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Old June 14th, 2017 (12:21 AM).
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    Team Name: Team Celebi

    I know it sounds kinda awkward but Celebi is the main mascot of the Pokemon: GoT.


    The reason I am search for team members is that I am still a new at hacking. Also I know how to code a script, but I don't know anything involving graphics (e.g., creating/inserting new tilesets, making an original tilescreen, sprite editing). New graphics isn't a must on Pkmn: GoT but I think it will be better if the graphics are new to make it a more appealing.

    By the way, here is the main details of the Gears of Time.

    Present time, Fruden Region
    The protagonist wants to start his own Pokemon journey and now he has to get his starter to Professor Spring. After getting his second badge, he/she encountered Team Lancer, who's been terrorizing the region in the past months. Led by their leader Vale, he wants to destroy all cities to gather all the fragments of the Time Flute to summon Celebi.
    Can't tell anymore details.
    One of the reasons why I am searching for a team is the get more ideas. The progress so far is that the layout of the region is done and the storyline's progress is still on the making. If also possible, Gen 1-7 Pokemons are present.

    Current Team Members:

    Me, Sinon: Director, Main Mapper and Main Scripter.

    Application Form:

    Proof of work(if possible):
    Amount of time that you can give in making this project:
    Discord name(if possible):
    Thank you for reading my post. If you're interested, feel free to fill out the form.
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    Old January 10th, 2018 (4:57 PM).
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      Application Form:
      Call Me TitaniumPikaNinj(The name i go by everywhere)
      Skills: Beta testing is something i love doing, but I also know how to map and script and graphic designs+a little of music.
      Amount of time: I can give all my extra time which would probably total to an hour to three hours a day.
      Discord: TitaniumPikaNinj#3255
      Remarks:I actually find this rom hack to be very interesting. I have not seen a celebi hack in a long time and I actually tried making one before by myself. I got through with the title screen and the first town, but didn't really have a story. Your story is real interesting so if you're still working on this I would like to join you.
      Team Extended!!!

      Featuring Pokemon Regions Collide: HUGE IDEA needing a LOT of work and help!
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      Old January 12th, 2018 (5:43 PM).
      megagallade3049 megagallade3049 is offline
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        Timezone: Australian but I am not willing to give out much more info than that.
        Skills: Beta Testing, shiny sprites and advertising. I have a YT channel with 130+ subs that I can edit and make a trailer for this game and advertise it on my YT and my twitch. I could also make "shadow forms" of certain pokemon, but as I don't know how to expand the dex, you may have to expand it urself of get someone else to do it.
        Amount of time: Maximum 2 hours, but what every is wanted.
        Remarks: This rom sounds really neat and the concept of the celebi thing sounds quite cool. I also believe being part of a rom hack's devolopment would be quite a neat tbh.
        Extra Stuff: Just a few names and things like that: Can you make the starters Rowlet, Todidile and Charmander? And as i mentioned above, I can make shadow forms and remastered shiny forms for all of these mons.
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