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Started by Pikafan5 October 10th, 2015 3:01 PM
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Chapter 53: Purple Ranger Debut Part 3, - Trusting Your Instincts

Amber's POV

I slowly open my eyes and try to sit up. A few moments later, I realize that I'm strapped down to a chair with a strange machine hovering over my head. I turn my head to look around to discover that I'm in a weird evil high school science lab. I hear a door slide open then evil chuckles before I see Elsa, Mike, and a mutated lizard face looking down at me after I look back up towards the ceiling.

"Mike, you have to fight Rita's spell,"

"I'm sorry purple Ranger, the Mike you knew is gone," Mike says in an evil tone.

"So, who is the lizard dude?"

"I'm Mesogog, and you'll help me get the other Dino Gems," Mesogog says.

"Why would I give you what you need to destroy our planet?"

"Because you wouldn't want the Pink Ranger to get destroyed do you?" Mike asks.

Tracy's POV

My eyes dart open, and I look around to find out that I'm in the guest room at Dr. Oliver's house. I take my glasses off the nightstand then get out the bed. I still have a little headache I figure is from getting hit by Elsa's lightning blast. After I rub my temples a few time, I leave the room and walk out to my car. I'm about to put the key in the lock when I hear, "What do you think you're going?" I jump and drop the key. I pick them up and turn around to see Wes standing behind me.

"Nowhere, just going for a drive to think about stuff,"

"Not buying it, you're going to find someone to guard the silver Dino gem," Wes says.

"You got me, but how did you know?"

"Just a hunch, but I'm not sure that your plan will work. Don't the Dino gems choose the person?" Wes asks.

"Sometimes they do. We're already down two Rangers. We're going to be down another soon since I decided that I'm going to have the surgery done."

"Who do you have in mind for the Silver Ranger?" Wes asks.

"I'll explain on the way to Cybercafe."

"Fine, but I'm driving," Wes says gesturing to me to give him the keys.

"Why can't I drive?"

"I'm just following what the doctor said. He told Kimberly and me to make sure you didn't do anything too strenuous for the next few days." Wes says.

"I'm fine, all I have is a headache that's all," I argue.

A few moments later, a huge dizzy spell hits, so I lean up against the door to wait for it to pass. After I recover, Wes walks up to me and holds out his hand. I sigh in defeat and hands over the keys. I walk over to the passenger side and get in after Wes unlocks the door. I buckle my seatbelt, then Wes starts the car, and we head to the Cybercafe.

"So, why are we going to the Cybercafe?" Wes asks.

"I want to talk to Devin,"

"Who is he?" Wes asks.

"He works at the school news station as the camera man. I know it's risky, but my instincts can't be wrong. He was the only other person besides the others rangers who was nice to me after the video of my first date with Mike was shown to the whole school, and I became the butt of everyone's jokes."

"Do you think he'll believe you when you tell him that you're a Power Ranger?" Wes asks as we stop at a signal.

"Honestly, I hope so,"
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Chapter 54: Telling Devin
Tracy's POV

Wes parks the car and I start to feel my stomach do backflips as I undo my seatbelt. I get out and walk to the front door of the cafe. A few moments later I feel someone tap me on the shoulder. I know screaming isn't a good idea since it could damage my voice even more, so I bite my cheek before I turn around. I see Hayley standing behind me and I let out a long sigh of relief as I place my hand over my heart.

"Geez, Hayley, thanks for the mini heart attack,"

"Sorry, Tracy I didn't mean to scare you. Why are you here?" Hayley says.

"I called Devin and asked him to meet me here. I was going to tell him about my other after-school activity," I reply.

"Why did you tell the others about your plan?" Hayley asks.

"I was a little afraid that they would think I'm crazy for trusting Devin with this information," I answer, "So, why are you here?"

"I still need to do a truck order for next week,"

I let her unlock the door and we walk inside. I sit down on the couch underneath the window to wait for Devin. I take a few deep breathes trying to get myself to calm down. I take out my phone and see that I still have five minutes till he gets here.

I hope that Devin will come alone. If Cassidy shows up, I'll end up on the news at school again.

I look up, from my phone, and see that Hayley has the stage set up for Kira and her band to play. I start to think about the surgery again. I try not to think of the worse case scenario, but I'm scared that I might not be able to sing again after the surgery. Luckily, my thoughts are interrupted when I hear the door tap against the wall. I turn my head to see Devin walk in. I wave to him and he comes over.

"So, what is this big news you wanted to tell me?" Devin asks.

"I'm sure you already know about the nodules on my vocal cords,"

"Yes, but I heard you where in vocal therapy all last week," Devin says.

"I went to the doctor today and found out that the therapy didn't work,"

"Does that mean you'll need surgery to remove them?" Devin asks.

"Yes, but that isn't the only thing I wanted to tell you," I take deep breath before I continue, "I'm not sure if you're going to believe me if I tell you, but I'm a Power Ranger,"

"Tracy, quit kidding around," Devin chuckles, "Don't take this the wrong way even though you're a black belt in karate. I can't picture you as the superhero type,"

I flick my wrist so my morph will activate and raise it up so Devin can see it. He stops chuckling and gasps in disbelief.

"So, can I see you in your suit?" Devin asks.

"I'm sorry Devin, but I can't do that,"

"How come?"

"A coating on my gem is preventing me from morphing, but you'll be a member of the team soon," I say, "If I can convince Conner and the others that you can be trusted to not tell anyone especially Cassidy, about our other "after-school club." Devin. can I trust you?"

Devin's POV

I can't believe that Conner is a Power Ranger. Wait, I could be a Power Ranger? Cassidy is trying to get a job at the local TV station. She did promise to get the identity of one of the rangers. I can't tell her about this. Tracy has been through enough as it is.

"Yes, I won't tell Cassidy you have my word,"

"Great," Tracy says.

Tracy gets up off the couch. Before we leave, Tracy tells me to ask Hayley if she can keep my scooter locked up inside the cafe while we go to 'the lab' to meet up with the others. Hayley says yes. After I put my scooter in the hallway, between the front door and the main entrance, Tracy and I walk to her car. I see a guy get out of the driver's side and walk up to us.

"Devin, this is Wes," Tracy says.

"Nice to meet you, Devin," Wes says, holding out his right hand.

I shake his hand and see he has something on his wrist. It wasn't a watch. "Hi, Wes, what is that on your wrist?"

"It's my Chrono morpher," Wes says.

"He is a Power Ranger too," I gasp.

"Yes, and he isn't the only one I'll get a chance to destroy," an evil voice says.

Tracy and I turn around and see a green power ranger along with some of those weird things that attacked Ethan that one time.

"Mike, you have to fight it. You're not evil," Tracy says.

"Mike is a Power Ranger too," I gasp.

"Yes, and those things coming at us are called Tyrannodrones," Tracy says.

I look over at Tracy and see her rubbing her temples like she is trying to fight off a dizzy spell. I quickly move to get behind her as she starts to lose her balance. A few seconds later, she falls backward, and I catch her before she hits the ground.

"Devin, take Tracy somewhere safe," Wes says.

"You got it, Wes,"

I take Tracy back inside the cafe and lay her down on the couch.

If Mike is a Power Ranger, why is he fighting for the wrong side? Once Tracy wakes up I'm sure she'll explain everything. Man, I hope the others won't freak out when they find out that Tracy told me about their secret.
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Chapter 55: Dino Power Discovery

Normal POV

At the lab, Circuit scanners pick up the green Dino Gems energy signal.

"I just picked up an energy reading that is the same as your Dino Gem Tommy," Circuit says.

"It must be Mike," Tommy says.

"Where is it coming from?" Kira asks.

"Outside somewhere called Hayley's Cyberspace," Circuit says.

"Why would Mesogog attack there?" Kimberly says.

"I'm not sure, but we need to check it out," Conner says.

"Right let's go," Ethan says.

The Dino Ranger and Jen leave to investigate. Kimberly looks over at Tracy's morpher on the table near the wall that conceals the other entrance to the lab.

"Circuit, do you think that you could figure out a way for me to use Tracy's Ranger powers temporarily?" Kimberly asks.

"You were a pink ranger before, so after the coating on the gem is gone. You could borrow them if Tracy would be okay with it," Circuit answers.

Meanwhile, at Hayley's, Devin looks down at Tracy as she slowly starts to wake up. Once her vision returns to the way it is without her glasses, Tracy can make out Devin's face.

"Hey, Devin, could you hand me my glasses please," Tracy says.

"Sure," Devin says.

Tracy sits up as Devin takes her glasses off the coffee table and hands them to her. She puts them on. Now that everything around her isn't a bunch of blurry blobs, she sees a distressed look on Devin's face before he looks away.

"Devin, are you okay?" Tracy asks.

Devin lets out a long sigh before looking at her again and says "I should be asking you that, but yes I'm okay. Just worried about how the others are going to react once they find out about your decision."

Wes's POV

I manage to defeat all the Tyrnodrones. I turn around and see Mike charge at me. He grabs me by the neck. Then he starts to punch me in the stomach with his free hand. He hits me several times before he throws me and I fly through the air. I hear Mike summon his weapon.

Amber's POV

Zeltrax and I are standing in front of Mesogog who is sitting on his thrown. My wrists are chafing since Zeltrax tied the ropes around them too tight. I'm scared I might lose feeling in my hands soon.

"But, Lord Mesogog, I thought we were going to use her to get the other gems?" Zeltrax asks.

"I have a different plan to get the other gems." Mesogog smirks, "Now get rid of her,"

The next thing I know, I see a portal open in front of us. Zeltrax pushes me, and we walk into it. Then we are at the beach, and Zeltrax picks me up. The next thing I know I'm sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

Normal POV

Mike sees several laser blasts hit the arrows. They split in half and the pieces land in a pile on the ground. He growls through his teeth and lets out a frustrated groan a few seconds later. Jen rides in. She quickly stops the bike, jumps off the seat into the air and catches Wes.

"Nice timing Jen and thanks for the save," Wes says.

Jen sets him on the ground. He stands up, and they turn around to see one of Elsa's lightning bolts coming at them. Mike shoots some more arrows at them as well. Wes and Jen fly through the air and land unmorphed on the ground after slamming into the wall. Wes pushes himself up, but his vision is getting blurry. He can barely make out Mike as the green ranger walks up to him.

"You two weren't as tough as I thought you would be. Now I'm off to get the pink dino gem," Mike says.

Mike's evil chuckles echo in his mind as everything quickly fades to black. The green ranger turns around and sees Kimberly standing behind him.

"What do you want?" Mike asks.

Amber's POV

I need to figure out how to get free before I drown. I know opening my eyes underwater is a bad idea, but I try anyway. I slowly open my eyes, and I'm shocked that I can see clearly. A few seconds later I feel my heart rate slow down and I think I am dying. Then I look down and see water going into the blood vessels near my lymph nodes on my neck. The next thing I know I can breathe.

A few seconds later I see a giant Archleon swimming up to me. It bites through the ropes.

Did my zord just save me? Also, did I discover my dino power too?

I swim over to it. I stop in front of its head. Then I melt into it. I stand up. The water drips off my hair and clothes. It makes a big puddle. The first thing I see as I look around is a purple orb in front of me. Then metal walls, smaller beams are lighting up. There is one more purple sphere in the middle it has dino footprint in the middle.

So, this is what my zord cockpit looks like not bad.

I walk over to the big purple orb and put my hands on it. Then my zord starts to swim faster and takes me to safety.
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Chapter 56: Why did you pick Devin?

Amber's POV

My zord stops when I take my hands off of the purple orb. The next thing I know I'm laying face down on the beach. As I stand up, I hear a splashing sound as my zord swims away. I look around and am surprised to discover that I ended up at the beach behind my house.

Did my zord tap into my subconscious mind and bring me here?

I walk over to the stairs leading to the backyard, my seven-year-old sister, Mari, standing at the top. She has a shocked expression on her face and asks, "Did that giant sea turtle just spit you out onto the beach?"

Some debut as the purple ranger: I get kidnapped, discover my dino powers and get rescued by my zord. Tracy got hurt because of me. I can't tell Mari or my parents - it's too risky. If Mesogog finds out that she or my parents know I'm a ranger, Mari could get hurt, and if that happens, Mom will ground me till I'm 21.

"Mari, you shouldn't be down here by yourself. You know the rules," I say changing the subject.

"Mom said I should stay away from the water." Mari says, "Amber, why do I need a babysitter? I can take care of myself. I'm not a baby."

"Mom and dad, just want to make sure you're safe that's all,"

"I know, so do you want to come with me? I'm going to our secret hideout," Mari says.

"Maybe next time Mari,"

Mari walks down the stairs and hugs me. Then she sprints down the beach. I sit down on the step and try to figure out how to get back to the lab.

Devin's POV

We pull up to a house in the middle of the forest.

"Who's house is this?"

"This is Dr. Oliver's." Tracy answers.

"Wait, is Dr. Oliver a power ranger?"

"Dr. Oliver has been a ranger before," Wes says.


"Yes, he was the green ranger, white, and red ranger twice," Wes says.

We get out and walk inside. Tracy leads us over to a room that has a t-rex skeleton on the counter. She touches it and a trap door open.

"Were does it lead?"

"To the lab," Tracy answers.

We walk down the stairs. I hear several gasps of disbelief and see Conner, Kira, Ethan and Trent's mouth hanging open as we reach the bottom.

"Tracy, did you lose some brain cells during that fight earlier?" Conner snaps.

"Bringing Devin here was a bad idea," Ethan adds.

"You have my word. I won't tell Cassidy. She already humiliated Tracy once with that video of her date with Mike. I don't want to see how the student body will react if they find out your secret."

"Guy, we are running out of students we can trust to protect the silver dino gem. It's either Devin or some random freshman. I believe Dustin is the best option we have. I can't believe that my teammates and friends don't trust me." Tracy says.

"Tracy has a point, she wouldn't have brought Devin here is she wasn't confident that he couldn't be trusted to keep our secret," Dr. Oliver says.

"Before we trust Devin, shouldn't we make sure that the gem will bond with him?" Conner asks.

Tracy leads me over to a table that has the Silver Dino gem sitting on a baseball display stand. As we get close to it, I look over at Tracy and she nods reassuringly. I look back over at the gem and then slowly reach out my hand see it start to glow.

"Is the glowing a good sign?" I ask.

"Yes," Tracy answers.

I hear a dinosaur roar as I pick up the dino gem. I see a vision of a dinosaur with a horn-like crest on its head that walks on two legs. When it fades, I look back over at Tracy.

"So, the dinosaur vision is another good sign, right?"

"Yes, that means the gem is starting to bond to you," Dr. Oliver says, "What did it look like?"

I tell Dr. Oliver what I saw, and he says that the dinosaur is called a Tsintaosaurus.

"I'll get to work building you a morpher," Hayley says.

"So, what do we do while she is doing that?"

"We should try to locate Amber," Tracy says.

"Amber from the Softball team, she is a ranger too?"

"Yes, she is purple," Tracy says.

A robot owl flies over to us. It lands on Tracy's shoulder.

"Tracy, who is the owl?"

"His name is Circuit," Tracy says.

"I have good news my scanners picked up a signal from Amber's morpher," Circuit says.
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Chpater 57: Tracy's Dino Powers Return Part 1, - Decisions and a White Lie

Tracy's POV

"Where is it Circuit?"

"8862 Queen St," Circuit answers.

"That's Amber's house, how did she get there?"

"You'll just have to ask her when we go to pick her up," Wes says.

"Okay, but can we go in the jeep you drove here?"

"Sure, let's go," Wes says.

"Can I tag along too?" Devin asks.

I nod. We leave the lab. As we walk out the front door, I stop before going down the steps. Devin turns around and asks, "You are going to call your parents aren't you?"

"Yes, I'll meet you in the car,"

Devin nods and turns back around heading towards the jeep. I take out my phone and dial mom's number. I sit down on the step and tap my foot listening to the line ringing.

"Hi, sweetie," Mom says.

"Mom, I've made a list of pros and cons to going through with the surgery.."

"Tracy your father and I know how difficult it was for you make this decision. I'm proud of you." Mom says.

"Thanks, mom,"

"I'll call Dr. Calhoun and see when he is available to do the surgery," Mom says.

"You and dad won't kick me out if something goes wrong with the surgery will you?"

"Tracy, we'll love you no matter what happens to your voice." Mom says, "Also, your friends won't turn their backs on you either."

"Mom, next time could you ask permission before you enter my brain," I joke, "I got to go Power Ranger business,"

Before we hang up, Mom says shell text me after she calls Dr. Calhoun and gets the information about the surgery. She also says that she loves me. I tell her I love her too. Then put my phone away and walk over to the jeep. After buckling up, Wes turns it on, and we pull out of the driveway

"So, Wes have you heard of Dr. Calhoun?"

"Yes I have, he is one of the best surgeons in Silver Hills," Wes answers.

"Is he a popular surgeon?"

"Yes," Wes says.

I hope I can get this surgery done this week because I'd like to get it over with as soon as possible.

"If he is in Silver Hills then he knows about the Power Rangers since that is where your team battled Ransic, right?"

"Yes," Wes says.

Thank goodness, so I won't have to lie about how I got all the others injuries then. That's good I'm a terrible liar. Also, I hope my dino powers come back soon.

Ten minutes later we pull into the driveway to Amber's house. I get out and walk around to the backyard and see Amber sitting on the steps leading to the beach.

Amber's POV

I hear someone walking up, so I stand up and turn around to see Tracy.

"Hey, Tracy, what are you doing here?"

"Circuit picked up the signal from your morpher," Tracy answers, "How did you escape?"

I tell Tracy about Zeltrax tossing me into the ocean. Then about discovering my Dino POwers, seeing my zord for the first time and it helping me get to safety.

"That's amazing so what is your dino power?" Tracy asks.

"I can breathe underwater,"

Tracy tells me that Devin is going to be the silver ranger. We walk into the house so I can change out of my wet clothes before we head to the lab. We head upstairs to my room. Tracy sits down at my desk and asks, "So, what are you going to tell your mom when she asks you how you got here?"

"You'll find out when we head back downstairs to go out to your car."

I go to my bathroom to change. After I put my wet clothed into the hamper and we walk back downstairs. I'm hoping we get outside quick enough so mom won't see us. I'm about to put my hand on the doorknob when I hear mom's voice.

"Amber, when did you get back I didn't hear you pull in," Mom says.

I turn around and quickly think of a white lie to tell her to avoid having to admit that Tracy and I are Power Rangers.

"That's because Tracy car is super quiet. We decide to carpool to the library to work on our extra credit project for Dr. Oliver's class."

"Okay, just be home in time for dinner," mom says.

"I will,"

I turn back around when I see mom walk towards the kitchen. Tracy and I step outside as I close the door behind us. I see Wes and Devin standing next to a jeep.

"I was wondering what was taking so long. You had to change outfits," Wes says.

"Yes, I thought it would be a good idea since my clothes were wet and had sand on them,"

"So saving Reefside is our 'extra credit project' for Dr. O's class," Tracy says.

"Yeah, sorry I panicked a bit," I say, "So, Devin I hope the others were on board with you joining the team?"

"Not everyone Conner isn't too thrilled," Devin says.

"Let's get going I'm sure everyone wants to hear your story, Amber," Tracy says.

We get into the jeep and drive back to Dr. Oliver's house.
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Chapter 58: Tracy's Dino Powers Return Part 2, - The Test

Tracy's POV

I'm happy that Amber got her powers now I hope mine come back. We pull into the driveway to Dr. O's house. After we get out, go into the house, and start walking down the stairs to the lab. I kept the front pocket of my purse open so I could hear when mom texts me. As we reach the bottom of the stairs, I hear The Climb playing through my phone. I nervously take out my phone.

"Is that song you set to alert you when your mom texts you?" Amber asks.

"Yup, so I'm guessing you would want me to read it?"

"Yes, please," Amber says.

"Mom says that Dr. Calhoun said he could do the surgery Saturday morning at 6:00."

"Wow, how did your mom manage to schedule it so soon?" Kira asks.

"She probably told him how important it was for me to have it done as soon as possible so that way I'll be able to sing for the final choir performance and at graduation,"

I put my phone away. Then walk over to the table that has my morpher on it. I take off my bracket, pick up my morpher, go over to Kimberly and hand it to her.

"Kimberly, I know the pink dino gem's power has bonded to me. Since I won't be able to talk for a while after the surgery, would you be able to fill in for me?"

"Is it even possible for Kimberly use Tracy's ranger powers Dr. O?" Ethan asks.

"Yes, but we can't clone the pink dino gem. The morphing grid can't handle duplicating the same power," Dr. O says.

"I'll try to help you out, but I need to remind you that the coating on the pink dino gem needs to be removed before we can do anything," Circuit says.

"How do we know when it's gone other than seeing if Tracy can morph?" Amber asks.

"Amber, you forget that my dino powers aren't working either,"

"So, if your dino powers are working again then that means the coating is gone right?" Amber asks.

"Yes, but I still don't understand how my dino powers could get blocked in the first place. Since I got them when the gem bonded with my DNA,"

"The spell Rita used on you and Mike must have been stronger than the one she used on me." Dr. Oliver says, "But your confusion about how she was able to block your dino powers is still a relevant concern,"

"Is that why Mike can't break free from it? Oh, just a reminder, I'm still not too thrilled about our idea of destroying his weapon to bring him back,"

"Are you sure that's the only way to break Rita's spell over Mike?" Amber asks.

"Yes, since he is working with Mesogog now. We don't have much choice he could tell him the location of the lab," Dr. O says.

"Tracy, back to your dino power problem maybe Rita's spell could be using something else besides her magic to power it since she obviously can't be here in our time," Amber says.

"That's one theory, but what could it be?"

"Maybe it could being powered up by stress," Amber says.

"Amber, how could Rita even know how stress could affect me?"

"Instead of questioning Amber's theory and test it," Dr. O says.


"Tracy, we can take a trip to Silver Hills and visit Bio-Lab," Wes says.

"Would your father be okay with us just popping in for a visit?" Tracy asks.

"I'm going to call him right now and explain what's going on," Wes answers.

I hope Mr. Collins will be okay with our team coming to Bio-Lab. I know the pink dino gem needs to be protected by someone who can - talk.

Wes's POV

I called my father and told him about what is happening here in Reefside with the Dino Thunder Rangers. Dad said that he would be happy to assist them so that their team won't be down a member. I thank him for helping then I hang up and put my phone back into my pocket.

"What did you dad say?" Tracy asks.

"He is glad to assist another team of rangers, so we should get going,"

"Okay, but I think only you, me, Eric, Jen, Circuit, and Kimberly should go. That way Reefside won't be defenseless," Tracy says.

"Good idea, but Tracy take the morpher with you just in case," Hayley says.

"I'll stay here and help out till the four of you get back," Jen says.

"Okay, thanks, Jen," Tracy says.

Tommy hands Kimberly a small box, and she puts the morpher inside. Then we leave the lab to head to Silver Hills. Five minutes later I pull onto the freeway. As I look into the rearview mirror to see if I can merge I catch a glimpse of Tracy and she looks nervous, I need to stay focused on the road, so I tap Eric on the shoulder. Eric gives me a 'why did you do that' look. I gesture towards Tracy, and he nods.

"So, Tracy do you know what you're going to go to college for?" Eric asks.

"I was either going back home to Michigan to go to Michigan State to study animal science or go to Jacksonville University to get a Bachelor's of Music degree. The only problem was the letters I got were fake when I called Michigan State and found out that I was put on the waiting list," Tracy answers.

"Being put on the waiting list is good a thing," Kimberly says.

"I know, but I should call the other colleges to see if I was accepted or not to be on the safe side," Tracy says.

"Do you know who wrote the fake letters?" Eric asks.

"No," Tracy answers, "So, what's with the sudden conversation?"

"Wes noticed that you were nervous," Eric says.

"Nervous isn't the right word. I'm scared that my powers still aren't working and all this test will end up being a waste of Wes's father's time," Tracy says

"Tracy, you need to be more confident and have faith that your powers are back," Kimberly says.

Twenty minutes later I pull into the Bio-Lab parking lot. We get out and walk inside to be greeted by my dad.

"Hello again, Albert," Tracy says.

"Hello Tracy, follow me to the room we set up to test your dino powers," Dad says.

Tracy's POV

Wes's dad leads up to one of the labs. As we enter the room, I see another Jeep parallel parked next to a piece of concert barrier you see on the highway.

"Albert, are you sure that you can afford to have one of the jeeps to be used for something like this?"

"Don't worry Tracy, this jeep needs to have some repair work done it so a little more damage to it won't hurt it," Albert says.

"With all due respect Albert, but my test is going to see if I can flip it over the barrier? have you been taking crazy pills?"

"Tracy, I can deduce from your outburst that you're scared, but this is the only test I could come up with at such short notice," Albert says.

"Fine, but for the record, I think with all the scientists you have I'm sure one of them could have come up with a better idea," I sigh.

Kimberly hands me my morpher. I put in on my wrist then walk over to the jeep and pace my hands underneath the frame. I take a deep breath and close my eyes as I push my arm up toward the ceiling. I slowly open my right eye and smile when I see it fly up into the air. The jeep lands sight up and down on the other side of the barrier. I walk over to everyone. Circuit scans my morpher and says, "Tracy, I have good news. My scan shows that the coating on the gem is gone,"
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Chapter 59: Mixed Feelings

Tracy's POV

I'm happy that my dino powers are working again, but now I'm worried that everyone will get so used to having Kimberly fighting along side them they won't want me to be the pink ranger when my voice returns.

Circuit figured out how to unlock my rangers powers I give my morpher to Kimberly. She puts it on her wrist.

"Maybe you should test to make sure the morpher will work," I suggest.

Kimberly flips her wrist, and the morpher appears. She opens the Gigantosaurus' mouth.

"Dino Thunder Power Up," Kimberly shouts.

Kimberly presses the button on the morpher. The mouth closes, and she did a back flip when she lands I try to act happy seeing in the pink ranger suit.

"So, Kimberly, what does it feel like being a ranger again?" Wes asks.

"It's a little strange, but I just need to get used to it again," Kimberly says, "So, at least we know I'm able to use Tracy's powers."

"Yes, so we should head back to Reefseide to tell everyone the good news," Circuit says.

Kimberly demorphs and we go back out to the jeep. The entire ride back I keep thinking about what the others are going to do once they find out that Kimberly can become the pink ranger - again. When Wes pulls into the driveway to Dr. O house, I wait till its dave to get out. Then I open my door and run off into the forest.

Wes's POV

"I thought Tracy is happy that her dino powers are working, and Kimberly can morph. Why did Tracy take off in the forest?" Eric asks.

"I'm not sure Eric."

"When I scanned her gem before my scanner also picked up changes in her hormone levels," Circuits says, "It read that her stress hormones were elevated, but I'm not sure what is causing it,"

"Circuit, senior year of high school is stressful the students have to figure out what they want to go to college for, and on top of that Tracy, Trent, Conner, Kira, Mike, and Ethan have to save Reefside from Mesogog," Wes says.

"I'm sure her upcoming surgery has Tracy stressed out too, so we shouldn't be too concerned right?" Kimberly adds

"So, who is going to go after her?" Eric asks.

"Tracy does tend to keep her emotions bottled up. Something could be bothering her and doesn't want to talk about it," Circuit says.

"Circuit, you may be right. You and I will find Tracy. Kimberly, you and Eric should head inside to talk to the others."

We get out of the jeep. Circuit and I head down the path to find Tracy.

Normal POV

In the lab, the rangers and Hayley are anxiously waiting for them to return. They hear footsteps and turn towards the steps to see Eric and Kimberly walk down the stairs.

"Where are Circuit, Tracy, and Wes?" Jen asks.

"When Wes turned off the jeep, Tracy got out and ran into the forest," Kimberly says.

"Wes and Circuit are trying to find her," Eric adds.

"So, what happened at SciLabs?" Conner asks.

"Conner," Kira snaps.

"What, I'm sure Tracy is fine. We need to know if Tracy's dino powers are working," Conner says.

"Tracy's Dino Power are working, and Circuit also figured out a way for me to borrow Tracy's ranger powers," Kimberly says.

"Awesome, we are going to have two of the original power rangers fighting together again to save the planet," Ethan says.

I'm going to see if I can figure out a way to draw Mike out so I can fight him alone. I have to make it up to Tracy. She got hurt because I'm such a terrible ranger. Amber thinks.

Meanwhile, Wes and Circuit find Tracy near the lake. She had kicked down a few trees. Now she is throwing a massive boulder into the lake. The water splashes up and comes down on top of her. She rings most of the water out of her hair then walk over to another tree and it about to karate chop one of the branches off. Wes runs over to her and grabs her wrist. Tracy rotates her wrist, so her thumb lines up with where Wes's thumbs and fingers line up. She quickly jerks her arm by bending it at the elbow. Then she did a tornado kick, and Wes flies through the air. He groans as his back smacks against a tree. Once the adrenaline wears off, Tracy runs over to him.

"Wes, I'm sorry, are you okay? What are you two doing here?" Tracy asks helping Wes to his feet.

"I'm fine Tracy; I forgot you knew karate." Wes says."I wanted to ask if you are okay since Circuit thought you were upset about something."

"I'm fine, Wes and just a little stressed out because of the surgery that's all," Tracy says, "I might be a little worried that the other will want to replace me with Kimberly,"

Tracy looks down at her feet and kicks some dirt. Wes puts his hand on Tracy's shoulder.

"Relax, that's not going to happen," Wes says.

Tracy slowly looks up and says, "How can you be so sure, since we can't have Circuit look into the future or tell me what is going to happen after the surgery."

"You're just going to have to trust me on this," Wes says.
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Chapter 60: Amber's Silent Treatment

Tracy's POV

The next morning I walk outside to my car to see Kimberly walking up to me.

"Hi, Kimberly, what are you doing here this morning?" I ask.

"I thought we could carpool to school?" Kimberly says.

"Sounds good, my car is low on gas," I reply.

We go over to her car. I get into the passenger seat. After she backs out of the driveway, I let out a heavy sigh seeing the pink dino gem on her wrist. I turn my head to look out the windshield.

"So, did you get a job at the school? If you did what about your training for the next Pan Global Games?"

"Yes, I'm working as an assistant for the music teacher. As for my training, I have to wait until next year for the next PanGlobal Games. So you don't have to worry about that." Kimberly says.

"So, was you getting the job Dr. O's idea?"

"Yes," Kimberly answers.

"At least you'll get to hear Kira sing," I sigh.

"You'll be singing again in no time," Kim says.

"But we don't know what my voice is going to sound like," I reminded her.

"I know, but for now, try your best not to focus on your surgery. I know Tommy won't like it if your look distracted during his lecture," Kim says.

"Ok," I say.

Kim pulls into the staff lot, and parks next to Dr. O's jeep. We get out and head inside the school. After I go to my locker to put my things away, I visit Amber at her locker.

"Hey, Amber," I greet.

Amber didn't even acknowledge me. She grabs one of her books and heads to her first class.

Okay, what did I do? Why did Amber ignore me like that?

I'm still in shock that I didn't notice Trent walking up behind me. I jump when I feel him tap me on the shoulder. After I recover, I turn around to face him.

"Sorry, Tracy, I didn't mean to scare you," Trent says.

"It's okay Trent," I say.

"So, did you and Amber talk about the upcoming sports award ceremony," Trent asks.

"No, Amber didn't even say hi to me. She just grabbed one of her books and walked away," I reply.

"That's odd, Amber is normally really chatty before school starts," Trent says.

"Do you have any clue why she is suddenly giving me the silent treatment?" I ask.

Trent shakes his head no. Then the warning bell rings, and we head off to our first class. I sit down next to Kira and look over at Mike. I feel my stomach do backflips as I watch him trip another student and laugh. The student quickly gets to his feet and goes over to the table near him and sits down.

I want to get the real Mike back as soon as possible. I hate seeing act opposite of his usual self.

The bell rings again, and Dr. O takes attendance and starts his lecture on volcanoes. When it goes off signaling the end of the class, I'm about to leave when Dr. O asks me to stay since he wanted to talk to me.

"Hey, Dr. O what's wrong was there something wrong with my term paper?" I ask.

"No, your paper was excellent; you seemed a little distracted today? Is there something else bothering you other than your surgery," Dr. O asks.

"Sorry, Dr. O, but Amber ignore me this morning when I went to talk to her,"

"That doesn't sound like her." Dr. O says.

"I know. I hope I didn't do anything to make Amber mad at me," I say.

"I'll talk to her later and try to get to the bottom of it," Dr. O says.

"Thank you, Dr. O," I say.

Amber's POV

Okay giving Tracy the cold shoulder isn't being the model teammate, but I need to find a way to Mesogog's lab myself to hand over my Dinogem. It what's best for the team.

I head to gym class and try not to make eye contact with Conner or Tracy as I walk into the gymnasium. Mr. Jonas takes attendance, and I sprint out to the locker room once he finished and told us that we are practicing for the Presidential physical fitness test today. I change as fast as I can so Tracy wouldn't have a chance to talk to me. I get into the line to warm up before we head outside to do the mile run. My time is 9:55 and sit down on the bleachers and wait for the rest of the class to finish. I see Tracy struggle to keep up with one of the other girls in the class and watch her pass out from pushing herself too hard as she completes the run. I remember her telling me that she wasn't the faster runner. Conner helped Tracy to the nurse's office since Mr. Jonas wanted to make sure she would be alright.

I'm happy to see her when I walk into the lunch room. She is sitting with the gang. I didn't want to sit with them so I 'pretend' not to hear Conner when he called me over. I sit down at the table where the rest of the Softball team is sitting. I usually didn't have any problems when I ate Shrimp but for some reason today when I bit into it and swallowed it. I get a sudden stomach cramp, and my mouth starts to get all tingly. A few seconds later everything begins to spin around me as dizzy spell hits me. Then everything goes black as I hear one of the girls shouting my name.

My bad with the cliffhanger LOL.
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Chapter 61: Planning a trip to Mesogog's Fortress

Amber's POV

I groan and slowly open my eyes. After my vision returns to normal, I look around, and I discover that I'm in the back of an ambulance. I do my best not to panic. A few seconds later, my heart starts to race, and I'm afraid that it may jump out of my chest. As I look up to see the face of one of the paramedics looking down at me, I try to sit up, but she puts her hand on my chest.

"Calm down, sweetheart, you're okay," She says in a reassuring tone, as she lays me back down the stretcher.

"What happened?" I ask, "The last thing I remember is eating lunch at school."

"You fainted after having a serious allergic reaction when you ate the shrimp," she says, "The school contacted your mom, and she'll meet us at the hospital. I'm afraid you won't be going back till tomorrow morning," she continues.

Normal POV

In the emergency room, Amber's mother, Zuri, is playing with her wedding band as she waits for the ambulance to arrive with her daughter. She is happy that her boss let her go on her break early to rush to the hospital. The past few minutes felt like hours even though the doctor told her that Amber was awake and alert. She is upset that Amber didn't have her epi-pen with her since this was her second time having an anaphylactic reaction after eating shrimp. She quickly stands up when the sound of the ambulance's siren echoes into her ears as it pulls up. The teen's mother runs up to paramedics as Amber is brought in.

"Mom, I'm sorry you had to leave work," Amber says.

Zuri wipes a few tears away from her daughter's eyes before fixing her hair. "Sweetie, you don't have to apologize, I'm glad that you're alright. But tomorrow, we're going to discuss the importance of remembering to bring your epi pen with you to school,"

Amber nods and Zuri kisses her on the forehead before the paramedics take the teen to admit her. Zuri goes out to her car and sits down in the driver's seat. She calls the school to inform them that Amber is alright and will be back to school the next morning. Then she goes back to work.

Meanwhile, at school, Tracy heads to PreCalculus Class but can't focus, she is too preoccupied about whether Amber was going to be alright or not after she was wheeled out on the stretcher. Mr. Johnson looks away from the chalkboard and sees Tracy isn't writing anything down in her notebook.

"Miss Burlew, is there some reason why you haven't written anything down?" Mr. Johnson asks.

"I'm sorry Mr. Johnson, I guess I'm still freaked out about what happened at lunch today," Tracy says.

"Miss Burlew, I'm sure that was a terrifying experience seeing one of your fellow students collapsing in the cafeteria and leaving on a stretcher. But, please try to focus on the lesson," Mr. Johnson says.

"Yes, sir," Tracy says.

Twenty minutes later, the bell rings again, and Tracy gathers her things then starts to leave the room. She goes over to Mike's desk. Two days ago, Mike had asked Mr. Johnson if he could move because he didn't want to sit next to Tracy anymore. Mike quickly stands up as she gets closer to him. He grabs her wrist, starts to tighten his grip, then quickly pulls her towards him. Everything in Tracy's arms falls onto the floor as the room fills with gasps of horror.

"Relax, Pink Ranger, I won't hurt you and risk your secret identity. Meet me after school at our special spot, and we'll do battle there," Mike whispers.

When Mike sees Mr. Johnson dash over to them, he lets her go and stomps out of the room. Tracy takes a few seconds to allow her nerves to calm down.

"Miss Burlew, are you okay?" Mr. Johnson asks.

"Yes, I'm fine," Tracy says.

"Do you know why Mike is acting so strangely?" Mr. Johnson asks, "From what I just witnessed I'm very concerned about your safety," Mr. Johnson continues as he notices the marks on Tracy's wrist from her bracelet as he turns her hand over to look at it.

"Don't worry, Mr. Johnson, everything is alright between us, but I don't know why he is acting like this," Tracy answers.

Tracy quickly picks up her things and runs out of the room. She stops at her locker to get everything she needs for English class. She decides to make a quick stop by Dr. Oliver's class since she remembers that he didn't have to teach a lesson at the end of the day.

Dr. Oliver finishes putting in the last few grades from the previous test he gave into the computer when he hears the door to the classroom open. He looks away from the screen to see Tracy walk in. He sees the small remnants of fear in Tracy's eyes since she still can't stop thinking about what just happened in Mr. Johnson's class.

Dr. Oliver's POV

The look of fear in Tracy's eyes has me feeling a little uneasy. I get up from my desk and walk over to her.

"Tracy, did something just happen between you and Mike?" I ask as I place my hand on her shoulder.

"Yes, I'm scared that Rita's spell has complete control over him now." Tracy answers, "I think he just challenged me to fight him at our special place after school today," Tracy continues.

"Tracy, you can't go since you don't have your powers," I say.

"I know, but what am I supposed to do?" Tracy asks, as her voice begins to crack, "I'm still worried about my surgery on Friday. I need him by my side. Not to mention, Amber as well," Tracy continues.

"Don't worry, we will break Rita's spell over Mike before your surgery," I say confidently, "As for Amber you don't have to worry about her anymore, I just got an email from Principal Randall. Amber will be back in school tomorrow morning," I continue.

Amber's POV

I'm getting bored sitting in my bed in my hospital room and reach over to the table next to my bed. I pick up my phone and after I check the time I see I have twenty minutes left till school gets out. So, I have to wait to call Trent to tell him that I want to go to Mesogog's fortress before school tomorrow. I groan as I flip through the channels on the TV in my room, unable to find anything good to watch. I get out of the bed and head to the game room that the nurse told me about when she came in to give me some lunch since I didn't eat much at school.

I walk into the game room and see they have a PlayStation 2 set up. I go over to it and look through the games in the plastic container near it. Most of the games are for the younger kids since they were rated E or Y-7 since I couldn't find any rated T. I settled on Disney's Fillmore!: Back in Action. I set the alarm on my phone to let me know when I could call Trent. Then I started playing. When I hear my phone begin to buzz, I pick it up, turn off the alarm and dial Trent's number and wait for him to pick up.

"Hey, Amber, everyone is glad that you're okay," Trent says.

"Thanks, Trent, but I'm curious, do you know another way to get to Mesogog's fortress?" I ask.

"Yes, I do. You can use the Invisiportal that's at my house; it's inside my dad's office." Trent says, "I found it one day, and it took me straight there, but why do you want to go there?" Trent asks.

"I'm going to do something that I feel is best for the team," I answer, "I'm going to give Mesogog my dino gem. Are you going to help me out?" I ask.

There are a few seconds of silence on the other end as I wait for Trent to respond. He says yes. Then I tell him about my plan. He and his dad will meet my mom here tomorrow morning. Then after mom signs me out, they will offer to take me out to breakfast before taking me to school. We say goodbye, and I go back to my room since I'm already tired of playing video games.

Normal POV

Trent puts his phone back in his pocket before grabbing his bag out of his locker. He goes outside to meet up with the others.

"Hey, Trent, what took you so long?" Ethan asks.

"Yes, I was going to send a search party back in to find you," Tracy jokes.

"Sorry, guys, my dad called me," Trent lies.

"Let's head to the lab, I'd like to see if we can figure out why Amber was acting so strange today," Tracy says.

Tracy offers to give Trent a ride. He nervously gets into her car.

I hope that Tracy won't be mad at me when I tell them that Amber just called me and that she wants to go to Mesogog's fortress to surrender her dino gem to him. Trent thinks as he buckles up.

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Chapter 62: Testing the Team's trust

Normal POV

Trent slowly gets out of Tracy's car. He and Tracy head inside Dr. Oliver's house walk down the stairs to the lab. Tracy isn't sure why Trent is acting so nervous the entire drive. She hopes that he isn't keeping a secret from the team, and she slowly sits down in the chair next to Wes.

"I know we want to discover why Amber was acting strange at school today, but I think we also should break Rita's spell over Mike sooner rather than later," Tracy says.

"How come?" Conner asks.

"I think the spell is starting to cloud Mike's judgment and his actions. In precalculus class, he grabbed me by the wrist when I went over to his desk to talk to him. He tightened his grip before he pulled me towards him." Tracy replies.

"Wait, why did you have to go over to his desk?" Ethan asks.

"Yeah, I thought he sat next to you," Conner adds.

"He did, but two days ago he asked Mr. Johnson if he can change seats with another student," Tracy answers. "Moving on, Mike also skipped English class today," Tracy continues.

"He could have gotten sick, and I did have several students absent from the class I have right after lunch," Dr. Oliver says.

"Maybe," Tracy says, trying her best not to roll her eyes at her teacher/mentor's response.

"You could try calling him," Conner suggests.

"Conner, I doubt he'd even answer his phone." Tracy sighs, "Besides when Mike did talk to me in Mr. Johonson's class, his voice even sounded evil," Tracy continues.

"What did he say?" Conner asks.

"That he wanted me to meet him after school at our secret spot," Tracy says.

"In other words, he wants you to fight him somewhere no one knows the location of so if you considered going, the rest of the team can't come to help," Wes says.

I should go so I can be sure he's not sick. And, from how he was acting today, he can't fight off Rita's spell anymore. I need to break the spell over him myself. Tracy thinks.

"How about we address the other elephant in the room - Amber is giving all of us the silent treatment at school today," Ethan says, changing the subject.

"What do you mean that Amber was giving all over you the silent treatment?" Kimberly asks.

"Amber, never made eye contact with when I passed her in the hall," Ethan says.

"She just walked away from me when I went to her locker before lunch to discuss a project we were working on for history class," Kira says.

"She didn't even wave to me when I passed her in the hall before I went to history class," Conner says.

"Amber called me after school," Trent mumbles under his breath.

"Amber did call Trent after school," Circuit says, repeating the last part of what Trent mumbled to himself.

"What!" Ethan, Conner, and Kira gasp.

Wes looks down at Tracy. He sees her facial expressions and mood quickly do a 180. She tightens her grip on the armrest of her chair. A few seconds later, everyone hears the sound of the plastic snapping as the anger builds up in Tracy's system.

"Tracy, I understand that you're upset, but you need to calm down so Trent can explain himself," Wes says, as he puts his arms around Tracy's waist to keep her from punching Trent.

"Then after he explains himself, Wes will let you go so you can punch him," Eric jokes.

"Eric," Jen snaps.

"Relax, Jen. I was joking," Eric says.

Wes waits until he is positive that Tracy is calm enough for him to let her go.

"Trent, what did Amber say when you talked to her?" Dr. Oliver asks.

"Just that she wants me and my dad to pick her up from the hospital tomorrow morning to take her out to 'breakfast,'" Trent says.

"Trent, why did you put air quotes around breakfast," Ethan asks.

"Yeah, what else did Amber say?" Kira adds.

"She asked me if I know about another way to get to Mesogog's fortress," Trent says. " I told her about the Invisiportal that's at my house; I found it one day inside my dad's office. It took me straight there," Trent continues.

"But why does she want to go there?" Kimberly asks.

"Amber thinks she is doing something that she feels is best for the team," Trent answers, "She is going to give Mesogog her dino gem. " Trent continues.

"You aren't going to let Amber go through with her plan, are you?" Tracy asks.

"Yes, but you have to trust me. I won't let Amber, give her gem to Mesogog," Trent replies.

"Okay, because if any one of us should be surrendering their dino gem, it's me, it's my fault that we're even in this situation, to begin with, I've known from the start I'm not made out to be a hero," Tracy continues.

"Tracy, I know everything that you've been through lately has been difficult, but giving up isn't the right thing to do," Dr. Oliver says as he goes over to Tracy.

He is about to put his hand on her shoulder, but she slaps his hand away. Then she swings her left leg around until her heel hits the back Dr. Oliver's leg. He drops to the floor. While he is recovering Tracy makes a beat for the stairs.

"Tracy, stop, it's too dangerous," Dr. Oliver shouts as he looks up to see Tracy sprint up the stairs.

"Don't worry Tommy. I'll stop her," Circuit says as he flies off to catch up with Tracy.

"I'm right behind you, Circuit," Kimberly says as she follows close behind the robotic owl.

"Dr. O., are you okay?" Kira asks.

"I'm fine, Kira," Dr. Oliver says.

"If Tracy knows that she doesn't have her powers, why is she even considering going off on her own to fight Mike?" Was asks.

"She still must feel guilty about Mike even being under Rita's spell in the first place, so she feels the only way she is even going to forgive herself is to break the spell herself by fighting him," Dr. Oliver says.

"I hope Kimberly and Circuit can stop her," Kira says.

"Yeah, seeing her ignore Dr. O., and going off by herself is something I never thought I'd see Tracy do," Ethan adds.

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Chapter 63 Battling Mike
Tracy's POV

I know that going through with fighting Mike is a bad idea since I don't have my powers, but I need him to be by my side for my surgery. Plus, the rest of the team needs his help to fight Mesogog. I'm about to place my hand on the knob to open the door to head outside.

Suddenly Circuit pops up in front of me, and I stumble backward I try to catch myself by putting my left arm out when I'm a few inches away from hitting the floor. Then I hear running footsteps and look up to see Kimberly's face staring down at me.

"Thanks, for the save, Kimberly, nice catch," I say.

"You're welcome," Kimberly says, as she helps me back onto my feet.

I turn around to face her. Circuit flies over to Kimberly and hovers behind her left shoulder.

"Tracy, why do you think that going off to fight Mike by yourself is the best option for the team?" Kimberly asks.

"Plus, you forgot to mention that you could get seriously hurt since you don't have your powers and you could lose your voice as well," Circuit adds.

"Circuit, I don't care if I get hurt or lose my voice," I say clenching my fists, "I know that Dr. Oliver told me that I shouldn't blame myself for what happened to Mike while we were in Angel Grove, but I still feel guilty about him being under Rita's spell. The only way to clear my conscious is to go fight Mike and be the one to break the spell," I reply.

"Tracy, I have a hunch that I'm not going to convince you to go back to the lab," Kimberly says, as she starts to take the bracelet on her wrist, "Give me your bracelet and take your morpher back," Kimberly continues as she hands it to me.

"But, I thought that I couldn't morph," I say, as we trade bracelets.

"Kimberly is just borrowing your Ranger powers, but they still are bonded to you. I just reconfigured them so she could use them while you're recovering from surgery," Circuit explains.

I thank Kimberly and turn around and walk to the door. Circuit flies over to me, and I see a beam of light come out of his eyes. It runs over the bracelet like a bar code scanner at the store. He tells me that he just reprogrammed my Ranger powers so I can use them for this one battle then he'll change them back so Kimberly will be able to use them again. I turn back around and look at Kimberly.

"Don't worry about the rest of the team, I'll cover for you, just get going," Kimberly says.

I nod, spin back around, open the door quickly and quietly close it behind me before I run off into the forest heading towards one of the hardest battles I've ever had to fight after I first become a ranger - fighting against a teammate and the first boyfriend I've ever had.

Normal POV

Kimberly and Circuit go back downstairs to the lab. Dr. Oliver is in shock and a bit confused when Kimberly reaches the bottom, and Tracy isn't with her and Circuit.

"Kim, you just let Tracy go off to fight Mike without her powers," Dr. Oliver says.

"Yeah, I thought you were going to convince her not to go," Wes adds.

"Relax, you two," Kimberly says, as she flips her wrist revealing that she has the fake bracelet that's just a communicator, "Tracy, has her powers," Kimberly continues.

"Couldn't Tracy possibly lose her voice too," Ethan says.

"Tracy said she was willing to risk losing her voice or getting hurt. She still feels responsible for Mike being under Rita's spell. The only way she'll feel better is if she was the one to break it's control over him," Circuit explains.

A few seconds later, the alarm goes off, and the Rangers gather around the computer.

"It looks like Mesogog must know about Mike since he sent a monster to attack the city," Wes says.

"I doubt that he knows, but we need to head out to deal with it," Dr. Oliver says.

"Shouldn't someone go to help Tracy?" Ethan asks.

"But, Ethan, no one knows where the spot Mike wanted Tracy to meet her is at," Kira adds.

"I'll go find her," Circuit says.

"I'll go with him," Jen adds.

Everyone but Kimberly and Jen morph and then the group leaves the lab.

Tracy's POV

I get halfway down the path leading to the hidden waterfall Mike took me to after we went to the beach the day I got embarrassed after the whole school saw that video from our first date. I know that I'm nervous, but I was starting to think I'm beginning to get a little paranoid when I hear leaves rustling and some small twigs breaking behind me. I turn around, and my heart rate returns to normal as it can be since I'm still anxious about battling Mike when I see Jen and Circuit come up to me.

"Circuit, Jen, what are you two doing here?" I ask, trying not to snap to avoid straining my voice.

"I'm here to act as a backup," Jen says.

"The rest of the team was worried that you might get hurt," Circuit adds.

"You two can come, just stay back when we arrive," I sigh.

My heart begins to thump inside my chest as we get closer to the clearing where the waterfall is, so I try to calm my nerves by taking a few deep breaths before I enter. I see Mike standing in front of the pond where the water from the falls collects. I approach him as confidently as I can, trying to hide the fearful look on my face.

"Well, Pink Ranger, I didn't think you'd even show up," Mike says.

"I have a hunch you want to fight, don't you," I say.

Mike nods and activates his morpher. He lets out an evil chuckle before he morphs.

"Give me your Dino Gem," Mike says as he pulls out his blaster.

Mike shoots his blaster at me. I quickly activate my morpher as I jump to my left to dodge it. Then I stand up in my pink ranger suit.

"Explain yourself, how are you able to morph? Your gem had an evil coating on it," Mike demands, still pointing his blaster at me, as he slowly presses his finger down on the trigger.

"I'm not telling you anything until I break Rita's spell she put on you," I reply.

Mike shots his blaster at me three more times before he lets out a growl of frustration, placing it back on the hostler on his hip. He charges at me like a mad bull and turns this battle into a hand-to-hand combat fight. I know I have to fight him, but I didn't want to hurt him. Mike must have realized that all I was doing is using the same moves I did when I stood up to Grant a few weeks ago. He grabs my left wrist, and I wince in pain because it was still sore from what happened when Mike 'talked' to me in Mr. Johnson in school today. He chuckles again before tosses towards where he was standing earlier. As I get to my feet, the last thing I see before I landed in water is Mike running up and kicking me in the chest right below my bust area. I try my best to brush off my pain as I swim back to the edge. As I pull myself out of the water, I see that Jen has morphed and is keeping Mike busy. I noticed he is about to shoot Jen with his Tro-bow. I take out my blaster, and my hands are shaking as I aim at his weapon.

I'm sorry, Mike. I know that Hayley will be able to fix your weapon. All I want is for you to have your powers after I destroy it.

I shoot it, and the blast flows through the air. I think that time is going at a snail speed because it feels like it is taking forever for it to make contact with the weapon. My heart stops for a few seconds after I see Mike's weapon break right down the middle. The same way the arrow did in Brave when Merida shot her arrow at the target. Then Mike drops to his knees when the blast hits him in the chest, and he lands on the ground, demorphed.

"Mike," I shout, as I run over to him.

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Chapter 64: Ranger Power Problems

Normal POV

Tracy quickly demorphs, and she slides on her knees when she approaches Mike and does her best to hold back her tears while trying to wake him up. Her heart thumps inside her chest as she shakes her boyfriend for the third time and begs for him to open his eyes.

Mike, please wake up. I can't imagine graduating or going to prom without you. Tracy thinks.

Tears of happiness escape from Tracy's eyes as Mike slowly opens his eyes. He sits up then she hugs him tightly.

"It looks like someone has her civilian powers back," Mike groans.

"Yes, I'm sorry honey, it's just that I'm so happy that you're okay," Tracy says as she starts to release him from her embrace.

"Don't worry angel I'm fine," he says as he pecks her on the cheek before he wipes the tears from his girlfriend's eyes," I should be thanking you for breaking the spell. I hope that I didn't hurt anyone," Mike continues.

Tracy shakes her head no as she and Mike stand up. Tracy sees a confused look appeared on her boyfriend's face as Circuit flies over to them.

"Mike, this is Circuit," Tracy says, "He is from the future, and the other Pink Ranger you fought is too. Her name is Jen," Tracy continues.

"We should head back to the lab, so we can check to see if Mike's powers are still active," Jen suggests.

Mike holds out his right hand to his girlfriend. Tracy smiles as she places her left hand on top of Mike's. She sets her head on his shoulder as the group starts to walk back to the lab. Tracy's heart is soaring, knowing that Mike will be by her side for her surgery. Deep down, however, she is afraid that Mike may have lost his ranger powers because she had to destroy his weapon to free him from Rita's spell.

Meanwhile, in the city, the rangers continue to struggle against the newest monster Mesogog sent to attack Reefside. The team had to regroup behind a flight of stairs as Trent carries Kira to safety because of sprained her ankle.

"I vote we call Tracy and Jen for backup," Ethan says.

"Ethan, we can't do that. Remember, Tracy could lose her voice if she strains it too much," Trent says as he leans Kira up against the wall next to him.

Wes reminds Trent that Tracy was willing to take that risk when she went off to fight Mike, and they do need some help since Kira is no condition to fight.

Tracy's POV

We stop in our tracks, and I quickly let go of Mike's hand when I hear our communicators go off.

"What's wrong, Wes?" Jen says.

"Tracy, Jen, we could use your help. Kira is hurt, and Mesogog's newest monster has us pinned down," Wes says.

"We're on our way," Jen says.

"Just hurry," Ethan shouts.

Wes signs off, and I look over at Mike.

"Don't worry. I'll be careful," Mike says as he puts his hand on my shoulder.

I nod, and we run off to help our friends and teammates. Circuit helps us locate them. When we arrive, Jen shoots her blaster at the monster. Then Mike and I run in and kick it in the chest. We send it flying and it slams against a wall. We turn around as the team comes up to us.

"Nice Timing, you three," Wes says.

"How can we be sure that Tracy broke Rita's spell?" Ethan asks.

"She did Ethan, would I be helping out if I was still under it?" Mike replies.

Mike and I turn back around. We watch the monster slowly get to its feet, so Mike and I activate our morphers. After we morphed, Mike summons his weapon.

"Why didn't my Tro-bow appear?" Mike asks.

"Sorry, Mike, I had to destroy it to break Rita's spell," I answer.

I call for my weapon and hand it to Mike. He charges towards the monster. After knocking it back, I watch him make a circle with my staff to create an energy orb. I'm not sure when he learned how to do it, but I'm shocked when I watch the monster dodge it by jumping up into the air.

"Nice try, green ranger," the monster says.

Dr. Oliver POV

Tracy runs over to Mike after he starts to sway back and forth. After she catches him, Tracy helps him stand up. Mike puts his arm around her shoulder. Tracy helps him over to the stairs where we took cover while we waited for them to show up. I follow close behind her, taking out some triptoids along the way. When I arrive, I watch Mike's suit begin to flicker as Tracy sits him down next to Kira.

"What's happening?" Tracy asks.

"This happened to me after my team broke Rita's spell over me," I answer.

"But, your green ranger power created by Rita, so what's happening to Mike's?" Tracy asks.

"I'm not sure, but we'll figure it out when we get back to the lab," I reply. "For now, Mike and Tracy, you two should stay here with Kira while I go back to help the others," I say.

"Why do I need to stay?" Tracy asks as she clears her throat.

"Tracy, you've overworked your voice," I say.

"I don't care. I'm not turning my back on my teammates - especially now," Tracy snaps in a croaky tone.

I turn around when I hear the sound of an invisiportal opening, and I see the monster retreat. A few seconds later, the sound of Mike and Kira shouting Tracy's name makes me whip back around to see Tracy on her knees. I'm surprised to see Tracy's suit doing the same thing as Mike's. I help her stand up.

"Why are Tracy's powers fizzling out just like Mike's, Dr. O?" Kira asks.

"I'm not sure, let's head back to the lab," I reply.

Normal POV

The team arrives at the lab, and Circuit scans Tracy and Mike's dino gems.

"What did you find, Circuit?" Wes asks.

Circuit blinks his eyes, and a hologram of the results of his scan appear in front of the team.

"So, something is draining Tracy and Mike's ranger powers," Kimberly says.

"Correct," Circuit says.

"Why are Tracy's powers being drained? All she did was break Rita's spell over me," Mike says.

"Rita must have added another side effect to her powers," Tommy says.

"Can our powers be restored, Dr. O?" Mike asks.

"Yes, but for now, the two of you should keep your morphers at the lab, to keep your gems safe," Tommy says.

Tracy and Mike nod, and they hand over their morphers. Hayley hands Mike a new bracelet that is similar to the one she gave Tracy after they found out she can't morph. Kimberly gives Tracy her communicator back. Tracy leaves the lab and sits down the front step.

I can't believe it, and I get my Ranger powers back for less than a day only to lose them again. Maybe I should have just let one of the others battle Mike instead of me, Tracy thinks.

She spends the next ten minutes, just staring up at the sky. Her heart nearly jumps out of her chest when she hears the song "You and I" by Ingrid Michaelson play through her phone. She takes it out of her pocket and sees a text from Mike on the screen

'Hey, rock star, are you okay?'

'Yes, I'm fine Mikey, also I'm sorry that you're losing your ranger powers because of me. Also, why are you texting me, when I can see that you're standing right behind me,' Tracy replies.

'You don't have to apologize, angel, I'm not mad at you. I know there was no way either of us would know that this would happen.' Mike responds.

He walks over to Tracy and sits down next to her. He writes another text, 'Form how your voice sounded back at the fight, I thought you should rest it for a bit,'

Tracy puts her phone away after reading his last text. She sets her head on his shoulder. He puts his arm around her, and they look up at the sky to see stars begin to appear. A few minutes pass and Tommy leaves the lab to check on them. He stands in the doorway to see the teens admiring the night sky.

I'm shocked that Tracy and Mike have to go through the same thing I did when my teammates broke Rita's spell over me. We have to figure out how to restore their powers. We'll need their help when Mesogog's final plan begins, Tommy thinks.
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Chapter 65: Dr. Mercer's Secret

Amber's POV

The next morning, my mom signs the release forms, but she can't take me home. Her boss called her a few minutes ago to remind her of the business meeting with Ambassadors from Japan. It was only 5 am, so I still have a few hours before school starts at 8. I start to get bored sitting in the waiting room while my mom and I wait for Trent and his dad to show up. An hour later, my mom and I get out of our chairs and walk over to them.

"Thank you, Dr. Mercer, for offering to take my daughter to school today," Mom says.

"You're welcome," Dr. Mercer says.

We leave the hospital and go out to Dr. Mercer's car. Trent lets me ride shotgun, and we make a quick stop at my house. I take the spare key out from underneath the welcome mat. I head upstairs to my room. I change into a white dress with small red flowers on it, a jean jacket and a pair of high tops. I see my mom put an EpiPen on the nightstand. After I place it into my purse, I grab my book bag and head back downstairs. I lock the front door before walking back over to the car. Ten minutes later, we pull into the driveway of Trent's house. We get out and head inside, Dr. Mercer says that I'm welcome to have anything I can find in the fridge to have for breakfast.

After Trent and I finished eating breakfast, we go into the living room. I remind him that we need to be at his dad's office now. We don't have a lot of time since we can't be late for school.

Tracy's POV

I groan and slowly open my eyes when I feel someone shaking me. When my vision becomes as clear as it can be without my glasses on, I make out Mike's face.

'Mike, why are you waking me up so early," I ask as I take my glasses out his hand before putting them back onto my face.

"Sorry, angel, but I thought we could head down to the lab to see Circuit figured out how to restore our Ranger powers," Mike says.

I slowly get out of bed, and Mike leaves my room so I can change for school. I come out carrying my backpack over the right shoulder. We head downstairs to the kitchen, and my mom greets us with a big smile as she sets two plates of waffles on the table.

"Mom, you didn't have to make breakfast for Mike," I say.

"Yes, Mrs. Burlew, I appreciate it," Mike says.

"You're welcome, Mike, now you two should eat up while it's still warm," mom says.

After Mike and I finish eating, we head out to my car then see two Silver Guardians Jeeps pull into the driveway. One parked next to my mom's car and the other parks in front of the mailbox. Wes and Eric get out and walk over to us.

"Wes, Eric, what are you doing here?" Mike asks.

"Yeah, I thought you two would carpool," I add.

"We do most days, but today is different," Eric replies.

"How?" Mike asks.

"Tracy needs to go to see Dr. Calhoun so he and his staff can make sure that she is ready for the surgery tomorrow," Wes says.

"I almost forgot that it was tomorrow with everything that happened yesterday," I say.

"So, I'm going to take Mike to the lab, while Wes takes you to see Dr. Calhoun," Eric says.

"Can't we wait till after school to see Dr. Calhoun?" I ask.

"No, he thought its beat to see you now," Wes says.

I let out a shaky sigh. I feel Mike give my hand a comforting squeeze before he and Eric go over to the jeep. I wait till the vehicle is out of sight before Wes and I head to see Dr. Calhoun.

Amber's POV

Trent and I head to Dr. Mercer's office. We stand in the doorway and wait for him to leave because he is sitting at the desk, filling out some forms. Dr. Mercer stands up and comes over us. As he gets closer, I see his face suddenly go pale. Then he collapses and catches himself by placing his hand on the frame.

"Are you okay, Dr. Mercer?" I ask.

He doesn't answer, and he just quickly pushes himself away then starts running out of the room.

"Trent, what's going on?" I ask.

"Amber, you have to promise not to tell the others about what you are about to see," Trent replies. "The rest of the team can't know my father's secret," Trent continues.

I nod, and we run after Dr. Mercer. Trent and I find him leaning up against one of the trees in the backyard. My heart thumps inside my chest when I see Dr. Mercer's eyes change color, and his skin and body suddenly gain a reptile-like appearance. I forget how to speak when I see him turn around to see Mesogog standing in front of me.

"So, Trent, you've brought the purple ranger here. How can you be sure that she won't tell the others?" Mesogog asks.

"She won't tell them, dad. Amber promised not to say a word about what she just saw," Trent says.

Since I still can't speak, I take off the bracelet and hand it to Mesogog. The next thing I see is Elsa coming out of an Invisiportal with a new monster.

Tracy's POV

Wes and I leave Dr. Calhoun's office. I'm glad that the tests didn't take long. A few seconds after we get into the jeep and buckle up, our communicators go off.

"Eric. Mike, Jen and I will meet you at Trent's house. You and Wes need to get there as quick as you can, Elsa and Mesogog are there along with one of Mesogog's newest experiments." Tommy says.

"You got it, Tommy," Wes says.

Wes and I speed off to Trent's house, Wes turns on the jeep's siren, and we pull into the driveway and get out. We race around to the backyard to see Elsa toss Amber over her shoulder. She and the monster escape through an Invisiportal, then watch Dr. Mercer help Trent up off the ground.

"Are you okay?" I ask, as Wes and I run up to him.

"Yes, Mesogog sent that monster and Elisa here to ambush us," Trent says.

"Trent, you and Tracy need to get to school," Dr. Mercer says.

"We have to rescue Amber," I say, struggling to get any sound to come out of my mouth.

"I'll try to help any way I can. I know your parents wouldn't want you to be late," Dr. Mercer says. "But what's wrong with your voice?" Dr. Mercer asks slightly, changing the subject.

After Trent fills his father in about my upcoming surgery to remove my vocal nodules, and Wes thanks him for his assistance, we walk over to the jeep and head to school.

Normal POV

Once they leave, Dr. Mercer goes back to his office and uses the Invisiportal to go to the fortress. After turning back into Mesogog, he heads to the lab to find Amber strapped to a chair with the life-force extractor pointed at the girl's face. Grant and Zoey are standing on either side of her, each trying to get her worked up so she'll turn against the other rangers.

"I'd never help Mesogog get the other dino gems, all I wanted to do is give him mine," Amber snaps.

Mesogog chuckles as he goes over to her, and moves the life-force extractor away from the girl's face. He points his fingers at her.

"Pretty soon, my dear, you won't even remember who you were or what just happened five minutes ago," Mesogog says.
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Chapter 66: Amber's Memory Problems
Normal POV

The team is shocked when they walk up to the front of the school and see Amber standing next to Dr. Mercer. Tracy runs up and reaches out to hug Amber. Tracy is confused when Amber pushes her away. Mike sprints up and catches Tracy in his arms a few seconds before Tracy lands on the ground. The rest of the rangers walk up.

"Amber, what's wrong with you?" Mike asks as he helps Tracy to her feet.

"Yeah, I know everything that happened this morning was stressful," Ethan adds.

"That doesn't give you the right to act like a jerk to Tracy," Trent says.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know who this girl is," Amber says.

"Amber, you joking, right?" Tracy says, "I mean, we were on the softball team, and we have gym class and first-period science class together," Tracy continues.

"Sorry, I don't remember you at all, or who the rest of you are except for Dr. Oliver since he is my science teacher," Amber says.

Amber turns around and walks into the building. Mike looks over at Tracy to see her eyes begin to water as tears slowly build up in them. Mike tries to hold Tracy's hand to try to help her calm down. He can tell that Tracy's heart just broke in half after she heard what was just said. Tracy pulls her hand away and runs inside to find Amber. The tears start to fall from Tracy's eyes as she runs down the hallway. They quickly begin to mess up her vision as she bumps into Devin.

Cassidy helps Devin up and smirks after noticing that Tracy is crying.

"Tracy, did Mike break up with you?" Cassidy asks.

"Cassidy," Devin snaps.

"No, Cassidy, Mike didn't break up with me. Why would you even ask me that?" Tracy replies.

"I mean that I'm just surprised that you and Mike have stayed together as long as you have. All my research says that the chance of you two breaking up after Graduation is like 97%," Cassidy says.

"Cass, would you just drop the subject, already?" Devin says.

"Besides, I'd never hurt Tracy like that at the graduation ceremony," Mike says as he walks up.

"Then, why are you crying?" Cassidy asks.

"I think something happened to Amber, she suddenly has a case of amnesia," Tracy replies as she tries to dry her eyes.

"I know that Amber didn't hit her head at all when she fainted in the cafeteria yesterday," Devin says.

"I know, so I'm not sure why she doesn't remember who any of her classmates are. All she can recall is who her teachers are," Tracy says.

Back outside, the rangers hope that Dr. Mercer can shed some light on why Amber's memory is so foggy.

"Anton, how were you able to bring Amber back so quickly?" Dr. Oliver asks.

Before Dr. Mercer could answer the question, his phone rings, he takes it out of his pocket.

"Sorry, it's an important business call. I need to take this," Dr. Mercer says, excusing himself.

Could Mesogog and Dr. Mercer be sharing the same body somehow? I mean, it is the only explanation because it's only been ten minutes since we left his house. Dr. Oliver thinks.

A few seconds later, the warning bell rings, so Dr. Oliver tells his students to head inside. They reluctantly nod and walk inside. He waits for Dr. Mercer to finish his call so he could get an answer to his question.

"Sorry, Tommy, to answer your question, after you left, I went back to my office and stumbled upon a strange portal that took me straight to Messogog's lab. I figured out how to get to the main lab, and I managed to rescue Amber," Dr. Mercer says.

"I'd better get inside, thank you for helping Amber," Dr. Oliver says.

"You're welcome," Dr. Mercer says as he goes to his car.

Dr. Oliver walks into his classroom and is shocked to see Amber sitting with Grant and his friends. He goes over to the table where Conner and the others are seated and watched as Mike gives Tracy's hand a reassuring squeeze and tell her that everything is going to be okay.

Tracy can't focus at all though out the entire school day due to worrying about her surgery tomorrow as well as Amber's sudden memory loss. Several times in between classes, Tracy tries to jog Amber's memory with all the time they spent together on the softball team, hoping that it would help her remember who she is. But, all Amber does is shove her against the lockers. While they are in the girl's locker room changing, Tracy tries one more time to help Amber remember who she is.

Tracy's POV

"Amber, do you remember the concert at the Cybercafe?" I ask.

"Look, if we were friends, I'm sorry, whoever you are. I can't recall any memories of us," Amber says as she pushed me away.

I start to wish that I waited until we weren't standing in front of the bench to try to jog Amber's memory. The last thing I remember before everything went back is Amber shaking her head as she walks away. I groan as I slowly open my eyes and turn my head to find out that I am in the nurse's office. Mike, Edmund, and Principal Randall were standing next to me.

Principal Randall's POV

After I gave Miss Torres in-house detention once I found out what happened in the girl's locker room, I also needed to get Miss Burlew's account of the incident to make sure that I didn't have to punish her as well. If she did do something, I'm unable to do anything since her mother emailed me that Tracy wouldn't be in school tomorrow because she'll be having surgery done to remove some nodules on her vocal cords.

"Miss Burlew, can you tell me your account for what happened that caused you to end up in the nurse's office?" I ask.

Tracy tells me that Amber has amnesia, and she was upset that Amber couldn't remember who any of her classmates were or who she was. Tracy was gently trying to bring up some memories to help Amber recall those times, but Amber got upset and pushed her away. Then the next thing Tracy remembers was waking up in the nurse's office.

"I'm not going to get a detention, too, am I?" Tracy asks.

"No, I'm going to let Amber leave her detention early since this was just a big misunderstanding," I say.

"Tracy, I think we need to head to the hospital to let a doctor take a look at you, so you don't have to cancel your surgery tomorrow," Edmund says.

"Okay," Tracy sighs.

Edmund helps Tracy down off the exam table, and they sign out to go to the hospital.

So, it looks like Miss Torres' mind is a clean slate just like Lord Mesogog said now we're able to get the girl to gather all the dino gems for us.
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