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Old July 11th, 2018 (1:53 AM).
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    Hello everyone! So I've began writing a story that sits on another website but have decided to also post here so I could gather some constructive criticism. Also, this site consists of Pokemon lovers alike!

    I'll update this thread continuously as I write chapters. This is written almost like a script with narration, however, I mostly did this because I wanted it to feel like you're actually watching a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game! Anyways, I'll post the 'Prologue' below (which is general information) and the chapters in comments. Thank you for reading this little blurb and I hope you enjoy!


    Hi everyone! So, this is my first fanfiction. This page, the Introduction, is where I'll introduce how I'll be writing the story so it's easier to read. I've read plenty of fanfictions and have chosen what I think looks best and is easiest for the reader!

    Bold - When terms are in bold, it most likely will display the setting. Whether it be a simple cave or city, it will be displayed once a scene changes. This will help the reader identify the surrounding area.

    Italic - When terms are italicized, it's describing a Pokemon, an Item, a Place, etc. While describing a location, it will most likely be directly under the bold display name.


    To make things easier for a fun and quick read, I won't be writing paragraphs. Instead, when a character is speaking, it will show up like this:

    Charmander: "Hey, Squirtle, do you want to get something to eat?" He looked over to his friend.

    Squirtle: "Of course I do! I could always go for some grub!" She laughs.

    I want to be active with the readers, too! So if you'd like to comment opinions and give me constructive criticism, that'd be lovely! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy PokeVentures! I tried making it in the same style as the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, so thank you so much Nintendo for making such lovable characters! Of course, I do not own any names or anything in this story, it's all Nintendo!
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      Chapter 1: The Temporal Pokemon

      The wind blew rapidly throughout the Kimpa region. It was so strong, even ice-type Pokemon were given the chills. Over the mountains, through the plains, and past the forests would lie a small community known as Sunset Town. The Pokemon Rescue Team HQ rested here, overlooking the town. Pokemon from all over would travel here in hopes to become the next best Rescue Team. In the far east of town was a small tent, inhabited by our protagonist, Buneary. She traveled here all the way from a small village in hopes to begin a Rescue Team, however, the sudden storm isn't treating her too well. How about we take a look on how she's doing?

      Buneary's Tent

      Buneary: "It's so co-o-old!" Shivered Buneary, wrapping herself in her blankets. The wind slammed against her tent. She occasionally peeked through a small hole, observing the shaking trees. "What's up with this storm, anyways? It's summer, it's supposed to be warm!"

      ???: "Help! Help me!" Shouted a lone voice.

      Buneary: "Huh, what was that?" She looked around her tent. "Is someone there? Hello?" She began to shout from inside her shelter.

      ???: "Help!" The voice cried out once more.

      Buneary: "Hold on! Uh- uh..." Buneary tossed her blanket in the air as she'd spring up from her bed. Running out the tent, she'd shout, "Hello? Who needs help?"

      The path in which Buneary's camp resided was a narrow one. Surrounded by the many trees of Apple Woods, it was dark most of the time. The wind shook the leaves and underbrush which made it hard to see for Buneary. However, a short ways down the path, a small Pokemon runs toward Buneary's camp. "What Pokemon was that?," thought Buneary.

      ???: "Please, oh please, I'm being chased!" Cried the light blue Pokemon, running behind Buneary.

      Buneary: "It's okay, it's okay!" Buneary patted the petrified Pokemon, looking down the path from which it had came. "Who's following you? I don't see anyone."

      ???: "Huh, what?" The Pokemon snapped back into sanity, peeking from behind Buneary. "But... but..." She whined. "There was this Pokemon, one I've never seen before! He was red- and, and green too! He was super scary and attacked me for no reason!"

      Buneary: "Attacked you for no reason?" Buneary thought to herself, there had been reports of dangerous Pokemon forming out of nowhere.

      ???: "Yes! I was returning to town from Mount Silver after hearing of some treasure. As soon as I entered the forest, he came out from the bushes. He sounded like a Magnezone, all robotic! He began using some sort of psychic attacks and began chasing me. I suppose I got away farther in the forest..."

      Buneary: "Well, you're safe now! I'm Buneary, aspiring Rescuer!" She smiled at the stranger.

      ???: "R-rescuer? Wow, so cool! I'm an aspiring Rescuer too!" She smiled. "My name's Vulpix, though, I come from the snowy mountains and therefore I'm an ice-type!"

      Buneary: "I thought you looked like a Vulpix! Wow, so cool! I've never met a special Pokemon before! Also, it's super cool that you're an aspiring Rescuer, too!" Buneary's eyes lit up.

      Vulpix: "Awe, shucks, I'm not special! But it sure does make me feel happy that you think so!" She laughed. "Have you joined a Rescue Team yet? I've been trying to find one."

      Buneary: "No, I've been trying to find one too." Buneary took a moment and thought to herself. "Hey, do you want to form a Rescue Team?" Buneary smiled at Vulpix with determination in her eyes.

      Vulpix: "R-really!? With me, a Rescue Team, our own?" Vulpix's eyes lit up like the very stars in the sky. "Yes! That'd be wonderful!"

      Buneary: "Great, from now on, we'll be a Rescue Team! How does Team PokeBuds sound? I got it from the famous Team PokePals!"

      Vulpix: "That. Sounds.. Amazing!" Vulpix exclaimed.

      The two small Pokemon soon went back and forth, shouting how excited they were. Young, free, and careless, the two Pokemon soon travel to Sunset Town to register their Team. All seems bright for these two, however, things are only beginning. Far into the ocean, past the Sea of Time, in the Hidden Land, atop Temporal Tower, lied a sleeping God. Dialga, the Master of Time, stood watching over his land. Peaceful, calm, and serene. It's been like this for a while, Dialga enjoyed it. His times of evil had been passed thanks to a special team of heroes. From the forest, a Dragonite emerges from the forest.

      The Hidden Land

      Dialga: "Ah, Dragonite, welcome back." Dialga backed from his perch to welcome the messenger Pokemon.

      Dragonite: "Greetings, lord!" Dragonite shuffled in his mail bag. "Just a letter from the Council, wishin' ya a Happy birthday." He smiled. "Happy birthday!"

      Dialga: "Ah, thank you Dragonite. It's been a great day, today."

      Dragonite: "Pleased to hear!" He smiled. "I've gotta get going, a long journey to the Sky Pillar, har har!" The raspy Dragonite chuckled.

      Dialga would bow his head as farewell and watched the golden Pokemon fly. After moments passed, Dialga soon began to feel uneasy. The presence of a Pokemon was still felt in his land, however, Dragonite should have left already. The feeling of another still filled the air and Dialga roared as loud as he could.

      Dialga: "Who goes there? You are trespassing on the ends of time!" The godly Pokemon scanned the tops of the full trees. He could see nothing.

      ???: "Your time has come!" Screeched a shrill voice from Dialga, blinding him with a bright light.

      Moments later, Dialga and the intruder had vanished, into thin air. The Hidden Land stays still, silent. No brushing of leaves, no chirps of Pokemon, no sound of water flow. It had stopped as there no longer is a reason of continuing.
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        Chapter 2: Team PokeBuds!


        Sunset Town, Pokemon Rescue Team HQ Gates

        The gates to the Rescue Team HQ towered over Buneary and Vulpix. The two, waiting one full day since their encounter, had been speaking of this very moment. The sun shines bright above them, filling the air with a warm, summer feeling. Pokemon can be heard communicating beyond the fence that separated Team PokeBuds from their beginning.

        Buneary: "Are you ready, Vulpix? It's finally time!" She cheered.

        Vulpix: "Of course I am, haha! I can't wait, let's go!"

        The two Pokemon swing open the gates only to be met by three Pokemon in particular. A Misdreavus levitated to the right, her stare piercing through Team PokeBuds. A Zweilous stood to the left, chuckling harshly. And in the middle flew their leader, Crobat, a sinister smile cracked on his face.

        Crobat: "Whoa-ho-oh! Watch where you're going there, freaks!" He snickered, looking down at the two.

        Buneary: "We're so sorry! We didn't mean to interrupt your conversation, we're just passing through!"

        Vulpix: "Yeah, we're a new rescue team!"

        Misdreavus: "A rescue team, hm?" She sneered. "I don't think the Guild allows babies!"

        Buneary: "Hey, that's uncalled for!" Buneary snapped back. "We said sorry!"

        Zweilous: "Char-har, you two shouldn't talk back to a lady like that." The right head of the Pokemon spoke. "But you speak to me like that all the time!" Replied the left head. "Shut up, I'm speaking to these brats, not you!" Hissed the right head.

        Crobat: "You two, stop it!" Yelled Crobat, turning back to Team PokeBuds. "You should just give up now, you two will never be accepted, heheh."

        Vulpix: "Hey, now you're being rude! Just step aside and let us pass!" Vulpix frowned.

        Crobat: "Or the weakest can step aside!" Laughed Crobat, flying between Buneary and Vulpix in which knocked them to the side. Misdreavus and Zweilous soon pass through the opening, following Crobat. "You two should watch it, know what's good for you."

        The three Pokemon laughed as they left the two behind.

        Vulpix: "Can you believe the nerve?" Vulpix fumed.

        Buneary: "Yeah, they were so rude." Buneary watched them disperse. "We shouldn't let them lower our mood, we're about to become a Rescue Team!" Buneary and Vulpix both smiled, entering the gates.

        Pokemon Rescue Team HQ, Main Building

        The inside of the HQ building was elegant. Painted pictures decorated the walls and lush plants decorated the floors and tables. A Nuzleaf stood in the back, in front of a door, speaking with a Bellossom.

        Nuzleaf: "Hm, is that so? I'll speak with the Guild Master to send a team out right away!"

        Bellossom: "Thank you! I'll get back to the station, then, just thought I'd tell you personally."

        Bellossom turns around to exit as she sees Team PokeBuds at the entrance.

        Bellossom: "Oh, hello! I haven't seen you two around here before."

        Buneary: "Hi! We're here to start our own Rescue Team, team PokeBuds!"

        Bellossom: "Oh, that sounds wonderful! I'm Bellossom, I run the requests for this Guild!"

        Vulpix: "Nice to meet you! I'm Vulpix, and that's Buneary!"

        Bellossom: "Well, it was nice to meet you both! You should speak to Nuzleaf about starting!"

        Bellossom exits the building. Team PokeBuds advanced towards the brown Pokemon, Nuzleaf.

        Buneary: "Hi, do we speak to you about starting a Rescue Team?"

        Nuzleaf: "Huh?" He'd turn to look at the two. "Ha, you two as a Rescue Team? Preposterous! You two are too young!" He'd look at them in shock.

        Vulpix: "We're not that young! We just want to help others and explore!"

        Nuzleaf: "Oh dear no, simply not!" He responded in a high voice. "The Guild Master would never allow it, never! Not today, not tomorrow, not any day!" He began to go on and on.

        While Nuzleaf kept explaining how long the Guild Master wouldn't allow them into the guild, a Pokemon emerges from the doors behind him. She was an elegant Gardevoir.

        Gardevoir: "What would the Guild Master never allow?" She spoke in a low and soothing voice.

        Nuzleaf: "Huh? Guild Master!" He turned around, shocked. He seemed speechless for words. "N-nothing! I'm just telling these youngsters to leave, they're too young to join our Guild!"

        Gardevoir: "These two?" She looked over to Team PokeBuds. "I think they're fine." She'd smile.

        Nuzleaf: "Huh, what? M-master, are you serious? You can't be!"

        Gardevoir: "You know, you sound just like Chatot from Wigglytuff's Guild!" She teased.

        Nuzleaf: "What? No, oh, oh dear! I'm nothing like that stickler! I swear, I really do!"

        Gardevoir would laugh and pat Nuzleaf on the head. She turns her attention back to Buneary and Vulpix.

        Gardevoir: "You really want to form a team that bad?"

        Vulpix: "Of course! It's what both of us had want for a while! Please, we won't let you down!"

        Gardevoir: "Then it's done." She smiled. "What is your team name?"

        Buneary: "Team PokeBuds!" Her eyes lit up.

        Gardevoir: "Congrats Team PokeBuds, you're now an official Rescue Team under the Gardevoir Guild! Bunnelby, can you please bring Team PokeBuds an official Rescue Team kit?" She looked over to a rabbit-like Pokemon who began digging through boxes.

        Bunnelby: "Here ye' are, Team PokeBuds! An official Rescue Team kit!" He'd hand them a decorative bag.

        Opening the kit, Vulpix and Buneary found: Two Rescue Team badges, One item bag, Two guild scarves, and a camping kit!

        Buneary: "Wow, thank you! This is amazing!" Buneary showed Vulpix the contents.

        Gardevoir: "Nuzleaf, please show them to their room." She motioned towards her assistant.

        Team PokeBuds followed Nuzleaf outside of the HQ building and into a smaller building on the right side of the base. It was a small hut with a ladder entering the ground. There were levels and levels of floors which held rooms for Rescue Teams. On the fifth floor, Nuzleaf showed them their room which contained six beds. After telling them the rules, Nuzleaf departed and left Team PokeBuds in their room.

        Buneary: "Wow, so tomorrow we'll begin our new adventure!"

        Vulpix: "I know, it's so exciting! I can't wait to mail home!" She looked around the room. "There are six beds here, I wonder if we're sharing a room with anyone."

        As Vulpix asked that question, three Pokemon enter the room. They seem to be talking about a place called Star Cave. Upon entering, the conversation stopped and the three Pokemon looked at Team PokeBuds with suspicion. "WHO ARE YOU?" They all shouted. Vulpix and Buneary jumped, Vulpix hiding behind Buneary.

        Buneary: "Ah! Uh, we're Team PokeBuds, I think we're sharing a room with you?"

        Dedenne: "Oh!" He giggled. "Sorry about that then, we didn't mean to scare you! We're Team Jolly! I'm Dedenne, the leader!" The small mouse posed.

        Hoppip: "I'm Hoppip!" The Pokemon flew in a circle and posed.

        Skitty: "And I'm Skitty!" She winked and posed.

        Team Jolly: "And we're Team Jolly, a very happy Rescue Team!" They sang together.

        Buneary: "Wow, that was quite an entrance!" She laughed. "I'm Buneary, and this is Vulpix."

        Dedenne: "We were just getting back from our nightly stroll. It's almost time for dinner, care to join us?" Dedenne showed them a bag filled with Perfect Apples.

        Buneary: "Wow, really? Thanks!" She exclaimed.

        The two Rescue Teams sat together and told stories while munching on delightful Perfect Apples. They talked for a while until they all hit the hay. Today ended Team PokeBuds first day as an official Rescue Team!

        In the depths of Silver Forest

        A Pokemon races down the forest path, being chased by something. Its wings could only beat so fast as it zoomed through the trees. Behind it, a Pokemon chased closely, shouting at it.

        ???: "Celebi, just give up! Your time has come!" It shouted, flying past trees and clearing bushes from its path.

        Celebi: "P-please, stop! You don't have to do this!" Celebi panted, not being sure how much longer it could fly.

        The Pokemon laughed at Celebi's response, gaining more speed. It even flew through trees, destroying them easily. Celebi knew she couldn't go much longer and therefore began whispering an unknown language. The trees of the forest began glowing as did Celebi themselves.

        ???: "No, you're not getting away!" The Pokemon reached out for Celebi with determination, however, it was too late. Celebi flashed and disappeared before them. "Argh!" It stopped itself from flying and crashed into the ground. "I need to get help if I want to hunt down these Pokemon." They sighed, teleporting from the scene.
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