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Old November 19th, 2017 (12:10 PM). Edited November 28th, 2017 by Fawful_X.
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    Well, I've done a couple nuzlockes before but published none here, so what better time to change that than with the release of a new pokemon game?

    -Your typical stuff (one per route, release/box the dead, name all catches)
    ***I do not lose on a team wipe except against the E4, though I must also kill off a random pokemon in my box if I do wipe before them.
    -No evolving (I can still use evolved pokemon if I catch them, however)
    -Must use pokemon as low on the evolution rung as possible (to give more spirit towards the NFE theme)
    ***Team priority goes “Base form > Middle stage > No evolution > Full evolution (2 stages) > Full evolution (3 stages)”
    -Pokemon Centers may only be used if the party has full HP and no status ailments (essentially only making them PP restoration points)
    -Pokemon Refresh is broken, so that's out of the question.
    -Battle style SET (moreso personal preference tbh)

    +Dupes clause: May try to catch pokemon not in my dex up to three times (on the third attempt, I must catch it regardless if it’s registered or not)
    +Shiny clause: Battles against shiny pokemon “don’t count” in that they can be caught but not used, and don’t enforce typical nuzlocke rules otherwise if they aren’t the first encounter. Yes, this includes losing pokemon to catch a shiny, BECAUSE IT'S A SHINY POKEMON AND THUS A SPECIAL OCCASION [EXPLETIVE] (though I do need to use revives to heal pokemon that faint while trying to cap it, and if I get in a battle after the shiny I have to deal with whatever pokemon fainted during the catch attempt being "dead")
    +Unique clause: Gift pokemon and legendaries ignore the one-per-route rule (Hey, Nuzlocke Comics runs with this rule, so I see no reason not to!)

    Team L
    Pokemon: Litten
    Level: 10
    Gender: Male
    Name: Mick
    Ability: Blaze
    Nature: Hardy (Neutral)
    Moves: Scratch, Ember, Work Up, Lick
    The starter pokemon, and one I have largely neutral feelings on. Good for things I may be struggling with in regards to my other pokemon, at least.

    Pokemon: Buneary
    Level: 9
    Gender: Female
    Name: Ringo
    Ability: Klutz
    Nature: Careful (-SpA/+SpD)
    Moves: Defense Curl, Endure, Pound, Work Up
    Klutz is an unfortunate downside. Still, being able to survive special attacks more readily is a useful-enough upside. She's fairly good for anything that isn't a ghost type,
    but still could use improvement.

    Pokemon: Inkay
    Level: 9
    Gender: Female
    Name: Octopush
    Ability: Suction Cups
    Nature: Lonely (+Atk/-Def)
    Moves: Tackle, Peck, Foul Play, Reflect
    Reflect is very useful by covering the defense deficiency she has and supporting any pokemon I decide to switch in. Foul Play is also disgustingly powerful this early on.

    Pokemon: Zorua
    Level: 9
    Gender: Male
    Name: Vial
    Ability: Illusion
    Nature: Lonely (+Atk/-Def)
    Moves: Scratch, Leer, Pursuit, Fake Tears
    A glass cannon. Nothing more, nothing less, honestly.

    I don't have that many yet!

    Fresh Fertilizer
    Topell the Mime Jr. - Died at Level 9
    Killed by Ilima's Yungoos

    Part Quick-Jump

    As a last note, I'll be playing ahead and then writing out each update, so I may have more progress than what I'm covering with each update.
    I hope I win!
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    Old November 19th, 2017 (12:19 PM). Edited November 19th, 2017 by Fawful_X.
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      “!@#$ CAT!”

      Lillian is not a happy camper, by any stretch of the imagination. It’s not exactly hard to blame her, given that thanks to a series of unfortunate events that may or may not be her fault-


      ...Alright, then. Well, Lillian is a… “special” case. Namely, she can hear my narration at seemingly random points. Makes me wish I could have in-game control over almost anyone else, honestly… Anyway, back on the subject I was on, through a series of events that involved an intern who hadn’t slept for a week, nuclear hell ravens, and her heavy, loud, abrasive accented voice combined with shortsighted decision-making that is the very reason we cannot trust her to do any serious battling without proper communication, she wound up getting on a plane meant to be parachuted from, and forgetting to grab a parachute on her way out and destroying a vacant home in Alola with her landing when she meant to go to Phenac City over in Orre. Nobody’s sure how she survived, but as the narrator, I can confirm it’s to emphasize her craziness and that a nuzlocke can’t fail before you even get the first pokemon.


      ...I was just getting to the present time. Anyway, after claiming the vacant house as her’s, Lillian spent a couple days eating the leftover food that was in a still-running refrigerator and lazing around, while abusing the Meowth that lived in there (it’s the summer home of a crazy cat lady, you see) when they inevitably enraged her with their loud, early-morning screeches. When the food ran out, however, she found herself needing to leave to buy groceries, and through sheer incompetence-


      Riiiiiiiight. Well, whatever happened, she found herself encountering a Yungoos. One that was very annoyed by Lillian’s screeching. Finding her screeches to be similar to the shrill cries of a Rattata, it promptly leapt at her and tried to eat her hand.

      “ANOTHER !@#$ CAT?!”

      Enraged by the Yungoos, Lillian decided the best way to punish it was to pick it up and throw it at the nearest thing, which happened to be Professor Kukui and the three starter pokemon following him. The confused pokemon proceeded to bite his nose, which led to a cacophony of screams followed up by the owl throwing seasoning on it, the cat-beast turning it into a roastent (on second thought, that pun was probably a bad idea), and the seal covering it in soap and making it inedible.

      Popplio tries, but it consistently disappoints, unfortunately.

      Still overcome with wrath, Lillian proceeded to punch Kukui in the face and steal the roasted meat that replaced the Yungoos to devour it… and promptly vomit, because it had soap on it.


      It was shiny… Erm, anyway, after recovering from the shock, Kukui shook his head and tried his best to pretend that nothing weird happened despite screaming internally by plastering a smile on his face.

      “Uh… I don’t believe we’ve met before. Are you a new trainer?”

      “SURRRRRGH” said Lillian as she continued to vomit more than seemingly humanly possible, greatly disturbing the three starters and Kukui as they tried their best to ignore what they were seeing.

      “Ah… Well, I was delivering these pokemon to the village, so would you mind picking one?”


      “Ah, do you mean Litten?” said Kukui, fully intending on making her choose a pokemon that would get easily defeated by Popplio just to make Lillian lose against Hau, who was waiting near the village for the starter pokemon to arrive.

      “DAH CAT!? YEEEEE!”

      Lillian proceeded to swipe the Litten’s pokeball from Kukui, and pick up the pokemon with her other hand.


      Happy at the mention of food, the Litten eagerly wagged its tail as she ran off in the direction of the village, and into a kid. Seriously, she knocked him over and tripped over his body.


      “Uh… Who are you?”


      “I’m Hau… Oh, hi, Kukui!”

      The two discussed some stuff as Lillian found another Yungoos, and commanded her Litten to turn it into more food. She and her pokemon soon found that it was much more delicious when it wasn’t covered in soap. Soon, Hau returned to Lillian with the green owl, much to an exasperated Kukui’s dismay.

      “Hey Lillian, mind if I challenge you to a battle?”


      Before Hau could react, Lillian had brought the Litten out in front of her and squeezed its body, making it yowl and breathe intense flames at the Rowlet. When the attack subsided, the owl was on its side with a dazed expression.

      “Erm… Good fight, Lillian…”

      Hau’s words were lost, however, as Lillian ran through Iki Town, and towards Tapu Koko’s temple when she quickly realized there was no place to eat or shop there. There, she found a girl in an entirely white suit, wearing a beach hat the size of seven large pizza boxes arranged in a hexagonal shape, and a cowering pokemon comprised of nebulaeic fluff being circled by angry Spearow.


      “...C-Cotton c-candy…?” muttered the girl. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about… b-but please… s-save Nebby!”


      Before the strange girl could say anything more, Lillian had ran onto the bridge, where a Spearow promptly flew towards her… and hit her in the head.


      With a loud and almost inhuman screech, Lillian proceeded to throw Mick at the Spearow, who promptly freaked out and turned it into cooked peasant with an Ember. Still screeching, she kept running until she reached Nebby.

      “YOU’RE MINE NOW-”


      Everyone stopped and looked up as a birdlike totem crashed onto the bridge, making it a wonder that it wasn’t destroyed and those on it didn’t fall into the abyss.



      Before anyone could react, Tapu Koko, the god of war and Tapu Cocoa, threw electrified coffee beans at everyone that was there. The Spearow that were there fell down, everyone else was blown back about three meters, and the bridge was destroyed by the assault.


      Tapu Koko proceeded to fly into the sunset as night fell. With grumbles and groans, everyone proceeded to get up to their feet, except for the unfortunate yet well-done Spearow.

      “U-Um, thank you, I-I guess…” muttered the strange girl. “I-I’m Lillie-”

      Lillie soon found herself cut off by Lillian, who grabbed her by the shirt.


      “W-What…!? O-Oh, there’s some fried chicken!”

      Distracted by Lillie’s statement, Lillian looked to the side, and indeed there was some fried chicken Mick was eating. Eagerly, she joined her Litten in enjoying the suddenly-roasted pokemon, giving Lillie time to grab Nebby and escape. By the time they finished, they decided to go back to the vacant home that she called home, feeling too tired and ill to do anything else today.

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      Old November 24th, 2017 (12:45 PM). Edited November 24th, 2017 by Fawful_X.
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        Thanksgiving was fairly busy and kinda bleh-y for me along with typical college work, so I took longer to write out this update than I desired. Still, here we go!



        The sound of a Meowth yowling in pain from a burn was the thing that caused Lillian to wake up, which resulted in her kicking it across the room as she got up.

        “GOOD JORB, MICK!”


        It had been roughly a day since Lillian had received her Litten, Mick, from Kukui, and the two quickly proved themselves to be fast friends due to how both enjoyed a relatively lazy and food-heavy lifestyle. Once more, however, Lillian found that there was no more food stocked, necessitating another food trip.

        “LIAR! WE JUS’ GOT SUM!”

        Check your fridge.

        “WHAT THE !@#$ DID YAH DO!?”

        Nothing. Back on topic, unfortunately for the two of them, the road to the city was blocked off by flashy wooden shields coated in metallic paint that was most definitely resistant to fire, and could not be destroyed.


        “Ah, don’t you know?” said Kukui in a happy tone as he walked in from his beachfront estate, with a hint of surprise that Lillian wasn’t trying to do something like headbutt the easily-breakable fence (thanks to my stellar narrative powers distracting her and her current attention on Kukui). “Today is the annual Melemele festival, where we feast and battle in honor of the guardian deity, Tapu Koko!”

        “FEAST!? WHERE?!”

        “Well, since you’re a new trainer, just follow the path behind you, an-”

        Before Kukui could finish his sentence, Lillian and Mick the Litten ran off, causing an incredible ruckus in the meantime. Thanks to the loud ruckus they caused, however, every wild pokemon that they were supposed to encounter ran off or hid rather than interact with the banshee prancing through the fields they inhabited. Well… every wild pokemon except for a single Buneary, who had wound up directly in Lillian’s path.


        Before the Buneary could do anything, she found herself being named, grabbed by the ears, and used as a club to knock out another Buneary. Annoyed at how her new pokemon was already growing weak from just one “fight,” she procured a potion and stuffed it down its throat, bottle and all, which somehow healed it back to full energy.


        She proceeded to throw Ringo at another trainer, causing the Buneary to freak out and kick them into submission before they even sent out their pokemon. Satisfied at the results of this performance, Lillian decided to repeat this tactic with everyone she encountered, until it failed to work against two people that looked more like robots than actual people at Iki Town’s entrance. One of them grabbed a strange-looking pokeball, only for the other one to grab their arm.


        “What?” replied Lillian, in a rare moment where she didn’t peak any nearby microphones. However, when she blinked, the strange robot-people were gone, which brought her back to her usual screaming self.


        “Now just what’s going on here!?”

        A large, tanned man in yellow and blue clothing had arrived at the entrance to Iki Town, it taking no genius to realize that he was an important figure.

        “Is everything alright, or does ol’ Hala have to make you holler?”

        “WHERE’DA !@#$ ROBOTS GO?!”

        “What are you talking about?”


        “Haw, is that why you came here? It’s tradition to battle in honor of the great Tapu Koko before we feast, and you seem green enough, so I’ll get my nephew so both of you can battle in His honor. Then we can feast!”

        Lillian grumbled as Hala, the important-looking guy, left temporarily. She and her pokemon boredly walked through Iki village again, encountering Lillie after some time pointing her hand at the weird nebular pokemon named Nebby.

        “Baggius Duffelius Cosmogicus!”

        With those words, Lillie’s duffel bag opened up, where a large hand emerged to snatch Nebby and drag it inside before closing the bag and disappearing. She flinched some upon seeing Lillian, but tried her best to get over her shock and timidly smile at her.

        “O-Oh, hi…” said Lillie. “Erm, sorry about that, and… uh, stealing your name.”


        Rather than complain and get annoyed at how Lillian got her name wrong, Lillie decided the best course of action was to chuckle lightly to herself given what happened last night, especially given that would undermine her attempt to make Lillian not hate her.

        “Um, Kukui told me to-”

        Lillie found herself interrupted by the loud noises of drumming drowning out her voice, which also excited Lillian and made her run off towards the village center, where a wooden platform resided.

        “THE TIME HAS COME TO REJOICE!” said Hala as he walked onto the platform, his voice somehow drowning out the sound of the drums as well. “Yesterday, we have received reports that the great Tapu Koko Himself has appeared to grace newcomers to our wonderful island! Truly, this is a sign of great fortune due to how close this sighting is to our annual festival! I see no better way to begin than with a battle between two new trainers: My grandson, Hau, and one of the two who were graced by Tapu Koko’s presence, Lillian!”

        The small crowd there began hooting and hollering, and Lillian soon found herself getting outed and pushed onto the wooden platform, her two pokemon being thrown on at roughly the same time Hau got shoved on there.

        “Are you ready, Lillian?”

        “READEH TO KEEK YA !@#$!!!”

        Hau proceeded to clutch a pokeball, while Lillian picked up Ringo.

        “Let this battle in the name of Tapu Koko, BEGIN!”

        When Hau sent out his Pichu, Lillian literally threw her Buneary at it, the collision paralyzing her pokemon when the electric mouse instinctually discharged some electricity from the impact. This hardly mattered, however, as the two began rolling until they both fell off the wooden platform.

        “Both pokemon have been knocked out of the ring!” announced Hala. “Now both of you, send out your next pokemon!”

        Unfortunately for Hau, while his Rowlet was the stronger of his two pokemon, that did not change how it was facing a fire type in the form of Mick. Even though it got off a Leahage that hit his vulnerable underbelly, that didn’t stop Lillian from using the Litten like a blowtorch once again to easily score a victory and winning a defeated sigh from her foe.

        “And the winner is… Lillian! Haw, now this is what I should expect from someone Tapu Koko personally visited!”

        “YEEEEE, AYE WUUUN!” exclaimed Lillian as Ringo was tossed back to her.

        “...Yeah, good match.”

        Everyone soon found their attention drawn to a distant, echoing voice.


        “Haw, it seems like Tapu Koko himself liked that fight! I see no reason to delay our feast any further, given he just showed his appreciation!”

        Just about everything from then on was a blur for Lillian, due to being unused to traditional Alolan foods combined with eating too much of said food. The next thing she knew, she was back at her current lodgings with both her pokemon, and promptly fell into a feverish sleep.

        As a side note, I really am not fond of how long it takes for Gen 7 to get rolling, given you can see that I took two posts (both of them four pages long in Google Docs) in order to actually get to the third in-game day (which is when I consider the game to start proper). While it's fairly easy to breeze through, it's really obnoxious to write for given how dense the plot is in the earlygame.
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          Lillian groaned when she woke up. After consuming substances she was unused to, she had found herself unable to recall what happened last night and experiencing strange dreams involving a weird pokemon literally running through outer space that left her feeling groggy. Before she could fall back to sleep, a shrill cry echoed out, followed by Ringo launching a Meowth out a window.

          “NOICE, RINGO!”

          Now fully awake, she realized that she was wearing an unusual bracelet and was holding a folded-up note. Curious as to what it contained, she opened it up and read its contents.

          Alola Island Challenge!
          Journey each of Alola’s 4 islands and collect Z Crystals, before engaging in a final trial!
          Estimated completion time: 1 mo/island
          While she was able to identify the contents of the note as being her own writing (which was exceptionally well-written - she is a calligraphist, you see)

          “AND A !@#$ GOODUN!”

          ...Anyway, while she could read her own handwriting, that didn’t change how fruit punch stains warped the paper and made the ink run just enough to the point she had issues reading it. Her muscles abruptly tensed when she finished reading it, and her mind flew into a panic.


          Misreading what she wrote thanks to the fruit punch that smeared the ink and stained it a light crimson color, Lillian began screeching as she scooped up her two pokemon and bulldozed the door in her rush, almost crushing Lillie in turn.


          Before Lillian realized what was happening, the entire front of the house was completely decimated by what she realized was a psychic force, and she was blasted out into the nearby beach. Quickly scanning the nearby area, she soon found an Inkay she incorrectly presumed as responsible.

          “YER MINE, OCTOPUSH!”

          Grabbing a pokeball that had landed near her after the explosion, she proceeded to chuck it at the Inkay and capture it on the first throw. After a distinctive “click!” noise, the ball teleported onto her belt and displayed the confused pokemon through its transparent red top portion, and a simple drawing of it on the button.

          “WHAS DIS!?”

          “U-Um, a pokeball…” said Lillie as she walked up to Lillian. “I was going to give you them and a Rotomdex yesterday, but then the festival began, and…”


          Sighing exhaustedly, Lillie proceeded to give Lillian some pokeballs. Of the ones that she was given, one had a drawing similar to Mick, and the other depicted an angular, ghostlike creature with a square drawn around it. Further inspection revealed that, unlike the other pokeballs, this one had a square button instead of a circular one. It didn’t take her long to figure out that the unusually-crafted pokeball was likely what the Rotomdex was contained in.


          Throwing a pokeball at Ringo with the knowledge of what happened to her Inkay when it was captured and returning Mick to his ball, Lillian proceeded to throw out the Rotomdex as she began running.

          “Vrrrt!” exclaimed the Rotom. “How I may I zzzervice you?”

          “WHERE DAH I GO!?”

          “Ahhh, izzzland challenge, I prezzzume? Juz-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-zzzzzz-ZRRRRRRRRRT!”

          The Rotomdex began screeching unintelligibly as an eclipse hung over the clouded skies, the pokemon panicking due to not really knowing what was going on. The next thing Lillian knew, a Tauros had headbutted her and her Rotomdex into a trainer school, and the eclipse ended soon after.

          “Zzrrrrt… Voh, if ve’re on the izzzland challenge, ven ve’re on zzze right track!”

          Grumbling as she got up, Lillian realized she was trapped in the trainer school thanks to how the gates were closed. She narrowed her eyes as a curious “student” walked up to her, seeing that it was actually a Zorua disguised as a young child thanks to having dealt with them as pests at her old home in Kanto.

          “YAH MAINE, VIAL!”

          Caught by complete surprise, the Zorua was unable to evade or escape capture, the ball it was contained in teleporting to Lillian’s belt once it had captured him. After this, she proceeded to bang on the gates to attract attention-

          “EET’S DOIN JACK !@#$! DEY’RE ALL INSIDE!”

          “Excuse me?”

          ...Ahem. Soon, a teacher and her class arrived to see what kind of commotion was being wrought, and smiled upon noticing that Lillian was a pokemon trainer and the teaching opportunities that battles with her presented.

          “LEMME OUT!”

          “Sure… If you help me with a lesson. Class, what does a trainer do when they lock eyes with another trainer?”

          With a chorus of “THEY BATTLE!”, Lillian groaned and sent out all her pokemon at once.

          “DO WHATEVER.”

          And indeed, her pokemon “did whatever” by proceeding to act in rather docile and passive manners until the students sent out their pokemon, with each one taking on one of Lillian’s pokemon.

          This is why I don’t trust Lillian to engage in pokemon battles. Thankfully, her pokemon are also able to hear me, and that is why they were capable of battling in a semi-organized manner rather than get creamed and lose badly before the first trial as a result. Despite her blatant lack of care of what was going on, the teacher seemed completely fine with the impromptu lesson.

          “Now, class, I’ll teach about type adva-”

          “JUST LEMME OUT!”

          “...Oh, sorry.”

          The teacher proceeded to let Lillian out unenthusiastically, who swiftly returned all her pokemon and ran into Hau’oli city as fast as she could… and right into a guy who looked more like a walking skeleton based on his attire.

          “Yo, ya know who ya runnin into, ya unknownin’ stunnin bijou!?”

          “GET OUTTA MAH WAY!”

          “Do ya know my naaaaame?! I’m one of the rap gods of Team Skull-”

          The “rap god” was promptly knocked unconscious by Lillian picking up a nearby Mime Jr. and bashing him over the head with her.

          “GOOD JORB, TOPELL!”

          Lillian proceeded to ready the Mime Jr. to attack another grunt who arrived, only to watch him groan when he noticed someone coming and dragged his friend away in a panicked escape as a response.

          “Ah, good job dealing with those goons,” said the stranger as Lillian caught the Mime Jr. she dubbed Topell. “Judging by how you look, you must be on the Island Challenge, am I correct?”

          “HOWD’YA KNOW!?”

          “Ahaha, I’m the first trial captain, Ilima, of course! I’ve seen many trainers come and go ever since I’ve started hosting the normal type trial.”

          “WHERE IS IT, DEN!?”

          “Ah, patience! Now, before you can take on the first trial, you must defeat me in a pokemon battle. It shouldn’t be too hard for you, but-”


          Lillian proceeded to throw out her Mime Jr. as Ilima sent out his Yungoos. In a shocking twist for her, however, Topell found herself getting knocked out in a single hit.


          “Ah, that’s what happens when you let your guard down!”

          Frothing at the mouth, Lillian sent out Ringo and pulled out her potion bottle, there being enough fluid in the container for ten squirts.

          “DEFEND AND BEEF UP!”

          “Quick, Tackle it!”

          Ringo rolled up into a ball and managed to buffet the Yungoos’ tackle. When it seemed like she couldn’t take any more punishment, Lillian sprayed the potion on her to almost fully heal the Buneary.

          “You can’t keep guarding and healing forever!”

          True to Ilima’s words, Lillian soon found herself running out of the refined Oran juice contained within the spray bottle.

          “FEENISH DIS!”

          At Lillian’s command, the Buneary delivered a powerful knockout blow that sent the Yungoos flying. With a satisfied grin, Ilima returned her unconscious pokemon.

          “Ah, good! But it’s not over ye-”


          After sending her Smeargle out, Ilima found her jaw dropping when it was sent flying into a nearby Malasada shop (and nearly hitting Hau in turn, who was busy eating there at the moment). Getting over her shock, she proceeded to exploit the long range of a pokeball’s recall function to return her unconscious Smeargle without moving from her current location.

          “Good job! If you were to ask me, you are more than ready for the trials! Now, I’d suggest healing up your pokemon before you move on to Route 2.”

          “AND HOW LON’ WILL DAT TAKE!?”

          “Well, it should only take a couple hours, but-”


          Before Ilima could speak any more, Lillian ran off to the pokemon center to refill her potion and box Topell (and completely forgetting about her in turn), well aware she had to tend to her own pokemon whenever possible and take additional care in battles, lest her journey come to an end simply by needing to requisition the aid of a Pokemon Center.

          I should note that, since I unlocked it, that Festival Plaza is legal... to an extent. While I'm letting myself use its facilities to gain friend coins and join Global Missions, I'm not going to do anything that could give me an in-game advantage (i.e. using a Ball Shop facility to purchase pokeballs, since I can sell those for money I didn't earn from trainer battles/Pay Day or catch pokemon with them). So in other words, I essentially can only use fortune tellers and dye shops, if I recall the types of attractions correctly.

          As a side note, if I make any investments in clothing stores (I've already done so, lol), I'm still not going to abuse Festival Plaza stores for money to reimburse myself.
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