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With the final episodes coming to a close in US and the new anime taking over. I wanted to make this thread. Do not I have not seen all of the episodes yet of Journeys, I just know everything that has happened. But small details I'm unaware about.

Anyway, with all this coming to an end in America, what are some of the biggest ups of Ash's Journey? It doesn't have to be from Journeys. It can be from any Ash saga, movie, spin off or anything Ash related with the anime. While I know there was plenty of things to be disliked, what are some things you just loved? It also does not have to be related to Ash.

For me, one major thing is that I am so glad they wrapped up Lillie's story in the anime. SM was disappointing both game wise and anime wise because they did not let Lillie's family have peace. I am so glad they united with Mohn and they did a great job with tying it to the Crown Tundra, although I do wish it had been multiple episodes. I am also really glad Ash was their to witness it. I don't know why, but it just felt like Ash needed to be there. I don't think Goh and Chloe had to, but for sure Ash. I just wish Ash had actively taken part in the search. I am also really glad they tied into Nihilego looking like Lillie and how the one they caught was a shiny which for me, is my favorite. This episode was probably my favorite episodes in all of Journeys.

Another thing I am glad they did, was finally give Ash Lucario and dive further into aura. Although I wish they had dove a little further and made use of it outside of battling/training similar to how he used it to save everyone in the movie. I am also glad they tied it back into Greninja's story.

Not confirming a Ship is something else I am glad they did not do. While I love Ash/Serena, (As well as May/Ash and Lillie/Ash) I am kinda glad they never confirmed who he would end up with in the end. Although it still causes uproars within the community. But the creator himself said the Ash from SM was not the same Ash from XY, which could tie into the parallel universes that we know exist and was explored slightly in Kalos and Journeys.

And finally a major best one for me is bringing back everyone possible, including Tracey FINALLY, back to the anime to make cameos.