemon supplies,”

“Okay,” Kat says.
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Chapter 12: Trisha's Arrival

Normal POV

The next morning, Tracy wakes up in the guest room at the Armstrong’s house. She gets dressed and heads to the kitchen. Quick Draw is riding on her shoulder. She enters to see Michael’s mom, Anna, is making breakfast. She around 4’6’’, has long brown hair, and hazel eyes. She sets the plate full of blueberry pancakes in the middle of the table next to the pitcher of orange juice.

“Good morning, Tracy, how did you sleep?” Anna asks.

“Really good,” Tracy answers.

Tracy sits down at the table. She set her backpack on the floor next to her chair. Quick Draw jumps off of Tracy’s shoulder, and sits down next to his partner’s chair. She takes out his food dish and his Pokémon food. She sets the bowl on the table and pours the food into it before setting it down in front of him. She smiles watching him eating happily. She put the jar of Pokémon food back in her bag and puts a few pancakes on her plate then starts eating herself.

Ten minutes later, she set her fork down and looks down at Quick Draw. He hands her his bowl. She puts it away and zips up her backpack. She puts it on her back and picks up her crutches.

“Thank you for breakfast, but I need to get back to the base.” Tracy says.

“The base is a couple of blocks away. I could give you a ride,” Anna offers.

“That would be great, thank you.” Tracy says.

“Mind if I join you,” Michael asks.

Anna and Tracy look over towards the doorway. They see Michael standing in the doorway wearing a blue polo shirt, a pair of jean shorts, and a pair of tennis shoes.

“Sure sweetie,” Anna says.

The group heads out the car. Michael opens the front door of the car. Tracy gets in, She sets her crutches and backpack down in the space in between the driver’s and Passenger’s seat. Tracy buckles herself in and Michael closes the door. He gets in and sits in the seat behind Tracy. Then they drive to the base.

Twenty minutes later they pull into the parking lot. Anna parks the car and turns off the engine. Michael gets out first and opens the door for Tracy. She picks up her crutches and gets out. She turns around to see Quick Draw grabs her backpack. He pulls it up onto the seat.

“Thanks buddy,” Tracy says.

She puts in on her back again and he jumps onto her shoulder. He and Tracy walk to the door. Michael opens it for her.

“Thanks,” Tracy says.

“You’re welcome,” Michael says.

She walks inside and Michael goes back to the car. Meanwhile, in the command center, Cruger and the other rangers are talking with Trisha Blankenship. She lets Electra, her Pikachu, out of her ball. She leaps on to Trisha’s shoulder.

“Blankenship, are you related to Tracy?” Cruger asks.

“Yes, she is my sister,” Trisha answers.

A few seconds later, the door slides open. The group does a double take looking back and forth between Tracy and Trisha. The girl’s Pikachu jumps off their partner's shoulder and go over to the other. They walk up to each other.

“Hey, sis, how did you do in the Sinnoh league?” Tracy asks.

“Second place,” Trisha answers.

“Good job,” Tracy says.

“Thanks sis,”

They walk back over to the others. Tracy sits down in the chair so Electra lies down in her lap.

“I have a something to show you,” Trisha says.

She takes one of her pokeballs out of her jacket pocket; it has a sun on it, and tosses it into the air. A black fox with gold rings over its body appears.

“Umbre,” it calls.

“Wow, your Eevee evolved, that’s great, when did it happen?” Tracy says.

“We were battling one night against Team Rocket, what about you have any of your Pokémon gotten any stronger since the last time I saw you,” Trisha asks.

“They sure have,” Tracy says confidently.

“How about we have a battle,”

“I’d love to sis, but it case you didn’t notice I’m injured.” Tracy says.

“I can wait till you get better,”

“Have you meet Tyler?” Tracy asks.


“Did he change you to a battle?”

“Yup, and I won,”

“Tracy, I hate to interrupt your reunion. Which one of you is older?” Bridge asks.

“Tracy is,” Trisha answers flatly.

“Yeah, I’m a day older,” Tracy adds.

“I have a question, you said at the start of your journey, you are given one starter Pokémon, how did you get Charmander and Squirtle?” Trisha asks.

“When I got to Pewter City, I ran into two of the other trainers who started their journey the same day I did. They gave up after they lost their battle against Brock and left their starters at the Pokémon center. I called Professor Oak and he asked me to take them.” Tracy says.

“I understand why the trainer who picked Charmander would be discouraged since Fire Pokémon are weak to Rock types. I don’t understand why the trainer who picked Squirtle quit when water type attacks are super effective on rock types.” Trisha says.

“I guess that Brock’s Pokémon were at a higher level. How did you get Chikorita?” Tracy says

“When I got to New Bark Town, Professor Elm got attacked by Team Rocket. I was able to prevent them from getting their hands on the starters, so he gave me Chikorita as a thank you for all my help.” Trisha explains.

“I guess that’s the same way you got Chimchar when you went to Sinnoh, huh?” Tracy asks.
Trisha nods. Tracy tells her how she became a ranger. Trisha eagerly asks her if she can be a ranger too.

“Sorry sis, I don’t think that would be a good idea,” Tracy says.

“Why not, I mean I can use my Pokémon to help just like you,” Trisha argues.

“True, but you tend to act without thinking things through first. You could get hurt or put the others in danger because of your actions.” Tracy rebuts, “What if Grumm finds out that we're sisters. He might kidnap one of us and threaten to hurt whoever he captured until we surrender our powers.”

“Don’t you forget what mom told us on our birthday last year?” Trisha asks.

“Of course I do, she said that no matter what happens in life remember that family always look out for each other.” Tracy says.

“Right, so can I join?”

“That’s up to Commander Cruger,” Tracy says.

“You mean the big blue dog is in charge,” Trisha gasps.

Tracy nods. Cruger walks over to the girls. He places his hand on Tracy’s shoulder.

“I’m letting Trisha join and she’ll be part of D squad,” Cruger says.

“D squad,” Trisha whines.

“Sorry sis and I think you might have to let Commander Cruger address you by your middle name. That way we don’t confuse anyone.” Tracy says.

“Okay, I guess I’ll be Cadet Marissa,” Trisha says sadly.
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Chapter 13: Trisha’s Training Begins

Normal POV

The next morning Tracy wakes up, in what used to be her room because Cruger told her that she would be sharing it with her sister, she stretches out slowly. She stands up, but she forgot about her injured right knee. She sits back down, takes a few deep breathes and waits for the pain to go away. Once the pain disappears, she gets dressed and heads to the common room.

In the common room, Trisha and the rest of the team are eating breakfast. Trisha’s Pokémon are enjoying their breakfast of Pokémon food too. Electra hears the door open. She looks away from her bowl and sees Tracy and Quick Draw walk in. She runs over to her partner’s sister, and jumps onto her shoulder. Tracy tries not to laugh because she is using her tail to tickle her. Trisha gets up from her chair when she hears Tracy laughter coming from behind her.

“Okay, Electra, you can stop now,” Trisha says, taking her off of Tracy’s shoulder.

“Thanks sis,”

“You’re welcome, I was thinking about doing the mud swamp course today.” Trisha says.

“I don’t think that is a good idea for your first day of training.”

“Why,” Trisha asks.

“That is one of the toughest courses,” Sky answers.

“Yes, that is why I’m having the ‘D’ squad race through the obstacle course.” Cruger says, as he walks in the rooms.

“Aw, man, I really wanted to do the swamp course,” Trisha whines.

“Sorry, but the other ‘D’ squad cadets are meeting up at the course in ten minutes,” Cruger says.

“Sir, I’ll show her the way,” Sky offers.

“Thank you Sky. As for the rest of you, report to the simulator in fifteen minutes.” Cruger says.

The rangers salute. Cruger nods and leaves the room. Five minutes later, Trisha puts her Pokémon inside their Pokéballs. Sky becomes her tour guide and shows her to the obstacle course. When they arrive, they see six other ‘D’ squad cadets walk up to them: Aisha and Thomas Campbell, William Dodger, Adam Richardson, Kimberly Charbonnet, and Tanya Garcia.

“Hello, sir, I thought Tracy was a ranger. Why is she wearing a ‘D’ squad uniform?” Thomas asks.

“It’s simple little brother, this has to be her twin sister,” Aisha says.

“Aisha is right Thomas, I’d like you all to meet Trisha Blankenship- Tracy Blankenship’s identical twin sister,” Sky says.

“HI, everyone,” Trisha says.

“If you and Tracy are sisters, does that mean you’re a Pokémon trainer too?” William asks eagerly.

Kimberly elbows William in the stomach before she says, “Sorry about Will, he acted the same way the first time we meet Tracy.”

“It’s okay, yes William; I’m a Pokémon trainer like my sister. We even have one member of our team that is the exact same, but isn’t the same.” Trisha says.

A confused expression appears one by one on each of the cadets, so Trisha decides to let her team out to show them. All of Trisha’s Pokémon call out their names. Electra jumps onto her partner’s shoulder. Kimberly was the first to recover. “You both have a Pikachu. Its tail looks different from Tracy’s Pikachu.”

“Yeah, it looks like a heart,” Tanya says.

“Does that mean it’s a girl and Tracy’s is a boy?” Aisha asks.

“Yup, you got it right Aisha.” Trisha says.

“I’ll let you all get better acquainted. I need to head off to my training.” Sky says.

Aisha and the others salute to Sky before he leaves the group. Trisha introduces them to her Pokémon. Then their instructor, Mr. Mash, walks up. The group falls in line and Trisha takes her place at the end of the line next to Tanya. Trisha’s Pokémon get in line too. Electra stays on Trisha’s shoulder. Her Maganium, Sunny, started the line next to her trying to stand at attention like his trainer. Next in line was Glow. Third was her Monferno, Loki. Forth was her Ganger, See Thru. Her Corbat, Stoker hovers in the air next to See Thru. After, Mr. Mash sees Trisha and her Pokémon trying to make a good impression. He walks over to them and glares down at Trisha.

“I see I have a new cadet to train, huh.” Mr. Mash says.

“Yes, Sir,” Trisha says.

“Let’s hope you and your Pokémon are biting off more than you can chew,” Mr. Mash scoffs.

Electra’s cheeks are starting to release small sparks of electricity because she thought that Mr. Mash was disrespecting her trainer by talking to her that way. A few seconds later, the group gasps in disbelief when they see Electra zap Mr. Mash with a Thunder Shock attack.

“Sir, I’m so sorry I don’t know what got into her.” Trisha apologizes, as she helps Mr. Mash to his feet.

“It’s all right cadet, your sister has told me that sometimes a Pokémon who has a trainer may attack if someone they believe that their trainer has been treated disrespectfully.” Mr. Mash says.

“Wow, your Pikachu is strong,” Aisha says

“Yeah, but I think Tracy’s is stronger.” William says.

“Cadets, you can compare their strength later. Right now, you’ll take turns running the obstacle course.” Mr. Mash orders.

“Sir, since there are seven of us and I have six Pokémon, each of the cadets could race against one of my Pokémon, that way everyone could get a good workout.” Trisha offers.

“I’d like to see how well you’ve raised them. Let’s do it,” Mr. Mash says.

“Wouldn’t one of your Pokémon have to go twice though,” William says.

“One of them flies it has an unfair advantage.” Adam says.

“True, Stoker, you’ll have to sit out this time.” Trisha says.

Stoker flies down to the ground slowly and lands with a frown on his face. Thomas asks about Gengar since it was a ghost. Trisha puts See Thru back inside her ball. She also put Stoker back in his Pokéball as well. The only Pokémon left were Sunny, Glow, Loki, and Electra.

The first race is between Loki and Thomas. Mr. Mash stands at the finish line with his trusty stopwatch. He blows the whistle, and they start running. They reach the wall at the same time. Loki is the first to get to the top. He looks down and sees Thomas start to lose his grip before starting to fall down towards the ground. He climbs back down and grabs a hold of Thomas’s hand. He pulls him up and Thomas takes hold of the rope again.

“Why did Monferno do that he was winning?” William asks.

“I guess he didn’t want to win if Thomas has gotten hurt. It wouldn’t have been a fair race.” Tanya answers.

Loki and Thomas restart the race. Loki still reached the top first. He jumps down and runs up to the low hurdles. After clearing them with a big leap he runs up to the next part the monkey bars. He suddenly forgot that he is supposed to be racing, he does a big flip before he lands on the top. He uses Flamethrower and makes rings in the air with the flames.

“Wow, that is so cool, it just like one of the tricks you see in the Circus.” William says.

“Yeah, I wonder what other moves it knows,” Adam adds.

“Loki, stop showing off, you’re supposed to be racing against Thomas.” Trisha shouts.

The playful Pokémon listens to his trainer. He jumps down, grabs onto the bar underneath him, and swings across to the end. He did another flip to dismount and runs down the course till he reached the tunnel. He didn’t want his tail flame to accidentally start a fire, so he lowers the flame till it was the size of the flame you would see on a candle. Then he starts to run through it, and it goes back to its original size once he is outside and far enough away from it. He makes quick work of the tire sections of the course. The fire type turns around to see where Thomas is, and sees that the cadet just exited the tunnel. He turns around again and sprints to the finish line. Thomas tries his best to catch up to Loki. He is a few inches behind Loki. Once Loki sensed how close he is, the playful Pokémon changes gear. He runs even faster till there is an arm lengths gap between them.

“No way, I can’t believe how fast Monferno is.” Kimberly says.

“Yeah, I’m glad that I decided to race against Pikachu.” Adam interjects.

Mr. Mash stops the stopwatch after Thomas crossed the finish line. “Good work Cadet Campbell, one minute six seconds. You may have lost to a Pokémon that looks a monkey, but you’ve beaten your last time by fifteen seconds.”

“Thank you, sir,” Thomas pants.

“Next to Racers, please,” Mr. Mash shouts.

The next race is between William and Sunny. The grass type had trouble with the monkey bars even though he used his vine whip attack to grab hold of the bars to swing across. He was able to William a close race to end up when the cadet was able to beat him by a few steps.

“One minute ten seconds, Cadet Dodger. The last time you were faster, I’m disappointed,” Mr. Mash says.

“Sorry sir, I’ll do better,” William says.

The third race is between Adam and Electra. The electric mouse had no problem with the rope wall and the low hurdles. She stops in front of the monkey bars. Adam runs up next to her.

“Hop on Pikachu, we’ll clear this obstacle together,” Adam says.

Electra nods and jumps onto Adam’s right shoulder. She holds on tight enough so she wouldn’t fall off as Adam swings across to the other end. After the cadet’s feet touch the ground, Electra jumps off and they restart the race. Electra reaches the tunnel first and runs through it easily. She runs to the finish line as fast as she could when Kimberly catches up to her. The race ends in a tie.

“Nice work Cadet Richardson, one minute flat.” Mr. Mash says.

“Thank you, sir,” Adam pants still trying to catch his breath.

Tracy wants to check on her sister, so she walks out where they are. “How are they doing, Mr. Mash?”

“Pretty good, I still haven’t seen if your sister is half as fast as you are on the course,” Mr. Mash answers.

“I see that a few of the cadets still need an opponent to race against,” Tracy says. “Maybe I can help you out.”

Tracy walks over to a tree. She uses it a crutch so she can take out Big sister’s and Ninja’s Pokéballs. “Ninja and Big Sister, you get to run the obstacle course today.” She tosses the Pokéballs into the air. After the catty and color swap Pokémon appear, they run over to Glow and the others. Tracy walks back over to Mr. Mash.

“Thank you for your assistance Cadet Blankenship.” Mr. Mash says.

“You’re welcome Mr. Mash,” Tracy says.

Aisha and Glow stand on the starting line waiting to hear the tweet of whistle. Glow reaches the wall first; he stops and sits down in front of it.

“It’s okay, Glow, you can use one of your moves to clear it just like Sunny did before.” Trisha shouts.

Glow stands up and uses his Psychic attack on himself. He floats up and over the wall. Once he lands the Moonlight Pokémon stops using Psychic and runs off towards the next part of the course. Like the rest of the other Pokémon he easily clears the hurdles without tripping over one. He runs up to the monkey bars and stops again. He sits down next to them.

“Is Umbreon for fitting the race?” Thomas asks.

“I think so; does it even know a move that will help it cross them?” William adds.

Aisha swings across the bar and goes over to Glow. “Don’t stop now, you can skip this part. I really want to see if I can beat you.” Glow jumps up and licks her on the cheek. Aisha chuckles as she pushes him away. “How about we continue this race?” Glow nods. “We’ll go on three.”

Glow nods again. They line up and Aisha counts to three. After she said three they race off to the tunnel. Aisha gets there first. She crawls through it, but Glow is right on her tail. He had light up the rings covering his body so there was a soft light that light up the part of the tunnel where they were.

“That’s a really neat trick,” Aisha says.

When they get close to the end the light from Glow’s rings fades. The group is surprised to see them exit the tunnel together. They start hearing them cheering for the other to run faster. They begin to run faster. Glow does his best not to use Quick Attack to help him inch ahead of Aisha. The race was close; Glow’s long ears helped him win, however, they crossed the finish line just before Aisha’s left foot crossed it.

“Wow, great race you two,” Mr. Mash compliments.

“Thank You, Sir, what was my time?” Aisha asks breathlessly.

“One minute eight point six seconds,” Mr. Mash answers.

Kimberly raced against Big Sister. She helped her over the rope wall, and she rode on her shoulder as Kimberly swings across the monkey bars. The race ended in a tie. Kimberly’s time was one minute ten seconds.

The last race is between Ninja and Trisha. The race was even the final sprint when Trisha waited till the last second to step on the gas and run as fast as she could. She crosses the finish line. Tracy sees her sister start to sway. She drops her crutches and catches her before she hits the ground.

“You alright there Trisha,” Tracy asks.

“Yeah, I guess I pushed myself a bit too hard.” Trisha answers.

Tracy helps her up. Trisha picks up Tracy’s crutches.

“Cadet Blankenship, I can see that you and your sister both have a bad habit of not knowing when you’ve pushed yourselves too hard.” Mr. Mash says.

“Technically Sir, I’m Cadet Blankenship.” Tracy says.

“Tracy is right, sir, I’m supposed to be called Cadet Marissa,” Trisha says.

“Well, Cadet Marissa, I can tell you’ll make a fine addition to the ‘D’ squad. You have great reflexes and strength. Just try to work on that little bad habit of yours,” Mr. Mash says.

“I’ll try my best, sir,” Trisha says.
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chapter 14: Icthior's Second try at revenge Part 1, - He's back
Normal POV
Tracy and Trish are studying up on what happened the last time Emperor Grumm tried to conquer the planet. They’ve been studying for fifteen files in the past hour. They are beginning to get tired because they couldn’t keep their eyes open. They start to blink repeatedly to stay awake, but it was useless. Tracy looks down at her watch. It reads one am so she wipes the sleep from her eye before she gets back to work. Isinia, Commander Cruger and Kat enter the room ten minutes later. They see Trisha leaning up against the far wall completely comatose with a file in her left hand. Quick Draw is curled up in a ball asleep on the table. Trisha is asleep with her head down on the table across from Quick Draw with a file in her right hand.

"How long have they been at this Doggie?" Isinia whispers to her husband.

"Since eight o clock this morning," He whispered back.

They walk over to Tracy. Commander Cruger gently slides the file from her hand and gives it to Isinia. Isinia walks over the bookshelf to put the file back where it belongs. Then she walks back over to her husband. Cruger picks up the comatose red ranger. He cradles her in his arms as Isinia looks down at her. She sees her eyelids fluttering and a smile on her face.

Well, at least she is having a good dream. Isinia thinks.

Isinia and Kat walk over to the table. Isinia carefully takes the file out of Trisha’s hand and places it on the table. Kat picks up Quick Draw. He wakes up, stretches out, and gets into a more comfortable then falls asleep again in Kat’s arms. Isinia tries to wake up Trisha but she just sways at her paw and tell her that her training doesn’t start for ten more minutes.

“Okay, but I thought you’d like to sleep in your bed instead of sitting in that chair.” Isinia whispers.

Trisha didn’t move so Isinia was lucky enough to get some help from one of her Pokémon. See Thru let herself out of her Poké Ball. She uses her Psychic attack to lift up her Trainer and places her into Isinia’s arms.

They exit the room to head to Tracy's quarters. When they arrive the door slowly slides open. Cruger walks over to the bed and gently places the red ranger down. He walks to the closet and takes out an extra blanket. He goes back over to the bed and drapes it over the red ranger. Kat puts Quick Draw next to Tracy near her left arm. Isinia places Trisha down onto her bed. Then they leave the room in silence.

Tracy and Michael are walking down the pier holding the other's hand. They stop in front of the bandstand. The band was playing songs from the 70's and 80's. They start to play "Brown Eye Girl." And Michael starts to sing along. He changed the lyrics so that they would describe Tracy. All she could do was smile while he is singing to her. When the song ends, he has asked her what she thought of the song. She kisses him on the cheek.

The band began to play "Unchained Melody" and he asks her if she would like to dance. She nods so he leads her to a place where they could dance without bumping into anyone. Soon they started the waltz around the pier. When the song concluded the two teenagers look up at each other. Michael moved in close and their lips are about to press against the others. Tracy heard the sound of a buzzer.

Tracy slowly opens her eyes, and rolls over to turn off the alarm. She has no idea how she ended up in her room. The last thing she remembered was reading the file on Icthior. She rolls onto her back to stare at the ceiling for a while. Five minutes or so later she finally gets out of bed, stretches her stiff muscles, changes into a clean uniform, and leaves to go get some breakfast. Tracy walks into the common room and is greeted by Quick Draw. He jumps into her arms, and gives her a big hug.

"Good morning to you too buddy." She says

He moves onto her left shoulder. She walks over to the food sysnasizer to get some grub. She pushes a few buttons and a bowl of oatmeal appeared along with a glass of orange juice. She walks over to the couch and was about to sit down when the rangers were called to the command center.

Man every time, Tracy thinks.

The rangers enter the command center. Tracy was still in the process of waking up.

"Glad you could join us sleeping beauty," Sky says.

"Very funny, Sky," Tracy says.

Quick Draw sees Tracy wiping the sleep from her eyes. She was about to doze off again. He uses his thunderbolt to wake Tracy up.

"Hey, buddy, I'm awake!" She snaps.

The other rangers just laugh.

"Rangers, that's enough, " Cruger growls.

The rangers stopped laughing and they took their seats around the computer in the middle of the command center. Commander Cruger fills the team in on the latest crime wave that had the citizens of New Tech City in a panic.

"How are the criminals getting away with their schemes?" Bridge asks.

"They deactivated the store's security systems,” Kat answers.

"Wow, you think if they were smart enough to create a security system that couldn't be deactivated or would shock the criminal if he/she tries to deactivate it," Tracy says.

Everyone looks over at Tracy with different looks of shock on their faces.

"What, What did I say?" Tracy asks

"Tracy you're a genius," Bridge says.

"Can I get that in writing?" Tracy jokes.

"Kat, could make something like that to trick the criminals?" Cruger asks.

"I'll get right on it sir," Kat answers, as she leaves to go to her lab.

"While she is doing that, Rangers go patrol the city." Cruger says.

The rangers saluted and leave the command center. Bridge and Z patrol the east side of the city. They hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary until Icthior jumped in front of the jeep. Z swerves to avoid hitting him. She slams on the brakes. She and Bridge get out of the jeep.

"Hello, again rangers, " Icthior says.

"Didn't you learn your lesson last time?" Bridge asks.

"I am going to have to say no," Icthior answers.

"Looks like we are going to have to confine you again." Z says.

"Sorry rangers that's not going to happen, " Icthior says confidently.

Bridge and Z morphed into SWAT mode. They fired their blasters at Icthior. He used his sword t deflect the blasts. Then he slashes them with his blade. They lay on the ground demorphed.
"Well, rangers, it looks like I win again." He says.

He uses the tip of his blade to remove the badge from their uniform. Then he left the scene. Bridge finds the strength to call for help.

"Sir, Icthior is back, " Bridge says.

"Bridge, are you sure about that?" Cruger asks.

"Yes, sir, and he was even stronger than last time," Bridge answers.

Then he faints a few seconds later. Cruger asks him if he is alright. He didn't hear Bridge respond and was worried about his fellow ranger. So he orders for a few members of the medical team to go check on them. Meanwhile, on the west side of town, Tracy, Quick Draw, and Syd, the electric mouse jumps off of Tracy's shoulder his cheeks start sparking.

"Tracy, what's wrong with him?" Syd asks.

"Nothing he just senses something that's all." Tracy answers.

"What does he sense?" Syd asks.

"No clue Syd." Tracy answers.

Then Icthior comes out of the shadows. Quick Draw charges in towards Icthior and uses Iron Tail. He blocks the attack with his sword and he flies backward. He hit the wall hard.

"Quick Draw," Tracy yells.

Tracy and Syd run over to him. Quick Draw tries his best to stand up and gets up after a few tries. Then she turned around to face Icthior.

"Look pal, no one hurts my best friend and gets away with." Tracy says.

"Ready Tracy?" Syd asks.

"Ready." Tracy says.

"SPD Emergency." The girls say.

"So Doggie has a female red ranger and electric rodents fighting for him. Now that's funny." Icthior taunts.

"You better be ready to eat those words. I'll prove to you that Commander Cruger wasn't wrong when he asked me to join S.P.D. That Electric rodent has a name, it's Pikachu. He and I are a great team and we'll prove it." Tracy says.

"I'd like to see you try Ranger girl." He says.

"Ok, that's it. Quick Draw are you up to showing this creep how strong we are? Quick Draw, use Zap Cannon." Tracy says.

Quick Draw unleashes his attack while she fires her blasters at Icthior. He reflects their attacks back at them. The laser blasts hit him. His attack hit Tracy. They're sent flying and hit the wall hard. Tracy demorphs as she hits the ground.

"Tracy, are you two all right?" Syd asks.

She runs over to them. Icthior jumps in front of her and slashes her with his sword. Syd falls to the ground. She lays on there in her S.P.D uniform. Icthior takes her badge as a victory gift. Then he walks over to Tracy and Quick Draw. The two of them struggled to get to their feet.

"Well, that was a little too easy." Icthior says.

"What do you want?" Tracy asks.

"Just a little Victory gift." He says.

"What do you mean?" She asks.

He uses his foot to roll Tracy onto her back. Tracy watches as Icthior removes the badge from her uniform.

"Thank you ranger," He says.

Then he takes the badge off of Quick Draws collar. He walks over to Syd and takes the badge from her uniform as well. Tracy watches as he slowly walks away. She tries to get up. She gets half way up before she faints.
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Chapter 15: Icthior's second try at revenge part 2, - Waking up and Confessing feelings

Normal POV

Commander Cruger walked into the infirmary. He looked around and saw all his injured comrades. Dr. Felix said they would be stuck in bed for a few weeks. He walked over to Tracy's bed and noticed that she was starting to come around. Tracy's slowly opened her eyes and tried to sit up in the bed. Then she feels someone lay her back down in the bed.

"Tracy, take it easy," Dr. Felix says in a calm tone.

"What about Quick Draw and Syd?" She asks.

"They are going to alright, but they suffered serious injuries. They'll need to stay here for a few weeks. You've have suffered those some injuries as well. You will be staying here just as long as the others will." Dr. Felix explains.

"Dang, can I at least see them?" She asks.

"Maybe a little later on cadet, but right now you need to take it easy," Cruger says.

Doctor Felix helps her sit up in the bed. He removes the sling from her right arm and places his hands on her shoulder.

"What are you going to do?" Tracy asks.

"I'm going to pop your shoulder back into place." He answers.

"Do you really have to do to that doctor? I mean it's fine exactly where it is now." She says.

"Nice try, I'll pop it back in on three," Dr. Felix tells her.

A few seconds later Dr. Felix popped her shoulder back into place and puts the sling back on her arm.

"Yup, I was right." She says.

"Right about what," Dr. Felix asks.

"That popping my shoulder back in would hurt more than when I dislocated it in the first place." she answers.

"At least you haven't lost your sense of humor," Dr. Felix says.

Tracy cracks a small smile. Then she looks to her left and sees Quick Draw lying in the bed next to her. He has his tail wrapped up with a bandage and one of his cheeks had a bandage over it as well. Tracy tries her best to hold back her tears as the smile disappears from her face. She didn't even want to see the sad shape Syd was in, so she doesn't even bother looking to her right. She just lays back down in bed and stares back up at the ceiling.

A few hours later, everyone is sitting up in their beds eating dinner. Except for Tracy, she pushed the food on her plate around. A few seconds later, she hears the door open. She looks up from her plate and sees Michael walk in.

”Hey,Michael, what are you doing here?” Tracy asks.

“I thought that I come to visit,” Michael says.

“That was really nice of you,” Tracy says.

“I know and there is something else I wanted to tell you,” Michael says.

“Really, what is it?” Tracy asks.

“Well, ever since we met in the forest I’ve felt like we had this connection. When we stuck and trying to find our way out I felt that connection again. My mom told me that she felt the same way when she first met my dad. She said that meant that she like him more than just a friend.” Michael says.

“So you’re saying that you really like me. I was going to tell you - well when we were somewhere more private that I feel the escat same way about you.” Tracy says, “I was afraid to tell you because I thought you might think I was crazy or something.”

Michael picks up her left hand and kisses it. The rangers see Tracy’s cheeks start to turn bright red as he lowers her hand away from his mouth. He leans in and whispers “You know you look super cute when you blush. Plus, you’re not crazy you are an amazing girl.” He backs away and lets go of her hand.

“How about when you’re feeling better we head to the beach to get to know each other better?” Michael asks.

“Boy you work fast don’t you, and I’m not sure if a date at the beach would be such a good idea. I mean Ichtor is still out there and I hate if you got hurt because of me.” Tracy answers.

“That’s a risk I’m will to take, so is the date still on?”

“I guess so,” Tracy says.

“Sweet,” Michael says.

Michael turns around and happily walks out of the room.

“Way to go Tracy, you’ve officially been asked out on you first date.” Syd says.

“Thanks Syd, but if Cruger finds out I’m going to be in so much trouble.” Tracy says.

“Don’t worry, we’ve got you back,” Bridge says.
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Icthior's second try at revenge part 3, - Training and Icthior's Returns

Normal POV
The weeks passed, and everything is back to normal. The criminals that broke into the jewelry stores. Icthior still hadn't showed up again. Tracy didn't like this one bit. Tracy is outside the base with Quick Draw doing some special training.

"Get it." She tells her partner as she throws a Frisbee into the air.

He did a huge jump and caught it. "Good catch pal and the way you move your tail is much better." She compliments. Then he spins the Frisbee on the tip of his tail.

"Ok Pal, it time for the spin," Tracy says throwing the next Frisbee into the air.

Quick Draw rotated heads over heels and caught the Frisbee.

I can't wait to see how that will work in the field. Tracy thinks.

"Well, I see that you two are working hard." Cruger says.

"You've got that right sir. The only problem is I won't be able to know if these moves will work until Icthior shows up again. "Tracy says.

"You won't have to wait that long cadet." He says.

"What do you mean sir?" Tracy asks.

"Did you forget that I have a sword as well?" He answers.

"The thought may have slipped my mind," Tracy admits.

"How about I am Pikachu's sparring partner?" He asks.

"With all due respect sir, I don't want to either of you to get hurt," Tracy answers.
"I appreciate your concern cadet, but you do want to help Pikachu get stronger right?" He asks.

"Of course, I do but not if it gets hurt in the process," Tracy answers.
Then Quick Draw uses Thunderbolt, and it hit Tracy. "I guess that mean you want to do it right pal?"Tracy asks her partner. He nods. "Okay, Pal you win we'll do it."

Cruger morphed. He and Quick Draw went to the middle of the training field. Cruger launched the first attack. Tracy told Quick Draw to dodge. After he dodged, Quick Draw starts a counter attack.

"Quick Draw Iron Tail," Tracy says.

Cruger blocks it with his sword. He swings it towards the ground, and Quick Draw flies backward.

"Straighten out pal," Tracy says.

Quick Draw did what his trainer told him to do and did a back spin and lands on his feet.

"Nice recovery," Cruger compliments.

"Thank you, sir, Zap Cannon," Tracy says.

Quick Draw launches its attack and while Cruger is deflecting that attack. Quick Draw spins in and uses iron tail. His attack lands and knocks Cruger to the ground. Quick Draw is about to launch another iron tail.

"Quick Draw stop," Tracy shouts as she runs over to her commander.

"Are you ok, Sir?" Tracy asks as she helped him up.

"Yes, Cadet I'm fine that was an excellent strategy." He says.

"Thank you, sir, let's hope that it works that well in the field," Tracy says.

Cruger demorphs and looks down at Quick Draw. Cruger notices that he looks tired from that tough session. Tracy looks over at her partner and sees the same thing her commander did.

"Okay, pal I think it's time for a break," Tracy says.

Quick Draw nods and they all went back inside. Commander Cruger heads back to the command center while Tracy and Quick Draw go the common room. Tracy walks in and sits on the couch. She looks over at her team. Bridge is the first to notice that she and Quick Draw look wiped.

"Hey Tracy, it looks like you and Pikachu had a pretty long session again," Bridge says.

"I know Bridge, but we want to get stronger for the next time Icthior attacked that's all," Tracy says.

"True but that doesn't mean that you two should push yourselves this hard." He reminds her.

The only problem was that Tracy already fell during his last statement. Quick Draw curled up into a ball in Tracy's lap and is asleep too. Kat walks in a few seconds later and says, "Let me guess, they just finished their latest training session." When she sees Tracy and Quick Draw fast asleep, Bridge nods. "Commander Cruger wants to see all of you in the command center."

"What about Tracy and Pikachu?" Bridge asks.

"I'm pretty sure the Cruger would know why they wouldn't be there," Kat says.

The group nods and leaves the room. After the meeting, Cruger and Isninia walk into the common room. They notice Tracy is entirely spared out on the couch, and her right arm is dangling off the side. Quick Draw moved and is lying on his partner's chest.

"How long have they been out?" Isninia asks.

"I'd say at least twenty minutes," Cruger answers.

"Why are they pushing themselves so hard?" She asks.

"I'm pretty sure that Tracy feels guilty about Icthior getting away." He answers.

"The only problem is that they're over doing it." She says

"I know Isninia but the one thing I've learned about Tracy's personality once she had her mind set on something she won't stop until she succeeds." He says.

Meanwhile on the couch Tracy is beginning to have a dream about what happened a few weeks ago. Icthior just told her that a girl can't handle the responsibility of being a leader. Tracy got mad and charges in towards him and fired her weapons at him. He deflected them back towards Syd and Quick Draw. They lay on the ground not moving.

"Come on guys please wake up." She begged.

Back in reality Tracy is tossing and turning. She kept mumbling please wake up I need you in her sleep. Quick Draw wakes up and is trying to wake his partner up from her nightmare.

Back in the dream Quick Draw is helping Tracy fight Icthior but none of his moves was causing any damage. Tracy charged back in towards Icthior and is throwing punches but none of them landed. Icthior dodges her last few punches and slashed his blade across her chest. Tracy is sent flying and hits the wall hard. She was going in and out of consciousness. Quick Draw runs over to her and uses Thunderbolt on her. Back in reality Tracy wakes up after feeling the shock from her partner's attack. Cruger and Isninia went over to her. Tracy is hugging her partner tightly very thankful that was just a dream.

"Tracy, stop Pikachu is suffocating," Cruger says.

"Sorry, pal." Tracy apologizes as she loosens her grasp on her partner.

"You dreamed about what happened a few weeks ago didn't you?" He asks.

Tracy nods and turns her body around to sit up straight on the couch.
"You know that you need to stop beating yourself up about this." Isninia reminds her.

"I know that Isninia but even though I've forgiven myself for what happened. It still doesn't make those vivid memories go away." Tracy says.

"Maybe you just some other activities to help get your mind off it." Cruger says.

“I’ll patrol the beach,” Tracy says.
Tracy goes to her room and changes into one of her swim suits. She puts her uniform on over it and heads to the beach. After she arrives, the red ranger takes off her shoes and starts to walk barefoot down the beach. Michael sneaks up behind her and tries to grab her wrist. Tracy takes out her blaster and turns around to see Michael standing behind her.

“Michael, don’t sneak up on me like that,” Tracy snaps as she puts her blaster back in the holster.

“Sorry, and why did you bring your Ranger gear on our date?” Micheal says.
“Because I told Cruger that I was just patrolling the beach,” Tracy says.
“I guess he thinks that dating will distract you, right?”

“Yeah, but after what happened three weeks ago. I need something to distract me from all those bad memories,” Tracy says.

Michael walks up to her and kisses her on the cheek. Tracy smiles and they continue to walk down the beach. After they find a spot for their gear, Tracy walks behind the big rock a few feet away to change, She folds up her uniform and go back over to Michael. After she sets her clothes down next to the beach bag, Michael brought. He takes over his shirt. She notices his six pack for the first time. Michael looks over at his girlfriend and notices she had a goofy look on her face.

"You okay, angel?" He asks.

"Yes, honey, I'm fine I just never knew that you were so ripped." She answers.

That works for me. Michael thinks.

They start to walk down the beach again. A few minutes later they head towards the water. Tracy feels the coolness of the waves as they went over her feet.

"So, the water isn't that bad right?" Michael asks.

"Sorry, honey, I'm still going to dive into the ocean, but it does feel nice, though." She answers.

They walk a little further down, and a few seconds later they were so caught up enjoying being together that they didn't notice that their feet got all tangled up. Michael steps backward into the deeper part of the ocean to get untangled. He steps back to fast, and they both went down. They splash as they hit the water. They let go of the other hand get untangled the rest of the way.

"Did you plan for that to happen or was that just a fluke." Tracy asks as she wiped the salt water off her face.

"It was a fluke angel." He answers.

Michael gets up and helps Tracy back to her feet. "Now that you're used to the water how about we do a little swimming?" He asks.

"Since I'm already wet I guess that a little more salt water on my skin won't hurt." She answers.

Michael smiles, and they go out a little deeper into the ocean. They swam around for a few minutes before they went back into the shore. Michael gets out first, and Tracy follows behind him. Tracy starts to shiver slightly as the water on her skin begins to evaporate. Michael came over with her towel and wrapped it around her, and they went over to their gear. Michael wrapped his towel around him then they say down on the blanket. Tracy snuggles up next to him.

"Well, this was fun.” She says.

"I couldn't agree more." He agrees.

They turn and look into each other's eyes.

"Wow, your eye sparkle like diamonds when you smile." He says.

"You don't have to say that every time this happens." She reminds him.

"I know sweetie, but it's the truth." He tells her.

They were about to kiss again when Tracy hears Icthior voice, “Aw, isn’t this such a romantic moment.”

You've got to be kidding me? Tracy thought.

"Sorry to ruin your date ranger, but we have unfinished business to attend to." Icthior says.

Tracy gets to her feet, takes her morpher out and morphs into S.W.A.T mode.

"Icthior, this time, you won't get away." Tracy says.

Tracy charges in towards him and they start to fight. Tracy is faring better than their last fight but not by much. Icthior fired his laser at Tracy, and she goes flying. Tracy hits the rocks hard and lands in the sand demorphed. Icthior charges in at her and is about to swipe his blade across her chest. Michael steps in front of her and takes the hit her.

"Michael, NO!" Tracy shouts.

Michael falls backwards and lands on his back. "Well, Ranger it looks like that boy does care for you. What a fool he is." Icthior says.
Tracy gets to her feet and goes over to him.

"Michael, can you hear me? Please open your eyes." Tracy begs as she tries to wake him up.

Michael slowly opened his eyes and said, "Don't worry Tracy I'll be okay just..."
Michael starts to drift back to an unconscious state. "Michael no, please stay with me," Tracy begs as she tries to wake him up again. Tracy tries her best not to let Icthior see her cry.

"Well, Ranger I guess we can finish our battle now that this little interruption has been taken care of." Icthior says.

Then Icthior gets hit by several laser blasts. They cause him to fly backwards and land in the water. Tracy looked over and noticed Commander Cruger coming up on his ATV. He stopped in front of them and got off. He takes out the first aid kit that Kat had put on it for emergencies and runs over to them.

"Tracy, what happened?" Cruger asks.

Tracy explained everything to him and tried her best again not to let the tears flow. Cruger reassured her that Michael was going to be okay. Cruger opens the first aid hit and wraps the injury the best he could. After he had finished his work, he closed the kit and put it back on the ATV. Cruger walks back over to Tracy.

"Don't worry Cadet I'll stay with him. You bring in Icthior." Cruger says as he hands her his sword.

Tracy nods and morphed again. After Icthior gets out of the water, he activates his sword, and Tracy did the same with the shadow saber. Then they battled again, and Tracy won. Then she used the containment strike to put Icthior into a containment card. Tracy demorphs and goes back over to Cruger and Michael. Cruger congratulates her on a job well done. Tracy thanks him but to her this was a hollow victory.

Cruger calls for backup and the medical team arrived two minutes later. The paramedics put Michael on a stretcher and place him in the ambulance. After the paramedics closed the doors and Cruger got back on his ATV and thinks, Why did Michael risk his life to save hers?

Tracy walks over to the ATV and climbs on the back. Everyone heads back to the base.
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Chapter17: Why did you save me?

Normal POV

Tracy is pacing the floor outside Michael's room. Kat walks up and sees the worried red ranger.

"Tracy I know you're worried, but you'll wear a path in the floor if you keep that up much longer," Kat says.

Tracy stops and looks up at her. Kat can see that she felt guilty about what happen to Michael from the sad expression in her eyes.

"Kat this is all my fault. I knew we should have just stayed here. It's obvious that the universe doesn't want me to be happy." Tracy says as she starts to break down.

Kat comes closer and pulls Tracy into a sisterly comforting hug. She didn't know what to say to make Tracy feel better. The only thing she can think of is to let the red ranger cry because she knew it would help her feel a bit better. A few minutes later Tracy stopped crying, and she thanked Kat for being there for her. Tracy looks over toward the door, and she sees Dr. Felix walking out.

"Is Michael going to be okay?" Tracy asks.

"Yes, he's going to be just fine. He'll need to stay here for a few days." Dr. Felix answers.

"Can I see him?" Tracy asks.

"Yes, in a matter of fact he wanted to talk to you," Dr. Felix answers.

Tracy starts to walk into the room, but Dr. Felix notices a few deep cuts on her back. "Tracy, you should let me take a look those cuts on your back," He says

"Why? They don't hurt." Tracy says

"They may not hurt, but if you ignore them they'll get infected," Dr. Felix tells her.

Tracy turns back around to face the doctor. "I'll take that risk because I should be laying in that bed unconscious not him."

Dr. Felix walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I know you feel guilty about what happened, but that doesn't mean that you should ignore your condition."

"I wasn't going to ignore them I was just going to have you look at them after I talked to Michael," Tracy says.

Doctor Felix didn't fall for Tracy's lame excuse. He told her that Michael is capable of waiting a bit longer. Tracy sighs in defeat.

"Okay, doc do you win," Tracy says.

A small smile came to the doctor face as they headed in the room.

"Hey angel, you won right?" Michael asks as they entered the room.

Tracy nods and she tells him that they would talk more after Dr. Felix clean up the cuts on her back. After Dr. Felix had cleaned the wounds on her back, he put a dressing on them. Then Sophia came in with a pair of scrubs and handed them to her. Tracy figured that he wanted to keep an eye on her for the next few hours to make sure that she didn't come down with a fever. Tracy changes into her scrubs and walks over to Michael's bed. Dr. Felix and Sophia leaves so Tracy and Michael can talk in private.

"I guess I get to have a roommate?" Michael asks.

"For a little bit, Michael, why did you save me?" Tracy asks.

"I knew you needed my help. I would never be able to forgive myself if you got hurt and I could do something to prevent it." He answers.

"Michael that was brave but next time, please don't be a hero. You scared me half to death." Tracy says.

They talk for a few more minutes. Michael sits up in his bed and scoots over so Tracy can sit next to him. Then he pats the bed gesturing for her to sit next to him.

Tracy climbs into the bed and sits down next to him. Then she entwines her fingers between the fingers on his right hand. Tracy is sitting an arms length away from him. The two teenagers look over at the other, and their eyes meet. The scene started to play out just like it did on the beach earlier.

"Well, I guess we are back to where we before right," Tracy says.

"Yup, the only problem was I never go to do this," Michael says sweetly

. Michael leans in, and French kissed Tracy. As Michael backs away, he notices a surprised look on Tracy's face. "What wrong you didn't like did you?"

"No, sweetie, I loved it I never knew you could kiss like that," Tracy answers.

"Would you like another one?" He asks

Tracy nods and he leans on to kiss her again. Tracy uses her free hand to pull him a bit closer. Michael did the same and the kiss deepened. A few minutes later Dr. Felix went back in to check on the two teenagers. Dr. Felix walks in the room and sees Tracy and Michael making out and things were starting to get a little too frisky. He dashed up to them and broke up the love fest.

"Hi. Doc we were just talking." Tracy says

"Nice try cadet I saw that little love fest," Dr. Felix says.

The two teenagers look down at the floor feeling guilty about what just happened.

"What happened just then is normal but not to let it get any more intense, okay?" Dr. Felix says.

"Okay, you got it doc," They say.

"Tracy, I would feel better if she stayed overnight," Dr Felix says.

Tracy didn't argue because she knew the reason behind the overnight stay. Dr. Felix had Sophia set up another bed. Tracy got out of Michael's bed and went to hers. Tracy lies down, and Sophia put the IV needle in her left arm. Then Dr. Felix tells them to get some rest. The two teenagers nod as they yawn in unison. A few seconds later they fall asleep, and Dr. Felix and Sophia leave the room to let them rest.
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Chapter 18: Twin Sister Misadventure
Tracy's POV
A few days later, Trisha and I are hanging out in the park. We sit down on a bench. Trisha let Electra out of her Pokeball. She and Quick Draw climb an apple tree. Each picks one and start eating.

“I heard from Mr. Mash that you got promoted to ‘C’ squad,” I say.

“Yeah, but I can’t wait to be a ranger, like you,” Trisha says.

“I think that would be cool, but what color would you be?” I ask.

“Maybe purple, it’s my favorite color,”

A few seconds later, Quick Draw and Electra run down the tree and stand in front of us. Quick Draw gets ready to use Electro Ball. Electra gets ready to use Thunderbolt. A few seconds later, I see what they are trying to warn us about - a human-sized alien, has the shell of a turtle, four arms but only has two legs. Its face has three eyes, two noses, four ears, and a the mouth of a bat walks up to us.

“Hello girls, I’m Putrid Thing, I need some help with my new experiment.” Putrid Thing says with a sly grin.

Then Putrid Thing throws a small ball towards us, and it explodes.

Trisha's POV
I wake up, and my head is pounding like crazy. After I recover, I look over my shoulder to see Putrid Thing tied us to a support beam. A few seconds later, I hear Tracy start to wake up.

"Are you okay?" I ask.

"Yeah," Tracy answers.

"I'm sorry sis really," I apologize.

"I know you are Trish, but for now, we need to find a way out of here," Tracy says.

"How are we going to do that?" I ask.

"Do you think that you can reach into my left pocket and take out Kecleon's Pokéball?" Tracy asks.

"I'll give it a shot," I answer.

I manage to get my right wrist free and reach into Tracy's left jacket pocket to take out the Pokéball. All I get is a handful of air.

"Tracy they're not there," I say.

"Well, I guess Putrid Thing is smarter than I thought," Tracy says.

"Now what do we do?"

"We just have to have faith that others will find us," Tracy answers.

I look around the room and see a huge machine in the middle of the room that looks a pizza oven.
“I think that Putrid Thing wants to bake us into a giant pizza like that one monster did to the Turbo Rangers,” Trisha says.

Putrid Thing walks in with our Pokéballs in a small bag in one hand and Tracy's morpher in the other.

"Well it looks like my twin villains are awake," Putrid Thing says.

"What are you going to do with us and how did you know that we were sisters?" I ask.

"Simple I spied on you with my spider cam.” Putrid Thing answers.”One more thing I'm going to turn the both of you evil."

"How do you expect to do that?" I ask.

"With this machine, I can make the both of you do whatever I want." Putrid Thing answers.

"Please, do you think that is going to work? I mean even if you do turn us evil our Pokémon won't do what you want" Tracy says.

"Yeah," I say agreeing with my sister.

"They will if I turn them evil too." Putrid Thing says.

"There is no way that machine can do that," I say.

"Well let's test it and find out." Putrid Thing says.

Then I see a platform lower from the ceiling and it our Pikachu on it.

Normal POV

"Quick Draw," Tracy shouts.

"Electra," Trisha shouts.

"Sorry girls you're not in any positions to make a demand. All you get to do is watch as I turn your best friend evil. Then it will soon be destroying the city that it once protected." Putrid Thing says.

Putrid Thing connects the Pikachu to the machine and turns it on. The girls watch their first Pokemon scream out in pain. Trisha looks back at Tracy and sees tears roll down her face. A few seconds later they are disconnected from the machine.

"Alright, my new pets use Thunderbolt on your trainers." Putrid Thing says.

They attack hits the girls, and they scream out in pain. Putrid Thing laughs with delight.

Trisha’s POV

"Okay, so you've turned Quick Draw and Electra evil, but you can't do that to our other Pokémon," I say.

"Oh yes I can," Putrid Thing says.

I watch as the criminal puts our Pokéballs onto two separate trays, connects them to the machine, and turns it on.

"No, this can't be happening," I say.

I had a bad feeling that we were next to attached to that evil thing.

"Come on Quick Draw. I know you can break free from this spell." Tracy yells.

"Sorry red ranger, it can't hear you. Now it's your turn girls," Putrid Thing says.

He comes closer and unties us. He takes Tracy and drags her towards the machine. Tracy tries to fight back, but Putrid Thing overpowered her. He attaches her to the machine and turns it on. A few seconds later my sister stands in front of me laughing evilly.

"Come on Trisha, join us it's the only way to escape, and you know it." Tracy says.

Then the criminal walks up to me and drags me towards the machine.

Normal POV

Trisha is a few inches away from the machine. When she sees two laser blasts coming in towards the criminal. When they hit him, he throws her up against the wall, and he flies off the other direction. She hits the wall just hard enough to get the wind knocked out of her and hears a loud pop. When she lands on the ground, everything goes black. Sky tells the team he would check on Trisha while the rest of them battle the criminal. Sky rolls her onto her back. He shakes her gently. All Trisha did is let out a low moan.

"Sky, we need your help this guy turned Tracy against us." Z yells.

Sky figures that she would be okay. He sets her back down on the ground. Then he heads back over to the team. Tracy lets Ninja out of his Pokéball.

"Quick Draw, use zap cannon and Ninja, use Psybeam." she tells her Pokémon.

The Rangers dodge the two attacks.

"Tracy, come on you can break free from this spell," Bridge says.

"Nice try, green ranger, but the red ranger and her Pokémon team are my minions now." Putrid Thing says as he uses another some bomb to escape.

"What do you do?" Syd asks.

"We'll figure that out after we take Trisha back to the base," Sky says.

He walks back over to Trisha and picks her up. Then everyone heads back to the base.

Dr. Felix's POV

Sky brings Trisha into the infirmary and lays her on the bed. I tell him to wait outside while I do my job. I do a quick exam. Then pop her shoulder back into place and put it in a sling and the I.V. needle in her left arm. I leave the room to tell everyone about Trisha's condition.

"How is Trisha doc?" Sky asks.

"She is going to be okay. She just dislocated her shoulder." I answer.

"That's good to hear, Sky, we should tell Cruger what happened," Bridge says.

Sky nods and they leave to head to the command center.

Normal POV

"What happened out there?" Cruger asks as the Rangers enter the command center.

"When we got there, the criminal turned Tracy and her Pokémon against us." Z answers.

"This isn't good," Cruger says.

"Yes, so how are we going to break the spell on Tracy and her Pokémon?" Syd asks.

"I don't know Syd, but we need to figures something out quick," Bridge answers.

A few minutes later Trisha walks in the room, and the Rangers turn around to face her.

"Trisha, what are you doing you need to rest," Sky says.

"I can't rest now. I'm going to find Putrid Thing's hideout and make him play for what he did to my sister and our Pokémon too." Trisha answers.

"Wait the criminal turned your Pokémon evil too." Z says.

"Yes," Trisha answers.

"I know you want to help Tracy, but you can't go out there it's too dangerous. It's against regulation for a 'C' squad cadet to into the field unless your instructor is confident in your abilities to hold your own in battle," Cruger says.

"I'm sorry Sir, but Tracy is family. I'm not going to let Putrid Thing get away with this." Trisha says.

"Now I can see the family resemblance, you both are stubborn," Sky says.

"I'm not stubborn, my mom called it determination," Trisha says.

Cruger sees the fire in Trisha's eyes and says “Rangers, Trisha will go with you to find Tracy.”
The Rangers nod and they leave the command center with Trisha. They split up into two teams Trisha, Sky, and Z are on one team, and Bridge and Syd are on the other. Team one finds the location of Putrid Thing's new hideout. Sky takes out his morpher.

"Guys, we found the hideout," Sky says.

"Okay, Sky, we're on our way," Syd says.

When the others arrive everyone tries to come up with a plan. Sky hands Trisha the binoculars and she looks in the window. She sees her sister and all the Pokémon taking target practice. She watches See Thru used Shadow Ball and Quick Draw use Zap Cannon. When the attacks hit the targets, they break in half.

Not good,

"How are we going to get in there?" Z asks.

"I'll create a diversion, so you guys can get close to the machine and destroy it," Trisha answers.

"That could work," Bridge says.

She hands the binoculars back to Sky and takes his laser from its holder on his uniform. He tries not to snicker seeing her holding it upside down.

"You sure you know how to use that thing," Sky asks.

"Yes, I got the best score the last time during weapons training?" Trisha answers.

"Did you hold it upside down when you were training with the ‘C’ squad," Sky says.

Sky places his hand on top of Trisha's and shows her the right way to hold the laser. When their hands touch Trisha feels her heart rate increase. The others see Sky crack a smile, and Trisha begins to blush.

"Are you guys seeing this?" Bridge whispers.

"Yeah, I never thought I would see the day. Sky Tate is smiling," Z whispers back.

Then everyone heads inside and building

"Freeze S.P.D," Trisha shouts as she fires the laser towards the criminal.

Hey, that was fun to say,

"Welcome back." Putrid Thing says.

"This time, I'm going to leave my sister and all the Pokémon," Trisha says confidently.

"Oh really, I don't think so." The criminal says.

Tracy steps in front of the criminal with Pikachu, Beautifly, and Maganium.

"Quick Draw Thunderbolt, Sparkles Silver Wind, and Sunny Razor Leaf," Tracy says.

Trisha dodges the attacks and fires the laser again. Tracy tells Pikachu to use Iron Tail and sends the blast back towards Trisha. At the machine, the Rangers are firing their laser at it. The blasts aren't doing anything.

"Maybe we could get Tracy to destroy it," Bridge says.

"How are we going to do that?" Z asks.

"Just follow my lead," Bridge says.

Bridge shouts towards Tracy, and she turns around.

"Get away from the machine," Tracy says. “Quick Draw Electro Ball, Sparkles and Sunny Solar Beam,”

They hit the machine and explode; they see Tracy start to come back to normal. A few seconds later she faints.

Trisha's POV
I run over to my sister and catch her before she hits the floor.

"Trac, are you okay? Wake up."

Tracy groans before slowly waking up and says, "Yeah, but what happened?"

"I'll explain later but now let's show this criminal how well we work together," I say.

Tracy nods and I help her back to her feet. She hands me my Pokéballs, and I toss Loki's Pokéball into the air. Tracy puts Sparkles back inside her Pokéball. She tosses another Pokéball into the air, and Shell Shocker comes out.

"Loki, use Flamethrower let's go." I say.

"Shell Shocker, use Water Pulse," Tracy says.

I see the two attacks combine and when it hits Putrid Thing he flies back a few feet.

"You two just got lucky." Putrid Thing says.

"It wasn't luck we just make a really good team," I say.

"Hey sis, how about we show this guy what a double Thunderbolt looks like," Tracy says.

"You bet," I say as I toss Electra's Pokéball into the air.

We tell our Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. I tell Loki to use Flame Wheel. Tracy tells Shell Shocker to use Hydro Pump. After the attacks hit him again and the other rangers go over to him. Sky pulls out a pair of handcuffs and puts them on the criminal. We put out Pokémon back inside their Pokéballs and then we all had back to the base.

"Hey, Trisha thanks for helping me out back there," Tracy says.

"No prob, mom, and dad always said,” I say.

“Family is forever,” We say.
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Ch 19: First Date Redo

Tracy's POV

I was sitting in the common room on the couch. It was the fourth of July. I was hoping that Michael would ask me to go with him to see the fireworks at the pier tonight. We had been going out for a few weeks now. Isinia had finally convinced Cruger to let be together after he saw how having a boyfriend inspired me instead of distracting me from the mission. We did hang out a little when I was off duty, but we still enjoyed being together. I take my IPod out of my pocket and put the ear buds in then start to rock out. I'm so caught up in the music. I didn't see Michael come in. He slinks around the back of the couch. He removes as ear bud from my right ear.

"Hey darling," He whispers.

I jump and fall off the couch landing on my back. "Dang, it Michael you are lucky that I don't beat the snot out of you," I say catching my breath.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you I swear." He apologizes.

He walk around to the front of the couch and helps me back up.

"It's okay so what's up?" I ask.

"I was just wondering if you wanted to see the fireworks at the pier tonight," He answers.

"I would love too. Would this count as our first date?" I ask.

"I guess so. I'll be back to pick you up around 9:00." He answers.

"You know where to find me," I say.

Micheal's POV

I was glad that Tracy wanted to see the fireworks with me. The fireworks weren't scheduled to start until ten o clock, and it was only 9:30. Tracy suggested we come early to get good seats. We sat down on the slats with our feet dangled over the side. She set her head on my right shoulder and looked up at me with her dazzling blue eyes.

"We have the best seats in the house huh," I say.

"You are cute when you try to be funny." she says.

A cool breeze blows off the ocean, and I see goose bumps start to appear on her arms. I take off my hoodie and place it on her shoulders.

"Thanks, Michael," She says.

"It looks good on you." I complement.

She took the hoodie off her shoulders and starts to slip her arms into the sleeves then zipped it up. It was a little big for her, but she didn't mind one bit.

"Warm enough?" I ask.

She moves closer and sits on my lap. I wrap my arms around her and pull her into my chest. At that moment, my heart began to beat like I was on a roller coaster.

"I am now." she replies.

I knew this was the moment everyone says just to let love take over. I knew that she felt the same way ad she turns her head around, and we look into each other's eyes. The sparks fly and I lean in closer than our lips brush against the other. I felt like I was on top of the world and as we push away from each other. We don't say a word as get got to our feet. I look at my watch it read 9:50 ten more minutes before the fireworks light up the sky on the best night of my life. I put my arm around her shoulder, and she just smiles.

"Now what?" She asks.

"How about we dance," I answer.

"Don't you need music to dance? Second of all I can't dance." She states.

"You don't always need music to dance. You just need a partner." I tell her.

I take hold of her left hand. We walk to a good stop. I move my arm off her shoulder and place my right hand on her waist.

"You can't dance or don't?" I ask.

"Both," She says.

"I guess it's lucky for you that my parents made me take a ballroom dancing class," I admit.

She doesn't say a word as we start to waltz around the pier. We dance for a few more minutes as people begin to file in. We stop and look up at the night sky as the fireworks start to explode in the air. Tracy puts her head on my shoulder. We watch the fireworks illuminate the sky with reds, blues, and yellow.

"Hey Michael, I just wanted to tell you that this was one of the best Fourth of July's ever," She says.
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Chapter 20: The Day After

Normal POV

Tracy doesn't use the alarm clock for two reasons. One she just hits the snooze button five or sixes times before she finally gets up. Then she hears a knock at the door.

"Tracy, are you awake?" Kat asks.

"Yes," Tracy answers half awake.

After Tracy had said that she went back to sleep again, Kat figures that Tracy went back to sleep. She walked inside and went over to her bed.

"Tracy, rise and shine." She says as she shakes her.

"Come on Kat five more minutes please," Tracy whines half awake.

"Nice try time to get up, don't make me bring Pikachu in here." She threatens.

Tracy's eyes dart open because she wasn't in the mood for a Thudershock wake up. "OK you win I'm up OK I'm up." She says in defeat.

Kat smiles and leaves the room. She tosses the covers onto the floor and rolls out of bed. She gets dressed and leaves.

"What time is it," Tracy asks.

"9 am, why?" She answers.

"Okay and thanks for waking me from the best dream I ever," Tracy says sarcastically.

"You were dreaming about Michael again weren't you?" She asks with a smile.

"Yeah... I mean no" Tracy says quickly.

"Well, Commander Cruger wants to see the team in the command center." She says.

Kat's POV

Tracy and I walk into the command center.

"Well, good morning sunshine it's about time you joined us," Sky says.

Tracy gives Sky the evil eye.

"Cadets that's enough," Cruger growls.

"Sorry sir," Sky and Tracy say in unison.

"Now that we are all here, I have made my decision on who is taking my place while I'm at the galaxy meeting." Cruger announces.

"Please let it be Sky please be Sky." Tracy whispers under her breath.

"I have picked Sky," He says.

She sighs in relief. "I take it from your reaction cadet Blankenship that you have no problem with my decision." He says.

She shakes her head yes.

"Good that will be all dismissed," He says.

The Rangers saluted and started to leave the commander center.

"Tracy, how your date with Michael last night?" Sky asks.

"First of all, it wasn't a date and second what does this have to do with anything?" She answers. "I'm sorry but it is none of your business Sky and why would you care about what happened last night?"

"No reason I'm just curious, that's all." He answers.

All Tracy did was roll her eyes as she left the room.

Normal POV

Tracy remembers that she forgot to give Michael back his hoodie he leaned her last night. She folded it up neatly and put it on the top of the dresser. The memories of last night flooded back into her mind, and she just stands there smiling like a dork. A few minutes later Kat and Isninia stand in the doorway to Tracy's room to see her stuck in the land of last night memories.

"Kat it looks like she had fun last night if remembering it makes her act like this so which one of us is going to bring Tracy back to earth this time." Isninia jokes

"You can have the honors," Kat says.

They enter in the room and walk over to her. Isninia taps her on the shoulder, and she jumps a little.

"Oh hey, guys I was doing it again wasn't I?" She asks.

They nod, and her face starts to turn red.

"There is no need to get embarrassed it's natural to feel that way after your first date." Kat informs.

"It wasn't a date," She snaps.

"What would you call it then," Isninia asks.

"I call it two teenagers go to see fireworks on the Fourth of July."She replies.

"Sounds like a date to me," Kat says.

"All right you win it was date and the best night of my life." She admits.

The two of them just smile because they already knew that she had a great time last night. Then Tracy sees Michael coming up slowly, and she figures he heard what she just said because he is smiling that sweet smile of his that always makes her smile.

Tracy's POV

"We'll let you two kids talk," Kat says as they left the room.

Michael let them leave before he enters the room. As he enters the room, I take his hoodie off the dresser. He strolls over to me and whispers something in my ear.

"You can keep it besides it looks better on you," He whispers.

I turn around to put it back on top of the dresser. When I turn back to face him, he has a wired look on his face.

"What's wrong, Michael?" I ask.

"Nothing I'm okay Angel really." He answers slowly.

I can tell that something sounded weird with that response. A few seconds later his eyes changed from the emerald green they usually are to a darker of green shade.

"Now tell me Commander Cruger one weakness?" He asks.

I didn't say a word. He grabs a hold of the right wrist and starts to squeeze it with a lot of pressure. I drop to my knee in pain but remain silent.

"I'll ask again. What Cruger weakness is?" He repeats.

I try to break free from his grip, but I didn't want to hurt him. Then Kat walks back in the room.

"Tracy, what's going on?" She asks.

"Someone is controlling Michael's mind." I answer.

"How do you know?" She inquires.

"I just a hunch," I reply.

Michael grabs my laser and takes aim at Kat.

"Michael NO," I yell.

I didn't want to hurt my boyfriend. I need to save Kat before things get any worse. I use my free hand to knock the laser out of his hand. Michael turns his head to look back at me. I was scared out of my mind by the evil look on his face. I did my best to stay calm and to keep a brave face. He yanks me back to my feet.

"Michael. you have to fight it." I say.

"Michael is gone now. I'm going to ask this one last time. What is Cruger's one weakness?" he says.

I didn't answer again, so he let go of my wrist. He put his hands around my neck and began to choke me.

"Come on, Michael, you have to think back to last night, please," I whine.

I could tell it was working because his eyes were changing back to that beautiful shade of green I always get lost in all the time. He takes his hands from my throat and falls backward. I hear a loud thump when he hits the floor. Kat runs over to me.

"Kat, what do we do now?" I ask trying to keep my composure.

"First I going to call for back up so they can take Michael to the infirmary. We have to tell Cruger about what happen." She replies.

Kat calls for back up in a few minutes the medical team arrives and put Michael on a stretcher to take him to the infirmary. Kat and I walk to the command center.

Cruger's POV

Kat and Tracy enter the room I could tell that something was wrong. Tracy's eyes are glassy.

"What's wrong, cadet?" I ask.

"Nothing," Tracy answers.

I knew she was lying, but I could also tell whatever was wrong she didn't want to talk about it.

"Kat, what happened?" I inquire.

"Michael, hurt her," Kat answers.

"That doesn't sound like Michael," I say. "Where is he now?"

"The infirmary," She replies.

"I'd like you to go there as well, so Dr.Felxi can take a look at your wrist." I say.

She usually argues with me saying that she was fine and didn't need to see him. She just salutes and leaves the room.

"I guess that she is blaming herself for this isn't she," I say.

Kat just nods and turns around to leave the room.

Dr. Felix's POV

Tracy walks into my office.

"HI Tracy," I greet.

She doesn't say a word and just hops onto the examination table holding her right wrist. I walk over to the table and start the exam.

"Can you make a fist," I tell her.

She did what I ask as she makes a fist. All she did was wince in pain and doesn't even try to crack a joke.

"Can you straighten your fingers as far as you can?" I ask.

She straightened her fingers about half way until I hear her wince in pain again. I finish my exam I can't believe that I didn't feel any broken bones. It's just bruised I wrap it up to where it's tight but not too tight to where the bandage would leave a mark on the skin and put an ice pack on it.

"Try not to put too much pressure on it the next few days," I say.

She nods and leaves my office in silence.

Bridge's POV

Kat told us why Tracy has been so quiet that passed few days. I knew that Tracy had blamed herself for everything that happened. I walk into the common room and saw her sitting on the couch looking at a picture of her, and Michael took at the pier during the fireworks show a few nights ago. She held the frame close to her heart and tried her best not to cry her eyes out. She sat the picture down and pulls her knees to her chest then looks down at the floor.I walked over to the couch and sat down next to her.

"HI Tracy," I say.

"Hi Bridge," She says.

"I guess you're going to talk again" I joke.

"Hilarious Bridge just leave the jokes to me ok." She says.

"Sure thing and I just thought you would like to know that Michael is awake. The doctors say he should be on his feet by tomorrow" I tell her.

"That good to know," She replies.

I can tell that she was about to break down. She clenches her left wrist - her good wrist. Take a few deep breaths before she swallows the lump in her troat.

"You know it's not a good idea to keep your emotions bottled up" I remind her.

"I know, but I didn't want anyone to see me cry." She says.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because I didn't want people to think I was a big baby." she answers.

She gets out of her sitting position and stands up. I get up and place my hand on her shoulder she looks over at me.

"Bridge I know this was all my fault," She says wobbly.

"This wasn't your fault trust me," I tell her.

She turns around, and I see tears streaming down her face. I knew she needed a shoulder to cry on. She was like a little sister to me, so I pull her into a hug. I tell her that I'm her for you. She buries her head in my chest and continues to cry. We stay like that for a few minutes. She pulls her head out of my chest and uses the back of her hand to dry the tears from her eyes.

"Feel any better?" I ask.

"Yes, thank you." She says.

"No problem we are friends right," I say.

"More like family." She replies.

I ask her if she wanted to see Michael. She tells me that she might see him later on. She turns back around and picks up the picture. Then she goes to her room.

Tracy's POV

I walk inside and put the picture back on the dresser next to hoodie Michael gave me. I set my phone alarm to go off in fifteen minutes and set it on the end table. I go over to the bed and lay down. I didn't sleep to well the past few nights so when I place my head on the pillow. I drift off into dreamland a few seconds later.

Michael and I are walking barefoot down the beach. He was in a pair of blue board shorts, and I was wearing a cute fuchsia bikini. I look over into his beautiful green eyes.

"What's wrong darling?" He asks.

"Nothing at all handsome everything is perfect," I answer.

A sweet smile crept across his face and the next thing I knew he wraps his arms around my neck. He ran his fingers through my hair, and a few second later his lips dance across mine. This kiss was so gentle and loving. When he pushed away, I felt like I was on top of the world.

"You ok?" he asks.

"Enchanted," I reply.

Then he drags me into the ocean, and I shirked when the ocean water touched my skin.

"It's cold," I say.

"Sorry darling, but I know a fast way for your body to get used to it," He says slyly.

"Don't you even think about mister," I taunt.

He scoops me up in his arms, gently tosses me into the waves, and I make a big splash when my body hits the water.

"You are going to pay for that," I tell him.

I get to me feet. I chase after him, and he starts to run away. Eventually, I tackle him to the ground. He laughs his head off.

"What's so funny," I ask.

"I didn't know you had that much strength in that little body of yours." He answers.

"Are you calling me weak?" I snap.

"No darling I didn't mean it like that." He said smiling sweetly.

"It's ok I know what you mean," I reply.

I help him back to his feet, and I pull him in close. I was about to kiss him when Michael spoke it sounded like Commander Cruger.

Cruger's POV

I hated to wake her up because I knew she hadn't slept too well the past few days. I can tell that the reoccurring nightmare she been having stopped. I see a smile on her face.

"Tracy, wake up," I say.

I shake her a few times to try to wake her up.

"Five more minutes please sir," She says as she swats away my paw.

"Sorry cadet, but I need to talk to you," I say.

She rolls over onto her back and opens her eyes slowly.

"What's the problem, sir?" She asks.

"Nothing right now but there is someone in the command center who wants to talk to you and Trisha," I answer.

"Who is it sir?" she asks.

"Your father," I answer.
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Ch 21: Hello Father

Normal POV

Commander Cruger and Tracy enter the Command Center. The doors slide open Cruger could sense the nervousness of the red ranger as she sees her father, Thad Blankenship. He has beady emerald eyes, medium-length straight blonde hair, is very tall and has a broad-shouldered build, and his skin is ruddy.

"Hi girls, wow, you two have grown into two beautiful young women," Thad says.

"It's been six years Dad. You didn't have the decency to call or even write a letter to tell mom, Trisha and me that you're all right," Tracy says.

"Yeah, we were worried," Trisha adds.

"Girls, I wanted to but..." Thad stammers.

"But what dad something else was more important than your family." Tracy snaps wobbly.

"Yeah, we needed you," Trisha says in the same tone as Tracy.

"Nothing is more important to me than your mother and you," Thad says to defend himself.

"Yeah right what about that day when we were four. When you told us, you were just going to the store - you went somewhere else did you?" She argues.

"Yes, I went to the local bar," He says meekly.

"So a bottle of beer was more important to you than spending time with your family," Tracy says tearfully.

"I thought you loved us," Trisha says crying as well.

Cruger looks over at the girls he sees tears rolls down their faces.

"Girls, I do love you." He says.

He starts walks closer. Tracy and Trisha didn't want to stay mad at him, but they couldn't find it in their heart to forgive him. Their father is about to pull them into his chest to comfort them. They quickly back away.

"Why are you girls shutting me out like this?" He asks.

"Because I'm shocked that you thought that you could just show up after all this time, and except me just to let you back into my life well I'm sorry I can't." The girls say.

The girls turn around and run out of the room.

"Tracy, Trisha, come back," Cruger calls out to his cadet.

"It's all right Sir let them go," Thad says.

"What exactly are you trying to do sir? Win back their love or relieve yourself of the guilt you feel for not being there for them when they needed you the most." Cruger asks the man.

Thad just stands in silence thinking about what the big blue dog just said.

"I'll just come back later to see if I can get my daughters to forgive me," Thad says.

Then Thad leaves the room. Kat leaves a few minutes later. She spends the next twenty minutes searching the base for Tracy. She walks around to the back side of the base. She finds Tracy and Trisha sitting on the bench still crying their eyes out. A few seconds later the girls look up. They see Kat walking up through the blur of their tears that were still flowing from their eyes.

"Hey Kat," They say.

"So I guess you two are feeling better after letting all the bottled up emotion out?" Kat asks.

"Yeah a little bit," They admit.

Kat sits down next to her. She took a hanker chief out of her pocket and handed it to Tracy. She thanks her and dries the tears from her eyes before she gives it to her sister.

"Hey, sis, do you remember our fifth birthday," Trisha asks.

"Yeah, that was the one where dad tripped when he tried to carry our cake outside, and a bunch of wild Pidgey flew in and started to eat it." Tracy answers.

"Yeah, I wish I knew what flavor it was," Trisha says.

"It was a lemon strawberry," Thad says.

The girls quickly stand up and turn around to see their father standing a few feet behind them.

"Girls, I'm sorry, about just leaving you and your mother like I did. It was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made." Thad says.

He slowly walks up to them. "I know I have a lot to make up for, so all I'm asking is for you and Trisha to give a chance to show you that I'm sorry."

This time, when he hugs them, the girls didn't back away. They were happy that their father is serious about becoming a better parent than when they were little.
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Ch 22: Big Changes to S.P.D

Normal POV

Tracy is in the common room and sees Trisha walk in wearing one of her shirts. She sets her glass of orange juice on the counter. Trisha sees the look of shock on her sister's face.

"Trisha, did you have to raid my closet?" Tracy asks.

"Yeah, I love having a twin sister," Trisha answers.

"I do too, but please stay out of my closet," Tracy says

"I'll try sis," Trisha says.

"Remember Trisha I'm older than you." Tracy reminds her.

"Yeah, by a half an hour," Trisha says.

"A half an hour is a big difference," Tracy says.

"No, it isn't," Trisha argues.

Sky looks over at Z and says," Their parents really should have destroyed that video." Z doesn't say a word.

"Rangers, report to the command center, immediately." Kat's voice rings over the PA.

The Rangers leave the room and head to the command center. After the Rangers enter the room and salute. Commander Cruger says, "Rangers, another crime wave to plague the city. I want you to patrol the city, so our citizen's fears will be put at bay. "

The Rangers salute again and leave the room to head to the vehicle bay. Tracy is about to get on her bike when her phone ring. The Rangers give her a look asking her if she was coming. She makes a motion with her hand telling them to go on ahead. They nod and leave the room. Tracy reaches into her pocket and takes out her phone.

"Hey, sweetie, I'm heading out to patrol the city," Tracy says.

"Okay angel, can you meet me in the park in an hour?" Michael asks.

"Sure, but why honey is sometimes wrong," Tracy says.

"Everything is fine; I have something important to tell you," Michael says tautly.

Tracy didn't like the tone of Michael's voice when he said his last statement. She says," Okay, I'll meet you in the park in an hour." They say goodbye and hang up. Tracy gets on her bike and leaves the room. An hour later she parks her bike outside the entrance to the park. She walks through the park and goes to the pavilion where they shared their first kiss. Michael is waiting there for her. She walks inside and stands next to him. She takes a deep breath before saying anything.

"What's going on Michael?" Tracy asks.

"Remember that internship I applied for a few months ago?" Michael answers.

"Yes, the one for the animation studio in Nagoya, Japan," Tracy says.

"Well, I got the letter in the mail today. I got the internship." Michael says unenthusiastically.

Tracy notices that he isn't too happy about it and says, "You don't sound too happy about this."

"I am happy for you, but I don't want to leave. I would miss you too much; maybe I shouldn't take it." He says.

"Michael, this is a great opportunity and if you don't take it you would regret it," Tracy says.

"What do you think I should do?" He asks.

"I don't know sweetie I'm still in shock about this," Tracy says.

"Yeah so am I," Michael says.

"When do you have to tell them if you are going to take it?" Tracy asks.

"I have to take them by Friday" Mike answers.

"So you have two days to decide," Tracy says.

"How about on Thursday you can tell me what you decided," Michael says.

Tracy nods and he kisses her on the cheek before he leaves. Tracy stays there for a few more minutes to clear her head. She walks back to her bike, puts on her helmet, revs the engine, and rides back to the base. When she pulls into the vehicle bay and takes off her helmet. She sets it on the handlebar. She leaves and heads to the command center. The Rangers are waiting for Tracy to come in. They notice that Tracy is so distracted that she walks into the holographic computer. She falls to the floor a few seconds later. Bridge gets up from his chair, walks over to her, and helps her up.

"Tracy, are you okay?" Bridge asks.

"Yeah, I'm all right," Tracy answers.

They walk over to their chairs and sit down. Cruger asks, "Did anyone find anything out on while you were patrolling the city?" The Rangers shake their head no. Sky notices that Tracy is deep in thought about something. He snaps his fingers in front of her face to bring her back to reality. A few seconds later she comes back to earth.

"Sky, are you fond on those fingers? You know I can easily break them." Tracy says.

"Geez, what is wrong with you?" Sky asks.

"Nothing is wrong with me," Tracy answers.

"Tracy, you know that you're a bad liar." Z says.

"Okay, if I say what's on my mind will you get off my back?" Tracy says.

"Yes," The Rangers say together

"Okay, here it is. After I had finished my patrol, I had to meet up with Mike. He said that it was really important." Tracy says

"What did he want to talk to you about?" Syd asks.

"He applied for an internship at an animation studio in Nagoya, Japan," Tracy answers.

"Did he get accepted?" Syd asks.

"Yes," Tracy asks.

"Is Michael is going to take it?" Bridge asks.

"Mike asked me what I think he should do. I don't know what to tell him." Tracy answers.

Sky asks her few more questions. Tracy didn't know how to answer his questions, so she just answers by shaking her head yes or no. Bridge can tell that Tracy wasn't in the mood to talk about this anymore. He decides to change the subject.

"Sky, when are you going to tell Trisha you like her?" Bridge asks.

"Man Bridge when did this conversation shift over towards me," Sky answers.

"Just now," Bridge says.

"Look Bridge I can't tell her now. I mean I don't even know she even like me." Sky says.

"Trust me Sky she likes you," Tracy says.

"How do you know that?" Sky asks.

"Let's see every time I mention your name she starts to giggle like a cheerleader, smile like an idiot, and blush like crazy," Tracy answers.

"Don't all girls act like that around guys?" Sky asks.

"Well, no girls only act all goofy around guys they think are cute," Tracy answers.

"Do you think that I should tell her how I feel?" Sky asks.

"Yeah, go for it Sky besides girls like it when I guy isn't afraid to tell you how he feels and that he cares about you enough to tell you that," Tracy says.

"Okay, I'm going to tell her today. I just don't know how." Sky says.

Good that way, at least, one of us will be happy. Tracy thought.

Then Cruger tells the Rangers that they can leave. They salute and leave the room. Tracy heads to her and Trisha's room. Sky and the others head back to the common room. The doors slide open to the common room, and Sky sees Trisha sitting on the couch. Sky feels his heart beating a mile a minute as he walks over to her.

"Hey Trisha, I have something that I have meant to tell you," Sky says.

"Really Sky what is it?" Trisha asks.

"Well, I…" Sky says. "I like you,"

Sky sees a big smile on Trisha's face. He asks her why she is smiling. Trisha tells him it's because she feels the same way about him. Sky steps closer and entwines his fingers in between Trisha's. Then he asks her if she would like to see a movie with him when he gets off duty today.

"Sure that sounds like fun. What movie are we going to see?" Trisha asks.

"I saw that the theater in town is showing old animated movies from the 1990s," Sky answers.

"I hate to cut this moment short, but I have to tell Tracy that we are a couple," Trisha says.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Tracy has her own boyfriend problems to deal with right now Michael got an internship for an animation studio in Japan. He wants Tracy to decide if he should go or not." Sky says.

"That's a lot of pressure to put on one person. When does my sis have to tell Michael what she decided?" Trisha asks.

"She has till Thursday afternoon," Sky answers.

Meanwhile, in her and Trisha's room Tracy is sitting on her bed. She is going through a small photo album filled with photos of the dates they went on. The next few minutes are filled with flashbacks of those wonderful times. She turns the page and sees the pictures of their first Valentine's Day. She starts to cry a few seconds later. She turns around to cry into her pillow. Before she buries her face in it, Tracy takes off her glasses. She slumps down and lets her tears dampen her pillow. Meanwhile, Command Cruger and Kat are walking around the base. Pikachu is riding on Kat's right shoulder. They turn the corner and see a woman sitting on the bench. The woman has droopy blue eyes, medium length, and straight brown hair. Kat sees Pikachu's eyes light up as they walk up. The woman stands up and walks over to them. She is tall and has a graceful build. Pikachu leaps off of Kat's shoulder. The woman catches him in her arms.

"Hello Pikachu, it's good to see you too. Where is my daughter?" The woman asks

"Are Tracy's mother?" Kat replies.

"Guilty as charged, I'm Tamika Blankenship. It's so nice to finally meet the both of you in person." Tamika answers.

"The pleasure is ours. Tracy is in her room we can take you there." Kat says.

"That would be great thank you," Tamika says.

They head back inside the base. Pikachu senses the nervousness welling up inside Tamika. He rubs her cheek to calm her down. Tamika pets his head.

Commander Cruger goes to the command center. Kat and Tamika walk into the common room.

"Stay put when I come back with your sister I have something important to talk about with the two of you." Tamika says.

She walks back over to Kat. They head to the girls room. When they get to the door, they hear Tracy crying. Kat knocks on it.

"Tracy, can we come in?" Kat asks.

"Who's with you?" Tracy replies.

"Your mom is here, and she wants to talk to you." Kat says.

"I don't want to talk to anyone right now. Leave me alone, please," Tracy shouts.

Tamika can tell how upset her daughter is by the tone of her voice. Tamika asks Kat to leave so she can try on her own to see if Tracy will let her in the room. Kat nods and leaves. Tamika tries one more time. Tracy finally gives in and lets her mom in the room. Tamika walks in the room. She sees her daughter lying face down on the bed crying into her pillow. She bends down next to her daughter. Tracy feels the comforting touch of her mom's hand as it rubs circles on her back. Five minutes later Tracy has calmed down and is sitting up in the bed. Tamika sits down next to her. She dries the tears from her daughter's eyes, "What's wrong sweetie?" Tracy hands her mom the photo album and explains the situation with Michael.

"First love can be very hard. I have been through this before with my first boyfriend, Horace Pacheco." Tamika says.

"Horace Pacheco?" Tracy asks.

"Yeah, he is a lot cuter than he sounds. I was madly in love with him. Then he got an internship to work in Italy." Tamika says.

"What did you do?" Tracy asks.

"I made the mature decision that we couldn't spend the time we were apart missing each other. I told him that we had to break up it was the only way we both could be happy." Tamika answers.

"Do you think that I should break up with Michael?" Tracy asks.

"I haven't met this boy. I'm not saying that you should but..." Tamika answers.

"Mom, please don't tell me to listen to my heart." Tracy says.

"Then what do you want me to tell you, sweetie," Tamika says.

"I want you to tell me that no matter what I do tell him that everything is going to be okay," Tracy says.

"Only time will decide that," Tamika says.

"Mom, I hate it when you go all fortune cookie on me," Tracy says.

Tamika chuckles at her joke. Then they leave the room.

They walk in the common room. Tamika is introduced to Sky. Then she tells him that she wants to talk to her daughters in private. Sky kisses Trisha on the cheek and leaves the room. The girls sit down on the couch.

"Mom, what do you want to talk to us about?" Tracy asks.

"We can't let you two be Rangers," Tamika answers.

"Why?" The girls ask.

Tamika tells the girls about the game of pool their great-great-grandpa Milo played against another man named Osvaldo. Their great-great-grandpa didn't know that Osvaldo was a sore loser and knew black magic. When Osvaldo lost the game, he placed a curse on his family. The curse made it if twins were ever born to his family. The twins would be taken away from their family and be trained for evil purposes by one of Osvaldo's decedents.

"What you're saying is that it's great-great grandpa Milo's fault that we can't be Rangers," Tracy says.

"Are you going to make me leave," Trisha asks.

"Yes Trisha, I'm sorry. It's not safe for you two to be together." Tamika says.

"There is no way I'm leaving now. Sky just asked me out." Trisha says

"I can't leave either. I'm needed here to help the others fight Grumm." Tracy says.

"Girls we are done talking about this. Trisha you are going to live with Aunt Manyalakshmi in Japan." Tamika says.

Thad walks in to take Trisha away. Trisha winks at her sister. Tracy takes a pair of handcuffs out and puts them on their wrists.

"Tracy, unlock those handcuffs now." Thad snaps.

"No, not until you say that Trisha can stay," Tracy says.

"I know your mom already apologized, but this is the only way," Thad says.

The parents drag their children to Kat's lab. Thad asks her to cut the chain connecting the handcuffs. After she cuts the chain, Thad asks Kat to call for Dr. Felix. Thad tries again to take Trisha out of the room. The girls shout the other's name as Trisha is dragged away. Tracy runs towards the door. When the door open Tracy sees Dr. Felix on the other side, he has a spray bottle in his hand.

"I'm sorry Tracy." Dr. Felix says.

Dr. Felix sprays the bottle in her face. Tracy breathes in the smell of strawberries, Tracy vision starts to get blurry. A few seconds later Trisha watches as her sister faints. Dr. Felix catches her before she hits the floor.

"What did you do to her?" Trisha asks.

"Relax Trisha; I just sprayed Tracy with a liquid form of a general anesthetic. She'll wake up in a few minutes." Dr. Felix says.

"You're not going to use that on me too. Are you?" Trisha asks.

"No Trisha. He won't but we need to leave now." Thad says.

Trisha fights with all her strength to not let Thad drags her the rest of the way out the doorway. When they reach the front door of the base, Trisha was walking on her own accord. They walk outside to Thad's car. They get into the car and drive to the airport. Meanwhile back in the recovery room, Tracy starts to wake up. She looks to her left and doesn't see her sister. She sees her mom.

"Mom, where is Trisha?" Tracy asks.

"She and your father are on their way to the airport." Tamika answers.

Tracy sits up quickly. She starts to feel light headed a few seconds later. Dr. Felix lays her back down in the bed. He tells her to calm down. Tamika sees a few tears start to roll down her daughter's cheek. She walks closer to wipe the tears away. Tracy turns away.

"Tracy, I know you're upset. Someday you'll understand that your father and I did this because we love you, girls." Tamika says.

"No, you don't. If you loved us, you and dad wouldn't have waited this long to tell us the truth." Tracy says.

"Tracy…" Tamika says.

"Just leave me alone." Tracy says.

Tamika knew that Tracy needs some time to cool down. They turn around and leave the room. The only thing Tamika hears through her daughter's tears is I want my sister back.
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Ch 23: Saying Goodbye and Special Assignments

Normal POV

Four days later Tracy walks into the common room. She gets breakfast for her and Pikachu and walks over to the couch. She sets the tray on the coffee table. Pikachu sits down next to it, and Tracy puts the bowl with his food in front of him. She sits down on the couch, and they start to eat a few seconds later.

I still can't believe, after I find the sister I never knew I had, our parents split us up. Tracy thinks.

They finish their breakfast a few minutes later. Pikachu picks up his bowl and sets it on the tray, and Tracy does the same. He waits for her to stand up before he leaps onto her shoulder. Tracy picks up the tray and walks over to the counter. She sets it down and turns around to leave the room. In the command center, Kat is working on one of the computers that is on the wall to the right of Doggie's chair. Commander Cruger is going through some old files. He sets down the file in his paws on the edge of the consul. A few seconds later Kat makes a disturbing discovery. She motions for him to have a look at it.

"What did you find Kat?" Cruger asks.

"I found another temporal wormhole. I'm afraid that I'm not the only one who knows about it too. I'm afraid Grumm does too." Kat answers.

"I'm not surprised that Grumm is doing this again. He is just as frustrated with S.P.D. now as he was in 2025." Cruger says.

"Do you want me to call the Rangers Sir?" Kat asks.

"No, Kat. I think Cadet Blankenship is ready for her first special assignment." Cruger answers.

Kat thinks that the commander has another motive behind Tracy's special assignment. Since Tracy's parents come to visit and told the girls that they couldn't be together because of the curse put on their family, Tracy has refused to be in the same room as her parents or even talk to them. Kat believes that Commander Cruger thinks that this special assignment will help Tracy clear her head of everything that has happened.

Tracy's POV

I'm walking around the base with Pikachu on my shoulder. I really miss Trisha. We've only been living together at the base for a month and a half. We became so close it was almost like we've never been apart. I feel ever more alone now that I told Michael to take his internship yesterday. He was leaning towards not going because he didn't want to leave me. I told him that his internship was a fantastic opportunity, and if he didn't take it, he would regret it. Today is the day we have to say goodbye. I go outside to meet with him in the parking lot. I walk into the lot. Once Michael sees me walking up he walks towards me. We stop right in the middle between his dad's car and the base. Pikachu jumps off my shoulder and stands next to my left foot. We stand in silence for a few minutes. I hear him swallow the lump in his throat.

"Are you sure that you really want me to go?" Michael asks.

"Yes baby, trust me the next three to six months will just fly by, you'll see," I say.

"I promise to call you whenever I can. I have something to remind you that I'll always be faithful to you." Michael says.

I place my hand on his cheek. I see him take a Stainless Steel Polished 8.5 inch heart charm bracelet (the heart has the word love carved into it) out of his pocket. Then he puts it on my wrist. It is so beautiful I'm trying my best not to cry as I take me hand away. As my hand leaves his cheek, he takes hold of it. He squeezes it gently. I look up at him, and our eyes meet.

"I'm going to miss seeing the way your eyes sparkle in the sunlight the most," Michael says.

I chuckle lightly then he pulls me in closer. Our lips touch, and we share our last kiss for the next three to six months. I want this moment to last as long as it possibly can, so I wrap my arms around his neck. He puts his free arm around my waist. The kiss deepens a few seconds later. The only thing that brings us back to reality is the sound of a car horn honking. We slowly back away.

"I guess your dad wants to get going," I say.

"Yeah, see you later angel. I love you." Michael says.

"I love you too," I say.

He turns around slowly, and our hands slide apart. After he gets to the car, his dad turns it back on. I watch it drive out of the lot. After the cars makes the right turn to head to the airport, Pikachu hops back on my shoulder, and I walk back inside the base. When I get inside, I hear Kat call me to the command center.

Oh come on, I already had to say goodbye to my boyfriend today. What's next?

Normal POV

Tracy walks in the command center. After she salutes, she puts her right hand in her pocket. Kat catches a glimpse of the bracelet as the lights in the room reflect off it. Tracy still is trying to wrap her mind around the fact that she and Michael just said goodbye. She tries to hide the fact that she feels like crying.

"Cadet Blankenship, I have a special assignment for you," Cruger says.

"Do you think that I'm really ready for this sir?" Tracy asks.

"Yes, I do. I believe that you and your Pokémon team are strong enough to do this." Cruger asks.

"What is the assignment anyway?" Tracy asks.

"Kat has found another wormhole deep in space," Cruger says.

"Grumm has found it too because there is a trace of Troobin energy inside the rim. The wormhole is believed to have the power to send someone back in time." Kat adds

"If Grumm goes back in the past and conquers Earth in the past, he will have already conquered it in the future," Cruger says.

"Be careful Tracy, the wormhole is only temporary. If you stay in whatever time the wormhole sends you to for too long, you may never be coming back." Kat warns

"Kat, you know that's not a very good selling point," Tracy says.

"I know that. I'm sorry, I just wanted to remind you of the seriousness of the mission." Kat says.

"Why should I go anyway? I mean whatever time Grumm goes to there is a team of rangers to fight him." Tracy says.

"Yes, I know that cadet. Remember the S.P.D. code and that particular Ranger team doesn't know how to fight Grumm off. You need to say your goodbyes and report to Delta launch in two hours." Cruger says

She salutes and leaves the room. Two hours later Tracy heads to Delta launch. Kat is standing in front of her ship. Tracy changes out of her uniform so she will blend in better in whatever time the wormhole sends her to.

"Hey Kat, what are you doing here?" Tracy asks.

"I wanted to wish you good luck on your mission, that's all. Don't have to worry about driving the ship; I reprogrammed the ship's computer with the coordinates of the wormhole." Kat says.

Tracy thanks her and she and Pikachu get on the ship. Tracy helps him buckle up. Then she straps herself in, and actives the autopilot and the ship takes off.
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Ch 24: Mystic Emergency

Tracy's POV

It didn't take long for the ship to get to the wormhole. The ship gets sucked into it. The sudden shift in gravity causes it to shake. Pikachu and I are a little shaken up after the gravity returned to normal. The ship lands softly twenty minutes later. I shake off the dizziness and look back at my partner.

"Are you okay, Buddy?" I ask.

He nods. I turn my head back around and look at the ship's computer. It says we were in 2006. I unbuckle my seatbelt and pick up my backpack. I walk over to Pikachu and undue his belt. He jumps into my arms. I tell him to act like a stuffed animal until I find the ranger team from this time or if we get attacked. He nods, and we leave.

Normal POV

Five minutes later Tracy enters Briarwood. She walks around a bit before she spots the sign for the Rock Porium on the side of one of the buildings in town. She decides to check it out. Inside the shop, Chip and Nick are restocking the CD racks. They hear the bell on top of the door ring as Tracy walks in. They look over at her.

"Dude, check out the cute girl who just came in." Chip says.

"I guess she is kinda cute. I would totally ask her out if she wasn't carrying around that Pikachu stuffed animal." Nick says.

"Nick, I haven't seen a Pikachu stuffed animal that looked that realistic." Chip says.

"Dude, do you think that it's real?" Nick asks.

"Yes," Chip answers.

"There is one way to find out. You should go over there and ask her." Nick says.

He pats Nick's shoulder and walks over to Tracy. Tracy set Pikachu down next to her on the floor. She goes through one of the CD racks closest to the door. The heart charm on her bracelet clanks as it hits the cases as they make contact with each CD case. She stops on a CD titled "Love Songs from Past to Present". Tracy picks it up to read the back cover. She starts reading it and stops when she gets to "Brown Eyed Girl" and sets the CD back on the rack. Then she tries to keep it together so not to blow her cover. She turns around and sees Chip.

"Hi. I'm Chip, are you ok you look a little sad." Chip says.

"Yes, I'm okay Chip. My name is Tracy by the way." Tracy says.

Chip looks down and sees Pikachu. He is starting to get restless, and his ears begin to twitch. Chip looks back up at her. He asks her if that Pikachu is real.

"No, it's just a life-like stuffed animal," Tracy answers.

She picks Pikachu up.

"Hey Chip, I still need you help with restocking," Nick calls.

Chip says goodbye and walks back over to Nick. They finish restocking the racks a few minutes later. They take the empty boxes to the back room.

"Nick, that Pikachu is real I just know it." Chip says.

"Chip, Pokémon aren't real," Nick says.

"When you first got here, you didn't believe in magic, and now you're is the red ranger." Chip reminds him.

"I know," Nick says.

Back in the store Tracy walks over to another stack of boxes. She checks to make sure that no one is looking. She sets Pikachu on the floor and winks. Pikachu stretched out. A minute later he leaps onto Tracy's shoulder and starts to rub her cheek. She cracks a small smile as she pets him on the head.

"Sorry pal, I know that it's hard. You won't have to keep this up too much longer I promise." Tracy says.

She takes him off her shoulder. He goes back into stuffed animal mode. She walks back over the CD rack. Chip and Nick are standing next to it. Chip introduces Nick to her.

"It's nice to meet you," Nick says.

"Same here, so I'll let you two get back to restocking the store," Tracy says.

"I can handle the rest of the restocking if you need help finding something," Nick says.

"It's okay, I can manage," Tracy says.

The boys say goodbye and head to the back room. Tracy looks around for a few more minutes before she leaves the store. She gets a few blocks away from the store. Necrolai lands in front of her. Pikachu jumps out of Tracy's arms. He stands in front of his partner. His cheeks are sparkling ready to launch an electric attack.

"Hello cadet, I'm Necrolai, the queen of the vampires. Grumm warned me about your and Pokémon." Necrolai says.

That confirms that Grumm is here. At least, he hasn't given her any krybot spheres. Tracy thought..

Necrolai fires her lasers at them. Pikachu uses Iron Tail to deflect the blast towards her. Meanwhile, at Rootcore Daggeron and Undonna are alerted to the attack when the crystal ball lights up. They run over to it. They see Necorlai attack Tracy and Pikachu again. Pikachu uses Double Team and Thunderbolt combination to destroy the blasts. Once they see Necorlai call for some hidiacs and styxoeds Daggeron tells Undonna to call the others. Daggeron morphs and leaves to help them.

Back in the city Tracy checks to make sure that no civilians are around. She sees the cost is clear. She takes out her morpher. Then she uses her blasters to destroy some of the hidiacs and styxoeds. Necrolai takes this opportunity to fly in and grab Pikachu. He calls for help.

"Hey, give me back my best friend. Before you find out what a close range thunder attack feels like." Tracy says.

Necrolai says that she is bluffing. Tracy tells her partner to use thunder. Pikachu is so exhausted from fending off the hidiacs that were attacking him. His attack only stuns her. Tracy finished off the soldiers, and she takes aim at Necrolai.

"Be careful, red ranger, if you fire your weapons at me. I'll blast your friend I know you wouldn't want it to be in worse shape than it is now." Necorlai threatens.

Tracy starts to think back to the day they met. Her trigger finger is shaking on the button. She is about to press down but takes her finger away. She remembered the most important job a Pokémon trainer has is to make the decision that their Pokémon's well-being is more important than winning. She puts her blasters away.

"You call yourself a Ranger haha that is a joke," Necrolai says.

Daggeron and the Mystic Force Rangers arrive. Chip sees Necorlai holding Pikachu in her hand. She is about to shock her. Chip decides to help and uses his magic staff to blast her. Tracy watches as her most trusted friend and partner defending quickly towards the ground. She sets her right hand on her belt and feels one of her Pokéballs.

Thank you, Kat. Tracy thought.

Tracy takes Beautifly's Pokéball from her belt. She tosses it into the air. A few seconds later the Rangers and Daggeron see the butterfly Pokémon emerge from the red and white sphere. They are mesmerized by what they just witnessed.

"Quick Sparkles, use your psychic attack to help Quick Draw," Tracy orders.

They watch as the butterfly Pokémon saves Pikachu. Sparkles guides him back over to Tracy and sets him in front of her. Tracy thanks Sparkles and puts it back inside her ball. Tracy picks him up.

You may have rescued your friend ranger. Let's see how you get yourself out of this. Necorali thought.

She fires another laser blast towards her. Tracy gets to her feet just as the blast reached her. She flies backwards and hits the wall. She lands on the ground demorphed, andQuick Draw rolls out of her arms. He lies next to her a few feet away. Daggeron tells the others to deal with Necorali while he and Chip help them. Quick Draw tried to get up as he sees Chip and Daggeron walking up. Tracy pushes herself up off the ground long enough just to faint a few seconds later. Chip bends down and picks up Quick Draw. He looks up and immediately tries to defend himself.

"Easy Pikachu, I'm a good guy I just want to help." Chip says.

Pikachu calms down and faints as well. Daggeron bends down to check Tracy's pulse. It was strong and steady. He rolls Tracy onto her back. Then he picks her up carefully. Meanwhile, with the Rangers Necorali is dodging their attacks. A few seconds later she flies away. The Rangers demorph and run over to Daggeron and Chip.

"Let's head back to Rootcore," Daggeron says.

The Rangers nod. Madison sees a necklace and bracelet on the ground. The heart pendant on the necklace says sisters four ever and the other one says, love. She picks them up and put them in her pocket. They head to the tree in front of the Rock Porium. They walk through it and head to Rootcore.

The Rangers walk into Rootcore Daggeron sets Tracy down on the bench. Chip gently sets Pikachu down on a pillow on the table. Undona does a healing spell on him. She says he'll be fine in a bit. Then she does the same spell on Tracy, and she walks over to the Xenotome podium. The Rangers sit around the table waiting for them to wake up.

Twenty minutes later Tracy wakes up. She sits up quickly and looks around the room.

So, this is what Rootcore looks like on the inside. I have to say not bad. Tracy thinks.

Tracy walks over to the table. The Rangers turn around to face her. Chip hands her back necklace and bracelet. She puts them in her jacket pocket. Chip moves to the side. She walks over to Pikachu.

"Is he going to be okay?" Tracy asks.

"Yes, Udonna used one of her healing spells on him." Chip says.

A minute later Pikachu wakes up, and he jumps up into Tracy's arms. She gives him a hug.

"I'm so glad that you're okay," Tracy says.

She lets him go and moves to her shoulder.

"See Nick, I told you that her Pikachu was real." Chip says.

"Just because it can jump doesn't mean that it's real," Nick says.

Pikachu leaps off of Tracy's shoulder. He moves his body to get ready to launch an electric attack. Tracy tries to stop him, but he already used Thunderbolt. The wooden floor of Rootcore helps Nick by absorbing the shock of Pikachu's attack.

"Nick, are you ok?" Xander asks.

"Yeah I'm fine," Nick answers.

"Sorry about that Nick, now do you believe that Pikachu is real?" Tracy asks.

"Yes," Nick says

"I'm sorry about keeping the fact that Pikachu was real a secret. I needed to stay undercover at the record shop." Tracy says.

"Why are you here in the first place?" Chip asks.

"I came here from the future because Emperor Grumm found a wormhole and traveled to your time so he can conquer the planet before my team is formed to stop him." Tracy answers.

The Mystic Rangers and Tracy spend the next few minutes coming up with a battle plan for when Necorali comes back. Meanwhile, on Grumm's ship Necorali is standing with a few of the monsters that Mora drew. She tells him what happened in the city. Grumm isn't surprised that Cruger sent one of his rangers to stop him. He didn't think that Cruger would send Tracy and her Pokémon. Necorali says she'll head back to the city in an hour. Grumm gives her several Krybot spheres along with some orange and blue head robots to help her too. Back at Rootcore, the Rangers watch Tracy doing some training with her Pokémon.

"Skitty, Shadow Ball and Pikachu, Iron Tail." Tracy says.

When Skitty's attack was close enough to him, Pikachu uses Iron Tail. He deflected it towards the Rangers by accident. Everyone dodges it, and the tree they were standing in front of gets uprooted when the deflected attack hits it. Tracy and her Pokémon run over to them. Tracy apologises for what happened.

"Don't worry about it Tracy. Man, you weren't bragging when you said about your Pokémon's strength." Chip says.

Nick looks down at his watch. He reminds his friends that their lunch break ends in ten minutes. The Rangers say goodbye and head back to work. Tracy resumes her training with Pikachu and Skitty. An hour later Tracy hears the dragon head open. She puts Skitty back inside her Pokéball. She turns around, and Udonna and Daggeron come out. Udonna says that Necorali is back and is attacking the park. Tracy thanks her for the information. Then she and Daggeron morph. Daggeron says that they'll get there faster if they ride on his magic carpet. Tracy nods reluctantly. He summons his carpet.

"Are you sure that it can carry the both of us?" Tracy asks.

"I'm sure. You're not scared are you?" Daggeron answers.

Tracy shakes her head no. Daggeron gets on first. He helps Tracy on and Pikachu leaps on too. He lands on Daggeron's shoulder. Then they fly off to fight Necorali again.

Tracy's POV

A few minutes later I got the hang of keeping my balance and used to the movement of the carpet. We arrive to see the Rangers fighting swarms of krybots. A group of krybots spotted us and fired at us. I tell Pikachu to use Double Team and Thunderbolt to clear a path. He leaps high into the air and does the attack combo. It destroyed the blasts and several krybots in the process. Daggeron and I jump off the carpet. I use my blasters to destroy the krybots. Daggeron uses his laser lamp to take out a few hidiacs and styxoids. One of the monsters helping Necorali charges in towards us. It moved so fast the next thing I knew it had Pikachu and me in it claws.

"I thought you and your electric mouse would pose more of a challenge than this." It says.

Quick Draw and I struggle to get free. The monster slowly tightens it grasps on us.Quick Draw screams out in pain. I start to gasp for air as its claw begins to crush my windpipe. A few seconds later I see the faint image of a Night Shade and Dark Pulse attack fly in. They hit the monster in the back.

The only Pokémon that know those moves are Gengar and Crobat. Those Pokémon belong to my sister so the only way that they are here. That means Trisha is here too.

The monster throws us towards a couple of trees. We are about to hit them hard, but we are slowed down by a Psychic attack. We're set down on the ground gently. I look up and see my sister running up to me.

"Trisha, what are you doing here?" I ask/yell.

"That's a nice way of saying thank you. Why didn't you ask me how I got here?" Trisha answers.

"Because I already know how you got here. We can argue later. How about we show Grumm and Necorali what the Blankenship sisters can do?" I say.

Trisha nods. Quick Draw and I get to our feet. Trisha lets Electra out of her Pokéball. We run back into the fray. We tell our Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. The combined attack destroys all the foot soldiers in front of us.

"Sis, can I use one of your blasters?" Trisha asks.

I hand her one of my blasters. We take turns blasting the next round of foot soldiers that charge in towards us. Then we turn our attention to the monster. We back up a few feet. I toss Inferno's Pokéball into the air, and Trisha tosses Loki's.

"Loki, Overheat." Trisha says.

"Inferno, Dragon Rage." I say.

The two attack meld together. We watch the monster absorb the attack as it hits it. Then it sends it back to us. I push Trisha out of the way. We roll and our backs hit a tree.

"Trisha, you can stand right?" I ask.

"You bet it's going to take more than a reflected fire attack to slow me down. Thanks for saving me by the way." Trisha answers.

Charizard flies over with our Pikachu on his back. Infernape runs over too. We tell our Pokémon that we're fine as we get to our feet. I ask my sister if any of her other Pokémon knew an electric attack. She says that her Ryhdon knows Thunderbolt. Trisha lets Ryhdon out. I tell me sister the plan. We have Infernape and Charizard use Flamethrower. After the monster reflects the attack back at them. We tell the fire types to take it because they won't take too much damage being hit by a Fire-type attack. Then the rest of Pokémon to use Thunderbolt. Trisha says that sounds like a good plan.

"Charizard, Infernape, Flamethrower." We say.

While the monster is distracted by that, I tell my Pikachu to use dig. Trisha tells her Pikachu to follow mine. The monster reflects the attack back just like I knew it would. The fire Pokémon withstands the assault. After I see our Pikachu pop out of the hole, I nod towards my sister.

"Thunderbolt, now," We say.

Pikachu and Rhydon launch their triple Thunderbolt. The monster flies backwards because it couldn't absorb all the energy. It got back to its feet but didn't have a scratch.

"I can't believe that it withstood a triple Thunderbolt." Trisha says.

"I know, but we can't give up." I say.

The rangers come up to us in Legend Warrior mode. Chip asks me if we could use some help/ I say yes. My sister and I let the rest of our Pokémon out. Daggeron cast a spell on all of us and the Pokémon. He says that the spell will boost their attack strength and ours as well. I thank him. Then I tell everyone the plan.

"Xander and Vida, Sunny and Sparkles will attack first. Nick, Inferno, and Loki are next, followed by Madison and Shell Shocker and then See Thru, Stoker, Big Sister and Ninja, and Trisha, Daggeron, Chip, and I along with Quick Draw, Electra and Rhydon will attack last. We have to attack right after another though got it. That way even if the monster reflects it the next attack will cancel out a part of the first or help the other one along." I say.

Everyone nods. Sunny uses Leaf Strom, Xander uses his magic staff attack, Sparkles uses Gust and Vida helps with her wind power. The monster tries to reflect it back. Nick and the fire Pokémon attack next. Inferno and Loki use Flamethrower. Nick uses his Phoenix attack. The fire cancels out the grass attack, but the wind makes the flames even stronger. Madison and Shell Shocker attack with their combined water attack. The monster tires to reflect to attack back. See Thru and Stoker's Hyper Beam, Big Sister and Ninja's Blizzard attacks cut through the water. The monster didn't have enough strength to reflect it back. After it hit Trisha, Daggeron, Chip, and I along with Quick Draw, Electra and Rhydon attack. Chip uses his lightning bolt attack from his magic staff; Pikachu and Ryhorn use Thunderbolt. Trisha and I fire the Delta Blaster at him, and Daggeron uses his laser lamp. The monster tires to get away but the rest of the Rangers and Pokémon attack again. The Mystic Rangers use the spell code that combines all their element attacks into a single blast. Inferno and Loki use flamethrower, See Thru and Stoker use Hyper Beam. Big Sister and Ninja use Blizzard, Shell Shocker uses Hydro Cannon, Rhydon uses Stone Edge, Quick Draw and Electra use Thunder, Daggeron uses his laser lamp, Trisha blasts him with the Delta Blaster, I go into S.W.A.T mode and use my Delta enforcer. The monster is destroyed as soon as the intense attack hits it. Then we turn out attention to Necorali.

"Mystic Force Rangers, this battle is not over. As for you SPD red ranger, I thought you would like to know that the wormhole is closing." Necorali says.

Necorali files away. I put my Pokémon away. Trisha follows suit. We demorph, and I thank them for their help. I tell Trisha that we need head back to the ship. We run away chip the ranger follow behind us. Trisha says outside while I get the memory eraser. I walk back out with it in my hand.

"Sis, do you have to erase their memories?" Trisha asks.

"Yes, it's for the best." I say

"Can't we use Jenji and wish to start the whole day over." Trisha asks.

"No," I say.

I push my sister towards the group, and Pikachu joins them. I activate the memory eraser. I quickly grab my sister's left wrist and pick up Pikachu. I walk backwards into the ship. I strap them in their seats. I activate the autopilot again and strap myself in my seat. Then the ship takes off, and we head back home.
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Ch 25: The Red Ranger's Terrifying Day

AN: This chapter is rated M for content and language

Normal POV

Six months later Trisha and Sky are walking back to the base from their date. Trisha tells him that she had a great time. Sky says the same thing. Meanwhile, on the west side of the city, Tracy is walking around. She is thinking about Michael. She goes past an ally. Marcus Downs, Davis Schmidt, and Nick Soto jump out. Marcus is around 5' 10'', has dark green eyes, long black hair, pale skin, and a very muscular build. Davis is 6'5'', has hazel eyes, short brown hair, cream-colored skin, and a thin build. Nick is 6' 7'', has blue eyes, curly red hair, tan skin, and an extremely muscular build.

"A beautiful girl like you shouldn't be walking around this part of the city by yourself," Marcus says.

"Your right Marcus, I heard someone likes to some incredibly inappropriate things to girls your age," Nick says seductively.

Tracy knew she needs to get away, so she turns around to run away. Davis grabs her right wrist and whips her back around. He slams her against the wall. Tracy kicks him hard in the groin. He lets her go and screams out in pain. Nick grabs her arm. She spins her arm in a windmill motion to try to break free.

== Welcome To SPD ==

Back at the base Sky and Trisha walk in the command center. Trisha asks Kat if she has seen Tracy. Kat says she did a few hours ago. Tracy told her that she went to patrol the far west side of the city.

"What is Tracy thinking? The far west side of the city is the most dangerous part of the city." Sky says.

"Why is it so dangerous?" Trisha asks.

"There's a group of three men that prey on young girls," Sky says.

"What they do to the girls," Trisha asks.

Sky whispers the answer in her ear.

"We have to get her before it's too late," Trisha says.

In the ally, Marcus uses cable ties to tie Tracy's hands and ankles together. The next thing Tracy sees is Davis take a pocket knife out of his jacket pocket. He uses it to cut the zipper off Tracy's hoodie. She screams fire at the top of her lungs in the hopes that someone would come to her rescue.

"Shut her up so we can get to work," Davis says seductively.

Marcus takes a bandana out of his pants pocket. He ties it around her mouth. Davis tosses the zipper down. He moves the rest of the hoodie away and cuts a rectangle around were Tracy's breasts are.

Tracy sees a creepy satisfied smile appear on Davis's face. She tries to scream, but the bandana makes it sound like a muffled whimper. Davis cuts her bra and puts his knife away. She feels him take it off a few seconds later. Marcus and Nick laugh as they see tears of fear streaming down Tracy's face. The cool air hits Tracy's bare skin it causes her to shiver. Davis leans in and whispers that her breasts are about to become hot and wet. A bunch of horrible thoughts runs through Tracy's mind. Davis backs away. Tracy feels Davis's strong hands cup her breasts. He starts to rub them together hard. A few minutes later Marcus and Nick decide they don't want to be left out. They slide in between her and Davis. Marcus rips away the rest of her shirt. Tracy squirm to praying that it would get Davis to stop, and prevent the other men from doing anything else. Her motions cause her morpher to open in her hoodie

Trisha POV

"Sky, we get going now." I snap.

"Calm down," Sky says.

"I can't calm down when my sister could be trouble," I say.

Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my breast, so I sit down.

"Trisha, what's wrong?" Sky asks.

"I thought the twin telepathy thing is a myth. Now I know it's true." I wince.

"Did Tracy take her Pokémon with her?" Sky asks.

"No," Kat says.

"Did she remember to take her morpher?" I ask.

"Yes," Kat says.

A few seconds later, R.I.C comes in the room with Quick Draw on his back. We hear a sound of muffled screams and other horrible sounds the receiver picked up from Tracy's morpher.

I get to my feet and say,"I'm coming too because I want to make those men pay for what they're doing to my sister."

R.I.C. barks and Pikachu lies down. R.I.C. runs out of the room. The pain in my breasts stops. The alarm goes off, and the others come in.

Commander Cruger's POV

"What's wrong, sir?" Bridge asks.

"There is a robbery at the gold depository." I answer.

"Where is Tracy?" Z asks.

"Tracy is in the far side of the city," Kat says.

I know how bad that area is when Z and Bridge patrolled it last week. Kat takes a box out of her pocket and hands it to Trisha. She opens it and sees another morpher that I asked Kat to make a week ago.

"Commander Cruger, are you sure about this?" Trisha asks.

"Yes cadet, you've been training here for half a year. I believe that you're ready to go out in the field." I answer.

Trisha thanks me for my kind words. I tell the team to go to the depository. Trisha asks what we are going to do about Tracy. I say that I'll get her. Trisha nods. The team morphs and leaves the command center.

Normal POV

Tracy never felt this helpless and scared in her life. Davis stopped crashing her breasts together. He rolls her right breast and kisses her left. Marcus is kissing her stomach and running his fingers along curves. Nick is about to slide his hand down her pants. She sees a blur of metallic silver knock the men away. R.I.C. stands in front of her. Pikachu hops off his back. He gets ready to launch one of his powerful electric attacks.

Thank God! Tracy thinks.

The men laugh as they see the robotic dog and electric mouse defending Tracy. Quick Draw uses Thunderbolt. The men jump back to avoid getting hit. Commander Cruger sees the electric attack as he enters the section of the city. He runs over towards it.

Cruger gets to the ally after the men escaped. He walks over to Tracy. Quick DrawPikachu uses Iron Tail to cut the cable ties. Cruger unties the bandana and helps her up. She pulls her hoodie back over her.

"Sir, I'm sorry." Tracy says in a raspy tone.

Pikachu jumps on her shoulder. He rubs her cheek to calm her down. Tracy tries to pet him with her free hand. The pain from the bruise on her elbow stops her.

"Tracy, this wasn't your fault. Let's head back to the base." Commander Cruger says calmly.

Tracy nods. He helps her up. She uses her left hand to keep her hoodie closed. Tracy stops while they were walking through the park. Commander Cruger stops too and turns around to face her. He sees the tears Tracy kept bottled up finally start to roll down her cheeks.

"Sir, how can any sick son of a ****** get enjoyment from doing what they did to me?" Tracy asks through the tears.

"I don't know. I promise you that everyone at the base will do what they can to find the men and arrest them." Commander Cruger answers honestly.

"Thank you, sir," Tracy says.

Quick Draw uses his paw to dry his partner's tears. They continue their walk to the base.