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(This is a repost from my community post from my channel.)

As some of you probably noticed, July 7 will mark 10 years of my current YouTube channel! Time has really gone by pretty quickly, huh? I really don't know what to do to celebrate it. I wanted to do a Q & A special, but I haven't received enough to make a video on it. Maybe I can get a lot of questions before that day, right? So far, I only have 2 questions right now. So if you have any questions about me, the channel, or anything else.

Seriously though, everyone, thank you for all the support over the years. Seeing that 2,900 have subscribed to the channel makes me really happy, and people really like my work. Sure, it may seem pretty small, but it's pretty slow progress to be hugely recognized, to a million views and subscribers, and to be verified. But I'm happy with what I managed to get. If anyone would share my content with others who would be interested, that would be great!

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and any of my other social media account for news, updates, discussions, or random stuff. I pretty much have more tweets and posts than how many followers I have. I hope to see you there! And again, ask me anything and I will answer them in a special video. I will answer 1 question per account. Take care, everyone! 👍
(My first channel was created on June 18.)
Yellow remake concept. Help Wanted!

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