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A challenge run designed for Pokemon Sword and Shield

Nuzlocke Rules

  • If a Pokemon faints it is not not considered “dead.” Instead, the Pokeball containing the fainted Pokemon becomes locked and must be placed in the PC. A Pokeball Keycode can be used to unlock a Pokeball so the Pokemon it contains can be used in battle again. The Master Ball always remains unlocked however, even if the Pokemon it contains faints. Simply use a Revive or heal it at a Pokemon center and it’s ready for battle!
  • You can only catch the first Pokemon on each route, which can either be an overworld Pokémon, a Pokemon encountered in tall grass, a Pokémon you reel in from a fishing rod, or a Pokémon that falls out of a Berry Tree to attack you. Shiny Pokemon are exempt from this rule. Repeat Balls can catch Pokemon species that have been previously caught.
  • Every Pokemon you catch must be nicknamed.
  • You cannot use online services to acquire Pokemon such as trading with friends, link trade, surprise trade, or via mystery gift. Trading with in-game NPCs is permitted however.
  • Pokemon sent to the PC after being caught, gifted, or traded to by NPCs are not locked and can be freely withdrawn. It is recommended to make a separate box specifically designated for fainted Pokemon.
  • If you black out and do not have any unlocked Pokemon or enough uPoints to purchase a Pokeball Keycode to unlock a Pokemon, it is considered a GAME OVER.
  • The Nuzlocke rules do not take effect until you have been given Pokeballs.

Difficulty Rules

  • In the Options menu, change the Battle Style to Set.
  • Medicine and Battle Items cannot be used in trainer battles. Berries can only be used as Hold Items.
  • You cannot reset your game during or after League Battles.
  • Before challenging a Gym, choose a team of Pokemon equal to the number of Pokemon on the Gym Leader’s team. The amount of Pokemon on each of the Gym teams are as follows: 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, and 4.
  • The level of your Pokemon cannot exceed three levels above the Gym Leader’s highest level Pokemon. The level caps for each of the Gym teams are as follows: 20, 24, 27, 36, 38, 42, 46, and 48.

Unlockables Rules

During this challenge, you can purchase gameplay affecting items called Unlockables. These special items allow the player to unlock fainted Pokemon in the PC or modify a Pokemon’s values. While players in a traditional Nuzlocke lose any fainted Pokemon forever, Unlockable Nuzlocke gives players the option to revert permanent death while still retaining difficulty.

In order to purchase an Unlockable, the player must acquire Unlockable Points, or uPoints. uPoints are given to the player when any trainer is defeated after obtaining the Computer Keycard. Each trainer class awards a specific amount of uPoints. uPoints not only incentivize players to battle every trainer they encounter, but it also increases the risk of losing Pokemon during the challenge, and thus, increasing the difficulty overall.

Unlockables Store

  • Computer Keycard: A keycard with infinite use that can be utilized at a PC to unlock keycode input. Players receive the Computer Keycard after defeating the first Gym Leader. Keep track of accrued uPoints: uPoints Balance:(0)
  • Pokemon Keycode: This one-time use code unlocks a locked Pokemon in the PC. Each of these keycodes costs 12 uPoints.
  • Box Keycode: This one-time code unlocks an entire box of locked Pokemon in the PC. Each of these keycodes costs 50 uPoints.

Mr. Perfect’s Emporium: Mr. Perfect modifies particular aspects of your Pokemon for uPoints. After purchasing specific services from Mr. Perfect, modify the values being serviced in PKHeX.

  • IV Training: Mr. Perfect will max out the IV spread of a Pokemon. Costs 5 uPoints.
  • EV Training: Mr. Perfect will train the requested EV spread of a Pokemon. Costs 5 uPoints.
  • Nature Swap: Mr. Perfect will swap a Pokemon’s nature to a different one. Costs 2 uPoints.
  • Ability Swap: Mr. Perfect will swap a Pokemon’s ability to different one, even to a hidden ability. Costs 4 uPoints.
  • Friendship Boost: Mr. Perfect will increase a Pokemon’s friendship level to 220. Costs 2 uPoint.
  • Shininess: Mr. Perfect will alter a Pokemon’s genetics to make it shiny. Costs 7 uPoints.

Free services include nickname changing, form changing, and met conditions (used to legalize Pokemon if they become illegal based on the changes made above).

Performance Ranking System

Before each League Battle takes place, points will be added or deducted from your Rank Score based on your performance. The following three factors determine what Rank Score you achieve upon completing the challenge:
  • The number of Pokemon defeated in a League Battle is +1 point per Pokemon.
  • A first attempt victory in a League Battle is +2 points per League Battle.
  • The number of fainted Pokemon in a League Battle is -1 Point per Pokemon.

  • Youngster: 0-24 Points
  • Bug Catcher: 25-35 Points
  • Poke Fan: 36-45 Points
  • Pokemon Breeder: 46-53 Points
  • Ace Trainer: 54-59 Points
  • Veteran: 60-63 Points
  • Pokemon Master: 64 Points

Rank Score: ? Rank
  • Turffield Gym: +?/+?/-? = ? Points
  • Hulbury Gym: +?/+?/-? = ? Points
  • Motostoke Gym: +?/+?/-? = ? Points
  • Stow-on-Side Gym: +?/+?/-? = ? Points
  • Ballonlea Gym: +?/+?/-? = ? Points
  • Circhester Gym: +?/+?/-? = ? Points
  • Spikemuth Gym: +?/+?/-? = ? Points
  • Hammerlocke Gym: +?/+?/-? = ? Points