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    So I've been dabbling in Essentials for about a month. I've got an idea for an evil team, but I haven't the slightest idea how to code it. What if an Admin could steal one of your pokemon, chosen randomly, during battle? The pokemon is removed from your party and the opponent adds it to their team. After the battle your pokemon is returned. I know that would be nightmarishly complicated, but do you have any ideas? Steps in the right direction? Is it even possible?
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    Probably not too hard to do. I'd start by seeing if you can remove the Pokémon from the player's party and add it to the foe's. You could probably make that change during the initialization of the parties, i.e. somewhere in one of the PokeBattle_ scripts.
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      I agree with mgriffin. You could probably store the pokémon in a designated variable, then delete it from the party. Next, you would make sure the opponent used that variable in generating its team. After the battle, you would just add the pokémon back to the players party by copying it from the variable. And some of these steps could even be done in the event editor.
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      NettoHikari NettoHikari is offline
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        Actually, removing a Pokemon from the player's party during battle is NOT an easy task. Essentials just isn't designed to handle that, and things get out of hand very quickly if a Pokemon is suddenly missing from either side. If you're talking about removing from the player's party just BEFORE the start of the battle, though, then that's more feasible. I've found that adding a Pokemon to the enemy's party, though, is not as difficult.

        My suggestion is that you should first store the Pokemon that you want to remove in a variable and then remove it in the event itself as Poq said, just before the trainer battle call, and then in the script section "PField_EncounterModifiers", you can add the stored Pokemon to the enemy's party.
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