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Old September 15th, 2018 (4:41 PM). Edited September 16th, 2018 by Firebolt.
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    currently looking for staryu, pinsir, houndoor, lileep, anorith, sawk, clauncher, and xernias!
    i dont care about level or ivs or anything!

    i can offer any y-exclusive (if you're looking for some), abomasite, 2 big pearls, dawn stone, everstone, eviolite, leaf stone, metronome, shiny stone, smooth rock, or sun stone!
    if yours is a shiny, i can trade a lv33 shiny golduck, lv30 shiny skorupi, or a lv5 shiny gulpin!

    for xernias, i can offer:
    lvl100 event keldeo
    lvl50 virizion
    lvl50 cobalion
    lvl73 yveltal

    if your xernias is shiny, i can offer a lvl100 shiny lugia or a lvl100 shiny rayquaza!

    sorry for all the text! if anyone can help me, ill honestly give you anything if its fair! ive been searching forever to find these pokes
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    Old September 17th, 2018 (7:43 PM). Edited September 17th, 2018 by Amy May.
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      I can help you, i think i can do all of them between my games! :3

      - I have Staryu & Xerneas on me right now, can catch you a Sawk.

      - I also have an extra Claw fossil (Anorith) & Root fossil (LIleep).

      .. if you don't mind breeding spit backs i can also do Clauncer, Houndour, & Pinsir quick aswell. :)

      so that would cover them all right?

      I'm not very active in mainstream anymore so I don't need anything good in return, so junk fodders will be perfect with me. :)

      Just happy to help!!!

      I can have them all in my Y game for you tomorrow!.... FC: 3711-9599-8103 ... IGN: Joseph


      - Xerneas (holding Root Fossil), Staryu (holding Claw Fossil), Sawk, Houndour, Clauncher, & Pinsir are in my Y game and ready to go. :)

      I'm adding you right now!
      ... and like I said, junk fodders is perfect for me. :)

      let me know a good future time we can trade!
      I'm US EST. :)
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