Challenge The Dungeonlocke

Started by EonEnigma July 4th, 2020 8:20 PM
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Posted July 4th, 2020
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This is a Pokemon mystery dungeon challenge.


1. If either you or your partner faint, it's game over.

2. You can only recruit one Pokemon per dungeon once that's available, but NO grinding to recruit a Pokemon. Whatever wants to join you first is now a part of your team.

3. If you can't recruit a Pokemon before the end of a dungeon, you can't recruit any Pokemon there.

4. If a recruited Pokemon faints in a dungeon, you must say farewell to it when you get your next chance to.

5. You must give every Pokemon you recruit a nickname. (this includes you and your partner)

6. Guest Pokemon don't count towards your team, so if they faint, it isn't game over. (This is for instances where they join as a part of the story, like grovyle in time, darkness and sky)

7. You aren't allowed to use legendary Pokemon in dungeons. (unless it's a guest Pokemon, like cresselia or celebi)