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Old December 5th, 2015 (3:30 AM).
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    Whassup guys! So I'm lookin to start an egglocke for an LP I'm doing. I would of genned my own eggs for it but figured that would be pretty lame. So I decided to see if anyone here wanted to help me out :D. If you're interested in making an egg all you've gotta do is download Pokegen, make an egg, and then send me the file. It's slightly more complicated than that but not much. If you need help figuring it out let me know or check out youtube, they've got a ton of quick tutorials. From there just send the file to my email - and I can handle the rest.

    Few notes:

    1.Each mon has to start at it's most basic form. If an arcanine pops out it's an illegal mon and I won't be able to use it :/

    2.You have to set the target game as HS/SS in the options.

    3.A mon can only have lvl 1 moves and egg moves appropriate to gen 4. Any other moves on it will make it illegal again Dx.

    4.Feel free to send a couple just incase! I don't wanna start up with too few eggs, cause that would be lame.

    5.No exact duplicates please ^^

    Welp that should about some it up. Feel free to send whatever comes to mind!
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    Old December 13th, 2015 (6:31 AM).
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    I'll go ahead and chuck this into Let's Play! If you're looking for any further help with a challenge or Let's Play you're wishing to start, post over there!

    Have fun!

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