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Old February 3rd, 2016 (4:07 AM).
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    I had this idea where you are in a school for new Pokemon trainers-to-be. It would play out like Bully in the sense you pick what class you want to study first(choose between beginner Pokemon types water, fire, grass obv) and once you choose you get to choose which starter you want. Once you choose you go on to learn a bit more about that type their strengths/weaknesses and whatnot(i'm not 100% sure what all I want the class to be outside of common events, but i'm thinking Persona style class system) then when you get done with that class you battle the teacher to see if you're ready to advance to another class. You'll start off in low grade classes (ie tier E classes) then once you pass a certain number of classes you get moved up to the next higher tier.(E to D, D to C, etc.)
    After choosing a class it's main purpose will be giving you access to that classes field. The field will house Pokemon and other students of that class and tier that you can battle. The Pokemon you will find will be type based on what class you're in. And the tier will determine the levels of the Pokemon. As well as what Pokemon you'll meet. Lower tiers will have first stages of Pokemon while higher tiers having fully evolved and maybe even legendaries to meet.
    You'll be able to participate in group activities, join battle tournaments, accept side jobs for people, and i'm thinking of having other schools in the game play as rival schools where in the end instead of facing the Elite 4 like normal there will be a huge meet of all the schools battling it out for a prize or w/e.
    Of course there will be a main story you'll be involved in with multiple branching choices. The idea really intrigues me so I hope it peeks someone else's interest. There's still a good amount of things I want to add in, but i'll keep that to myself for now :3 It'll be a bit before i'm fully done getting the trainer/pokemon sprites done, but if anyone has any thoughts they'd possibly like to see implemented or heck if you want a trainer/npc named after you say so. I'm no good at naming and having your own NPC in a game is neat.

    Until next time I hope the thought of living as a Pokemon college student keeps you intrigued.
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