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Theory Now is not the time to use that

Started by UltimateFrosty08 April 28th, 2017 5:23 AM
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with a moltres
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Posted January 2nd, 2019
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How come every time you try to ride a bike indoors or fish on land the prof. always knows and tells you
"Now is not the time to use that" how does he know, how does he hear us, why doesn't he let us do what we want were 10 were old enough to go out alone and take down a criminal organization so we should be able to ride a bike in doors but wait

What if this all is false freedom How? Answer THE POKEDEX

The Dex may seem like your friend but it is just a ploy to keep an eye on you

The POKEDEX is secretly a radio and camera

Much like today's C.I.A. Spying on us through our TVs the prof. spies on us to keep us "safe" its a false sense of freedom so 10 year olds wouldn't whine about always being told what to do.


It doesn't stop their

It continues with the gyms and elite 4,

They are there to keep most trainers on a track, to make sure they know where they are going, to make sure they don't get side tracked into a cool place that will make them want to stop and battle there or maybe trash the pokedex so they have a filled one.


Also if you ride your bike this will happen



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We should really add the word "conspiracy" to that theory tag.

Trying to reconcile video game mechanics to make them "more realistic" will drive you crazy. Although I admit that it is a little strange to give an automated message to the player a specific personality...that said, Oak DOES introduce the game, so I suppose that could be part of the reason why.

Mister Coffee

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Posted June 12th, 2019
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Have you read my pokedex theory in the "Why we fill out the Poke'dex?" thread?
All of the professors are part of a rogue conspiracy to collect as much information as possible about pokemon for unknown purposes.

Masters of Hoenn

"Somewhere off in a distant world, an island exists, where the ocean only meets the sand, where the weather is always warm. An adventure begins, traveling from the vast lands into the deep seas, chasing into the heart of the tropics, where the plants are vibrant and the beasts are fantastic. We will find each other there, chasing the fleeting dreams of a land full of beauty and potential."


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There's definitely a camera in the Pokedex, it explains everything
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