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Posted February 18th, 2018
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You know like... when there's a big kid in your 1st grade class and like he takes your pencil? Like, big as in he failed a few grades so he's like a 5th grader learning subtraction still? Ok, so now like imagine you've got other 1st grade friends and they come together and take down the big kid because you might not know much about the big kid but you can learn scripting and map making and music insertion and story telling. You need all those skills to take down a big kid.

So now that I have your attention, I need 1st graders (or people who consider themselves 1st graders) to come together and dive into their multiplication. I've been working on a rom hack for the past few months, with little progress. All I've done so far is try and learn everything. I've found that I'm a jack of all trades, and only a master of storytelling, map making, and game-balancing. I need people who can do the rest of the stuff. I can also make music, but I've been having a lot of trouble inserting it into the game.


I'll be putting together a team. I will accept any skill set, but the ones I am in need of at the moment are:

- Scripters
- Musicians (or just know how to insert music)
- Trainer sprite creators
- More scripters
- Someone who knows how to make a dope title screen

The main focus of the team will be the completion of Pokemon Rift, a Fire Red hack. Click here for the thread for that game.


Apply using this format:

Preferred Name:
Discord ID:
What can you do:
What do you do best:
Previous work:

Then at the end, make a hard multiplication problem for yourself and solve it. If you use a calculator, I'm telling Mom. You need to prove you're a smart 1st grader.

For example:

Preferred Name: Bryce
Discord ID: BryceBAM#9647
What can you do: Mapping, Sprites, Music, Story
What do you do best: Mapping, Story
Previous work: I've made a rom hack that is playable for 1 gym

9 x 32 = 288

Now let's get that pencil back!