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I found out something about a friend of mine and got to daydreaming as usual lol... I'm one of the only people I know that can write while daydreaming. Sometimes I don't remember what I wrote and have to read over it. I'm usually like... "wow i wrote that? cool."

so anyway. here ya go. it's not done. i guess i'll update it... whenever i doze off while awake again xD


The Tale of the Rogue Rodent

Just a little Buizel living on the outskirts of town, A.J., having the last name of his family clan, Floatzel-A, walked, bored, to the Persian Shop to get the groceries his parents, Aexidos and Jennifer had requested. He simply hated doing chores, especially when they required going out of the house. He'd always been somewhat of a house Pokémon, staying inside, clinging to his parents but acting very independent and dominant when around others, even though he was very timid and was sometimes a target of pranks and bullies.
He walked up to the shop to see Laeann, a beautiful, off-white Persian, manning the store. She greeted A.J. with a smile, her fur smoothly laying down, complimenting her slit blue eyes.

“Hey, A.J.. Needing a bit more Oran Spice for your dad's medicine?” She asked confidentially.
“How'd you know?” A.J. asked, slightly confused.
“Well, Aexidos has to have something to keep him strong. Besides, it's so commonly used in recipes for fighters.”

A.J.'s dad, Aexidos, was a brawler in the Pokemon Fighters' Guild. It was a tough group of powerful Pokémon who competed in national tournaments and leagues to prove each others' strength to themselves and others; and also to see who is and try to become the very best. A.J. had watched his dad compete, using water and muscle to overcome opponents one by one. He was indeed a gifted fighter. He tried to get A.J. More interested in being a fighter but A.J. never took too much interest in the actual fighting. He was more drawn to each fighter's style: how they fought and what strategies they used. A.J., getting a different side of his dad's inner brawler, was a talented strategist. He didn't know how to fight physically, but he could make a commander in the Pokémon Army question his own methods of going to war.
As A.J. got halfway home, he looked to his side to see Cetril looking at him. Cetril was the toughest bully in town. He enjoyed torturing other Pokémon just to see their faces and make them feel terrible about themselves. He was a Zangoose; angry at the world and ready to fight on no account whatsoever. He didn't mess with A.J. much because of his dad. The Floatzel-A clan was well known for standing up for their fellow clanmates. They didn't take crap from anyone else and would go to homocidal lengths to protect and avenge friends and family.
A.J. opened the door to his family's home and looked inside to see that no one was there. It looked as though his home had been raided. The family photo was out of place, laying on the ground with a large crack in the glass. This is the thing that bothered him the most as of this point. He cherished that photo as he loved his family very much. He turned around and looked in awe of pieces of furniture laying on the ground, blood stains on the floor, and pieces of wall nearly shattered all over the house. Almost in tears, he walked around the building, searching for a trace of his parents.

“Hello?” He said.
“Mom?... Dad?”
“Help... me.” came an unknown voice.

A.J. heard the faint scream, if it could even be called more than a whisper, and ran as fast as he could to the place he heard it from. His mouth fell open as he looked in terror at the horrible sight that passed into his eyes. A bald, upright creature stood in front of him holding a chain connected to a Pikachu. There was a large strap connected to this creature that carried an automatic rifle. The Pikachu looked supposedly as if it had a disease. It's mouth was slightly open into a terrible and evil smile. Drool was falling from it's mouth as sparks shot out randomly from the red pouches on it's cheeks. An odd helmet with three blinking lights could be seen clearly on it's head.

“Dad?!” A.J. yelled.

Behind the Pikachu and the chain-holder, A.J.'s father, Aexidos laid on the ground, his fur in bunches. He was bleeding heavily from his arms and side and looked as though in excruciating pain. Jennifer lay beside him, covered in her own blood. She did not move at all. Her eyes were wide open and blood dripped from her open mouth. A tear fell from A.J.'s right eye as he saw this. He fell to his knees.

“Grab the kid, you stupid rodent!” The creature yelled to the Pikachu. With this verbal motion, he squeezed a button the chain. It seemed to hurt the Pikachu badly. It screeched and then went back to it's evil-looking state. It lunged at A.J. as quickly as it could and pinned him to the ground. A.J. looked into it's eyes and saw that it had no iris in it's eyes. It's eyes were completely black as if it were under some sort of possession. A.J. screamed as the Pikachu unleashed many volts of electricity into his body. A.J. gathered up all the strength he could and pushed the Pikachu off of him using his hind paws. He got up from his pinned stage and shaked a bit, holding his arm which hurt slightly. The Pikachu began to charge at him again but the bald creature pulled the chain holding it back. The creature pulled out the rifle and aimed it directly at A.J. Seeing this, A.J. froze up but backed up a few steps. As the creature was about to pull the trigger, a wood plate, moving at an alarming speed, hit the creature, causing him to drop the weapon. Aexidos was sitting up, still on his knees.

“Don't even think about hurting my son, you human from hell.” He spoke.

With that, the creature squeezed the chain yet again, hurting the Pikachu.

“Come on, rodent. Forget these two. Let's get back to the base.” He commanded.

They ran from the house, leaving the strap and rifle behind. A.J. was tempted to grab the rifle and attempt to fire at the creature before he could get far but, looking back at his battered father, he went back.

“Dad! Are you OK?” He asked, quivering.

Aexidos panted, in immense pain.

“A.J.... Those two are part of the...”

He stuttered in his words, attempting to catch his breath.

“-part of the... Pokémon Rodent... Patrol.”

A.J., confused. Looked at his dad, hoping to get a description. Having caught his breath, Aexidos spoke more clearly.

“The Pokémon Rodent Patrol; they capture all Pokémon like us... Pikachu, Buizel and Floatzel, Zangoose, Pachuritsu, and others... and they either kill us... or they put those brainwashing helmets on us and force us to do their dirty work.”

The term “rodent” was a very prejudice and deterring term used against this type of Pokémon. If another Pokémon called one of these Pokémon a rodent, you were sure to see some punches thrown and some things destroyed. In the far west, where the humans lived, there was a slave labor camp. Humans and some other Pokémon go out and kill these types of Pokémon. The ones that they feel are fit and young are sent to the camp to wear the mind control helmets and help kill their own kind, and work for the good of the humans. A lot of Pokémon have tried standing up for their kind by fighting this establishment. They all had failed and had been killed,... or forced to kill.

“What... can I do?” A.J. asked, in tears.

Aexidos had began to lose his breath again, as if his lungs and heart were stopping.

“Theres... nothing that we can do... We've... all tried... even... me... I escaped... I gue-.... I guess they came back for me and my fami-...”

Aexidos' head laid down and he didn't move. He let out a huge breath and then, nothing. A.J. moved his head around quickly, scared, crying violently.

“Dad?... DAD?!... Dad you can't die on me!... Not now!... PLEASE!”

Hearing nothing and seeing no movement from his deceased father, he A.J. fell down on his knees with his head buried in his arms, bawling. He closed his mother and father's eyes and mouths, and put their arms over their chests. He stood up and looked at them, tears still falling from his eyes. He wiped his eyes and looked at the rifle and strap on the floor.
All of his sadness slowly turned into complete rage. Infuriated, he grabbed the rifle and, growling, put it in the harness strap and tied it around his body. He looked around and found his father's fighter headband and the paint used to color it red and white. He dumped the headband in the red paint, completely covering it He dabbed his fingers in the red paint and drew two horizontal lines on the fur on his jaw. Using his abilities over water, he dried the red paint and immediately and grabbed the white paint. While writing on the headband with his fingers, he spoke with a fire in his heart.

“I'll get back at them for you dad. Not just for you... For the whole clan. For all the Pokémon that have to suffer through this kind of pain... As of right now, for my people. I am their protector. I am the resistance. I am... the Rogue Rodent.”