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Chalos and Burmy Platinum Unevolved Solocke

Started by chalos September 17th, 2017 1:00 AM
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Lord of The Noobs

Seen October 14th, 2017
Posted October 7th, 2017
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Welcome everyone to my first challenge log in PokCommunity! I have done some challenges before but I've never make a challenge log, so I decided to make one. I done some regular challenges like nuzlocke, monotype, and solo runs, so I decided to mix it up this time. And if you haven't guessed yet, this challenge is combination of nuzlocke, solo, and unevolved run. So here's the rules:

1. I will choose a Pokmon (in this case I chosen burmy) and I can only use the chosen Pokmon in battles
2. The rules apply when I get the 5 starting Pokballs
3. If the chosen Pokmon faints it is considered dead
4. If the chosen Pokmon dies, it's "Game Over" and i cannot Proceed unless i soft resets
5. Soft resetting is allowed ONLY when the chosen Pokmon dies and ONLY allowed 3 times
6. If I ran out of Soft Resets, its a true "Game Over"
7. Catching HM slaves is allowed, but i cannot use them in any battle (except in forced double battles)
8. I'm not allowed to evolve my chosen Pokmon
9. I'm allowed to catch shiny Pokmon, but I am not allowed to use them
10. And last but not least, I also must nickname (and allowed to change it) my chosen Pokmon, for the sake of forming stronger emotional bonds bla bla bla

All right now here's my first progress:
1. Named myself Chalos
2. Named my rival Barry (yeah I'm not very creative at naming)
3. Barry wants me to go to Prof Rowans house to get Pokmon (It's not that easy Barry -_-)
4. Met Prof Rowan
5. He gave us our starter of our choosing, and I picked Burmy (I used universal Pokmon randomizer to change turtwig to burmy)
6. Barry challenged to battle and I lost :( (Burmy only knows protect, so yeah)
7. I went home plotting my revenge >:D
8. Mom tell my to go thank Prof Rowan, got running shoes (yay)
9. But first i grind up my Burmy to level 10, so he knows tackle (This took 2 freaking hours D:<)
10. Finally got to Rowan's house, nicknamed Burmy "X" (yeah I know it's not creative, I'll think a new nickname later)
11. I forced decided to help Prof Rowan's research
12. Have a tearful goodbye with mom (just kidding, she was happy actually)
13. Went to Jubilife City, and delivered town map to Barry, he also gave me a town map
14. Got a Poktech
15. Caught starly, bidoof, psyduck, for HM slaves
16. Currently grinding X to level 26, so I could get my revenge on Barry >:D

-To Be Continued-

P.s What do you my Burmy nickname should be?


Lord of The Noobs

Seen October 14th, 2017
Posted October 7th, 2017
4 posts
1.8 Years

Okay so here's my next progress:
1. Got my revenge on Barry by OHKOing his Pokemons :D
2. Arrived at Oreburgh City
3. Grinded again for gym leader
4. Defeated Roark by OHKOing his Pokemons (at this point I decided to take a break from grinding)
5. Left Oreburgh for next destination
6. Saved Rowan from some Galactic grunts
7. Arrived at Floraroma Town
8. Beat couple of Galactic grunts
9. Went through Eterna Forest
10. Arrived at Eterna city
11. Defeated Gardenia
12. Saved the bike shop owner
13. Went for Hearthorme City
14. Arrived at Hearthrome City

-to be continued-

p.s next update is coming next week I think
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