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Old October 21st, 2011 (3:31 PM). Edited October 21st, 2011 by KoolKat vs. Lucas.
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    Welcome to the world of Pokemon

    Yes, I am KoolKat vs. Lucas. I am not very well known on Pokecommunity so I need assistance on this game. And of course, I have very low experience on RMXP. I have an idea and some demo sprites. I am the spriter, not the programmer/scripter. I have an idea for a map, reigon, evil team, hero, and heroine.

    Yes, that was pretty fancy. The evil team is Team Magnet. The Hero is Jack and the Heroine is Jenna.
    The reigon name is Cautso and I don't have a map yet.
    I'm working on a banner. If you want to make your own banner for Pokemon Scarlet, the mascot is Quilava, which happens to be the starter (Like in the good old days when Yellow came out and the mascot was the starter).
    The Gym Leaders are in this type order:

    Electric- Zack (sounds like "ZAP")
    Fighting- Blitzer (LOL)
    Flying- Ariel (Makes sense, right)
    Normal- John (Sounds pretty normal, right?)
    Ice- Icekel (I had this idea since I came up with the game)
    Grass- Nester (Nest? Get it?)
    Fire- Dustin (Does this make sense? I think so)
    Water- Mister Isaac (MISTer?)

    And the Professor is Hawthorn.
    Story: You are turning eleven tomorrow so your mom tells you to get a good night's sleep tonight so you will be ready. Until then you help your brother with dishes, etc. You go outside and see your mom who tells you that her Typhlosion is giving birth soon.
    You go to bed and have a dream about Dialga changing time backward over and over (it's a metaphor for you waiting hours to get your Pokemon). When you wake up, nobody is home. You go into the lab and....


    You see a Poke Ball on the table. Professor Hawthorn tells you to go ahead and pick it up. You open it and out pops your starter (Quilava Level 15), which acts like Pikachu and keeps out of the Poke ball.
    Your brother goes to the table and asks Hawthorn why he didn't get one. Hawthorn says, "Now, now, Jerry. I have one right here." He gets out a Level 15 Luxio. Jerry, your brother/rival challenges you to a battle.
    After being defeated, he gets a Pokedex from the Professor. You get one too and are challenged by the Prof to get brief on 5 species. There's not anything to do until you do. When you have encountered 4 new pokemon, the Prof comes. "Hello, , I see you finished my challenge. I award you with these. ( received 10 Poke balls from professor hawthorn!) Use them wisely." Then you journey across the land, which has sea travel like Hoenn, snow caps like Sinnoh, and all the other luxuries of every region.

    This doesn't have just the basic Pokemon storyline, though. You may have to get a blob out of a Gym Leader's shower before you can battle them, to chose one example. And the evil team is just.... evil. They are called Team Magnet because they go around and steal Steel Type Pokemon with colossal magnets, which are controlled by the Magnemite family (so for example, you do basically the same thing that you do in Gold/Silver/Crystal/HG/SS, which is make them faint to stop the magnets.

    Here is the sprites you want to see if you're doubting my skills-
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