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Error Argument error (maybe caused by EBS?)

Started by thebrawler56 May 12th, 2019 9:09 AM
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Who knows~
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Posted May 12th, 2019
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[Pokémon Essentials version 17.2]
Exception: ArgumentError
Message: wrong number of arguments(3 for 2)
EliteBattle_Sprites:255:in `pbLoadPokemonBitmap'
EliteBattle_Sprites:255:in `setPokemonBitmap'
EliteBattle_Scene:315:in `pbStartBattle'
EliteBattle_Battle:65:in `pbStartBattleCore'
PokeBattle_Battle:2344:in `pbStartBattle'
PField_Battles:98:in `pbWildBattle_ebs'
PField_Battles:97:in `pbSceneStandby'
PField_Battles:99:in `pbWildBattle_ebs'
PField_Battles:96:in `pbBattleAnimation'
PField_Battles:96:in `pbWildBattle_ebs'

From what I can gather about this, something isn't loading properly at the start of battle, causing the game to freak out and crash. What I have installed is the entirety of SMPack 2.0 (on this site somewhere), an XY pack I attempted to update myself (though I think that one wasn't more than just some pbs files and images), as well as the EBS (with Utilities added). I'm using 17.2 currently.
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