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Old August 16th, 2006 (12:32 PM). Edited August 24th, 2006 by Kalylia.
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    Okay, so I've noticed that this place is totally lacking a good reviewer, or just good reviews in general. So, I'm now taking it upon myself to start reviewing fanfics. I'll have a sign-up list that I'll update. I'll take five at a time right now, and when school slows down a little in the winter, I'll up the list to ten fics at a time. I'll update this first post as I clear out people's fics.


    1. Sapphire Persian -- Metamorphosis
    2.Sapphire Persian -- The Ties that Bind

    The following is the template that I'll be using to "grade" the fanfic in question.

    Basic Grammar: 10 points
    Punctuation: 5 points
    Sentence Variation: 5 points

    20 possible points

    General Writing

    Creativity: 10 points
    Word Choice: 5 points
    Dialogue: 5 points
    Character Portrayal: 5 points
    Descriptions: 5 points

    30 possible points


    I'll paste that template in, and then show what you get out of 5 or 10 points, and then 20, 30, and 50 points.

    What do all of those things mean? Glad you asked!!

    Basic Grammar: Things like subject/verb agreement, avoiding fragments and run-ons, proper spelling, using adjective and adverbs correctly, etc.

    Punctuation: Proper use of periods, question marks, exclamation points, commas, colons, semi-colons, spacing, quotation marks, parenthesis, underlines, bolds, and italics.

    Sentence Variation: Using different lengths of sentences, keeping the pattern smooth, adding different phrases and clauses…

    Creativity: Using new and exciting characters and situations, creating original settings, characters, or perhaps even Pokemon!

    Word Choice: Using exciting and well-thought-on words to accurately depict settings, characters, events, actions, and thoughts.

    Dialogue: Using exciting dialogue that fits the character talking and differs with emotions.

    Character Portrayal: How you introduce a character and his/her attributes, whether they stay in-character, and if you are using cannon characters, if THEY stay in-character.

    Description: How well and often you describe people, events, places, actions, and thoughts.

    So, sign up, and I'll review!

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    Old August 17th, 2006 (4:55 PM).
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      well ok
      im working on a fanfic right now and i was hoping to get a review of the first chapter..maybe i can get inspired to continue. do you think you can review my first chapter? if so please send me a message to my control panel.

      Thank you

      Lost memory- Will he do it?
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      Old August 23rd, 2006 (12:43 PM).
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        Okay, well, I reviewed evilmetal2004's fic. I'm not going to bite, people. Come on. If you'd like a good review of your fic, more than just the two/three lines most people who read it gives, sign-up. I promise to work hard on the review!

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        Old August 24th, 2006 (12:28 AM).
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          Your that eager to review, eh? Well, I wouldn't mind a good review for Metamorphosis .

          It's not too long, as the story's not finished, but if length somehow or other steers you away I'm always eager to receive reviews for this one-shot The Ties that Bind

          Take your pick of either, and take your time.

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          Old August 29th, 2006 (7:08 PM).
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            Well, if you're really that eager to review, I'd love if you could take a look at Vanishing Point for me.

            In which an undead trainer, a bloodthirsty super-clone, and an irascible ex-Rocket grunt set out to rescue an imprisoned Mew--if they don't end up murdering each other first.

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            Old September 19th, 2006 (6:49 AM).
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              ...I don't suppose you could review my newest oneshot, Possession? =D
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              Possession - Winner of Fic of the month! (September... 2006) xD
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