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I like the NFL and grew up with pokemon. I still like the concept. I play around and have these analogies. How agreeable? You can go number by number.

1. Garchomp is ray Lewis. (Garchomp has raven colors too)
2.lucario is von Miller
3. Machop is Steve Smith (smaller but packs a punch)
4. Kam chancellor is machine
5.luke keuchly is machamp
6.earl Thonas is hitmontop
7.charziaed is Derrick Thomas
8.gengar is Bruce Smith (he went through linemen like a ghost and gengar is a ghost type)
9. Patrick Willis is nidoking
10.frank gore is relicanth (older but still sturdy)
11.breloom is Charles Woodson (fast good size and can battle)
12.khalil Mack is heracross (look at the strength)
13.julio is Salamance
14.pat Peterson is scyther
15.eli Manning is feebas (underdog who comes out. Feebas has ice moves that can beat dragon types. WAY WAY more useful than magikarp)
16.mike alstott is taurus
17.deerick brooks is sharpedo (battle well and both are affiliated with ocean; sharks and pirates)
18.infernape is Brian urlacher
19.justin Smith is torterra
20.navorro Bowman is hitmonchan