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Old June 30th, 2013 (8:26 PM). Edited July 2nd, 2013 by deb ugs.
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Hello guys. I'm a fan of Team Rocket (Not the lame ones like jesse and james) and I'm trying to bring them back so I've decided to make a Game!

Setting: Kanto (Remade) - Pokemon Present

Engine: Pokemon Essentials
Mascot: Mewtwo
Team: Just me xD. I'm a pretty good spriter. I'm pretty much just looking for a scripter. It'd be nice if someone could help me out. PM me please .

Team Rocket has once made the strongest Pokemon in the world, but it failed. Team Rocket has failed too much times and one of the lower ranking Admins has had enough. He did everything in his power to overthrow Giovanni. His plan was a success. He has recaptured Mewtwo and is planning to control him and capture all the legendary Pokemon. "Team Rocket will rise again!"

You are a 15 year old boy just beginning his journey. Your dad was a leader of a Justice group full of Elite Pokemon trainers that are almost unbeatable, until he was recently captured by Team Rocket. It's your job to take his place and rescue your father and stop Team Rocket. You will meet various trainer icons like (Red, Ash, Prof. Oak, Gary, etc).

Other Info:
Team Rocket manages to gain control over all the other evil teams. (Magma, Aqua, Plasma, Galactic). It's all just one big Team Rocket.
"It's going to take more than one lucky little brat to take us down!" -Izen - Leader of Team Rocket.

This will be edited later on. I'm going to add more stuff.

Sprites: 20%
Mapping: 5%
Coding: 5%

Mod Please change this to Developing
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Old July 5th, 2013 (8:04 PM).
deb ugs deb ugs is offline
Join Date: Jun 2013
Gender: Male
Posts: 5
Game is now in development stage. I'm still looking for a scripter. PM me please.
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