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Old September 16th, 2018 (5:40 AM). Edited September 16th, 2018 by Scragger.
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    I'm trying to make an encounter with an Articuno.
    In the "Map script" section of Shoal Cave, I have it hide the sprite (which is done successfully, using flag 0x2E)

    The issue I'm having is, the script tile (when stood on) does not activate.
    I've got the var numbers and everything in that I'm supposed to have, and I'm not sure why it isn't working.

    I used var 0x4012 for a previous set of scripts (that take place in a set, unskippable order) and they all work properly. I know I can't use that var for this since the order does not matter.
    The weird thing is, if I used 0x4012 for this event- it works after I activate those ordered scripts, which I don't want; I need it to be completely independent.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    This is the details of the script tile in advance map.

    Here is my script:

    #dynamic 0x800000

    #org @start
    clearflag 0x2E
    setvar 0x4013 0x1
    checkflag 0x2E
    if 0x1 goto @end
    checkflag 0x86E
    if 0x1 goto @battle
    msgbox @notready MSG_KEEPOPEN
    applymovement 0xFF @away
    waitmovement 0x0

    #org @battle
    msgbox @ready MSG_KEEPOPEN
    fadescreen 0x1
    cry 144 0x2
    msgbox @cry MSG_KEEPOPEN
    showsprite 0x3
    movesprite2 3 0x08 0x09
    setvar 0x8004 0x1
    setvar 0x8005 0x23
    special 0x1FD
    pause 0x32
    fadescreen 0x0
    msgbox @appear MSG_KEEPOPEN
    cry 144 0x0
    setwildbattle 144 40 0x0
    special 0x13B
    playsong 0x1FE 0x0
    fadescreen 0x1
    hidesprite 0x3
    fadescreen 0x0
    msgbox @defeated MSG_KEEPOPEN
    setvar 0x4013 0x0
    setflag 0x2E

    #org @end

    #org @notready
    = You feel a chilly presence...\p...\pBut you are not powerful\nenough to challenge it.

    #org @ready
    = You feel a chilly presence...\p...\pIt wishes to challenge you.

    #org @cry
    = Gyaooh!

    #org @appear
    = An ARTICUNO has appeared!

    #org @defeated
    = The ARTICUNO was satisfied\nwith the BATTLE...

    #org @away
    #raw 0x08
    #raw 0xFE
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