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The alphabet-mon Challenge
Challenge: Beating the game by only using pokemon that start with a random letter

#1 You will need a random letter either picked by you or a random letter generator (lets use B as an Example)
#2 You can only catch or evolve that start with the letter your using (This means pokemon like: Baltoy or Beartic I could use)
#2a For pokemon that evolve into a pokemon that starts with the letter you using, you must evolve them first before using them for anything (For example Beartic starts with the letter B, I can not use Cubchoo in till I evolve it into Beartic)
#3 Pokemon can be used in anyway HM slave, ETC can be used, as long as they apply by the roles above
#4 You will know when the challenge is complete when you have beaten the game without catching or using any pokemon that does not start with the letter being use
#5 This Challenge can be done in ever main pokemon game, From red and blue to sword and shield

Last and not least
Have fun :D ! ! !
Feel free to post how you do in the comments below
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W challenge Pokemon Ruby
+Possible Pokemon

Whismur, Wingull, Wurmple, Wobuffet
I selected treecko as my starter. Then, I boxed it, catching wingull and wurmple. Wurmple was not very good. Wingull annilated roxxance gym with water gun. I caught Whismur. Then, I went to Dewford town and beat Brawly. He was surprisingly easy. Makuhita instead of using bulk up, it used knock off. This allowed me to finish makuhita in 2 moves. I checked I don't think I'm going to get any W pokemon after this. Watson is going to be a nightmare with only this 3 pokemon. At first, I thought Whismur was not going to be very useful, but thanks to him I managed to beat watson. I grinded to lv 31. Then, I used howl and X speed. I kept flinching the magneton with stomp, which allows me to solo watson gym with only whismur.

Then, I made my way up mt chimney, beat maxie, then got an egg. I hatched it because why naunt? Then, I quickly evolved it to wobbufet. Even at level 16, it took down level 25 torkoal easily with its mirror coat. I caught koffing in the fiery path. Norman was hard. His physical slaking was taken care by wobuffet, but his fast vigoroth had faint attack, which was a special move. I got lucky, as I got a crit water gun, taking vigoroth down. After I beat him, I got surf, which allowed me to catch more pokemon

Wailmer, Whiscash, Weezing
First, I made my way to get a super rod, so I can catch a wailmer. Wailmer has a 10% encounter rate, but I got it on the first try. However, wingull fainted, and I accidentally click not to contiune the battle. I was so angry with myself. I caught wailmer after 15+ encounter. Then, I went to get barboach, and evolved it to whiscash. After that, I went to fortree city. Koffing evolved into Weezing. Wionna was not very hard. Wailmer took down most of her pokemon, with weezing finishing off Altaria with Haze and Sludge bomb.

Then, it's time to chase team magmar for a bit. After losing them, I went to chalenge Tate and Liza. They got high level pokemon. Their aces were level 42. My highest level pokemon was 37. I grinded for a bit to evolve wailmer into wailord. Then, I challenged them again and won. Then, I explored a bit (saved the world), and went to victory cave. Wally's gardevoir posed some threat. Even with wobuffet's mirror coat, it dodged it with increased evasion from double team. Luckily, I was able to beat it with critical surf from wailord.

Then, I grinded my main team member to level 50 (Wailord, Weezing and Whiscash). Sydney and phobe was easy because I had super effective moves. However, I had some trouble with glacia. They kept getting my pokemon frozen or paralysed (Body slam). The battle was much longer than sydney and phobe combined, but I won. Drake was easy with ice beam. Steven was Ok because his metagross was quite hard to take down, but destiny bond solves that problem. Below's the final team. With that, I beat the W challenge!

Final thought and Final Team
Pretty fun challenge. I always wanted to use these mons, but I never got the chance to because of swampert. In this case, Weezing and Wailmer and Wailord.

Thanks to
Wailord - Whellme Lv 53
Whiscash - Wiicon Lv 52
Weezing - Whoozing Lv 52
Wobuffet - Wowoffet Lv 43
Whismur - Whisper Lv 40
Wingull - Ms.wing Lv 30