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--Pokemon Mellanium--

Started by Francesca July 29th, 2008 6:19 AM
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Seen July 9th, 2009
Posted July 9th, 2009
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[noparse][css-div="background-color: black; color: white;"]
[COLOR=RoyalBlue][B] -Wish- Presents:

Hack of:

-::Rules In This Hack::-
1. People Needs Patience for the Beta or Alpha being released
2. No Spamming
3. When the Alpha is Released No Stealing for the Tiles or Palletes
4. No Stealing of Overworlds
5. If you want the tiles PM me and i will give it to you.

5 Years Ago.. Team Duplicate is defeated by the Champion of Florina(Region)
Now After 5 Years. a New Team is Born! Named Team Mellanium then they are hunting a pokemon again with such powerful psychic powers and also a wishing pokemon named: (Jirachi)

After 2 Days. You Woke up then you go downstairs. then your mom and dad tell you to go to Proffesor Oak because Proffesor Oak wanna talk to you.. Now you decided to go there.. Then when you go there. there's a police talking to Proffesor Oak. Now you go there.. Then the police ask's you if you have seen the robbery in the city of WindShore (WindShore City) then you said NO!.. Then the police go now.. then you ask Proffesor Oak what do you two will take about? Now Proffesor Oak tells you about the new formed team then you agreed to stop them.. with their evil plans.. now Proffesor Oak gives you your first pokemon Pikachu! and a pokedex also a pokeball.. Now your Journey Begins to stop the team's evil plan and to become a Pokemon Champion.

Same Hero (Ash and Blue)
Same Proffesor (Proffesor Oak)
New Tiles (Donpatch with DP Tiles)
New Region (Florina)
New Scripts
New Events (Jirachi will have it's own event)
New Gym Leaders and Elite Four--- (Gym Leaders: Joanna.Mark.Wilton.Lanie.Marshie.Bryan.Sophia.Louie) (Elite Four-May Dawn Lucas and Silver) (Champion- Cynthia)
More Features to Come!

I Will Post it Later!

-::Credits To::-
Forgotten Memory- Rombase

Currently Making

Currently Making a Thread
But From now on this will be the Thread for the Team

-:: Progress::-

-:: Downloads::-

Banjora Marxvile

hOI!!!!!! i'm tEMMIE!!

Age 25
Seen December 31st, 2018
Posted August 16th, 2016
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This hack's beginning is different. (I would like to help, but I'm not that good at hacking.) Anyway, I would like to see how this hack turns out, however it may be hard to get it noticed. Have you thought of adding anything unique to it? (That's my opinion) Overalll for your first hack idea, it's quite good. (better than any ideas I've tried...)

Temmie vibrates intensely.

awwAwa cute!! (pets u)

OMG!! humans TOO CUTE (dies)

can't blame a BARK for tryin'...



Age 25
Seen 2 Days Ago
Posted 2 Weeks Ago
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You spelled Millenium wrong, along with Professor. ^_^

It looks like a pretty neat hack, good luck with it.

Jordy San

The fire-breathing Dutch-Boy

Seen September 16th, 2012
Posted March 13th, 2011
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11.2 Years
looks good wish. Can't wait for some screens ;) (Don't need to rush :P)

Pokemon Diamond Friendcode: 0903 - 5848 - 6695
Pokemon Diamond Name: Jordy

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PM me if you want to battle! If you wanna know if i'm good, ask Turtwigtoon :P

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