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Mystery gift event pokemon boring?

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    Is there anyone else out there like me who is tired and annoyed of how gamefreak just gives us the mytical pokemon rather then making an actual event? Like Deoxys or Victini, they were both catchable in their respective games, having there own area and side quest that you unlocked through an event item. I personally feel that it would be much more enjoyable if they did that again rather then not putting much effort into them and just handing them over like they were nothing special.
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    Yeeeepp. There's a lot of laziness these days tbh. I thought the Victini thing was SO cool and such a nice way to introduce it. Once we hit Gen 6... mythicals became... nothing. :/

    But there's a lot to give out so that's the main problem. Too many and too much effort to program new events. :| Or at least that's the excuse vibe I get.

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      maybe its hard to create new areas in the newer generations for free. it might be harder. I never did these events tbh, but they sound fun. honestly, its just about sponsoring gaming stores like Gamestop. The more codes they hand out, the more support they get. guess its all abt the money. now in the mystery gift thing, i agree. they may just be lazy, or as I said before, it might be hard for them to put efffort into semothing they don't get paid for
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