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Pokemon Riddle - Guess that Pokemon

Started by Lord Arthur July 20th, 2019 10:48 PM
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Seen August 3rd, 2019
Posted August 1st, 2019
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Hey, guess the Pokemon with the clues provided. Tip: don't think the game way. Think outside the box.

Riddle #1

Earthquakes can't harm him, but Hitmonlee makes him weep,
As long as there is water in air, he jollies,
But when there's sand, he cries,
So terrified of Groudon, so red he becomes no matter how much he tries....
Seen August 3rd, 2019
Posted August 1st, 2019
27 posts
2.4 Years

The answer is Castform.

Earthquakes can't harm him because he is floating all the time, Hitmonlee makes him weep because normal is weak against fighting
when there is rain, he jollies by changing its form
during sandstorm it cries, because he can't change form and gets sandstorm damage
Groundon causes drought, so Castform changes into sun form and hence becomes red.


Azalea Town
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My turn!

I'm a bit strange.

I love to eat Fish. Particularly Goldeens.

I often love to race across Mountain slopes!

But I usually prefer to dash full speed down in dry Wastelands.

A stormy night in the dry rocky ground is beautiful.

I can accidentally cut myself with my teeth!

But, I always know what I'm doing usually; and can Faint into Shadow quite well.


Hint: Your Pokedex Database currently does not show me as a Dark type, but I can be.
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