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Posted August 14th, 2019
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I made this map of a region I'm planning this evening in the gen 4 style of things, and I was wondering how it looks to someone other than me. Do the city icons and routes look good enough and what about the background image? Does it need more detail? Etc. etc. Anything you can think of to improve this would be neat.

Also, in terms of game progression, do you think this region is non-linear enough? Red towns are badge cities and blue towns are non-badge cities. Also, the bottom left blue city is the starting town with the plan being to go from bottom left, to bottom right, to top right, to top left as you progress throughout the game. Do you think there are enough cities?

I haven't implemented points of interest into the map yet simply because I haven't thought of many yet, but there will be around 8 spread around, does that sound good?

I threw around a lot of questions, but just any feedback anywhere would be appreciated. Thanks.

Region Map: