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Snype and Rupert - Reunited, with another towel

Snype started to wander around the hotel room to see if he could catch up with Rupert since last time. He had a pretty good eye on all of Tollen and he of course was right in the castle. It'd be nice to know just what was going on so he could prepare for the future considering who the new king was. He didn't really know where the guy was but he could probably take a few good guesses if he listened around enough. The guy did love his showers... and he sure forgot to lock his door a lot. The guy was oblivious but he was smart at the same time... more or less. Maybe just turning a few random knobs would do the trick. Would be better then Shadow Sneaking through everyone's rooms and creeping in uninvited. Not while he was saving the world anyways... kehehehe. Sure enough, one of the doors did seem to be unlocked. After last time though Snype was going to be a lot more careful... he started by knocking the door and listening to hear if there was any noise. If the door was unlocked then chances are the guy didn't learn anything from last time.

The room seemed relatively empty, with normal furnishings. A teapot was just put on though, which meant someone was likely nearby. There could be faint humming coming from a doorway on the far end of the room, however. But the door itself muffled the sounds.

The Sabelye gave off a small shrug and walked on inside, should he knock on the door and let Rupert know he was here? It'd probably end up kinda awkward if he finished up without knowing. He may have just gotten in there recently... the Sableye ended up resting on the couch and getting himself nice and relaxed. He recalled he hadn't really had a chance to lay down on a comfortable piece of furniture since Beatruce... his whole body just seemed to relax and ease up as soon as he laid down on it. He shouldn't be napping in someone elses room but he was getting pretty close to passing out right then and there. "Kehehe... hope he takes his time. A break is pretty nice all things considered. kehehe..."

Not too long after, the door suddenly opened, and out came Rupert, with a towel in his hands but nothing else beyond that. He was humming lowly, before washing himself off, before he saw Snype on the couch and suddenly yelped loudly. "AAHHH!" He screamed in surprise.

Snype raised his brows and went red at the sudden sight of Rupert coming out. He was suddenly glad he didnt go for the door. He was getting a real sense of Deja vu now as he suddenly got a whole eyeful. "Ahhh! K-kehehe... uh... Heya Rupert! Still as big of a fan of hygene as ever huh?" The Sableye chuckled nervously. At this point he was kinda used to this though so he didn't really hide his vision. "Ya know your door was unlocked right? Kehehe."

"S-snype?" Rupert questioned with surprise. "Why must you always just barge in, sir?!?" Rupert quickly realized he was without any clothing and wrapped his towel around him quickly.

"Kehehe, wouldn't be the king of thieves if I came in expectedly huh? Besides, an unlocked door just invites visitors don'tcha think?" The Sableye chuckled as he sat up and got comfortable, tugging off his cloak and hanging it to the side to get some more room to stretch. "Kehehe... well nice to see you haven't changed much Rupert... in more ways then I thought I'd see." He joked, watching him wrap himself up. "Was wondering if that was just a Tollen thing or what not..."

"What was a Tollen thing?" Rupert questioned, still clutching his towel to cover himself.

"Uh... you know..." Snype just kinda glanced him over a bit and down at his towel. A bit of a contrast between the two seeing Snype wasn't wearing anything at the moment... but that was the norm for him.

"I... uh..." Rupert covered himself more, feeling even more embarrassed about Snype being unclothed. "You mean why we in Tollen wear clothing and are not uncultured like others?" He questioned, before biting his lip. "Uh... with respect of course."

Snype gave a small chuckle at that. "Kehehe... uncultured? That's one way to put it I suppose." The Sableye laughed. "We usually don't wear anything. No need to really! Unlike you folks anyways as I clearly saw." The Sableye chuckled. "Would be nice to learn about though! If I stay at Tollen am I gonna have to do the same thing and get some pants or something and wear towels? Guess I coouulldd give it a try!" He joked.

"Well... I mean... it is what is normal here, after all!" Rupert managed to state shakily. He was clearly uncomfortable with just a towel on, and Snype wearing nothing. "Uhm... p-perhaps you can put your cloak back on now?"

"Hmm?" Snype looked down at himself. "Kehehe, dang I got you uncomfortable? Don't see why... kehehe. A lot of the mon outside are wearing less then me after all!" The Sableye said jokingly as he stood up, turned around, and reached up to grab his cloak. "Tollen is such an interesting culture. Kehehe..."

"It's... d-difficult to explain," Rupert began. "After all we've only been in this setting for a short while so I suspect a lot from Tollen are adjusting. But as for you, it's just close proximity in such a... well, ahem... i-intimate environment."

"Kehehehe... right right. I'm just teasin ya Rupert!" The Sableye chuckled as he put his cloak right back on. "With the final battle so soon I gotta try to live a little bit before I go off risking my life like that you know? Chat with everyone that I can and say what I gotta before I head into the front lines. And even if I do make it out of that battle... I was considering spending some time away in Tollen myself, which is why I was kinda curious mostly. I felt pretty at home in Tollen when I was doing my missions back there ya know?"

"Ah... I see," Rupert responded as he sat on the edge of the couch, still covered in his towel. "Well, I am glad you find comfort in my home. It is quite an amazing country. With a rich history... I too want to return to it. But... I am frightened, to be frank."

"Frightened?" Snype asked, turning towards him. "Was meaning to ask how things have been going up there since I last visited. Been hearing concerned about Lord Arron and such. Part of another reason I wanted to hang out up there a bit too... kehehe... geez even when I need a vacation I gotta add some hidden job in there. Never a dull moment eh?"

"Oh, I-I did not mean to suggest anything about Llord Arron!" The Mr. Mime exclaimed. "I was concerned about the upcoming battle. As to Lord Arron, he has been quite an effective ruler. Terrifying at times, yes. But very effective. If I may be frank, and I hope our conversation does not leave these walls, our country has never ran smoother... but it has also never been more harsh."

"I suppose nothing can truely be perfect. But i'd call it an improvement from the last king nontheless. Guess its nothing for me to worry about right now with Darkrai at our door." Snype sighed, resting his head on the couch. "I gotta see it through to the end after all for Lyn- er... Guardia's sake after all. If you were in my shoes... er... cloak, what would you do if you were heading to the front lines to confront something like that? Anything you'd want to do beforehand if you had the opprotunity? I can keep a secret. I've gotten kinda famous for that in the group. For better or worse. Kehehe" He asked.

"If I were headed to face D-Darkrai?" Rupert stammered as he repeated Snype's question. "I... well..." His voice trailed off for a moment, before he calmed down a bit and smiled. "I would want to be with the one who means the most to me. That dear person in my life I care about the most." He concluded with a warm smile.

Snype smiled back at Rupert, pleased with the response. "Same here honestly... unfortunately for me I care about a lot of folks here. You, Isabella, the thieves, The Gold Tribe, Roran, Celebi, all of our allies. Guess that'd be why I'm making my rounds to talk with everyone I can. Just incase its the last chance I'll get ya know?" The Sableye stated out. "Kehehe. You're a good mon Rupert. Don't let anyone tell ya otherwise. After all, you matter right? Kehehe."

"I... I?" Rupert was about to answer, before he looked at Snype suspiciously. "I... I do matter..." He paled as he looked at Snype for a moment. "Ahem... yes, yes, thank you Snype. I believe you are a fantastic 'mon too. A truly noble 'mon to partake in this entire expedition to find Cresselia."

"Heheh... Noble huh? Not a word I'd match with a thief so that kinda means alot Rupert. Kehehe" The Sableye grinned. "I've made alot of mistakes on the way but guess its all turned me to the mon I am now at this point. I'll do what I gotta do to have you guys sleep comfortably at night by the time this is over. And I'll be sure to come home alive and have a proper celebration. Kehehe. I'll get everyone together for a fun time! But I'll worry about that when it comes... " Snype said, glancing over to Rupert once more. "Looks like ya still got your confidence in tact from last time too. Kehehe. Bet you'd be alot of fun at a party when it does happen!"

Rupert chuckled nervously. "Well, truth be told, I do not attend much of those celebrations, unless they are officially sanctioned by the crown, or are for political purposes. So I do not know how I would interact in those situations."

"Kehehe, aw just pretend its all those things pretty much! Take it as a chance to run a little wild! I know I'm sure looking forward to it when we win this war. Kehehe."

"Win this war... do you truly believe that we will win Snype?" Rupert asked the Sableye, seemingly with a bit of hesitation in his voice. "I, of course do not doubt your abilities, or your comrades... but... well..."

"Well not like we have much other choice do we? We either go in there and die trying for victory or sit on our asses and wath everything fall apart. Just seems like the obvious choice don't ya think?" Snype replied.

"I-I of course agree," Rupert stammered. "But my question was... do you believe we will win?"

Snype crossed his arms and leaned back in his seat. "...Yeah. I think we'll pull through." Snype said with a firm grin. "We've gotten this far and I'm confident enough in my group. We Got Cresselia all back together so already we got a good edge on our side... though... if I gotta be honest, I do feel pretty guilty about some of the screw-ups me and Able pulled in Karn. If we just played our cards differently maybe those generals wouldn't have died." Snype sighed.

"I... well I was not there to see it, but I think if I were," Rupert began, walking over to Snype and placing a hand on the 'mon's shoulder. "I am certain I would say that you made the calls anyone else would have made in that situation. No situation is perfect. But what we have now? It's a fighting chance. And I do believe if it had not been for your small group, we would not have it."

"Kehehe... I s'pose so. I've had more then enough of my fair share of blunders on this adventure. I think the only smooth run I've had is with Tollen. But I suppose what we do have is a lot better then just leaving it alone." The Sableye looked over to Rupert. "Just a shame I can't go back and fix all those mistakes somehow. Keheheh. But guess everyone wishes they could do that huh. I dunno I'm thinking too much before the big battle. I'm getting used to having all of this pressure. Kehehe. Guardia would kill me if I kept complaining like this."

"Well, I would not presume to know what Lady Guardia would say or not say, but if she would metaphorically kill you if you did keep complaining, then perhaps... you should not?" Rupert chuckled nervously.

The Sableye laughed. "Kehehe, I keep forgetting you're not quite in my inner circle like the others are huh? You're right though. I'm the gosh dang King of Thieves! I'm a big deal!" The Sableye laughed, giving the Mr. Mime a playful nudge. "And I know I have a lot of folks counting on me out there. And not just the thieves."

"Well... of course!" The Mr. Mime chuckled. "I of course do not wish to put any unwanted pressure on your shoulders, but... well, the world is counting on you."

"Kehehe, yeah. When I was knocked out back in Beatruce I got a few letters from folks counting on me too. Kehehe. I keep em around and read em over to remind myself who I'm fighting for and all ya know? kehehe... for now I spose it'd be better to just breathe before we get mixed into things. I got some choice words for Darkrai when I see him again." Snype smirked, giving the Mr. Mime another playful nudge. "How bout you? If you could talk some smack toward Darkrai what would you say? Humor me here!"

"Talk to D-Darkrai?" Rupert stammered as he placed a hand to his chin. "Well... gosh, I never thought of it..." He pondered, and as he did, his towel slipped from around his waist to the floor, though the Mr. Mime didn't realize it.

"Kehehe! I'd probly come up with a good variety of curse words and maybe make up my own if I had a really good chance at it! Kehehe!" the Sableye laughed, glancing down as he saw that towel fall right on down in a familiar fashion. He didn't seem too amused though. This guy could walk out the door and probably never notice. He tried to hold back his blush from that eyeful and tried to just focus on the conversation... "Kehehe, comon if you stood up to him and could say anything right to his face with no consequence what would ya spurt out? Kehehe! Be a little bold!"

"I... I couldn't be sure," Rupert continued to think, completely oblivious to the towel which had fallen. "Probably a cry of vengeance for my homeland, I think!"

"Kehehe, sounds solid for a bold fella like yourself eh?" The Sableye snickered at his obliviousness, trying his best not to glance down. "I'd probably go and do the same in your shoes. Kehehe. Just gotta stand proud and speak it out to em! Show him whos boss! Kehehe"

"Why... yes yes!" Rupert exclaimed proudly. "And that is precisely what I shall do! Erhm... hypothetically speaking, of course," The Mr. Mime concluded.

Snype laughed up at him. "Course course. You can leave the fighting to us. I'll let em know for ya instead kehehe" The Sableye smirked back at him.

"I shall leave it to the ex-" Rupert suddenly looked down and realized his towel had come off. He quickly squealed quite loudly and grabbed the towel off the floor to cover up.

The Sableye laughed at him. "Kehehehe, aw took ya long enough. I appreciate the gesture but I'm taken. But I guess that's one way to get used to things around here huh?" The Sableye laughed. "I don't remember the last time we met where you were clothed. Kehehehe. I think I've gotten used to this by now. Nothin to be ashamed of. Not like anyone else is here. Kehehe. Thought coming in without my cloak would have been a good gesture to that." Snype laughed.

"M-m-my apologies, sir!" Rupert managed to stammer out. "Why did you not say anything earlier?!"

"Kehehe, this is like, what, the third time? I've kinda gotten used to it at this point. Doesn't phase me anymore honestly! Kehehe. May as well not even be embarrassed. You did say you wanted to try and get used to things around here and all right?" Snype chuckled.

"I... I did not mean it like this!" Rupert exclaimed nervously. "I... think I need a moment now, if it is alright with you, sir."

The Sableye chuckled and sat back on his seat, looking at Rupert with a wide grin. "Kehehe, sure sure big guy. Do whatcha gotta do!" The Sableye snickered. "Ya know though, if your gonna walk around your room naked you should prrrooobobly lock the door before someone walks in eh?"

"I... will take that into consideration," Rupert muttered, as he raised his towel higher across his body. "Perhaps a wise thing to do..."

The Sableye tilted his head as he put the towel higher across his body. "Kehehe... no need to be so self conscious Rupert! You're fine. I mean, its not like anyone else has done this yet. Er... right? " Snype said.

"I suppose not..." Rupert chuckled nervously. "No one is quite as... err... open with their door policies as you, Lord Snype."

"Kehehe, I spose not! I'm kinda numb to it at this point trust me. Kehehe. " The Sableye smiled up at Rupert, poking at him a bit. "Dunno how I can make up for it... maybe I'll help ya hook yourself up with a girl after the war too eh? Maybe they'll like a bold fella like yourself. Kehehehe"

"Oh, I have a beautiful wife back in Tollen, actually," Rupert beamed happily. "I'd love to introduce you sometime, if you ever do return to our nation after all of this."

"Oh ya do? Kehehe. Well go you Rupert!" The Sableye said happily. "Does she catch you with the door open sometimes hmm?" He teased with a playful wink. "Kidding kidding. Kehehe its getting a little easy to tease ya for that at this rate kehehe!"

"No, no!" Rupert exclaimed. "She's absolutely modest. And most certai- ah, you jest of course," He chuckled nervously. "I suppose I should get used to that with you!"

"Kehehehe! Of course! You should definately expect the unexpected with me! I am the king of thieves after all. Kehehehe..." The Sableye smirked as he got a fun little idea. With the final battle approaching so soon he figures a little playfulness wouldn't hurt. The Sableye mischiviously reached up and yoinked the towel off of Rupert unexpectedly. Course he was never great at noticing this but it seemed like a fun thing to do. "Kehehe!"

"BAAAAAH!" Rupert yelled immediately, ducking behind the couch. "Why would you d-d-do that?!"

"Like ya said, prepare for the unexpected Rupert! This battle is going to have plenty of that right?" The Sableye said, waving the towel around teasingly. "The battle could stretch out to here at anytime so you gotta be able to fight back for whats yours am I right? Kehehe!" The Sableye stuck his tongue out. "Ya got family to protect after all. Kehehe! So hope you're ready for the unexpected! And especially hope your ready to fight back for what belongs to you. Kehehe."

"This is not funny, Lord Snype!" Rupert yelled from behind the couch. "Return my towel to me, p-please!"

"What I'm serious! Kehehe!" The Sableye grinned. "Aren't you psychic or something? You can just snag it back! Kehehe... geez your too easy Rupert!" Snype said as he hopped on top of the couch and tossed the towel into his face.

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Snype and Queen Aleena- Training

After doing a few errands, Snype made his way to check on the thieves. He hadn't heard word of the queen being ready yet so he had to make sure himself at this point. He couldn't exactly sneak around with the queen if she was dressed so formal so he requested that the thieves put together something a little more light for her. More thief like anyways. On top of that, Snype had to take a bit of time to train her so that she wasn't completely helpless on her own. He couldn't accept any dead weight, especially when they were as important as Cresselia.

Snype walked to the meeting point outside of town. There, Stretch and Rett had just finished putting on an outfit for the Queen. Aleena had discarded her long, flowing royal gown for a dark cloak blending in with the surrounding darkness.

"Ah! Snype!" Stretch squeaked. "Just in time, we got her Highness all sorted!"

"Kehehe, good work! Lets see..." The Sableye walked up to the Queen and took a good look around her to see the proper Dark cloak a thief was known for. "...Keheheh, well well well you look like a proper thief now don'tcha? How do ya feel? Comfortable enough to move around more freely hopefully?" Snype asked, crossing his arms.

"I... I am not used to it," Queen Aleena answered lowly.

"Ah well sounds about the answer I expected Aleena." Snype said, completely abandoning the formalities. "But this is exactly why I'm here training ya. We can't have "Not used to it" when we're sneaking into Darkrai's turf you know? I'm confident you'll be able to pick things up pretty quickly!" Snype smiled. "Have ya ever gotten yourself into a fight before?"

"She's never fought," Commander Elewyn answered for Aleena. The Royal Commander was standing to the side of the group, full clad in her Royal Knight armor while crossing her arms and looking at Snype. "And you would do well to remember to refer to her by her title."

"L-Lady Elewyn..." Queen Aleena stated bashfully.

"Kehehe, well as of now, the Queen here is one of the thieves! No need to any fancy titles if we're sneakin around and all ya know? Course if miss Aleena here would perfer as much then I'll keep to the title. Kehehe." Snype grinned. "Anyways... not having fought a battle isn't too big of a deal. If we're doing a stealth operation then we shouldn't be getting into a fight anyways. But just in case, I want to see what I'm working with." Snype said, standing back and readjusting his cloak. "Show me what moves ya know. Hit me with all you got." Snype said. "Don't worry about hurting me. I got some rations to get me back on my feet should we need em. Kehehe."

"Again, she has never fought," Commander Elewyn interjected. "And she will not fight. And as long as she is my Queen, you will address her as that. I won't have you disrespecting the Queen just because you come from a different... lifestyle."

"L-Lady Elewyn," Queen Aleena implored. "It is alright."


"I believe I must do this," Queen Aleena stated to the Ampharos Royal Knight, this time more confidently. "But I'm afraid in terms of offense," She said to Snype. "I am fairly limited. I do not do normal battle beyond some lessons I received."

"Heheh, lessons eh? Well how bout ya demonstrate your lessons?" Snype smiled. "Take it from me. I don't pack a punch but I got my own ways of winning fights. Its just down to finding out how you can win your own battles. That's what I'm here to teach ya. Kehehe" Snype grinned. "Even if offense is't your strong suit, you got a strength somewhere we can use in our operation for sure. So lets see whatcha got. Kehehe"

Aleena nodded and stepped forward somewhat nervously. She held out a handle, and launched a set of leaves from her palm. The rainbow-colored leaves fluttered in the air elegantly before seemingly all in unison striking toward the Sableye, a fully formed Magical Leaf.

Snype held out his arms and attempted to resist the incoming leaves, getting a few cuts here and there from the incoming attack. "Kehehe, not bad. Ya definately know how to roll with it. Kehehe. Could definately put some hurt on some unsuspecting mon. Or better yet, use that range to trigger any kind of long range device should we need to. Sneaky stuff ya know? Kehe. Alright, lets see some more!"

"S-some more?" Queen Aleena questioned. "Well truthfully, that's my only attack move, but..." She held up her arms, and vines began to rise from the ground and attempt to grab at Snype in order to begin the Leech Seed.

"Hngh! Kehehe... ahh well either way, I'd still like to see what else ya bring to the table. Leech Seed eh? That could be useful. Kehehe. Could probably bind some unsuspecting mon with that... good good! Lets see the other moves!" Snype said.

Feeling reassurred, Queen Aleena smiled and raised her arms. A low hanging mist began to formulate around Snype as the Florges attempted to unleash a Stun Spore on him.

The Sableye took the hit from the stun spore, feeling his body suddenly numb up. "Kehehe... and stun spore? Geez you got the thief dream kit on ya so far!" The Sableye laughed, reaching into his bag and quickly munching on a proper berry so that the paralysis didn't hit him too hard. "Not bad so far... kehehe. Ya definately got a handy kit on hand."

Aleena smiled with a sense of accomplishment. "Thank you," She answered the Sableye. "Now what should I learn about going forward?"

"Kehehehe, next?" The Sableye stepped up to Aleena, munching on another berry to help get rid of the status he just was hit by. He'd need to remember to stock on these for their trip. "I gotta admit, fitting in a bunch of lessons in a single day is gonna be rough. Kehehe. I could teach you how to defend yourself... some strong attacks, etcetera." Snype said, holding up his hand and pointing up to her. "Overall, I just want to make sure you can keep yourself alive. Our mission is to escort you but I want to be sure you can help us all the same miss Aleena. And I think you the set of tools to make for a good thief with enough practice. Kehehe." The Sableye grinned as held out a small coin. "Try and steal this from me. Kehehe."

"S-steal?"Aleena repeated.

"Is this really necessary?" Elewyn cut in as she looked at Snype skeptically with crossed arms.

"You missed your chance." Snype said as he clutched onto the coin and quickly moved forward and held out his claws dangerously close to Aleena and pulled her close by the cloak. "Opportunity is an important part of stealth. If you hesitate or question it too long, you might not be alive very long. Keheheh. Sometimes it can't be helped though. Someone might corner you like this and catch ya off guard." Snype explained. "If that coin was a key to a locked room that we'd need then our plan would instantly become ten times harder if we missed such a prime opportunity."

"Watch it, Snype!" Elewyn threatened as she moved in, but Aleena held her hand up.

"Wait, Elewyn!" Aleena shrieked. "I... I need to learn this," to Snype. "Please.... continue."

Snype simply gave off a confident grin. "Loving your determination. Kehehe. I can see why your people care for you. Anyways let's continue. You missed your chance to snag the key from my hand. Its somewhere on my person now. Kehehehe. Its perfectly possible to steal it though if you can figure out how though. The answer may not be obvious immediately. You may need to take them out immediately. Maybe you can use stun spore or some form of sleep move to knock them out and strip them of their belongings. Or if your really sneaky you can take it without them even noticing. Kehehe. Depends on your type. Ghost's got it easy being able to fade through and just snag it carefully... well most ghosts anyways. Ya might have " Snype smirked. "This is just basic thievery though. Lets see what you come up with and I'll show you how I get it done. Deal?" Snype said with a wide grin. He didn't really leave any hints where the coin in his hand suddenly dissapeared to. He had clutched it tightly in his hand earlier but there was no indication of where it ended up.

Aleena listened carefully to Snype and nodded along as he talked. Commander Elewyn meanwhile backed away from the Queen and watched cautiously. When Snype finished, Aleena hesitated, but only for a brief moment, before she took in a deep breath and placed her hands in front of her. She then unleashed a row of spores aimed at Snype, attempting to target him with a Stun Spore.

Snype got himself hit with the move or rather he let himself at least to get the point across. An average grunt would easily fall for that kinda thing he figured. "Kehehe, better be quick or I might go callin for help! I'm Paralyzed but I can still talk!" Snype snickered as he dropped to the floor.

Quickly and frantically, Aleena darted towards the fallen Sableye and looked around for any sign of the coin he had previously shown her. She moved across her bag and tried to find something, panicking a bit as she did. "... where is it...?" He muttered quietly to herself as she tried to find the coin.

"...Kehehehe, I wouldn't be so naive as to leave something so important in an exposed bag like that. Maybe our targets will but might have to think outside the box ya know? I"ve had folks put important items in some... unsavory places before..." The Sableye grinned widely. Alot longer then he would have normally too... he shuffled around slightly as well. Maybe it was a vauge hint? "It's a little easier if I'm knocked out cold but lets assume you find a way to pull that off. You got the other thieves for backup there."

"Snype!" Commander Elewyn shouted from the side. "Where are you insinuating her Highness must search?!"

"Geez Chill kehehehe. I'm not insinuating anything. I doubt Darkrai's goons are gonna be THAT clever." The Sableye snickered. "But getting your hands dirty is part of the job sometimes. And doing it cleanly as well is another. If I'm knocked out it shouldn't be too hard right?" The Sableye's teeth seemed to have a small glimmer in it... and Snype was having a bit of trouble making clear sentances.

"It's okay, Lady Elewyn..." Queen Aleena began, as she noticed the glimmer and slurred speech. She quickly unleashed another move, a Sleep Powder, on Snype, enough to temporarily knock him out, or at least get him drowsy. Hoping it was enough, the Queen then quickly opened the Sableye's mouth and searched for where she suspected the coin was located.

Searching inside a sleeping Sableye's mouth wasn't exactly pleasent but never was stealing. Snype hid the coin right under his large tongue to make sure he didn't accidentally swollow it. It was a bit of a common technique for folks who REALLY didn't want their stuff stolen, expecially little things like keys. Snype was totally passed out thanks to the sleep powder so there wasn't much he could do in that regard. Someone would probably have to wake him up though... he WAS vulnerable like this after all.

"I... I got it!" Aleena exclaimed happily, as she held her arm victorious in the air, with the coin in her hand. "I did it, Lord Snype, look!" She continued, looking down to see Snype apparently out cold. "Ah... L-lord Snype?" She gently shook his shoudler in an attempt to awaken the Sableye.

"Mmmnngghh... mmmm... just a few more minutes..." Snype yawned as he woke up, noticing he suddenly didn't have that coin left in his mouth anymore. The coin was of course covered up in drool and wasn't exactly pleasent to hold onto but victory was victory. "Kehehe... not bad there... didn't think you'd have the spine to reach in there. But you forgot one important step. You got the item, but what happens after I wake up if you leave me here on your own? Kehehe. Got a plan for that? I can still call for help and warn others. Usually I'll tie them up, Gag them, or lock em in some secluded spot and strip them of any other important belongings. Berries, clothes if neccesary, valubles, depends on if I have the time to do so or not. Being too greedy is an easy way to get caught but being to passive can hurt ya long term." Snype said, sitting up. "For example, having the ability to put someone to sleep is valuble. Honestly in that state. you could have stolen everything that I had and got away with it. It was pretty potent honestly. Kehehe. Your lucky to have that kinda stuff on ya."

"Ah... I understand," Aleena listened along and nodded as Snype explained what she ought to be doing. "I did not think of that. But in the coming battle, is it something I ought to try and be doing?"

"Kehehe, definately something to consider if you manage to incompacitate someone like that. Just be careful if a Pokemon has their own native defenses such as electric Pokemon using their static while unconcious. You could use your vines I suppose. Imagine, if you snagged my stuff while I was unconcious" Snype held onto his cloak and pulled it open to unwrap and show a few of the trinkets he had in it. He had of course his berry pouch, a notepad with valuble information no doubt and a few other compartments with potential items to assist Snype in his work. "Kehehehe, all this stuff, including some extra supplies for the road ahead. Maybe cash if your lucky." Snype winked.

"Ah, I see," Aleena nodded. "Very resourceful."

"I doubt she'd need the cash," Elewyn murmured.

"It is still a useful technique to learn," Aleena beamed brightly. "I will try not to be too much of a burden in the fight to come." She nodded at Snype happily. "I will do my best."

"Kehehehe, you're getting the hang of it. Everyone has their own couple of techniques here and there..." Snype said, walking over to Aleena and patting her on the back. "But of course, they may have folks who will try to do the same to you. Ready for that possibility?" While Snype was saying this, he was being his slippery self and stealing the necklace around her neck. Snype was curious to see if she'd catch on to those little thieving claws and defend herself. "I say we should put this to the test. See if you can get the basics nailed. Why don't we try to steal from someone around camp? You know me so its easy to do but how about anyone else? Kehehe... Maybe Elewyn? She might have her guard down around you though... may be too easy..." Snype whispered.

"I... what?" Aleena questioned, oblivious to the necklace around he being stolen. She whispered in response. "W-what should I do?"

"Please remove your hand from the Queen, Snype," Elewyn called out from her spot. "It is not appropriate behavior with the Queen."

Snype nodded to her, carefully slipping the necklace into his cloak. "Well for starters, you should notice what I just stole while sweet talkin ya. Kehehehe. Now your back to square one! There's other slippery foes out there too and you gotta be ready to fight back. Maybe using your spores defensively would be an idea.... kehehe" The Sableye smirked. "Hmmm... actually... maybe trying to steal from someone else could mix those two lessons into one... kehehe. Whatcha think?" Snype said back.

"Ah... ah!" She exclaimed in surprise as she realized her necklace was gone. "When did you do that?" She asked in surprise. "Who... who should I try to steal from, my lord?"

Snype couldn't help but blush a little being called something so fancy like "My lord" from the queen herself. "Hmmm... Elewyn would drop her guard around you... definately think we should look for someone else nearby. Hmmm ohhh actually... I got a fun idea. How bout the fine gents who helped ya get the thief look down? Maybe stretch hmm? Might be a bit challanging for ya... kehehe"

"S-stretch?" Aleena repeated. "You mean the member of the Brotherhood from my country...? D-do you not think... he is a little too advanced for my skills?"

"Kehehe... just a bit! I wanna see whatcha try to pull off on someone as experienced as that. We are making a pretty big jump in the mission after all. I've never tried stealing from the guy so see whatcha come up. I guarentee you'll learn something out of it." Snype grinned.

"Well... i-if you think its best," Aleena nodded.

"Don't put her in any danger now, Snype," Elewyn warned.

"Elewyn the whole point of this to prepare her for danger. Or better yet, avoid the danger being we're sneaking in. Kehehe. If she isn't ready then that's just whats going to happen." Snype said, looking back to Aleena. "Kehehe, All you. Steal as much as you can from the little guy head to toe!" Snype chuckled.

"I... I got it!" Aleena exclaimed.

Snype, Elewyn, and Aleena roamed quietly around the quaint Selar Village. Most of the warriors were off in the camps outside the city, so there wasn't much in terms of noise. Usually, Aleena would stand out, but given the cloak Snype gave her, they blended in. Eventually, they came across a group of thieves. Stretch, Rett, and Joseph all appeared to be training some other members in the upcoming mission.

"No, no!" Stretch squeaked at a Tailow. "You have to be faster, or you'll be checked by a Darkrai goon, easy!"

"It has to be a quick in and out motion," Rett explained to the other thieves. "Don't be stupid! Be stupid, and you'll be dead."

"Ugh!" Stretch whined. "Joe, Rett, you guys take over, I'm gonna get a drink by the pond."

"Don't drown," Joseph teased Stretch as he walked off.

"I'm not gonna drown, you doofus!" Stretch piped at the Houndoom.

Aleena looked back at Snype, wondering if she should follow. "Should I...?"

"Kehehe, all alone getting a drink? Sounds like a perfect chance for an abush don'tcha think? Tail him a bit and then take action. Kehehe" Snype grinned.

Aleena nodded and followed along silently, making sure to keep some pace between herself and Stretch. The little spinarak walked across the streets, mumbling something to himself about Rett making fun of him. Aleena sweated heavily, trying not to get too close to him. The Spinarak stopped at one point, looking around for a second. Aleena stopped and hid quickly behind a home. Stretch turned around for a second, before shrugging its torso and moving on. Eventually, the Spinarak was at a small pond, taking a sip of water. Aleena, in the meantime, was hiding behind a tree, trying to must up the courage to make her move. She was sweating and hesitating, wondering when was the best moment.

"Kehehe, lets see what happens..." Snype thought to himself.

Aleena still could not budge, seemingly too afraid she would mess up. She took, however, one long look at Snype, took a deep breath, and after a few more seconds, twirled from around the tree. She instantly shot a stun spore at the drinking Stretch.

"Eh... wha-!" Stretch began as he suddenly fell motionless to the floor by the pond. "Damn! I thought I heard something!" He squeaked, trying to get a look at his attacker. "Who the... Queen?" He saw Aleena approach and quickly rummage around Stretch's cloak pockets. "What the.... heck?!"

"I am sorry, Lord Stretch," Aleena apologized as she finished rummaging Stretch and departed. "I assure you I will return this to you!"

Stretch looked on silently, completely in shock at what was happening. "I must be dreaming," He muttered to himself, as Queen Aleena turned and darted away, running as fast as she could.Even if Stretch did want to chase after her, it seemed as if he was too surprised to do so.

Snype nearly busted out laughing. Snype honestly didn't expect her to pull it off! Nor did he expect her to play it so clean. Maybe Stretch was a bit easier then he expected! They were all caught off guard by the Queen stealing from them. "Kehehehe, ya made that look real easy Aleena. So what kinda goodies did ya snag from him?" Snype asked.

"I... thank you!" She exclaimed excitedly. "It was... quite the thrill, I must say," Aleena looked over what she snatched in her hand. There was a folded cloth, a bag of coins, apparently, and a crumpled up note. "This appears to be everything."

"Kehehehe! Well not a whole lot in there.. I don't really wanna pry into Stretch's personal belongings and uh... probly shouldn't leave him stuck like that. We do need our thieves after all. But hey, remember that thrill! That's the reward of being a thief! The excitement of pulling it off! I'm thinking maybe I went a little too easy on ya! Maybe we should try some of the others while we're ahead huh? Kehehehe!" Snype said happily.

"I think she's done quite enough for now, don't you?" Elewyn interjected.

"But... But I will need to be ready for the battle ahead," Aleena protested.

"And I believe you will be," Elewyn replied with a smile. "But you must prepare in more than one way for what lies ahead, your Highness. And you must get a good rest too."

"I... I suppose..." Queen Aleena murmured. She glanced at Snype and smiled. "Thank you for showing me this. I... well, I quite enjoyed it."

"Kehehe... Elewyn is right. As much fun as it is to teach someone so talented, getting rested up before the big day would be good. But hey if you need another crash course in thieving feel free to give me a hollar. I'll be glad to sneak in a few more tricks. Ah... right, your necklace, you'll probly want this back won't ya? Kehehehe..." Snype said with a sharp glimmer in his eye. "I tease, here ya go. Kehehe. You've had a pretty decently long day as is. I wish I had more time to train ya but your pretty talented at this so far. Just got to work on the nerves. Practice a little with the others if ya get the time to." Snype said, handing over the necklace to her.

"I... yes," Queen Aleena took the necklace from Snype and looked down at it curiously. "T-thank you again, Snype. For everything."

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Dynamo, Rosellia, Male Level: 15
Moves: Spikes, Stun Spore, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Growth

Buster, Marill, Male Level: 11
Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Belly Drum, Tail Whip, Tickle

Knox, Sandygast, Female Level 10
Moves: Absorb, Astronish, Sand Attack, Destiny Bond, Ancient Power
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