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Posted January 29th, 2019
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Greetings. I'm fiddling around with roaming Pokémon and I'm having a bit of trouble doing two things, since I'm definitely not an expert in the art of scripting. Here goes:

First: In the regular Pokémon games, once you spot a roaming Pokémon for the first time, then you can check where it is on the Pokédex. That feature isn't working on my current script and I'm not certain of where to modify it.

Second: I'd like to mark as a requisite for the activation of an event the capturing of a roaming Pokémon, for instance, in order for an event Dialga to appear, you would need to catch a roaming Azelf. Thing is, I'm not certain of where in the script should I add the trigger to set as true.

Thanks a lot!