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    It start as a journey to seperate fact from fiction but it ended up becoming a lot more for an ordinary 12 year old boy.....

    Author's note: this is not your avarage romance filled and battle heavy pokemon fan fiction as i think there's too much of those these days and that it will be best if i try a new formula to mix it up, what formula is it? Well you better read the story to find out : )
    Critism and suggestion are welcome to help me improve
    Genre: Adventure
    Rating: E
    New chapters: every month

    Chapter 1: It start with a simple curiosity
    "This will be an exicting final day of school..."

    I said to myself as i slowly make my from my house to the trainer's school, i can't help but giggle in exictement as i went and how couldnt i? Not only that this is the final day of school before the long awaited summer break but the champion of our region Nate will be visiting our school for a Q&A session.

    Oh, I should probably introduced myself first. My name is Edric, at the time of this story i was just an oridinary 12 year old boy who's enrolling in the mandatory trainer school just like most kids in Unova. Not that i'm interested to become a full blown trainer to be brutally honest, i'm not terrible at it or anything but i'm just more interested to study the Pokemons themselves.

    Like how could a simple creature shoot out fire at will? or punch through walls as if they're nothing? For me that's a whole lot more interesting than simply using them for competitive purposes.

    In fact so unintrested i am to battling the only pokemon that i permanently own at the time was a scizor that i receipt as a give from my uncle Travis. I named him Crimson because of his color, we're close friend with one another but our bond is not as strong as the bonds between pokemon and humans that they depicted in the movies.

    Despite all of that though i won't deny that i admire the position of champion atleast in they way the current one Nate present it to the public, he just seems so cool, calm and confident while on the job you just can't help but admire him.

    And now with that out of the way let's return to the events of the day...

    The day progres just like any other day would with the main talking point around the school being the upcoming Q&A session later in the day. I didn't actually start to think about what i should ask until that day, i've thought about asking the simple questions like what makes want to be a trainer? or what was the most memorable moment in your journey? but i figure those question will be taken by someone else, then i remember something that i've been pondering about in the back of my head for quite awhile.

    You see, in the modern history of the unovan pokemon league so far we've had 4 Champions. And we know alot about the current one Nate, the one that proceed him Iris and the first one Alder. But the same couldnt be said about our second champion Hilbert.

    In fact the only we thing we know about him for sure is that he was crown champion after stopping the first team plasma crisis 5 years ago but stepped down shortly after and then dissapear. The fact that he just stepped down and dissapear to God knows where just baffles me and informations about him other than the one i mention above are just rumours and speculation.

    Some say Neo Plasma manage to eliminate him, some say he was killed when route 10 collapse, some say he wonder off to another region, there's just no solid evidence about what happened to him. Heck, we don't even know where he was from or how he was like as a person. After some pondering i decided to use this as my question to Mr. Nate, i know he's no historian but surely he knows a thing or two about Hilbert from his own journey.

    The time finally come, all students gather in the main hall where the school had set up chairs for us to seat and a table with a chair behind it to be the place for Nate to answer our questions. We each take our own seat to sit at, i decided to sit on the back row so i could sit in a relax position without obscuring someone's view.

    After everyone settle down on their seat Mr. Tucker, one of our teacher stand beside the long table and spoke on a microphone.

    "Hello everyone!"

    "Hello Mr. Tucker!" Said everyone in the hall in unison

    "So, is everyone ready for today's Q&A session?"


    "Well then, without further ado let's give a warm welcome to our pokemon league champion Nate!"

    Nate walks out onto the hall waving his hand as everyone was cheering and giving a round of applause to welcome him in the hall, after he reach the long table Mr. Tucker gave him the microphone.

    "Hello everyone" he said as he adjust his position oh his chair

    "Hi champion Nate!" Said the whole hall in reply.

    "So, i think everyone here already know that i'm here to answer your questions so without further delay let's just get right into it, everyone who has a question please raise your hand"

    And so the session began with everyone raising their hand and Nate choosing at random, he was as cool and confident when answering the questions as we know him from Tv and word of mouth. It was a joy to see him smile and laugh while interacting with us, he just seems like one of the nicest person on the planet.

    As for me i raise my hand as i high as i could everytime he finished answering a question, but perhaps because i was seated at the very back he didn't notice me. Finally though after something like 7-8 question he finally notice and pick me.

    "Let's see.... You in the vey back" he said as he points towards my direction.

    "Me?" I said nervously trying to make sure he wasn't pointing to someone else on my row.

    "Yes, you young boy" he reply with a soft gentle voice, i stood up, my feet trembling. I know that asking a question to the champion would be quite an experience but i sure didn't expected myself to be this nervous. I took a deep breath to calm myself down and then manage to muttered the question.

    "What do you think happened to our second champion Hilbert?" As soon as said that an akward silence descend trough the hall, i suddenly feel like an idiot. I mean noone was booing me or anything but the akward silence and the glances and stares of the people near me sure as heck make feel dumb.

    "Well....." His smile turn into a flat poker face like expression, he looked up to the celimg as if trying to find a good answer. The akward silence continue for what seems like hours although in reality it's probably less than a minute.

    "Unfortunately because we don't have many information about him we will probably never know what happened to him" he said finally breaking the silence, i could hear some people chuckle making me feel even more like an idiot for asking that question.

    I then sat back down on my chair as he goes on to tell what he thinks might have happened to Hilbert, i wasn't particulary convice with his explanation, maybe it's because i thought he should probably have heard more about Hilbert on his journey considering he probably took many of the same route as Hilbert did.

    He move on from the story and answer a few more questions, not looking my way again. I honestly feel bad for even asking the question so after the session was finished instead of doing end of semester good bye like everyone else i head to the roof to calm my mind in the cool early summer wind.

    2 hours pass and i decided that now will be the time for me to head home, i could see that there were still many people by the front gate. I decided that i would prefer to slip past unseen after what happened during the Q&A session rather than brave the front gate and received God knows what from the people there so i headed towards the rear gate, but just before the gate i saw that there was a man sitting on a bench. I moved closer and i recognize the man, it was Nate, the champion Nate.

    He soon notice me and stood up
    "Hey kid! You're the one who ask me about Hilbert aren't you?" He yelled out, calling me over.

    "Y-Yes" I said nervously while moving closer towards him, i was quite scared thinking what he's going to do.

    "Good, i've been hoping i'll meet you again" He said as he sat back on the bench padding the spot next to him inviting me to sit down, i hesitated for a moment then i sat right next to him. Up close he looks like a different person, the empty stare of his eyes makes me think he's the popular guy who didn't really want the fame and that the persona he has shown to the public is just a facade.

    I tried to start the conversaition, "Sorry, i didn't meant to embarrass you asking a ques-" i haven't finished my sentence yet when he cut me off.

    "No no no no no you don't have to feel sorry kid" he said as he shook his head "If anything i'm the one should be sorry because well.... I lied to you...."

    "Well, i'm not suprise by that" i cover my mouth with my hand after i realized that i've accidentally voice my thoughts out loud.

    "Heh, i figure you would be" he reply with a slight laugh "So yeah, i do actually now a bit more about Hilbert" he began.

    "Hilbert was a pokemon trainer from nuverna town who after picking up his pokedex and starter pokemon from profesor Juniper went on a journey through unova to become the champion, he was noted by everyone who meet him as kind, strong and skillfull but not long after stopping the first team plasma crisis and becoming champion he stepped down and dissapear".

    "Now that's the kind of knowledge i expected from the Champion!" I remember interupting him with an emphatic tone in my voice.

    "I'm glad that you're satisfied with that explanation kid, By the way what's your name?" he said undisturb even though i've just rudely interupts his explanation

    "Edric" i reply back immidetialy.

    "You know Edric, when i first become champion 3 years ago i too want to know what happened to Hilbert, because for a person like him to just stepped down and dissapear is quite simply impossible. Yet that's exactly what happened, unfortunately my duties as champion has Made unable to do an investigation on him. In fact the description that i just give you of him is really all i know about him" he explain to me.

    "Really?" I asked with a confuse expression on my face.

    he continues with a grim expression on his face "Yeah, to this day i still don't know the details of his journey and the two people that do, his two best friends Cheren and Bianca has pretty much refuse to share anymore information about him. Why? I don't really know, they just don't want to if the topic was about him"

    I was fascinated by his now more in depth explanation he seems like a cold but down to earth Intellectual. A completely different personality than the one i know of him before, but honestly i felt terible for making him tell that explanation because as he went on it becomes clear he felt regret and sadness for not doing enough to find out what happened to Hilbert, from the way his voice was shaking, the way his feet was trembling, the slump of his shoulders and how his eyes slowly becomes watery.

    To this day i still feel terrible for briging him to edge of tears on that bench. When he was done i apologize, he then wave me off and left back to the school building.

    On the way back home i ponder on the events of the day thinking although Nate did give some answer to my question really that answer had just spawned many more questions about Hilbert. Did his personality change throughout the course of his journey?
    Did something happened during his effort to stop the first team plasma crisis make him want to dissapear? Why did his friends refuse to share information about him?

    I was more curious than ever to find out the answer of those question and many more. Little did i know though this simple curiosity would be the spark of a journey that not only change me forever but also change the way people in Unova view Hilbert....
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