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5th Gen What did you nickname your pokemon?

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Old March 21st, 2011 (10:47 PM).
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    I like to name them after several things.

    American psycho characters.

    Mewtwo = Patrickbateman
    charizard = Mr. Bateman

    Jersey shore characters

    HG starter = Ronnie
    diamond starter = Snooki
    Old April 15th, 2011 (5:46 PM).
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    Haven't been here for ages...
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    Serperior: Medusa
    Musharna: Petunia
    Archeops: Kaori
    Chandular: Hex
    Jellicent: King
    Lilligant: Lily
    Please Click:

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      Archeops: RokDatFlyz (it really is a rock that flies)
      Samurott: Just Horny
      Darminitan:Hot stuff
      Haxorus: Legitorus
      Krookodile: Sand job

      U luvz it.

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        Time for a long list of names! These are just for my White game; I've named more than twice as much listed here when counting all my Pokemon games.

        In-game team (currently using):
        ` Serperior: Emerald - Emeralds are green and so is Snivy/Serperior. Not to mention I think it sounded nice for a regal lady like her.
        ` Zebstrika♂: Ixion - Named after a summon from Final Fantasy X which is an electric unicorn. Zebstrika fit close enough.
        ` Cohagrigus♂: Osiris - Merciful judge of the dead in Egyptian mythology.
        ` Archeops♂: Kreston - Crest (meaning feathers) turned into a name. It looked better with a K than a C.
        ` Reuniclus♀: Squishy - She's green, cute, and squishy. I also like to think of it as a Finding Nemo reference.
        ` Mienshao♀: Ling - Means delicate in Chinese and for a fighting type Mienshao is pretty elegant.

        Various names of Pokemon in my PC boxes:
        Sigilyph: Majora --- Purrloin♀: Eve --- Audino: Kirby -- Vanillite: Slushie --- Panpour: Drip --- Scolipede: Scorpio --- Minccino: Vanilla --- Ducklett♂: Cygnus --- Pawniard: Slice --- Scraggy: Avril --- Maractus♂: Mariachi --- Garbodor: Smelly

        I'm in Victory road right now so I can't access my PC to look at all of them. I also have names for a competitive team in mind but I'll post them when I actually get the Pokemon. I want to get used to their names first.

        Originally Posted by G-Virus View Post
        Hydreigon- Ghidorah ( Named after the three headed dragon from Godzilla)
        Looks like we both have the same idea.

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        Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott :)
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          Pikachu = Penelope
          Cinccino = Cappuccino
          Axew = Alexew
          Timburr = Timburrton

          They're the ones that come to mind atm i always used to nickname my pokemon but i dont much now
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            My party members:

            Zoroark: Mirage
            Braviary: Starscream
            Galvantula: Tarantulas
            Haxorus: Axor

            These four are all based on Transformers. Now for some non-Tranformers names;

            Samurott: Wotter
            Reuniclus: Homunculus
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              My main party:

              Serperior-->Akio: from Akio Otsuka, japanese seiyuu of Solid Snake
              Braviary-->Taiyo: I name it after my friend. Although I slightly change the name a little.
              Simipour-->Aozaru: means "blue monkey"(I hope its right)

              The rest are Galvantula, Volcarona, and Reuniclus. They are all females so I can't tell their name here.

              Pokemon is a Japanese RPG Made By a Japanese Developer With Japanese Audience in Mind I tell You
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                Pichu: Sparky.

                Oshawott: Hydra.

                Bellsprout: Forester.

                Nidoran Male: Rex.

                Old April 16th, 2011 (5:28 AM).
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                  well my two new members of my team....... Emma the Emolga and MacMiller the Scraggy
                  fc-i gave all my pokegames away to random kids thru gamestop but maybe i get B2 to play with the lil bros maybe yea no maybe...

                  **paired with your mom**
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                    Zoura - Havana [From the band Deaf Havana <3]
                    Palpitoad - Warts [Looks like it has huge warts on his back]
                    Swoobat - Valentine [Has a heart on it's nose]

                    Old April 16th, 2011 (6:10 AM).
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                    I haven't come up with any nicknames for my team on White ;( *insert ideas here*

                    I've got a team of six all with nicknames on Black but not White.

                    I called my Drifblim Apollo because it reminds me of a space enviroment.
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                      I named my Snivy, Greenfoot. But when its a snake and has no feet, the name loses its meaning. But I'm going to keep it.
                      Playing Pokemon keeps me occupied . . . playing ever since Blue and Red.
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                      Nicknames from Gen 5:

                      ☆ Samurott ♂ - BlueHawaii {blue; seashells; cocktail}
                      ☆ Scrafty ♂ - Hayride {joyride; cocktail}
                      ☆ Haxorus ♀ - RedPoint {red tips on tusks; cocktail}
                      ☆ Galvantula ♂ - GoldnDream {gold; lovely spider; cocktail}
                      ☆ Bisharp ♂ - Sazerac {cocktail}
                      ☆ Whimsicott ♀ - Arcelia {treasure; altar of heaven}
                      ☆ Stoutland ♀ - SaltyDog {sand rush; dog; cocktail}
                      ☆ Unfezant ♀ - TearTheSky {flier}
                      ☆ Mienshao ♀ - Kit Kat {kitty; candy}
                      ☆ Emboar ♂ - Salami {better than bacon}
                      ☆ Zebstrika ♂ - Mjolrnir {name of Thor's hammer}
                      ☆ Hydreigon ♂ - Alaator {Greek for avenger}
                      ☆ Simisage ♂ - Iceberg {iceberg lettuce}
                      ☆ Serperior ♂ - Taco {well it is yellow and leafy and hardly beefy}
                      ☆ Reuniclus ♂ - Jello {squishy and transparent}

                      Old April 16th, 2011 (12:47 PM).
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                      Scrafty: Kanye - He reminds me of a rapper.
                      Swoobat: Heartula - No idea, just popped into my head and it sounded cool.
                      Chandelure: Shandy - idk it just seemed to fit.
                      Garbodor: Wiggum - He's fat like Chief Wiggum and it just seemed to fit again.
                      Galvantula: Aragog - Big spider in Harry Potter.
                      Samurott: Justice - He has a mighty blade which he uses to fight for justice.
                      Old April 16th, 2011 (1:26 PM).
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                        Emboar - Froon
                        Scrafty - Guilty
                        Scolipede - Loop

                        So far they're the only 3 I have on my pokemon white (Just restarted for the 4th time =P)
                        Old April 16th, 2011 (4:37 PM).
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                          I named my Samurott nate after myself

                          Old April 16th, 2011 (8:25 PM).
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                            FINAL TEAM

                            Emboar - Chubbers -- Obviously cause he is one.

                            Musharna - Wake Up -- No idea, his eyes are just always closed.

                            Zebstrika - AfricanThundr -- My African zebra with electric abilities....only thing that made sense lol.

                            Seismitoad - Warts -- have you seen his body?

                            Krookodile - Gator Golf -- best old game ever.

                            Archeops - Grandpa -- fossil pokemon.
                            Old April 16th, 2011 (11:42 PM).
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                              When i did the nicknames for my pokemon, i had no idea what i was thinking haha.

                              Samurott/Mijumaru (Because when he was an oshawott i really liked the japanese name for him)

                              Sawk/Goku (for some reason he looks like Goku from DragonBall Z. IMO of course haha)

                              Boldore/Titan (because of it's heavy mass)

                              Krookodile/K.Rool (reminiscent of the classic Donkey Kong Country antagonist)

                              Unfezant/Unpleasant (it's name sounds like it so i called it that)

                              Simisear/Fire Sage (once i get the other 2 it will make more sense than what it already is)

                              I have more pokemon, but I only started naming them today and I haven't gotten around to naming all of them.
                              I'm on youtube! Be sure to click the link below for an Eastern Canadian take on all things Pokemon :D

                              Click here!

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                              I didn't nickname my pokemon because I never nickname pokemon. I like to keep there original names.
                              Old April 17th, 2011 (3:20 PM).
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                                Some of the pokemon that i nicknamed are:

                                Zoroark/ Rusty (M)

                                I nicknamed Zoroark, Rusty because it sounds awesome and I love that name for a pokemon

                                Mismagius/ Maggs (M)

                                I called it Maggs because.... i think you can tell why :D
                                Old April 17th, 2011 (4:54 PM).
                                  Posts: n/a
                                  I dont nickname my pokemon, but I'm considering doing so just because it'd be cool. The only problem with that is that I'm picky with my nicknames, and my nicknames have to sound deep and cool and amazing and stuff like that, and stuff from my own creativity, and it's not going to be easy just making something like that up for a team of Pokemon. :(
                                  Old April 17th, 2011 (5:01 PM).
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                                    I don't nickname my Pokemon usually. But then I think of a great nickname but am to lazy to change it. So right now no nicknames on my Pokemon.
                                    Old April 17th, 2011 (5:07 PM).
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                                      In my first file...

                                      Snivy - Smugleaf (Duh)
                                      Haxorus - H4XOR2
                                      Unfezant - Jesus Bird (AKA Bloodwing from Borderlands)
                                      Zebstrika - Zebrawsome

                                      And that was it for names I believe...

                                      Old April 17th, 2011 (7:54 PM).
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                                        I name all of my pokemon so I can't list them all here.

                                        But my favorite nickname was Oscar for my Oshawott x3 <3

                                        Pokemon Go Dex: 84
                                        ORAS National Dex: 552

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                                        Serperior: Tornado
                                        Reshiram: Snowflake
                                        Eelektross: Crusher
                                        Vaporeon: Iza.

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