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Old April 21st, 2011 (4:00 PM).
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I've decided to give it one last shot, the final glimmer of hope. This is by far my best team, hitting 1100 on smogon, a personal first.

Mamoswine @ Focus Sash

4 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed
Stealth Rock/Ice Shard/Earthquake/Superpower

A great lead, scares other things off, and can come in later in the game to eat stuff. Superpower is for beating things like T-Tar and other Mamo (I look at you, Vrai).

Jellicent @ Leftovers

Water Absorb/Calm
248 HP/24 Def/188 SpDef/48 Spe

Specially defensive Jelli with a bit of Defense evs to add bulk. The extra 4 speed evs are to Taunt other Jellicent and then inflict them with Toxic.

Thundurus @ Leftovers

4 HP/252 SpAtk/252 Speed
Thunderbolt/Hidden Power Ice/Focus Blast/Thunder Wave

Timid? Who needs Timid? In all seriousness, though, it's still quite capable of outspeeding stuff, and now killing them, courtesy of a Modest nature. I'm sure I'm going to see the words "Nasty Plot" in everyone's posts, but hear me out. Thundurus is capable of inflicting massive damage, with no boosts alone, it lacks a Life Orb because it's meant to survive a few turns. The ace in the hole that I'm packing with this guy is Thunder Wave. When I'm about to die, or up against something that's a threat to my team (like Heatran) then I suicide and Thunder Wave. Once you're paralyzed, you instantly become Chomp and Swampert fodder.

Skarmory @ Leftovers

252 HP/252 Def/4 SpDef
Spikes/Roost/Brave Bird/Whirlwind

The greatest physical wall in existence. It walls whatever Swampert and Jellicent do not. I was thinking of making it a Foretress, for T-Spikes and Rapid Spin, but Skarmory is far more useful, so I'll probably be sticking with it, unless convinced otherwise.

Garchomp @ Leftovers

Sand Veil/Jolly
4 HP/252 Atk/252 Speed
Swords Dance/Earthquake/Outrage/Fire Fang

This thing is a behemoth. The only things that beat it are faster than it, or know Ice Shard, but that's why I run T-Wave on Thundurus ;). All in all, this thing is pretty much the team's secondary janitor, if Thundurus has already been sacrificed and it does its job damn well. I might switch Leftovers with Yache, however.

Swampert @ Leftovers

248 HP/216 Def/44 SpDef

Stealth Rock/Ice Beam/Earthquake/Roar

Walls a lot of things that would kill me otherwise, such as Starmie and Thundurus. I gave it Stealth Rock because I follow Smogon sets like a mindless sheep just in case Mamo switches out and Swampert gets entangled in passive combat, or knows the enemy is going to switch and has the ability to put some Rocks up, which it usually does.

Things that this team really hates:

Entry Hazards

paired to kaori & vrai

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Old April 23rd, 2011 (5:49 AM).
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    Great Team in general. Mamo is not really a bad lead, although there are plently of other leads out there that will outspeed it *cough* WHIMSICOTT *cough*.

    Jellicent is not a bad Special wall, although in my opinion, I would prefer Chansey as a Special wall. Scald is not a bad move, but I think Surf would be much a better choice. With Toxic most likley already in place, the burn effect that comes from Scald is useless.

    Thundurus...I've always wanted one on my team, but since I've caught one with a terrible nature (Impish), it became useless. Anyways... Thundurus is in fact, a beast pokemon. It covers a great range of weaknesses on many threats, like Steels and Ground types. But Leftovers aren't really needed :\. At the most, I'm thinking about adding a LIFE ORB, or a Sitrus Berry? I'm not sure.

    Skarmory is another great wall, able to deal great damage, unlike other pokemon. But since Whirlwind is a last priority move, a Fire-type can sneak in a move before it's blown away. And you get unlucky with the opponent sending in another Special Sweeper, Skarmory is a goner. (This is assuming that Jellicent is alreayd KOed)

    Garchomp is awesome. Nothing more to be said. Swords Dance might be a little risky, due to Garchomp's terrible defences, but it's best advised to use it when you're faced with a wall.

    Swampert serves as a great wall. Assuming that most competitive Grass-types are Special Attackers, you're toast if that pokemon survives Ice Beam. Also beware of Special Sweepers with Energy Ball.
    Old April 23rd, 2011 (9:17 AM).
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    On Mamo: use Thick Fat, much more useful than oblivious and snow cloak, and yes, it is in fact released. I like him otherwise, seems to take out the two most common leads (Gliscor and Tyranitar) which is extremely cute. Just be ready for the predictable protect against Gliscor and use that turn to set up rocks.

    On Jelli: I agree with the above poster about Surf v Scald. It seems as though he's your only hard Conkeldurr counter (although you do have others that can come in and just force it out, like Skarm), and if you get unlucky with a Scald burn on him, you're looking at a massive Guts boosted Stone Edge or Payback smacking you around (especially considering you're using a specially defensive spread). The Evs are a bit unconventional, mind explaining them a bit more thorougly? I understand the 48 Speed, as most run 44, but why the 24 Def? What is it saving you from is what I'm asking I guess.

    On Thundurus: Keep Lefties. Nasty Plot isn't required, because as you said, he already hits really hard. I agree to an extent about not choosing Timid, but if you do in fact go with modest, you're risking running into a Landorus who will knock you around because of his immunity to T-Wave, and the fact that he outspeeds you. The same holds ture for non-scarfed Chomp variants. If you ask me, it makes HP Ice seem rather useless. I also think that you'll spend that one turn t-waving and you'll get destroyed by stuff like Haxorus and [email protected]

    On Skarm: Sad that there's no sprite. :< Looks good in my opinion. Great justification for using him.

    On Chompy poo: Looks good. Very standard, very scary. Me gusta.

    On Swampert: Same as before. He's an effective wall with great synergy to your team, but it seems like your wasting his usefulness with the moveset (Rocks being on Mamo and WW being on Skarm make two of his moves repeats). I would consider adding Scald in over Roar. Unless you don't think Skarm can live long enough to phaze out Excadrill or Conkel, I'd highly suggest it in fact. You may want to consider a rest talk set as well. I'm not sure how well those work anymore though with the whole "trololol sleep mechanic makeover".

    As for your overall team, it looks like you've got pretty good synergy. The lack of a rapid spinner doesn't really hurt you that much to be honest.You only have one SR weak pokemon, two spikes/t-spikes immunities and I can't really see a way to fix that problem without screwing with your current synergy. There isn't a very good selection of rapid spinners, which is disappointing, perhaps Starmie could find its way in over Pert? I'm not sure. I'd maybe try that out, although I'm not sure. :x Other than that, I think it looks really good. Time to defeat what you think you have problems with:

    - Hydreigon - Well you sorta do. xD I mean Mamo could shard it, although I don't know if that OHKO's before he mauls you with Draco or Fire Blast
    - Latios - Ice Shard should deal good damage, but you're right, I can't see many other options for helping that out. Perhaps scarfing Chomp? D; You do lack a chiocer, so I can't imagine that would hurt TOO much.
    - Jellicent - Your own jellicent is pretty much anti-jellicent xD. Thundurus beats him as well. Of course the jerk always switches to Ferro to take the T-bolt, so be predicting between what to use. Focus Blast if you smell a Ferro switchin, HP Ice if you think it'll be Latias, etc.
    - Skarm - Loses to Thundurus. This is where having Starmie as well might come in handy.
    - Breloom - Ice shard if it doesn't have Mach punch, but not sure if that OHKO's and I'm too lazy to do calcs. It probably doesn't, so yeah, you do have a problem here. Chomp might be able to hit hard with Outrage or something.
    - Conkel - you really don't. :x You have Jelli, Skarm, and Pert who all can handle him exceptionally well and stop him from bulking up.
    - Entry Hazards - Yep, you do, at least to spikes and t-spikes. That's why I suggested Starmie earlier.

    Also, sorry for the ugly post. I wrote it in notepad while looking at the first post.
    Old April 23rd, 2011 (2:44 PM).
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    Originally Posted by .Aero View Post
    - Conkel - you really don't. :x You have Jelli, Skarm, and Pert who all can handle him exceptionally well and stop him from bulking up.
    TBH none of those things handle Conkeldurr exceptionally well - at least, not as well as say Gliscor. If they come in on Conkeldurr using Bulk Up (which is generally not that hard to do) then Skarm dislikes not outdamaging Drain Punch with Drill Peck or Brave Bird and same with Pert. Both can Roar/Whirlwind away, but not before eating a punch to the face and also potentially bringing in another threatening Pokemon. Jellicent, in my experience, never ever beats Guts Conkeldurr at +1 - Payback simply demolishes it even without the Guts boost.

    I mean you can try to run Gliscor > Skarmory but you lose Spikes... I'll plot out a more detailed rate later, kk?
    Old April 24th, 2011 (7:42 AM).
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      This team, this team is way beyond my knowledge of rating. The best advice I could possibly give is Volt Switch instead of T-Bolt on Thundrus for momentum since you don't run any U-Turners or Volt Switchers.

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