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“The Adventures of Jake”


It was a snowy night in London, snowflakes falling from the sky and sticking to the ground, people and their pets in their nice warm houses, all of their houses….Except for one house on Walecast Road, for in that house a female Dalmatian named Katherine was giving birth to three Dalmatian puppies, two males and a female. Katherine was overjoyed and exhausted from giving birth. Meanwhile, her “Pet”, a pet shop owner was watching as the puppies were born. He was very anxious for them to be born as he had known that Katherine was pregnant for months. He also knew that today was the day that they would come into the world due to the fact that he could not understand how Katherine was behaving.

One could not imagine how thrilled the owner was after Katherine had welcomed her puppies into the world. She looked up and smiled awkwardly at her “Pet” who just smiled back at her.

“Oh, Katherine,” he said to her “Your puppies are beautiful. I can already tell that they’re going to be some lovely Dalmatians.”
After saying that, he retreated to the den, leaving Katherine to be with her puppies.

Six months later, the puppies were playing together while their mother looked on. They were playing with a toy meant to be tugged amongst the three and they were having such a splendid time tugging. One way, another way, every which way! Growling, and pulling, not to mention talking to each other as they were playing with the toy.

“I’m going to get it this time!” The male with four spots on his black ear said

“Are you sure?” The female replied “I’ve got a pretty good chance.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure!” The other male interjected, tugging a little harder. The three tugged and tugged until all of a sudden, the spotted ear male jerked backwards and was able to tug the toy out of the other’s mouths falling backwards. Katherine laughed, as the female said in a surprised tone, “Well…You win, Jake!”

Jake smiled, wagging his black tipped tail.

“Come on, you three!” Katherine said “It’s time for me to show you how to get a ‘Pet’ of your own!”

“Ok, mother!” The male and female said together, walking towards the basement with their mother, Jake put the tugging toy down and followed the other two. Leading them into the basement, Katherine told her puppies to line up and listen to her as she had learned a few months prior that once that the puppies were old enough to leave their mother, they would be going into the pet shop that her pet owned. While this did make her a little sad, she also knew that she had seen some of her friends go into the pet shop and be sold. So, she made it a priority of hers to teach the puppies how to get a pet of their own so that when they were to go into the pet shop, they would be ready.
Everyday, Jake and the others would learn how to stand tall, how to be playful when needed, and overall how to look attractive to anyone who would like to be their owner while being themselves.

This particular day, the puppies were learning how to wag their tails and look interested at whomever would come to see them in the pet shop.

“Now, Jake, Daniel, and Kelly,” she began
“Whenever someone comes to your kennel, be sure to walk towards them, wag your tail from side to side, and most importantly, look interested in finding out about the human.” She then proceeded to show them how she did it, being sure to tell them that they did not have to do exactly what she did. It was a long process of trial and error, trying to fine tune how they would look if someone came into the shop and looked at them. But, at the same time Katherine knew that it could possibly help them get a pet of their very own.
While Daniel and Kelly were excited at the idea of having their own pets, Jake however was a little apprehensive at the idea of leaving his mother…Katherine made sure to talk to him about it after every “Lesson” of hers, such as that day.

“Jake,” Katherine whispered to him as she walked near “I know that leaving me, and having a ‘pet’ of your very own can be scary, but believe me, you will love it.”

“Are you sure, mother?” Jake asked. Katherine nodded and reassured him that it would be alright. After all, if a puppy could not trust their mother, who could they trust?

Jake went on to find his brother and sister and found them sitting at the window of the house, watching cars go by the window on the street.
“Jake,” Kelly asked him with a concerned tone in her voice “What’s wrong?”

Jake sighed and said “I don’t think I want to go into the shop…”
“You don’t?” Kelly replied
“No, Kelly, I don’t.”
“But mother said that getting a pet of our own could be fun!” Daniel said “We’d get to see new places and go on new adventures!”
Jake whined a little bit as Kelly gave Daniel a mean look, “Daniel, please!” She said
“What!?” Daniel replied “I was only trying to help!”
Jake just walked off and went to take a nap.

A few days later, the time had come….It was time for Jake, Daniel and Kelly to go into their pet’s pet shop, after a tearful and emotional farewell to their mother, they went into the shop, were placed into their kennel, and waited patiently for somebody, anybody to come and buy them from the shop.

Days and weeks passed…While the other pets in the shop were bought, the three dalmatians stayed in their kennel.

“Well,” Daniel said “Do you think we’ll ever get a pet of our own?”

“I’m not sure.” Kelly replied “I sure hope so.”

Jake reluctantly agreed, “I hope we get a pet soon.” He replied. He still wasn’t sure if he wanted a pet, but at the same time he hoped that if he was bought, whoever bought him would buy Kelly and Daniel as well. Little did he know what was about to happen.

One day just about at twilight, two men in a dilapidated truck pulled up to a pet store. Exiting the vehicle, the two men went into the store, getting the attention of the store’s owner.

“Good evening, gentlemen,” the owner greeted “Cutting yourselves a little close to closing time aren’t you?”

“Are we?” The tall man asked

“We’re just here to get a little something and be on our way.”

“That’s right!” The heavyset man beside him continued

“This won’t take long!”

“Well, then,” the owner said

“Let’s not waste any time. What sort of ‘Little something’ are you two looking for? Pet food? Toys? Treats?”

“Actually,” the tall man replied

“We’re quite interested in those three spotted puppies you have there.” Pointing towards the kennel where Jake, Daniel and Kelly stood looking at the owner and men.
“I see,” the owner said nodding

“Those three puppies, are pretty delightful.”

“I should say so.” The tall man replied
“We’ll take them, all three of them!”
The puppies’ ears perked up when they heard that, they were excited that after sitting in the kennel for months, they were finally getting “Pets”
“Are you certain you want all three of them?” The owner asked

“Quite certain!” The heavyset man said

After a short period of discussion, the owner reached into the kennel, and one by one picked the three dalmatian puppies, handed them to the heavyset man, and went over to the counter.

After paying for the puppies, the two men thanked the owner and went outside of the store. Jake, Daniel and Kelly were quite excited to have two “Pets” of their own, each wondering what their new lives would be like, when suddenly and without warning, the three pups were stuffed into a sack and thrown into the back of the truck all while nobody was around to see it happen. The puppies could not bark or yelp for help, as they were placed in the bag and thrown into the truck so quickly that no one could hear them. They went from being excited to frightened in no time at all. As the truck began to move, they started to shake and shudder with fear not knowing what was going to happen next.

“What’s going to happen to us!?” Kelly asked
“I don’t know.” Daniel replied.
Jake just shivered and cried softly.
Apparently, they were not alone, as other dalmatian puppies who were in the truck with them in separate bags were yelping, crying and shivering as well. They had no idea what had happened to them nor what was going to happen to
them next.

Meanwhile, the two men drove on to the next location where they would abduct or buy dalmatian puppies as they were hired to do.
“Well, Horace,” the tall man said to the heavyset man
“This scheme seems to be going along very smoothly. Ms. Devil will be very pleased.”
“I don’t like it, Jasper!” Horace said to the tall man
“What if word gets out? What if we’re caught? They’ll lock us up for sure!”
“Listen you idiot!” Jasper replied
“We’ve already gotten the fifteen from that Radcliffe dump, plus all the others! Unless you start runnin’ your big mouth, nothing will happen!”
With that, Horace fell silent for the rest of the drive through the countryside, up to an old dilapidated mansion where the two were instructed to drop off the puppies and guard them until the person who hired them arrived with further instructions.


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“The Adventures of Jake”


After arriving at the DeVil Manor, Horace and Jasper climbed out of their rickety old truck, swung open the doors, and began to take the sacks containing ninety-nine Dalmatian puppies and calmly, but quickly went inside the manor where they were instructed to remain and keep the puppies there until Cruella De Vil, the person who hired them arrived with further instructions for them.

While the “Badduns” as the puppies began to refer to them as, thought that they had all ninety-nine of them inside the house, nobody had noticed that one of the sacks had a loose end on the top and that two Dalmatian puppies had rolled out of the sack and hit the snowy ground. The first puppy that rolled out was named “Patches” because of a black spot over his left eye, the other puppy was named “Whizzer”, because fittingly, he had a weak bladder and was prone to having “Accidents”.

Calmly and quietly following Horace and Jasper into the house, Patches and Whizzer snuck over into a darkened area on a staircase, they had made a plan with the captured puppies that they would escape from the DeVil Manor, undetected, find Whizzer’s parents and rescue the others with them. Luckily, Jake, Kelly, and Daniel just happened to be in the same sack as the two pups and heard them explain their plan to them and the others.

“What a brilliant plan!” Thought Kelly, “I for one hope that they can pull it off!”

“Those two have a great plan!” Thought Daniel, “Go, Patches! Go, Whizzer! Get the grown-ups and get us out of here!”

Jake just nervously nodded his head as he listened to them, he also thought, “Do get Whizzer’s mom and dad. They can probably help us!”

After entering the house, Horace and Jasper stuffed the sacks of crying puppies into a cedar chest, and walked into the den to watch television.

“Shut your yappers, you mangy mutts!” Jasper snapped before retreating to the den with Horace. After that, Patches came out from the dark staircase with his wet nose down on the ground.

“Is the coast clear, Patches?” A voice asked “Yup,” Patches replied “The badduns are gone.” Whizzer then came out and spoke to Patches.
“Remember, Patches, we need to find a way out of this spooky house, get my mom and dad and we free everyone, got it?”
“Yes.” Patches said turning his attention to the closed cedar chest doors, lifting an ear and listening to everyone crying as well as a voice saying
“Good luck, Patches and Whizzer.”
“Don’t worry guys,” Patches whispered to the trapped puppies “We’ll be back soon. C’mon, Whiz!” And together, the two puppies started to explore the DeVil manor looking for a way out.

Going down hallways, feeling chilly from the cold air flowing throughout the mansion, and trying not to attract the attention of Horace and Jasper. The first room they went into was a dining room with a large rimmed window. Finding nothing of use in there, they moved on going from room to room, hallway through hallway.

While Patches and Whizzer were wandering about the mansion, somewhere down the road in a barn sat a terrier named Kipper. Kipper was busy sitting on a pile of hay watching the farm animals going about their business, when suddenly he heard something, an all dog alert known as the Twilight Bark. Rushing towards the Dutch door. Lifting an ear, Kipper began to listen while a horse who was in a stable next to the door was also listening to the Twilight Bark.

“It’s an all-dog alert, Kipper!” The horse said “What’s the word?”

“Hmm,” Kipper began “Let’s see here…Fifteen….Fifteen spotted…Fifteen spotted puppies…Fifteen spotted puppies….STOLEN!?”

“What!?” The horse shouted in shock

“That’s right, fifteen spotted puppies stolen.” Kipper replied

“Fifteen puppies, who on earth would do such a thing?” The horse pondered

“Someone who is cold, heartless, and doesn’t have the decency to not steal fifteen spotted pups.” Kipper said

“But where do you suppose these puppies are being held?” The horse asked

“If I were to steal fifteen spotted puppies, I know exactly where to hide them….Inside the DeVil mansion!”

“Hell Hall!?” The horse cried “What a ghastly place to hold spotted puppies! That place is nothing but a haunted torture house!”

“Exactly,” Kipper said calmly “I have a hunch that the mansion is where they are and I must check to see if they are there.”

Kipper then began to bark a message out to the dogs of London and the surrounding areas, hoping to reach the two dogs who sent out the alert.

A cocker spaniel heard Kipper’s message who barked it to another dog, who barked it along to other dogs, until it reached London. The dogs in London who heard the message that Kipper sent out barked it along until the message found its way to a flat on a street in town.
The recipients of the message, two adult dalmatians named Pongo and Perdita heard the Twilight Bark’s response and rushed to the window to hear the news.

“Oh, Pongo!” Perdita said with worry in her voice “What’s the word? Have they found our puppies?”

Pongo lifted up his ear and listened very carefully to the barks that were coming in through the window. Nodding his head to every bark, he listened then turned to Perdita and said
“A terrier named Kipper who lives out in the country has heard the Twilight Bark. He is going out into the countryside to look for them. He will look until they are located.”
Perdita looked worried yet relieved that someone had heard she and Pongo’s all dog alert and plea for help in finding where their fifteen Dalmatian puppies were.

“I do hope this Kipper the dogs are barking of finds our puppies soon…”

“Perdy, I am thinking the same thing. Our puppies need to be found, so that we can retrieve them and find out who stole them.”

With that, Pongo and Perdita stood by the window and listened to await the results of Kipper’s search for the lost puppies.