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Alright, I'm really stumped this time. I just added the Fairy type and Sound type to my game. All is good so far, except for one thing. While the Sound type is the correct color, The Fairy type is the wrong color, and I really am not sure why this is happening at this point.


Those are screenshots of how the types look in the game, the color palette, and the actual image used for the type graphics. If anyone knows of a possible reason this is happening, I'd appreciate the help.

EDIT: The game is Fire Red

EDIT 2: Nevermind, I fixed it. I simply forgot to change the actual type palette because I was dead tired when I started adding the types in the first place.

For anyone that might have had this issue too, the type color palette is at E95DBC, but keep in mind that changing this color palette can change the colors of other types.
Looking for someone who is good with fakemon sprite work. A little help with protagonist overworld sprites would be nice, too.

If you're interested, my Discord is KrysalKasi#5369