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Hello there!
I have a project for a Pokemon FireRed ROM Hack, but I haven't really got the time and skills to actually finish one. That's why I'm here. I'm looking for some people to complete this unfinished project. I already have a working beta for this project but I wanna restart and make a better one.

Project Name: Pokemon Reverse
(might change later)
Story: You are a son of a Pokemon Ranch owner and your dream is to explore and learn more about Pokemon. One day, one of the Pokemon on your family ranch went sick, so your mom asked you to bring some medicines to your dad in order to help the sick Pokemon. But along the way, a certain person that's very familiar got kidnapped and you are the only person present to help him. And that very familiar person is actually Professor X of your region. You saved him in the end with your trusted Growlithe, and thanked you for it. He offered you a PokeDex and a Trainer Card as thanks and you accepted it. And from that, it will be up to you-if you're going to go for your dreams or stay.

The game is choice-driven.

That's all I have for now.

The Team so far:
Me - Scripter and Writer.

Positions needed:
Scripter - Most for implementation of questlines and world scripts. (1)
Writer - Story Quest/Line Writers. (Max of 3)
Spriter - Insertion of sprites.
Mapper - Landscapes and Terrains. (Max of 3)

Application Form:
Experience (if applicable):

NOTE: I'll be sending an old beta version of this hack for people who are interested in applying.

Thank you!