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I am not sure about multiple encounter tables, but there is a "workaround" that I used while making my game.

You can make a new grass block in the block editor that doesn't have the background byte 01 (which is used for encounters I believe), and just use a behavior byte of 02 which is grass animation.

Now, since that new grass block will only have the grass animation and not actual encounters, you could put a script event there with a "random" command which will have a chance of an encounter. The nice thing about this is that you can put as many different pokemon species on that script event while using the "random" command which will generate a random number. You can then assign that number to a pokemon, and have the generator make a number which will yield an encounter with a specific pokemon. For example.

#dynamic 0x800000
#org @start
random 0x5
compare lastresult 0x4
if 0x1 goto @encounter
end '------------- In this first segment, I'm simply giving a 1 in 5 chance of an encounter happening on that specific grass tile

#org @encounter
random 0x2
compare lastresult 0x0
if 0x1 call @bulbasaur

compare lastresult 0x1
if 0x1 call @squirtle

end '---------------- Here is the part where I generate 2 numbers and call a wildbattle accordingly
#org @bulbasaur
wildbattle 0x1 0x5 0x0

#org @squirtle
wildbattle 0x1 0x5 0x0