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"Where there's light, darkness follows. Where there's darkness, light follows."
By Ayrei


A region once protected by the Aspects, powerful trainers bound by Legendary Pokemon, now shrouded by darkness and mystery as a new and modern government known as The Federation takes control of this once beautiful and peaceful region. Team Defiance, a group who opposes this new government, terrorizes this region while the Federation hunts down the remaining Aspects one by one.
You wake up on an island to the south of the main continent.
No memories.
No Pokemon.
Only a name.


A brand new region
A less traditional, and darker story
Pokemon from Gen 1-8
Custom player models
New and unique characters
Remixes from GlitchxCity and more
Mega evolution
No Dynamax or Z moves
Hidden Grottos
A unique battle theme for each gym leader and important character
And more



I am need of assistance with game art in regards to
Overworld sprites
Trainer battle sprites
Trainer VS art
Title art
I am able to handle things like mapping and scripting so ATM I am not looking for anyone who can help there
please contact me by either DMing me on PokeCommunity or on discord @Ayrei#5764