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This is the second story I wrote today, the first being In The Box. This is drastically different in style from the other, and is quite a bit shorter. I've never written anything quite like this, so I'm curious how it "truly" came out.

Anywho, here we go...

EDIT: This is a slight rewrite. I decided some wording and phrasing was out of place, so I went through it again.


I never believe in monsters. Not until I see them as I did. I first see long, so long ago. I not remember when. Forever ago. They come into my room when sun has go down and lights go off, hit feet soft, so slow. I hear them out my door that is big. They loud then. I hear sound of feet in my head. I know what comes when I hear those feet. Those sounds are of hurting, the sound of drip from my nose like when Mommy forget to turn off water.

Not every night they come. Some nights so quiet. I hear voice in my bed, quiet voice. They come through walls. Mommy and Daddy never hear voice, they not believe me. They say, Jimmy, you silly, no voice. You hear a movie from down the stairs. But I know there is no movies. Mommy and Daddy spend the night alone at the food table, playing with the No Tell.

I not know what the No Tell is, but I know I no talk about it. I did once, and the monsters came that night, all angry-like, their eyes popping from their face and mouth down. I see sharp, so sharp teeth. Angry teeth. Those teeth make hurt. But sometimes they not use teeth to make hurt, sometimes they use claws, all sharp like from scratching on walls, like tree arm that break. They trying to scare me. But I not be scared. I not ever be scared. The monsters like when I scared. I never do that.

One time Mommy say, Jimmy, why do this to us?

I say I not know, and that night is scary. I hear noises. Laughing and shouting coming from the walls. Happy noises. I know the happy noises is for me. The monsters like to give me hurt, like to see drip from my nose. They like to scratch me all over. My front all red from those sharp things. Sometimes that red drip too.

I not tell people about the monsters. I try once, when I first see them. I tell a woman at school, and she look at the red. The red fix itself, and she no see drip. She call Mommy and talk for long, so long time. When night here and I went in bed, the monsters came. They was very angry, all snarls and growls and shouts. They scratch me and bite me hard, and the red come again. I cry and go to ball on bed. I shake bad when the monsters see me. I not talk about the monsters anymore. That make them angry. I not cry anymore. That what the monsters want.

Mommy and Daddy look very sleepy and sad now. They not talk much. They say they stop playing with the No Tell, and maybe the monsters go away. But the monsters not ever go away, they come and hurt more. I try to fight once, like the good guys in book or movies. I hit one, but that only make the hurt come more. Now there is drip in my bed and pillow that is soft. Now it hard in some places. I never fight anymore. I not ever read book or see movies too. They wrong.

I not so scared now. The monsters not scare now. They just make hurt and red and drip. They break door coming in moving slow, the so big claws out, and I say, Mommy, Daddy! Please!

But Mommy and Daddy not ever hear.
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