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Kyurem EX Deck Help?

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Old July 24th, 2016 (6:09 PM). Edited July 26th, 2016 by bunnybird12.
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    Alright, I have these cards and I want to make a Kyurem EX based water type deck out of them. I know all these cards probably won't be used, but they are all worth mentioning. Are there certain cards (and the number of them) that you would recommend to make a deck from? The deck can include cards I don't have, just not too many of ones I don't have since I am going to be trying to pull them from free booster packs I get.

    2x Golduck BREAK BREAKpoint
    2x Golduck BREAKpoint
    2x Psyduck BREAKpoint
    4x Articuno Roaring Skies 17/108
    2x Manaphy EX BREAKpoint
    1x Kyurem EX Ancient Origins (I can try to pull more from packs)
    1x Palkia EX BREAKpoint (trying to pull more from packs)
    1x Swampert 36/160 Primal Clash
    1x Vaporeon EX
    1x Articuno Roaring Skies 16/108

    4x Trainers Mail
    4x Dive Ball
    2x Rough Seas
    4x Max Elixer
    4x Energy Retrieval
    2x Max Potion
    2x Ultra Ball
    4x Professor Sycamore
    4x Pokemon Fan Club
    2x Professors Letter
    1x N
    1x VS Seeker
    1x Lysandre
    1x Hex Maniac
    1x Pal Pad

    2x Splash Energy
    And more than 20 basic water energy

    I also have any of the cards from the Primal Clash Ocean's Core Theme Deck plus more from the BREAKpoint expansion.
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