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Hello, I am pretty new to the site, been an observer for awhile but never a member until recently. I really enjoy making stories, been wanting to make a fan game for awhile but after 2 years of trying to get it going I realized I don't have the time or know how to get it off the ground, so.. I thought why not tell a few stories here? Couldn't hurt right ? The story I am going to tell here was gonna serve as the back story of a few major characters in the game I wanted to make, but since there's no game I chose just to tell their full story. So instead of meeting this group of characters who've already had their adventures, I'm gonna start fresh from their beginnings up to the point where they would have been in the game. I hope you all will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it. Feedback and discussion are more than welcomed here, enjoy!


The morning air was crisp and cold, a typical Keone Region morning, as Cole, made his way from his home on the Bronson Ridge to the town of Devonshire. The Bronson Ridge was just on the outskirts of Devonshire so the commute was simple enough. Originally from Orre, it took some time to get used to Keone's colder and damper climate. He looked at his old pocket watch, an old family heirloom that works just as good now as the day it was made nearly 80 years ago,as he made it into town. "I'm going to be almost an hour early", he said to himself, but he was fine with that, today was a day that punctuality was important, he just hoped the others would feel the same and not show up late. He made it to newly built Lab where the meeting would take place and waited for the others in the office area. One by one, the others showed up and took their seats at the table. Today was a day Cole and the others were meeting with a representative of the Pokemon League, after months of inquiry, the League finally approved to open a League in Keone, a dream Cole had since he arrived in Keone almost 5 years ago.

To the right of Cole sat Max, a young man with messy blonde hair, bright green eyes , his cousin and oldest friend and also the owner of the research Lab they were at right now, he and Max had put alot of miles behind them since they were kids, ever since they became trainers they traveled together, being apart only for the time Max had left to study under some of the most renowned Professors in the world, his father was the scientist who founded Thornton Industries, a company that specialized in making gadgets and tools for traveling trainers, most notably the Compact Pokemon Storage Device, or CPSD, a portable device used to access a trainer's pokemon storage boxes anywhere on the road without needing access to the PC. Despite his father's pleas to take over the company, he choose to follow his dream and become a Pokemon Professor, specializing in fossils and archeology. While his passion and focus is on his research, he is still one of the toughest trainers around. Cole always believed that if Max put as much effort into training and battling as he did into his research, he would be the stronger of the two and not the other way around.

The next chair sat Alex, Hoenn born, Orre raised, Max's fiance and longtime friend to the Thornton boys, next to Max, Cole considered her his closest friend, Alex was about 2 years older than Cole, and she was one of the trainers who finally convinced Cole's strict grandparents to let him start his Pokemon journey,even though they met when her Mightyena broke his grandparent's window. He has always been grateful to her for that. Because of her experience she also served as mentor type to Cole in the beginning.

Then there was Ray, the martial artist and fighting type specialist, Cole's first rival, when they first met they were anything but friends, growing up in Pyrite Town, Ray certainly had rough edges and back then he was a handful of trouble. When he considers how close they are now he sometimes forgets how much they hated each other at first. His longtime dream was to be world's best fighting type master, and these days there aren't many fighting type specialists that hasn't heard Ray's name.

To the right of Ray was Ricardo, tanned skinned, long black straight hair tied in a pony tail in the back, cold, calm and collected, the oldest and most experienced out of the group, quite of a legend in Orre as being the only undefeated trainer in Mt. Battle, the Colosseums, the Battle Tower, and Eagun's Orre Colosseum. He has participated in all of them multiple times and has never lost one battle in them. Ricardo was Cole's biggest motivation, he idolized him when he was a kid and had always aspired to defeat him one day and break his streak at the Colosseum, Cole was able to defeat him for the first time recently, however it wasn't at the Colosseum like he had always hoped for, even though he won the last battle, he still considers Ricardo the stronger of the group here.

Finally there was Eleanor of House Glovern, one of the oldest and most prominent clans in the Keone Region, descended from the last King of Keone, House Glovern is still considered as Keone's leaders, even now , generations after the Monarchy ended. Eleanor was the second oldest of 4 children, and the second strongest trainer in her family, surpassed only by her older brother Alistair, who Cole believes is the strongest trainer alive now, after all what other trainer has tamed and trained multiple legendary Pokemon? Not many. Eleanor was from a prestigious family, but more importantly, Cole thought, she was his wife. Despite protests from her father for marrying a non-Keone native, they were married almost 5 years ago after the conflict with the dangerous House Argyle and their followers, a series of conflicts that Cole and the others helped out in. The plans of House Argyle were quickly thwarted once Alistair defeated and imprisoned Bellistan Argyle, the head of House Argyle. Argyle and their followers have been quiet for a few years now,but there have been rumours and mumblings that the younger sons of Bellistan have been secretly plotting to break their father out so they can finish what they started years ago. Eleanor feared the disappearance of Alistair has embolden Argyle's followers to start trouble again, after all Alistair was their biggest threat and with him gone their chances to get what they want increased, they just needed their leader back. Eleanor was determined to keep Keone safe and Cole was more than willing to back her up.

The silence was broken when the office door slid opened. A middle aged woman with a Delcatty trotting beside her entered the room with an arm full of papers and set them on the table.
"I see everyone is here, perfect. shall we get started?", she said setting down.
"Alright so the League has approved funding for 9 official League buildings 8 of which will be gyms, the other will serve as an HQ and challenge hall for the official Keone Pokemon League, the funding is going to be a bit smaller due to the distance and remoteness of Keone so please try to build your gyms as simple as possible. Cole Thornton and Max Thornton, will be co-managers of the Keone League, meaning you both will have authority to hire and fire gym leaders, register trainers, and will be managing costs of League business, Cole you have chosen your Elite Four?"
Cole sat up straight "Eleanor, Alex, Ray, and Ricardo will serve as Keone's Elite Four, with myself as current champion, we held a tournament between us to decide who'd be champion"
The woman looked over the room, "You know it's customary for Elite Four members to be mono-type Gym Leaders first, and according to my records only Ray has ever held a Gym leader title."
"Trust me," Cole said, "I assure you they are more than qualified."

The meeting took over an hour and everyone was glad it was over, Ricardo left as soon as it ended to go...wherever it is he runs off to, while everyone else went to Cole and Eleanor's house to celebrate the official beginning of the Keone League. Cole walked in his spare room and looked around,he was always a sentimental guy and this room was proof, tables and shelves filled with what most people considered junk, but he saw as memories. His eyes wandered to the back wall where an old,small and worn out grey and black cap with a vest equally worn out hung , it was the cap and vest he wore on day one of his journey. He reached in the inside pocket of the vest and pulled out an old shard of glass that was wrapped in a faded piece of cloth, and just looked it over for a minute " Where has the time gone?" he said to himself. It seems like it wasn't that long ago he'd argue with his grandparents every night to let him start his journey, and now here he stands, the champion and manager of a Pokemon League he helped create, he almost couldn't believe it, and to all started with a broken window....

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

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Trainer 1: "Leavanny use X-scissor !"

At it's trainers command, the Leavanny sprung into action covering its arm with a sickly green aura formed in a X and struck the Mightyena.

Trainer???: "Don't think you'll win just because you have a type advantage! Mightyena use fire fang!"

Mightyena quickly stood back up, after letting out a fearsome roar, the area around its mouth erupted in a fiery aura, the leavanny tried to avoid the incoming foe by leaping but the Mightyena's speed closed the distance in an instant. Mightyena caught leavanny in mid air with it's fire fang and with a swift motion hurled the leavanny.

Trainer??? "Oh NO!"

The trainer's attention was so focused on winning the match she didn't realize how close the battle had got to one of the nearby houses till her mightyena threw the leavanny through the window at the front of house.

The two trainers nervously looked at each other.

Trainer ???: "We've done it now ain"t we?"

Trainer 1: "I can't belie.."

The trainer"s words were cut short by the incoherent yelling of an older man storming out the front door with the young man's unconscious leavanny in his arms

Man: "You blasted kids! look what you did do my window! Why in the hell were you brats battling so close to my house!?!?"

Trainer???: "I'm sorry sir its my fault, it was my pokemon that threw leavanny, it's all my fault I'll pay for the window I promise"

The young woman bowed her head as show of respect, but the man's temper didn't seem to cool off, after aggressively dropping leavanny on the ground in front if it's trainer, he started angrily pacing towards the young woman till the sight of Mightyena's bared teeth caused him to slow his pace.

Alex: "My name is Alex, if you don't want Mightyena to mistake you for a threat I'd suggest cooling your temper, he just recently evolved and I can't fully tame his aggression yet, I'm deeply sorry for the window I told you I'll pay for it"

The man either outright ignored her or was to mad to hear what Alex just said, he continued hollerin' and without hesitation Mightyena leaped towards him, Alex reached for mightyena's ball but her reaction was nowhere fast enough,the man fell back holding his arms up in fear anticipating Mightyena's sharp teeth to cut his arms till he heard a familiar voice call out

Voice: "Rockruff! Quick Attack!"

The Mightyena was struck in the mouth by the brown blur that seemed to come out of nowhere, It didn't do much damage to the mightyena but it stopped it in it's tracks giving Alex enough time to return it to it's ball.

Alex: "I-I-I tried to warn you, I'm sorry"

The man stood up, his face as red as a cheri berry, but before he could yell some more a woman's voice came out of the door way.

Carrie: "Allen if you don't stop all that screaming I'm gonna wallop you myself!"

Allen: "Her beast tried to attack me!"

Carrie: "She told you what would happen, and you didn't pay her no mind. If Cole's reaction was a second slower you'd be a chew toy right now!"

Alex: " I'm sorry, sir, ma'am. I swear I'll pay for the window."

Carrie: "I heard you the first time honey,"

Alex: " He's only been a mightyena for 2 days, his newfound aggression is still surprising to me, I haven't quite got a handle on him yet"

Carrie: "Don't worry about it hun, I've had Allen for 40 years and I'm still training him"

Alex let a chuckle slip out but quickly composed herself when she saw Allen wasn't to amused at his wife's joke. Allen turned and made his way back toward the house, no doubt cursing under his breath. Alex's eyes drifted to the Rockruff, who scurried back to the side of the young brown haired boy standing outside the door.

Alex: " That was quick thinking kid, if you hadn't been there I could've been in a lot more trouble, that's a rather unique pokemon you got there, did I hear you call it a Rockruff? I have to say it's my first time seeing one of these it must be pretty rare."

Cole: "Thanks. They're actually native to the Alola Region, so I'm told"

Alex: "How'd someone so young get a pokemon from that far away?"

Cole: "Eagun told me it was a gift from my Mom, he gave me an egg, said it was from my mom and it hatched into rockruff here"

Rockruff let out a playful yelp as it trotted toward Alex, she bent down and gave it a few rubs behind it's ears.

Alex: " It's adorable, Cole. You're a trainer too I assume?''

Cole: " Well.."

Cole's words were cut short by Carrie.

Carrie: "You two come in here and clean this glass up, I'll have dinner ready in 30 minutes, young lady if you're hungry I'll fix you up a plate.''

Alex: "Oh..why thank you ma'am."

Cole: " We'd better get started, it shouldn't take long, wished that other guy didn't run off so fast, he could've helped."

Alex: "Haha, Alright.."

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Agate Village 15 years ago.

Two of the elderly bystander's who watched the incident with the Brady's window were sitting outside the poke-center with a cup of coffee watching the sun set, one of them broke the silence with a chuckle.

Old Man: "Boy! you see the look on Allen's face when that Mightyena jumped at him? It was priceless!'

The other old man almost choked on his coffee thinking about again

Old Man: "That old stick in the mud, it should do him good to get ruffed up once in awhile, if he ain't scolding that kid he is complaining about something, life's to short to be so angry all the time"

Other Old Man: "You got that right, if I was young Cole I wouldn't have intervened, that boy has the makings of great trainer if the Brady's would let him, Eagun said so himself."

Old Man: "You know who that kid is right?"

Other Old Man: "I know he's their grandson"

Old Man: "Do you remember Ol Marty Thornton?"

Other Old Man: " I sure do."

Old Man: "Well Cole is also Marty's grandson through his son Tommy"

Other Man: "You don't say, i thought he favored someone familiar, so how'd he end up with the Brady's?"

Old Man: "Well the way I heard it, Tommy showed up at their doorstep 12 years ago not long after Cole was born and dropped him off and he was never heard from again."

Other Man: "That's a shame, he's a good kid, what about the kid's mother?"

Old Man: "Don't know, Carrie said she hasn't seen or heard from Anne since she and Tommy left Orre, I've heard rumors they got mixed up with bad company in a far away region, I fear the worst to be honest"

Old Man: "The kid still has that fire in his eyes, he needs to be out there. If he hangs around Allen much longer he'll put that spark out"

Other Man: "Well maybe he will someday"

Alex took the last bite of her pie that Carrie had baked for dessert.

Alex: "That was delicious Mrs. Brady, you've been to kind"

Carrie: "Think nothing of it girl, Allen left for Gateon Port to pick up the window, I'm sure he'll be eager to hand you the receipt"

Alex smiled, and looked at Cole who barely touched his slice. She couldn't help but notice he stared at her alot throughout the evening, but she knew it wasn't in a weird or creepy way, but more inquisitive than anything else. She could tell he had something on his mind he wanted to ask her but he never spat it out. When he saw her look at him his eyes dropped back his half eaten pie.

Alex: "Hey kid, something on your mind?"

Cole looked over shoulder to see if Carrie was within earshot, when she went to other room he turned back.

Cole: "How long you been a trainer?"

Alex: "Umm...a couple of years, but I've just started to take it seriously a few months ago, just travelling around Orre, battling as many trainers as I can, actually I plan on going back home to the Hoenn Region and challenge the league there"

Cole: "Hoenn? why not take on the colosseum challenges here?"

Alex: "I've lived in Orre most of my life, I want a change of scenery for once, you know?"

Cole: "Yeah..I know..I've wanted to be a trainer forever...but they won't let me leave, they say it's to dangerous, I thought if i could show them how well i could raise Rockruff they'd let me become a registered trainer, but grandpa hates pokemon and grandma doesn't like the idea of going on a journey, in fact the only times I've been allowed to leave the village is to run errands at Gateon Port, but they won't let me go alone. The people here came close to convincing them to let me go last year, but after the cipher incident here they dug their heels in even deeper, If I was just allowed to properly train I could've helped then, If it wasn't for that guy with the snag machine showing up it would be untelling what would have happened here. I like the people here...but I want to have my own stories, like the old men that hang out in front of the center and Mister Eagun, I want to be as strong as the guy who saved us, stronger even"

Cole heard footsteps of his grandma walking back to the dining room and he went back to fiddling with his pie. Alex couldn't help but for feel for him, it's hard having a dream that you're forced to ignore, he could make it she thought...even though it was one command, his reaction time and Rockruff's synergy with Cole was impressive, it was almost like the Rockruff knew what his trainer was thinking the split second he thought of it and was already on the move before Cole could finish saying his command, even though it didn't really hurt her much more experienced mightyena, it still surprised her that he got caught off guard like that by a much smaller and weaker pokemon. If there was a way to help him out she would..but what could she do? She doubted she could say anything the grandparents haven't heard before.

Carrie: "I hope you haven't been filling Cole"s head with tales from the road, I have enough trouble with folks around here giving him ideas"

Alex: "No ma'am, just casual talk"

Carrie: " Good, Allen should be back any minute now, when he does you're free to leave"

Alex sat back in her chair thinking, "What can I do..."
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Agate Village 15 years ago

Alex handed Allen the money for the window she broke, as she slipped her back pack over her shoulders she took another look at Cole, then at his grandparents.

Alex: "You know if Cole wanted to register to be a trainer I wouldn't mind if he tagged along with me till he got a solid start"

Cole's eyes lit up, Allen scoffed, and Carrie shook her head

Carrie: "I'm tired of you traveling trainers trying to influence Cole, he doesn't need to be out there"

Alex: "Why not? I was younger than him when I started, and it wasn't that long ago a 11 yr. old in the Kanto region became the regional champion"

Allen: "Yeah and look at you...before tonight you look like you haven't had a good meal in awhile, the bags under your eyes tell me you haven't had a decent nights sleep in awhile either, is traveling with a bunch beasts really worth being improperly fed and rested? We let our daughter do it and we never saw her again."

Alex: "I'm just saying, Cole has what it takes, he's quick thinking, well-mannered and pretty sharp. I'd make sure nothing happens to him till he got..''

Allen:"The boy will take over my store when I retire for good, It'll be a safe honest living."

Cole: " I don't want to be a store clerk! Max started a few months ago, and if I stay here any longer I'll never catch up."

Carrie: "Enough child, as we said, as long as you live under our roof we won't engage in this nonsense"

Cole took a deep breath and stood in front of his grandparents, Carrie was taken aback by the determined unafraid look he had his face, the way he was looking at her gave her flashback to when Thomas told them he was gonna marry Anne whether they liked it or not...

Cole: "This is the only thing I ever wanted to do, and I don't want to wait any longer"

The Rockruff trotted up to Cole wagging it's tail, and Alex noticed the synergy again..the Rockruff's bond with him was so strong it was sharing the same emotions as him.

Cole: " If mom really left this Rockruff for me to raise, wouldn't you think she wanted me to do this? I'm gonna become a trainer sooner or later whether you like it or not, so why keep holding me back"

Whether you like it or not he says, even the same words Thomas used toward us. Carrie thought to herself.

Allen:" You know what? I've had it with you anyway."

Carrie was snapped out of her thoughts by Allen's words what's he doing

Allen: "I never wanted you here anyway, I thought we put this behind us last year, but if you want to be as fool hardy as your deadbeat father, go ahead just don't expect us to welcome you back when you fail"

Carrie: "You watch your tongue Allen Brady!"

Alex was taken aback by his outburst, and judging from Carrie's reaction she wasn't expecting it either.

Allen:" If getting that brat out will finally get these beast tamers to get off my back then more power to him, I'm tired of having this conversation, kid! start packing whatever's yours, first thing in the morning you better get out of here"

Cole usually cowered down at Allen's outbursts but this time he just stood there unfazed. Alex stood there wishing she kept her mouth shut, why would she try to help a kid she didn't know anyway? She didn't realize she'd open a can of worms this big when she offered to help him get started, she turned and walked away before the trio's yelling turned into a battle royale.

I thought my family had issues, she thought to herself as she wandered the village looking for a place to spend the night.

The next morning...

Cole stood in his room, finally he was allowed to leave, but it wasn't on the terms he had hoped for, while he admitted he'd miss Carrie, he still couldn't wait to get away from Allen, he had treated Cole with contempt for as long as he could remember, even though he was only 12, he couldn't imagine how anyone could be so bitter and so angry, but it didn't matter anymore. He made sure he had everything he needed in his bag, when he was confident he was ready he slipped on his open blue fingered gloves, his grey and black cap, and put on his vest and made his way to the door. He walked out and took a look back to see if Carrie would see him off...She did. She apologized for Allen's behavior..again, but she knew she couldn't keep him here for long no matter how much she wanted to, in all honesty, Carrie loved having Cole around, he made her feel like she was close Anne, it was a comforting feeling since she had no idea where she was, if she was safe or not...or worse..the thought of it happening to Cole as well terrified her. Cole gave her a hug and headed out the door.
He was finally free.

Cole walked up the house in tree in the center of the village and knocked on the door. Eagun opened the door to see young Cole standing there geared up.

Eagun: "Well now what have we here, young man?"

Cole: "They're finally gonna let me do it, I'm gonna become trainer"

Eagun: "Wonderful! I've been waiting for this! You'll do fine out there, once you get some training in don't forget to come back here, I'd like to battle you myself"

Cole: " I'll be sure to do that, I can't wait! But I have a question where do I go to get registered?"

Eagun: " The HQ Lab would be the place to go, when you go there see Prof. Krane, tell him i sent you and I'm sure he'll set you up. You could go to Mt. Battle as well, but the HQ lab is a much easier trip"

Cole: " Thank you, I'll do that, I'll cya around"

Eagun stood there as he left, he couldn't wait to see Cole comeback and challenge him to battle, It would be the 3rd generation Thornton he'd face in battle...3rd generation he thought, the thought of that reminded him how old he was getting..oh to to be young again he thought...

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Chapter 4

Cole:"This must be it."

Cole looked around and the first thing he saw was two trainers having a customary double battle while a man in a white coat was typing something in the pad he had in his hand. Wait a minute, that looks like.., Cole thought to himself.

Cole: "Uncle Scott?"

The man's head jerked up and turned in Cole's direction, his bright green eyes were widely magnified under whatever contraption he was wearing over his face. It was Scott Thornton, Max's dad, the younger brother of Thomas Thornton, Cole's father.

Scott: " Cole? hahaha boy what are doing over here? Where's Allen? Don't tell me..."

Scott just stood there with a wide smile, Cole couldn't help but laugh a little, his uncle's smile coupled with his magnified eyes was a pretty goofy sight.

Cole:" Yes! I'm an official trainer now...or I will be once I get my registration."

Scott: " Wonderful! Max is going to love this, he's been waiting for this you know?"

Cole: "He has?"

Scott: " Sure has! He said he had trouble enjoying himself as a trainer when he knew you was still doing time with the Brady's, he hasn't even attempted a Colosseum challenge yet."

Cole wasn't sure how to feel about that, on one hand he was glad Max didn't have as much of a head start as he thought he would, but on the other he felt a little bad about it. But there was one thing Cole was confused about..

Cole: "I thought you and Max left for the Kanto region, why are you back?"

Scott: "Well, Prof. Krane said he was needing some help on a really important project, so I came back. Some device he wants built in case Cipher came back, said he wanted to be prepared if Wes wasn't around when they did."

Cole: " You think they'll come back?"

Cole remembered when those thugs came in and took over Agate and hurt Eagun, he remembered being afraid but also furious at the fact he was powerless to help. He didn't know what they would do to get out of the mess, but fortunately Wes was able to run them off.

Scott:"Krane seems to think so."

Cole: "...and the goggles?"

Scott:" Oh....these are a prototype, it's a work in progress. You see there's these pokemon that have been experimented on by Cipher and these are to know what, this isn't why you are here, let's go inside and see Prof. Krane."

Scott looked back at the the trainers,

Scott: " Don't go anywhere I'll be right back."

Inside, Cole stood wide eyed he had never seen so many computers and gadgets in his life, he followed his Uncle to what he assumed was Krane's office, the door slid open and there he was..he was alot younger than Cole imagined, he watched Prof. Oak on TV so much he kinda thought they all would look like that,.

Krane: " You must be Cole, Eagun told me you were coming, come in."
Krane: "I've heard quite a bit about you young I have already made up your card all I need from you is a photo and we are set."

Cole got his picture taken and waited a few minutes then Krane handed him his card.

Krane: " You are all set my boy."

Scott: " Hey Krane, you mind if we.."

Scott leaned over and whispered in Krane's ear something he couldn't make out, Krane rubbed his chin for a second and stood up.

Krane: " I suppose it wouldn't hurt, but you know It will be pretty expensive to replace, are you sure?"

Scott: " I'll cover it."

Krane: "Follow me then."

The trio walked the halls of the lab until they entered another room, inside the room was a shelve that had about a dozen pokeballs on it.

Krane: " As you are aware, wild pokemon are scarce in Orre, most of the pokemon in the region have been imported in, these 12 are some that have been imported, they belong to the lab for research purposes, but you're uncle has agreed to replace one if we give you the choice to take one, the twelve here are still young and rather inexperienced so you won't have a hard time with anyone you choose, so go on, pick anyone you want."

Cole couldn't believe it, he had already come to terms with the fact rockruff would probably be his only pokemon for awhile due to Orre's lack of wild pokemon, he wasn't expecting this...

Cole: "I..don't know what to say..thank you!"

Scott: " This is Orre kid, Rockruff needs a partner if you plan on doing much battling around here, besides we are family, we help each other."

Krane let out a grin,
Krane:"go on son...anyone you want."

Cole looked over the shelf, each ball had a tag with the name and description of the Pokemon inside, he looked them over carefully, from right to left there was Magby, Marill, Spearow, Sentret, Teddiursa, Doduo, Tyrogue, Shroomish, Geodude,Ditto, Sandshrew..and the one on the end, once Cole saw it he knew what his choice would be, it was the rarest one on the table and he felt a little guilty wanting the one that would be by far the most difficult to replace, but they told him it was his choice and he made it, not only has he always wanted one, but it would be the perfect match for rockruff, it's grass typing covered rockruff's water and ground weakness, while rockruff's rock typing would cover almost all of it's weakness. Cole reached for the ball, turned around to face Krane and his Uncle..

Cole: " I choose Treecko."
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Chapter 5

Gateon Port -- 2 Weeks Later

Sailor: "My money is on the kid again!"

Sailor 2:" Baaaghh! It's not gamblin' if the outcome is obvious, no one is betting on Larry anyway."

Larry: "You know I can hear you guys! Now shut yer yaps!"
Larry: "Today is the day,kid. Yer going down!"

Cole adjusted his cap, and loosed a playful smirk

Cole: "That's what you said yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that, and the..."

Larry: "Very funny twerp, I'll be setting sail first thing in the morning and I aint-a leavin' this port till I am victorious!'

For the past two weeks, Cole has challenged as many trainers as he could find, he had quite a rough start, challenging trainers that were way out of his league, while some humored him, many ignored his challenges. However, a week ago, he came to Gateon Port, and in front of the Krabby Club, he won his first battle against a sailor named Larry, and everyday since then..the two have met in the same place at the same time to battle again. The sailors made a sport out of it, while some bet money and drinks on who'd win, others came just to playfully tease Larry and talk trash. The sailors took a liking to Cole, most of them were trainers and Cole has battled all of them and defeated most of them. One day the sailors started to bet on how many consecutive battles Cole would win against them in a gauntlet style challenge. It was fun sport to the sailors, but it also gave Cole some much needed experience, plus he enjoyed the company of other trainers, it was a refreshing change from all the years he spent borderline miserable with his grandparents .So far, Cole's record was 4, and today, Larry stood as the 5th trainer in the gauntlet.

Cole: "I'm ready when you are."

Larry: " Haha! Kid get ready! Wingull! Corphish! Let's crush this kid!"

Cole: "Rockruff, treecko! Don't let me down!"

Rockruff and treecko was poised and ready for battle, the looks on their faces seemed to show the same eagerness for battle that Cole had. A sailor stood in the middle of the 4 pokemon on the field with both his hands up, and with a swift motion dropped them and yelled..."Begin!!"

Cole: " Rockruff use rock throw on wingull, treecko use energy ball on corphish!"

Larry: " Not gonna happen!...wingull, wing attack treecko, corphish bubble beam the rockruff!"

With swift and agile movements the wingull weaved out and around the incoming rocks and landed a solid hit with its wing attack on treecko, while the corphish was able to barley evade the energy ball and fire a stream a bubble beam towards rockruff.

Cole: "Treeck use quick attack and block the bubble beam!"

Treecko dashed in a flash and ran head first into the bubblebeam, It was unorthodox, but treecko resists water moves, and Cole couldn't afford to let rockruff take a direct hit from a water move. Treeck stood up, it's eyes fixed on corphish.

Cole: "Now! both of you use quick attack."

Rockruff slammed it's body into corphish, while treecko took a leap on it's final step of the quick attack to grab onto the wingull who was hovering in the air.

Cole: "Treecko! toss it to rockruff, Rockruff! use thunderfang!"

Treecko, who had grabbed the wingull by it's feet, threw it as hard as it could in the direction of Rockruff, whose fangs was bursting with electricity. Rockruff landed a direct hit leaving the Wingull unconscious. The Corphish, at Larry's command, tried to fire a bubble beam at Rockruff while the Wingull was in it's fangs, but was blocked by treecko once again. Treecko formed an energy ball and fired it at Corphish, who tried to stop it with a bubblebeam, but the ball was to powerful and rushed straight through it and struck Corphish,leaving it knocked out and Cole victorious.

Sailor: " Ha! he won even faster than yesterday! You're losing it Larry!"

Larry gritted his teeth.

Larry: "I ain't losing nothing!...he's just improving, way to quickly I might add."

Cole: "...and that makes 5...record topped fellas!"

Cole's attention was drawn to treecko who became engulfed in a blue-white light. The light shifted and grew till it dissipated revealing a newly evolved Grovyle, who let out a proud cry.

Larry: "...well that's just not fair!"

The sailors started laughing as Larry threw his hands up,

Larry: "Alright kid, I give, you got me. Now how bout we go inside and get us some grub guys!"

The sailors let out a cheer has they headed for the door, Cole smiled and started walking towards the pokecenter were he had been staying but he hadn't taken no more than two steps before he realized his feet were longer touching the ground. Larry, who lifted Cole up with one arm like he weighed nothing, let out laugh.

Larry: "Come on kid! dinner's on me tonight, eat whatever and as much as you'd like, you earned it my boy!"

Eating dinner inside the Krabby Club with a bunch of roughneck sailors...If only Allen and Carrie could see this..the looks on their faces would truly be priceless.

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Chapter 6


Announcer: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are coming in to the end of the last match of the day, once again Ricardo stands without a single defeated pokemon in his team, while the pokemon hunter Locklin only has one remaining pokemon, will he able to faint at least one of Ricardo’s pokemon?”

Locklin gritted his teeth as he gripped his last pokeball, he looked at Ricardo, who had shown little to no emotion at all the whole battle, the closest he came to emoting was a sigh of boredom that grated on Locklin’s last nerve. I trained my butt off to get this far and he isn’t trying at all, this is disgraceful, he thought to himself.

Locklin: “Alright you brat, I already accepted that I’m gonna lose this battle, but I’m not going down without a fight! GO STEELIX!”

The Steelix burst out of its ball letting out a roar, Ricardo wasn’t worried at all, both his pokemon on the field were bad matchups against a Steelix, especially one this strong, but he didn’t switch any them for a better type matchup, three?, two solid attacks is all I need, he thought to himself.

Ricardo: “ Braviary just sit tight, Darmanitan can handle this on his own.”

Locklin: “ You arrogant little….Steelix, let’s show this punk we are not to be underestimated! Use Stone Edge!”

The Steelix whipped its tail around striking the ground, causing sharp,powerful stones to erupt from the ground, Darmanitan leaped around trying to avoid the stones that kept coming but it couldn’t avoid all of them and was struck at least twice. Darmanitan seemed dazed but straightened itself itself pretty quick.

Locklin: “ Don’t let it recover! Let loose an earthquake!”

Steelix once again struck its long heavy body against the ground, this time, sending shockwaves throughout the ground to cause an earthquake. Darmanitan lost its footing and let out a cry of pain.

Ricardo: “It wasn’t that strong, shake it off Darmanitan, now. Hit it with a fire punch.”

Darmanitan stood up and lit it’s fist on fire and leeped as far as it could toward the steelix.

Locklin: “ Don’t let it get close! Stone Edge!”

This time, however, Darmanitan managed to avoid all of the shooting stones, using the momentum from its jump, Darmanitan landed a solid punch right against Steelix’s jaw.

Ricardo: “Once more!”

Darmanitan grabbed hold of one of Steelix’s protruding spikes as it was falling back down, with one pull up with it’s powerful arm it managed jump right above steelix’s head, and with all the strength it could muster, slammed it’s fiery fist against steelix, forcing it’s head to slam against the ground, leaving it unconscious.

Announcer: “ There we have it folks, the teen prodigy Ricardo, remains undefeated!”


Cole sat his table but his eyes were glued to the tv, in fact, several of the sailors and diners in the Club had gathered around monitor to watch the live battle. After the match was called everyone went back to their tables to sit down. Larry pulled his chair back beside Cole, to finish eating his supper, when an eldery gentleman pulled up a chair, rubbing his chin, with a look of confusion in his eyes.

Larry: “ How ‘bout it Old Timer? Is it safe to say that Ricardo kid is the strongest trainer in Orre yet?” he said, trying to make conversation.

Old Man: “ I don’t know...something didn’t feel right about that battle.”

Larry: “Oh? How so?”

Old Man: “ Tell me, did something seem strange about that boy’s Darmanitan to you.”

Larry looked at the TV and then back to the old man, and shook his head.

Larry: “Yeah...those Unova pokemon are kinda strange looking, aren’t they?”

Old Man: “That’s not what I meant you dolt! I mean the way it fought, It’s eyes and the way it moved was almost… I can’t explain it but it didn’t seem natural.”

Larry: “ All I seen was a teenage kid win his 10th Realgam Tower challenge.”

Old Man: “Look, I’ve been around the block a few times, I’ve seen and battled my fair share of them, and I know that Darmanitans can deal more damage than they can take, and I don’t know of any that can take a Stone Edge AND an Earthquake from a Steelix that strong and just shake it off, it makes no sense, something feels all wrong with some of that boy’s pokemon, it reminds me of the Shadow Pokemon but worse.”

Larry: “C’mon Old Timer, don’t be jealous of this new generation of trainers.”

Larry slapped the old man on the back and let out a laugh.

Old Man: “ Bagh! I’m telling you something ain’t right!”

Cole sat listening to the banter, was the Old Man onto something about Ricardo’s pokemon? If so, what? Or was he just another one of the older trainers who thought everything and everyone was better in the days of his prime and couldn’t accept a young trainer from this generation had unbelievable talent? Cole wondered, he wasn’t that experienced of a trainer yet, but he had to admit that Earthquake and Stone Edge should’ve KO’d a normal Darmanitan. Cole thought about it but..maybe it isn’t normal.
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The Next Morning...

Cole really wanted to sleep in a bit longer, but Larry and the other sailors that Cole had made friends with were setting sail this morning and he wanted to see them off. He sat by the docks and was watching as they were loading cargo into the ship, after the last crate was loaded, Larry walked over to Cole.

Larry:" We're going to be making a stop by the Hoenn Region, the land is rife with wild pokemon, trainers, and a Pokemon League, great place to train and travel like you said you always wanted to do, the offer still stands if you want to come along, we'll drop you off."

Cole: "As much as I'd like to, there's still some things I'd like to do here first."

Larry: "Well I hope you toughen up some, kid. Because when I come back I'll want a rematch, and this time I'd like a challenge.", Larry said with a straight face.

Cole's eyebrow cocked up.

Cole: "So you want me to beat you in 30 seconds instead of a minute next time?", Cole smirked as a single sweat drop dropped from Larry's head.

Larry: "Ha! come on! We both know that last one was practically a draw...."

Cole: "Uh huh..."

Larry: "Anyway...I wanted to give you something before we leave."

Larry pulled a pouch from his pocket and handed it to Cole. Cole pulled the string from the pouch and pulled out a vial with what looked like water inside.

Larry: "It's a mystic water, I may be a bit biased because I'm a sailor, but if you want some advice you need a solid water type on your team, every good trainer should get one, and when you do, have it hold this mystic water and it will make water type attacks stronger,I hope it comes in handy for you one day."

Cole: " Thank you, Larry, I'm sure it will."

Cole stood at the dock and waved as Larry and the others sailed off.....

The Night Before...

Ricardo walked through the halls of Realgam Tower, headed towards the exit, and waiting for him at the end of the hall was a middle-aged woman wearing a scarlet colored pants suit.

Ricardo: "Andrea..."

Andrea:" How many times have I told you to call me mother, why won't you? It's been years now and.."

Ricardo: "Because marrying my dad doesn't make you my mother...Andrea."

Andrea was clearly annoyed but decided to change the subject..

Andrea:" I see our Darmanitan performed wonderfully as always again."

Ricardo heard the they way she emphasized the "our" in her statement, and he didn't like it at all...

Andrea: " With just a few more tweaks and it should be able to..."

Ricardo:"No more tweaks, Darmanitan has had enough, no more of your tests, the last time was THE LAST time."

Andrea bit her lip, holding in what she really wanted to say, Ricardo interrupting her as she was speaking was a major pet peeve of hers, and he knew it too, which is why he did it as much as he could.

Andrea:" You know I am on the verge of a breakthrough with my serum, and the deal was your cooperation until I was finished...surely you haven't forgotten.."

Ricardo:" I haven't, but Darmanitan still hasn't fully recovered from the last test, I don't know how much more it can take...besides, we cut it to close tonight."

Andrea looked confused,

Andrea:"Oh? How so, genius?.."

Ricardo: "It might not have crossed your "brilliant" scientific mind, but I know how trainers think, and I'm sure some of the more experienced trainers noticed."

Andrea: "Are you going to elaborate, or do I have to figure it out?"

Ricardo:"Darmanitan took two powerful attacks from a well trained Steelix that were super effective against it, and remained strong enough to fight, not to mention the battles it fought before the Steelix came more enhancements"

Andrea: " I don't see how toughing out two attacks means Darmanitan shouldn't undergo any more experiments."

Ricardo: "Oh really? You don't think people won't ask questions when they see a Darmanitan butterfree-stroking through a hydro pump to knock out a Blastoise with one punch?, with scientists like you in their ranks I can see how Cipher was thwarted by one trainer."

Andrea: " Cipher is still around punk, and they're not finished yet, I however, moved on to better things. Artificially closing a pokemon's heart is an ambitious move I must say.. but it can undone, rather easily...I on the other hand don't see a need for closing the heart, but rather with science, greatly increase the powers and defenses of pokemon,making it a fighting machine far more efficient than a mere shadow pokemon, and no campfire song around a mossy rock will undo it.The experiments at first are sure to be cruel, but what innovative breakthrough was made without many failures and taking risks, besides you trainers use items and vitamins to make your Pokemon a little stronger all the time, I'm just trying to make a serum that permanently boosts all it's powers beyond its limits, once the product hits the market, I'll be rich beyond imagination...tell me, is that so wrong?"

Ricardo: " The experiments are. How many pokemon have died under your testing?If what you were doing were to get exposed, the people of Orre wouldn't stand for it."

Andrea walked a little closer to Ricardo, putting her arm behind his neck, as if to look like a hug if anyone were to see, but Ricardo begin to feel pressure around his throat.

Andrea: "Well..It's a good thing no one is going to expose us...don't forget're in this too, involuntarily maybe, but still involved, if I go down, you go down. Try and remember that."
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After Cole said his goodbye to Larry and the other sailors, he went back to the PokeCenter were he had been staying for the past week. He looked at the clock on the wall and realized he still had a few hours of time to kill before the auction, the main reason he came to Gateon Port. Because of Orres lack of wild pokemon many people bought and imported pokemon over from other regions, the act of buying and selling pokemon was frowned upon in many regions, but in Orre you had to play the hand you are dealt or you don't play at all. However, Pokemon are very expensive, which is the main reason many trainers from Orre don't have a full team of six Pokemon, and the rarer they are, the prettier the price tag. The process,however, was pretty simple, you order the pokemon from a catalog that had a list of available Pokemon the dealer had for sale, you pay a non-refundable deposit for shipping fees and 20% of the Pokemon's price and additional fees were added if you wanted the Pokemon to have a certain moveset or ability. For example, if you bought a Growlithe for 20,000 pokedollars, you'd pay 4,000 up front along with a 1,000 pokedollar fee for shipping, the dealer would come by ship once a month and set up a vendor table at Gateon Port to collect the remaining balance and give the trainer their Pokemon. He or She would stay a week giving trainers plenty of time to pick up their Pokemon, but more often than you'd think, people will realize after they put the deposit down that they couldn't really afford the price and they won't show up, when this happens, the dealer waits until the 7 day dead line is over and he will auction off the unclaimed Pokemon with a starting bid of the remaining balance. It was a way to get a Pokemon at a discounted price if no one bid against you, but Cole had heard of one instance where a Gible was up for auction and two rich trainers bid against each other to the point that the Gible was sold for over 200K, when the starting bid was 36K. Cole had stayed in Gateon Port for the whole week just to see if he would get a chance to get an unclaimed Pokemon, he knew he didn't have enough money to bid much more than the starting price, but he hoped he would get lucky and perhaps pick up a commonly found Pokemon for cheap that no one else would bid on, he didn't get his hopes up though, because the two pokemon that were left unclaimed were a Marill and a Scyther, he thought he would a have a good chance of walking away with the Marill because he figured the richer trainers would focus their bidding on the Scyther. But this morning, the dealer decided he was going to do things a little different today. A passing rich tycoon offered to buy the 2 unclaimed Pokemon at full price and then offered them as prizes to any trainer who could defeat his nephew in a Pokemon battle, he knew how much the people in Gateon Port liked fun gambling, and he knew he'd walk away with more money than he bought the pokemon for. So it was a chance to get Pokemon without spending any money. Cole was unsure though, Grovyle and Rockruff had grown alot stronger in such a short time, but he had heard this nephew of the tycoon was pretty skilled for being so young and inexperienced. The last week of constant battling helped hone his technique some, but he was still only a trainer with 2 weeks experience. He thought about taking the time he had left to train some more, but he wanted give Grovyle and Rockruff some rest before the battle so they wouldn't be so tired when the time came.

But this wasn't the only reason he came to the Port, because today was also the day his cousin and best friend Max, was returning from Kanto. Not long after Max became a trainer, his dad was offered a job at Silph CO., and Max went with him to challenge the Kanto League, but from what Uncle Scott said at the lab he really wasn't trying as hard as he could, and was taking his time. When Scott got called back Orre to work with Krane, Max stayed behind, but once he heard Cole was free from his grandparents he booked a ship and headed back to Orre. Cole was looking forward to seeing him again, it had only been six months, but six months with the Brady's felt like two years.

Cole decided he do some reading in the PokeCenter lobby while he waited, he was going through some of the books in the bookshelves they had, but none of the books caught his attention but a book titled "Legends of the Colosseum." It was book with a collection of short bios of some of Orre's most successful trainers, it had pictures of the trainers along with the teams they used, and descriptions of some the battles that made them memorable enough to be put in the book.It was a revised edition so trainers like Wes and Ricardo both had pages in the book. He read a few of the newer entries, then he flipped the pages back towards the beginning with some of the older entries and found a picture of a young man, not much older than Cole, with a huge smile on his face, sitting on the back of his Arcanine, who had a smile just as big, while the boy was waving his hat. The name at the top, was Martin 'Marty' Thornton, Cole's grandfather, he perked up when he saw it, it was first time he'd seen a photo of his grandfather this young. It was a picture taken in front of the old Goethite Colosseum, which hasn't been used in decades, but back in the day it was the most active Colosseum. He read some of the bio that detailed the battle between Marty and Eagun, who was also in the picture in the background, where the two were down to their last Pokemon, Arcanine and Pikachu respectively, and Marty took the win when Arcanine's Flare Blitz slightly overpowered Pikachu's Volt Tackle. Marty's reputation skyrocketed that day because at this point in time Eagun had already made a name for himself as Orre's strongest trainer, and from that day onward the Colosseums would be packed and overflowing with people whenever Eagun and Marty would battle. Today, Marty's name isn't known by many trainers, especially the younger ones, but both he and Eagun were goal posts for many trainers when they were in their prime. Cole couldn't help but smile as he was reading, he heard people in Agate talk about him, but he was a man Cole had really wanted to meet, he thought of how different his life would've been if he were raised by his father's parents instead of his mother's, sadly though, both Marty and his wife passed away a few years before Cole was born so it really wasn't an option.

Cole thought to himself, that if Marty was in this book, then maybe he was too. He flipped through about a dozen pages and sure enough, he found it. A picture of a teenage boy in front of the same Colosseum, with a Lucario by his side, read Thomas Thornton, Cole's father. It was a stark contrast to Marty's picture as Thomas was stone faced, barely looking at the direction of the camera while lucario stood there with it's eyes closed and arms crossed. This time the bio detailed how Thomas had a fondness for Steel types as all six members of his team had steel typing in them. The battle which got him in this book, was his battle against his Father in front of a packed Colosseum. It went on to tell how Thomas defeated Marty in the first battle where Marty used his full power against his son. It was victory no one saw coming due to the fact Thomas favored Steel types while Marty had favored Fire and Ground types, but Thomas won despite the type disadvantages. When asked why he chose to focus on raising Steel types, Thomas only said, "Because it was a type that was weak to dad's strongest Pokemon." The book also mentioned how he became a Gym Leader and Elite Four Member in Johto several years later but resigned after he got married, and it also mentions how no one has seen or heard from Thomas in nearly 13 years. Cole put the book the down, it was funny he thought, he learned more about the Thornton side of his family from two pages than his grandparents would let him know in 12 years. He always wondered why Allen and Carrie never wanted anything to do with the Thorntons, sure they were a little reckless and rowdy, but they were good people. The only reason they let uncle Scott and Max visit was probably because Scott was the only one out of Marty's 3 kids to choose a career over pokemon training. Which brought to mind that Cole had only seen his Aunt April once when he was baby, but he didn't remember it. When he asked about her, Scott just said she went out to look for Thomas and Anne, unlike Thomas though, she gives Scott a call every now and then just to let him know she's okay.

Cole had often wondered what happened to his parents, but he never dwelt on it, but after reading the book and thinking about it some more, he decided that his quest to become a powerful trainer would now have another purpose, He was going to find out what happened to his family.
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Chapter 9

Cole: "Well guys it's lunch time."

Rockruff jumped around in excitement as Cole place the bowl in in front of it, Grovyle didn't make such a scene but he was excited too.

Cole: "Don't you get to stuffed now, don't forget we got a battle coming up soon."

Grovyle, after hearing Cole's words, took small and even chunks of the food in its hands and chewed the food with the etiquette of a Kalos noble, Rockruff on the other hand was eating so fast, food was falling out the bowl.

Cole: "You're gonna get sick buddy, slow down."

After the two finished eating, Cole decided to leave them out of their balls for awhile. Grovyle leaped onto the back of the couch and laid out as if it were on a tree branch. Rockruff on the other hand was alot more energetic and playful, Cole gave it a ball to play with to occupy it, it didn't take long for it to get bored with it though. Rockruff's attention went from the ball to the long leaf that grew from Grovyle's head that was hanging off the edge of the couch,Cole looked at Rockruff who had a mischievous look on it's face..

Cole:" No don't do tha.."

Rockruff leaped and bit down the leaf..Grovyle, who let out a shriek ,jumped off the couch and began running around the pokecenter trying to shake Rockruff off, Grovyle began whipping it's leaf around like a propeller, Rockruff lost its grip and went flying through the lobby.

Cole: " Oh no!, Sir look out!"

An elderly man who was in Rockruff's trajectory, side stepped and lifted an arm up, catching Rockruff by the scruff of its neck.

Elder:"My, you sure are an energetic young thing aren't you?"

Rockruff, still in the man's grip began wagging its tail and let out a cheerful yelp. The man walked over and placed Rockruff in Cole's arms.

Cole: "Now how many times have I told you to leave Grovyle's leaf alone, you know it don't like you playing with it....I'm so sorry sir..oh hey, you're the florist who gave me that Energy Ball tm last week."

Elder: "And it seems you made good use of it as well, your little treecko is now a fierce Grovyle, and you can tell by its eyes it loves to battle". The old man gave Grovyle a soft pat on it's head. "A fine addition to any young trainer's team.The battle I heard you mention earlier, would you by chance be referring to that tycoon's nephew who is battling trainers for the unclaimed imported Pokemon?"

Cole: "Actually yes it is."

Elder: " I suppose I should warn you, the kid's name is Trent, and despite being one of the most arrogant young'uns I ever seen, his pokemon team is one yours is ill-suited to face, he uses a Charmeleon and an Ivysaur to battle, and both of them are quite powerful, his main strategy is using Ivysaur to inflict status issues while Charmeleon comes in with brute force. You may get lucky and take the Charmeleon out, but the Ivysaur is bound to be a difficult obstacle for your pokemon, unless you have an attack that can hit Ivysaur for super effective damage."

Cole: " Well Rockruff can use fire fang, but it's still a rock type against an evolved grass type...anyway, why are you giving me this heads up?"

Elder:" Let's just say I'd like to see that kid get humbled, he's talented but prideful, when you meet him you'll know what I mean, besides, it's been years since I got to see a Thornton put a smug trainer in his place, it's got me feeling nostalgic to be honest."

Cole: "Wait..I never told you my last name."

Elder: "Haha, kid you got Thornton written all over you, if the green eyes wasn't the giveaway it would be the rather large head sitting on your shoulders..ahaha."

Cole: "'s not that big" Cole said through clinched lips.

Elder: "Hahahaha, That and the fact you're the spitting image of your grandpa Marty when he was your age."

Cole:" You knew my grandpa?"

Elder: "Kid, me and your gramps grew up together, in fact, the man saved my life when we were kids, you see I went of into the desert to train and search for wild pokemon I knew was out there despite what the locals said, I ended up getting hurt and lost with no food or water, thought I was a goner till Marty came to look for me, found me just in time he did."

Cole:" He really was awesome wasn't he?"

Elder: " Indeed, so the least I can do is aid his grandson on his quest to become a great trainer, think about it, do you really think I would've just gave away a tm as expensive as energy ball to a random kid? I knew who you were the second i seen ya. Also, I'm gonna do you one more favor, as a thank you for letting me ramble and in hopes you teach that kid a need something for the battle and I have the tm for Aerial Ace for you, teach it to Grovyle so you'll have a good counter for that Ivysaur, it will make your chances of winning alot better."

Cole: "Thank you sir, I really appreciate it, I'll try my best..say, what's your name?"

The old started to walk away but turned and gave a small grin.

Elder: "My name is Thomas, boy. The old coot Marty named his first son after hahahaha, I look forward to seeing how you turn out, take care now."

The man walked out of the lobby, Cole just stood there, Rockruff still in his arms, and Grovyle right beside him.

Cole: "We have awful big shoes to fill guys, now let's go win us a battle!"

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